A Million Dollars a Day, Keep All the Worries Away

A Million Dollars a Day, Keep All the Worries Away

Recently, a news item caught my attention that by opening NATO supply routes, Pakistan will earn $365 million annually. By the time you will be reading these lines, re-opening of supply routes might have been finalized. The issue was a bone of contention in Pak –US relationship since the Salala check post incident on 26th November 2011. The present democratic regime may take the credit for bringing the US administration on table talks which was not the case in Musharraf’s regime. The decision to re-open the supply routes is an unpopular one and will attract criticism from opposition, religious parties and public alike.


Since 2001, Pakistan has been serving as a front line ally of the US in its War on Terror (read error). In terms of cost-benefit analysis, Pakistan has lost more than it has gained. In monetary terms, we have incurred losses amounting Rs. 68 billion whereas if we talk about human losses it translates to roughly 40,000 precious lives. In this case, the math is simple; earning $365 million per annum at the cost of 24 soldiers. How is it different from “blood money”?


Talking of blood money reminds me of the famous Lockerbie bombing case, a precedent set by the US itself. If we take into account the money paid by Libya for the loss of life of one US citizen on the hijacked plane then the same value should have been assigned to the human loss that we have incurred in the form of drone strikes and bombings. The US claims that drone strikes are inevitable. Not surprisingly, in order to support their ailing economy, Pentagon has ordered General Atomic to increase their production that makes $4 million on every drone produced.


The ‘war on terror’ and ‘promoting democracy’ are the 21st century equivalents of the 19th century British gobbledygook. American Late Neo-colonialism purveys them as moral justification and uses as political cover for intervening and, where necessary, invading resource-rich and strategic countries to overthrow nationalist leaders install puppet regimes and ravage the countries’ wealth. And of course the US is by far the most powerful terrorist force. But the American War in Afghanistan has turned out to be an amazing circus of military ineptitude. NATO’s problem in Afghanistan is how to get out without losing too much face. In this scenario, US needed a scapegoat and who else could be a better one than Pakistan.


Oil lies at the center of the War on (T) error. Failure to recognize this and its full implications has distracted and muddled our thinking and debates into “smoke screen” issues. The real objective of the US is to achieve complete military domination over oil resources and routes. The latest estimate of the US spending on “oil wars” is around $2-2.5 trillion. One has to be completely blind to believe that the US is spending this amount just to fight terrorism or bring democracy in Iraq & Afghanistan. In its pursuit of achieving military primacy, the US has devastated Iraq & Afghanistan. Now, Pakistan is in danger of
becoming a “collateral damage” of the US pursuit of global energy control and military domination if Pakistan Army and establishment continue to fight its so-called “war on (t)error”. This War has brought Pakistan to the greatest crisis since 1971, a crisis that can result in the disintegration or Balkanization of Pakistan (God forbid).


The people of Pakistan will not tolerate foreign hegemony under any circumstances. On the basis of the self-same logic, they would never agree to an internal hegemony by any institution of the state. The two hegemonies compliment each other. If our people meekly submit to internal hegemony, they will have to submit to external hegemony. This is so because the strength and power of external hegemony is far greater than that of internal hegemony. If the people are too terrified to resist the weaker force, it is not possible for them to resist the stronger force. The acceptance of or acquiescence in internal hegemony means submission to external hegemony.


Fear is no policy, surrender is not an option William Francis Butler once said, “The nation that will insist upon drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking by cowards.”


The saying above aptly describes the situation in Pakistan post NATO killings. I think that the major cause of instability in Pakistan is the American led War on (T) error. Our government should revisit its foreign policy and rely more on regional strategic partners like China and Iran. I think that the US should leave the treachery of aiding us on the face and stabbing us at our backs. It’s time to let them know that we will not tolerate any foreign interventions, in any form whatsoever at all. If a country like Iran could flout sanctions and send supplies to Syria, why couldn’t we? Boycotting the Chicago Summit could have been our first step in tactfully wiggling out of this alliance by clearly shifting our stance from “Do more” to “No more”.

Ahsan Nisar

A Karachi based free lance writer and a banker by profession. He regularly write for various English dailies on issues encompassing foreign policy, current affairs etc

  • guest

    Sir , who will say so ” No More ” , Military ( fighting fools who raised hell on the KL bill of USA as against our soverinty But when crumbs were thrown towards them the same KL Bill became a tool of recoinciliations vis USA Military! ) or Politicians ( Thinking Cowards , Asking US$ 100 Billions –”AAZ” or trying to get at least 1Billions US$ in Chicago meetings — AAZ/Faratullah baber ) . We have Fighting Beggers and Kneeling bhata khores- as Sen john Mccaine had put it via todays news ,,, as Leaders of our Internal & external policies . A supreme commander who could not even go to see his ailing father in the near by PIMS hospital for the fear of being killed ( Coward thinker as you put it ) , or the Fighting fools ( who ordered Pakistan Airforce planes to stand down and take no action while USA raid was going on 2nd May 2011 ! )

  • M36pk

    A very summarized reality of the situation here. The line must be drawn now. Our God gifted strategic location on this continent can be more effectively utilised. first step, the removal of this (un) democratic government by hook or crook.preferably the latter.

