The Drama Known as Bank

The Drama Known as Bank

Every person has a place that he secretly loves to hate at all times. Some don’t like to go shopping, some don’t want to visit theatre and many hate going out at all, for no obvious reasons. But I hate going to the bank any day of the year, and I have some very valid reasons! Unlike many people, I often get sick at the Bank and either forget my account number or the very reason that brought me to the bank! I have consulted many doctors but they don’t seem to understand. But after so many years, I have finally deduced the reason. Since I hate drama, I hate the biggest drama of all – the bank!



First of all, the Bank branch in question says ‘Where You Come First’ whenever I enter it, and usually I am the first one there, before the bank officials themselves. But that’s the good part, because as soon as the officials come, the drama begins. Just like in every police station, there is a good banker, bad banker scenario. While one official of the bank usually makes you feel like trash, another will successfully make you feel as a king, and you will forget the bad attitude, as the good always triumphs the evil.



Then there is an either unmarried or divorced lady at the very counter you want to go. Had she been married, she would have dumped all her queries on her husband, before coming to work, right? Instead, she asks you your name which is written on the piece of paper you have handed her. Then she asks you how long you have been with the bank, not that it’s a valid question in any way! She continues to ask similar questions until you either lose your cool or go insane. At some banks, there is an irritating old guy doing this duty – asking questions, making you question yourself!



During my last visit to the bank, I noticed that they guy on the cash counter wasn’t pressing the button for NEXT CUSTOMER, and whoever wanted to go to him, went. That made me angry, but at the bank, no one ever gets angry because of the security guard. His job is to keep people safe but that day, he was eyeing the beautiful ladies in the bank. Not the bankers, the ones who were the customers.



There were a couple of customers who didn’t fit the profile. In fact I am sure some of them were in the bank to escape the heat outside. All they did was occupy seats and do nothing, and that didn’t make them different from the bankers who were taking tea, talking to each other and yes, when they had time after all that, attending customers. That’s why I hate banks. Don’t you?

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

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  • Ymairs

    Nice!! same here hate bank.. Darama

  • guest

    I Do feel you have absolutely hit the right note , i do not mean the currency note offcourse you want to have it in your hand thats is why you go there BUT only after having gone through all those stupid idiotic lethargic controls and process , its the millions dollars previlage those nuts sitting or standing behind the glass houses , bestowing up you the helpless moneyless poor to have your hands on which is lawfully yours in the first place hahahaha welcome to the reality of the canniest of the screwers on earth , the bankers……. fell good man you have a company in me who absolutely is disgusted with this institution and the people running it but no choice left to bear them else you will be soon begging on the streets when left penny less by other controlers of your miscreble life (wapda , suigass , petroleum ministry , last but not the least your own very police thanedar and his munshy hawaldar muharrer )

    • guest

      Latest news as of today , the incompetent lethargic Banker’s cost me extra 30 mints of wait and signing of 4 times more than needed . I wanted to get out of the trap of hazaron ko lakhoo type of slogan so after restricting my hard earned savings for over 6 years and not getting any such chance I decided to part away with it so approached my bank , tried to get myself a token number (automatic dispenser installed to impress idiots like myself ) no chance as the system does not work was told by the security guard waited for my turn to reach the so called Personnal Banking Specialist , presented my certificate and clearly told him , I want to encash this and want the money in Cash . he took my id card scrible few words went inside got the certificate signed by his boss and came out after 5 mintues and told me go and present this to the Cashier he will give you money . WOW WHAT A SERVICE I was impressed BUT to my horor the cashier told me No cash for you as the amount is credited into your account BuT I wanted cash and wanted to avoid writing a cheque in the first place .. He advised me to go to the personal Banker again and ask him to fill in the form for cash as he should do it proper way , went back grumbling and told the guy ! he exclaimed as if i was a real idiot telling him how to do his job , never mind scribled again few lines on a peace of paper and told me go to cashier again , off I went hoping to get my hands on my money in cash BuT to my horor again Cashier refused me again and this time on my grumbling loudly , took the papers himswelf to the so called SPECIALIST Personal banker , they argued and after another 5 minutes wait the cashier came back and asked me to sign the new paper twice ( 4th and 5th time and write my id number and telephone number the 3rd time ) , he looked at his Computer screens , pressed few buttons , got the new form printed on it by the super computer printer , then without counting the cash ( normarlly a bundle of 100 notes have a banks certified sticker on it , mine did not have 1 ) I said to him you want me to count this bundle myself , yah its 100 notes i know it so no need But sir there is no bank sticker on it certifying this amount I murmured , so he took the bundle back looked at my face how distrustful person I the idiot am , put the bundle in the machine ran it twice because the machine did not accept it to be 100 in the first run , grumbled to himself and finally gave me the money I was hoping to get 35 mintues ago ……. so to tell you the real factutal happending ….. this is not an ordinary bank but the 1st and top bank in the region having been declaring it for the past 3 years in a row WOW WOW what would be a low rated bank service One can imagine ……. I am disgusted going to a bank …..

  • Tariqmonami

    Hahahaha this happens in pakistan only brother

  • Jojo

    rightly said!

  • Falconshinwari

    bro u have left some of the aspects that was regarding the flow of ur topic and that is: the voice “ladies first” —-a very much annoying sentence being heard there… i m annoyed by just this sentence not the bank.:)

    • Anonymous

      …..specially when the ladies want equal treatment in everything – except when ut comes to seats and queue jumping!

  • Peracha Faisal

    Very True…i added one thing…when you enter a bank, you see several notes pasted on the walls of the bank, one is SWITCH OFF YOUR MOBILE….and the staff of the bank freely talk on the mobile…its only for the Customer to switch off the mobiles, for which the bank is to be!