Torrents In, DVDs Out

Torrents In, DVDs Out


There are a millions of reasons why DVD remains to be the premium format of entertainment available in Pakistan. It is not expensive like Blu-Ray, it is available everywhere in the country and the decrease in prices of DVD players has made them a household item. But its time to move away from even the best form of entertainment, as it has a rival that is making in roads in the free market – torrents.


The business of torrents operates as a P2P – peer-to-peer which is a computer network in which each computer can act as a client or server for others. Through the many torrent clients available in the market – such as µTorrent – you can easily download stuff that is even not available on DVDs! Once you install the client, you can download any thing available on the net and watch it on your computer. All you need to have is a good internet connection, the better the connection, the quicker the downloading.


Many would not agree to using torrents as they might consider it an act of theft. Believe me, it is as much illegal as is the DVD selling business in Pakistan. FBI Warnings don’t make the DVDs we buy legal, since they are just copies from original DVDs brought in bulk by the ‘good’ people in Rainbow Center!


As for those who watch their TV shows and movies on large screens, they can now enjoy downloaded files on their LCDs. The latest models of the leading DVD player manufacturers feature the USB IN option through which you can play the files on USBs. The ones featuring DIVx formats are one step better as they let you play the DVD-R containing the AVI files straight to TV. And if you want to feel lucky, get the expensive LCD/LED so that you can insert the USB directly on the TV and enjoy!


Still want to buy DVDs? It’s your choice. I am happy and content with my one-time investment. I am sure that you would be too!


Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.