  • Sultan

    so nice one. but how we will survive if all NATO countries block our funding or trade with us?

  • M M Bashir Saani

    Dear Mr. Sultan do you believe on God/Allah, does all the economy of Pakistan is based on the NATO countries. Sorry our economy is based on our labourers, Kisan and blessing of God gifted us numerous natural resources. You know our corrupt politician made us poor and snached our wealth and deposite it in the banks of their western bosses. We have a beautiful country with almost all seasons, If we are allowed to live with peace we can earn billions of Rupees by tourism by developing vallayes our nothern areas. You know US having a big territorial area, if you cross, it is above 4500 km to 7000 km from any direction have 22 natural minerals of commercial quantity. Eurupe from Turkey to UK or from Norway to Rome have only 19 kinds of natural Minerals but in Pakistan we have 24 kinds of Natural Minerals in commercial quantity whereas many parts of Pakistan still need to be explore. Our fields and gardens producing gold, we produce the best quality of rice in the world, best quality of fruits speciallly mango, kino etc. we are one of the biggest cotton producing country, we have the third biggest coal reservoir in Thar. Dear Mr Sultan, by the grace of God we have hardworking Kisan, laborers, clerks and peoples but we need freedom and liberty from the crual system inherited form the British colonial system and need a real democracy wherein peoples have a right to check and fire the wrong and corrupt indivituals got access in the Assemblies making laws and regulation to slave the our peoples.

  • M.Saeed

    The ‘war on terror’ for ‘promoting democracy’???
    Naivety at its highest!

    Balkanization of Pakistan had long been decided and date of its completion was fixed for 2015!

    “The people of Pakistan will not tolerate foreign hegemony under any circumstances”.
    But, are they not the same people who brought this “doing more than the will of their master’s” Governement to do what it was “hand-picked” to do?

    Hight of our helplessness can well be judged from the snapping of recent obscene and obnoxious “Gunda Tax” on us by the lone policeman of new world disorder. It is a slashing of 33 million Dollars from what ever we were to be paid by that policeman just because, we applied our own rule-of-law on a traitor who worked as an agent of the super-strong policeman of the world and awarded him 33 years in prisons. That is, one, One Million Dollars, for each year of imprisonment.

    Does it not more than explains the extent of hidden agenda.

  • S Nasrullah

    Mr Ahsan Nisar: you must surely belong to that rare Avant-garde group of intellectuals of Pakistan who could read between the lines to decipher the aims and objectives of the WOT( Not Terror, but ERROR). Your daring analysis – based on factual reasoning and unerring logic – truly reflects the game plan and things to shape up in future (not too distant). Man, you must have the courage of your convictions to pen:”invading resource-rich and strategic countries to overthrow nationalist leaders install puppet regimes and ravage the countries’ wealth”. Despite a tight schedule of my business trip, as a matter of habit, I couldn’t help read the Blog, and your blog absorbed my total attention. Thank you, brother.

    As usual, Mr Saeed’s valuable comments added a cutting edge to the hypocrisy of ISAF vis-a-vis Pakistan. Pakistan’s premier Assembly, NA, have already ratified the recommendations of the Raza Rabbani Committee which found favor with Hina Rabbani throwing in her weight to open the NATO Supply route, and what is more, the great PPP Leader, the President of Pakistan, AAZ graced the august Meeting of the UN at Chicago on WOT and was bypassed and humiliated. The Speaker of the NA adjudged the action of PM Gillani refusing to write to Swiss Authorities to activate the legal marathon concerning the laundered monies, as Constitutionally RIGHT and thus re-affirmed the Party’s resolve to take the SC head on. Meanwhile deposited amounts in the Swiss Banks have evaporated into the thin air. More later when I return home soon.

  • Anonymous

    The continued economic victimization of our common peoples specially the serving peoples of beruacracy, administration, judiciary has changed their mindset also like the mindset as of our currupt politicians, government looters and treators. They do not hasitate to damage and put the nation and the courtry to horrable economic losses in billions and other crises to earn some million or some thousands dollars for their own. Actually they are looking for their share out of $365 millions per anum on whatever cost to Pakistan and its nation. US is a capitalist country and running its business on the basis of ‘War and Terror or now its Error in Afghanistan after getting its targets/goals. The respected blogger revealed the truth happening with Pakistan. US Ínterest’ all over the world if you can estimate is that to collect all wealth of the world and occupy all natural resouces of the world and retain its unanimous status of one and only Superpower of the world. For that purpose atleast one war between countries to run its billion dollars Armed factories and test its latest weapon is essential on any cost either diect killing of humans or the treat to human life by polution or globle warming. If it is not what interest bring US in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Iraq is far away from US why it interferring in Middle East. Far East, Africa and South America. It should remain in its own country, what interest in Vietnam it continued battle above two decade. NATO is a group of countries who feast on the kill of a beast like the vultures on the dead body. What material above half billion vehicles had been transporting through NATO supply in Afghanistan?