The Tigers that Cry Aloud!

The Tigers that Cry Aloud!

They might not be the fiercest of creatures but tigers are the largest species in the cat family. They are muscular, have powerful forequarters, and especially in males, a large head. But it seems that the ones in Bangladesh are a different specie because in order to postpone the tour to Pakistan, they had to move to court instead of resorting to official procedure. They had to cite newspaper blogs in Pakistan to tell their court that the country is unsafe to tour. Dear Bangladeshis, if you have the guts, cite this!


I have nothing against Bangladesh, in fact we should envy their rise as a country. From being a wing of Pakistan to an economically stable country where bomb blasts and mobile snatching are rarities, they have come a long way. But I have everything against the Bangladesh Cricket team that is still the minnows of cricket, despite their couple of wins recently in the Asia Cup. They have won just one out of more than 30 matches against Pakistan and even that win took place 13 years ago. They need to play test cricket and test-starved Pakistan can provide them the opportunity by inviting them, yet they agree to India’s promise of a series in India, something that hasn’t happened so far.


I am also not criticizing the Pakistan Cricket Board who, in desperation, called upon the Bangladeshis to tour the country and break the ice for international events. Any other team would have done that, and they were also right in agreeing to a joint-candidate for ICC Presidency as well as allowing cricketers to play in the Bangladesh Premier League. In fact, the team was offered Presidential Level security for a tour that would have lasted less than 72 hours, yet they didn’t consider it as a friendly gesture. They reacted as if that was a trap of sorts!


The reaction from Bangladesh was anything but cordial. They first blamed Pakistan for using foul methods to win the final of the Asia Cup. They simply forgot the footage in which Mashfare Mortaza deliberately tried to obstruct Shahid Afridi, in the very same match. Then they said that Pakistan won the final due to the presence of (allegedly) pro-Pakistan Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh. And when all seemed lost, they cited players’ refusal to tour Pakistan because of security reason.


One must not say as such, but even the terrorists in Pakistan know that targeting the Bangladeshis would be a bad move. The team is one of the worst amongst all Test playing nations, yet they act as if they are top on the ICC ranking. No cricketer in their side besides Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal is even known in Pakistan because they usually end up on the losing side, and no one likes losers. If they are really the Bengal Tigers, I dare them forfeit the nomination of ICC President which Pakistan graciously gave them in order to make them tour. Since they are not touring, Pakistan should nominate its own President, as per the deal. But then, they haven’t done anything that qualifies them as Tigers, so why bother!

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

  • Sports Critic

    Not being the best test playing nation means one should always sacrifice their concern for security? What a lame argument. I believe that when the Srilankan team was attacked even they weren’t the best test team but the bullets didn’t read the ranking chart did they? I am sure even in the case of the Bangladeshi team it wouldn’t have. As far as the team is concerned, I think no one from the team went to the court, it was just some citizens of the country who opted for this, so blaming the team for the cancellation is pure frustration. Grow up Buddy.

  • Syed Tanzeel

    Rude & ruthless but real:p

  • Ask4mrasif

    excellent blog

  • Azizullahbaig

    very well said! thank you Omair sb for representing us….

  • Abdullah

    feelings of my mind exactly same you expressed here

  • jimmy

    @ Omair Alavi :r u mad !!! just because they r the worst team …doesnt mean terrorist will not attack them !!! just cause u feel yr country is safe doesnt mean all should agree… u r living in a glass cell.. after the recent incident where some taliban guys freed 350 dangerous prisoners despite yr so called police being there ..wht happened… !!!besides the sri lankan team were also promised president level security.. u knw very well wht happened to them…!!! sorry pak is very dangerous ..they shuld host cricket only in 2020 !!!

  • Bio Data

    hahahhahahaha i couldn’t have agree with you more awesome job Omair love you man.

  • 27 Fahad

    @ Omair …My dear brother what ever it takes .we have to accept the reality that we are all in a state of war against terrorism and are facing chalenges of poor law and order situations through out the country …every one has respect of his own, put your self in any other cricketing nation place and think about touring Pakistan ..where you get snatched and shot for the sake of an ordinary mobile phone .its time to accept the reality we are not in a position to convience others not because of the capability but becuase of what we are facing evry day and that is law & order situation Insha Allah things will get settled soon hope for the best Allah will help us & May Allah bless us all with peace and harmony (Ameen)

  • Taj Ahmad

    My suggestions to PCB Chief Zaka Ashraf…Pakistan should contact
    Indian Cricket Board and Government of India for their support
    to have resume international cricket in Pakistan.
    Sri Lanka and Kenya can also be contacted for home series.
    Prime Minister Singh of India and Prime Minister Gilani of Pakistan are
    now best friend, I am very positive, P.M.Singh will used his authority
    to send Indian Cricket team to Pakistan.l

  • Onlykhan

    i think Bangladesh doe’s seems tiger the way took favor from Pakistan its similar like traitor act. I am not agree with the security situation of Pakistan why this become more issue after taking favor from Pakistan and loosing the Asia cup and committing then disagreeing this is totally nonce and coward act. Be a man not creature. before talking watch your mouth BD.

  • Faisal Khan

    NO you have shame Tarana! Its always hard to digest when your true face is shown by an honest journalist…
    We dont resort to cheap tactics like you guys…if you hasd some guts you have refused upfront instead of behaving in a sneaky fashion..court order my f…
    the fact that you dont know names of our cricketers (who taught you guys cricket) says more about your ignorance..
    you cant change the fact that you have made no progress over more than a decade and guys continue to become minced meat on the field…

  • Baba_21

    I didnt have the patient to readdthe worthless article ..

    “Then they said that Pakistan won the final due to the presence of (allegedly) pro-Pakistan Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh.”.. find me any reliable new source that has published such a rubbish excuse that you’re claiming bangladesh had made.

    “One must not say as such, but even the terrorists in Pakistan know that targeting the Bangladeshis would be a bad move.”… how did you read the what’s in terrorists’ thought Mr. Omar. So you are saying attacking Sri-lankan cricketers in commando style was a smart move from them?? According to the other news sources about 1000 police will be involved for the Bangladesh team security. If there’s not any major threat why you gonna guard more than 90 policemen for each player??

    It’s easy to be a blogger but tough to be a meaningful writer.

    • Sambs

      Brova, its a truth. Sheikh haseena said that about khalieda zia. You need to google it and you will find links.

  • Sambs

    tick tick tick… Excuse me? Couldnt digest one point about bangaldeshi not knowing other pakistani players than afridi. Are you trynna compare pakistan with bangladesh? Mate you must be kidding…. Nice one

  • Rafay321

    Well i think we are stupid to even ask them. Do we think that Cricket will come back to Pakistan after a tour of a team like BENGLADESH. I mean their standing in world cricket is awful. We have done them enough favors. We keep treating them like brothers and they keep behaving like traitors. Remember this is the nation that Quaid-e-Azam founded and liberated and they turned out to be traitors collaborating with another back stabbing nation called INDIA. Their GOD FATHER would remain Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Even their independence is our gift. Bengalis did not have the balls to fight for independence against Brtisish Empire. We did. We have the guts to survive neighbours like Afghanistan and India. And a friend in disguise like USA. If we can survive that, we can sure as bloody hell survive anything. No one need these Bengalis. I have reasons to believe that we would have lost matches. I feel Sri Lanka is the team that would revive cricket back in Pakistan.

    • Naveed Baig

      Firs of all we shouldnt have requeted Bangladesh to visit Pakistan. Who wants to watch Pakistan Bangladesh match…come on…Second we are wasting time discussing more on BDH team. Forget about them..they worth it.

    • Ataur Rahman Shihab

      pakistan was broke by pakistanies. pak army killed millions of civilians in bd.if they don’t attack on their own people, the east pakistani’s would never fight for independence.even some pakistani army officers said in their books that, there was genocide in bd by pak army. same thing was also told by imran khan