Pakistan Vote!

Pakistan Vote!

Being a Pakistani, having had the opportunity to study abroad since the age of 16, the world was and continues to be my oyster. I’ve been brought up and groomed in a fashion that allows me to project myself as a global citizen. For me, lines drawn out on a map clearly marking borders is a superficial constraint of the mind. That in today’s world, we should not limit ourselves to helping within our own communities but globally – to be local, yet be global. That ideas, thoughts, visions should transcend above, beyond and across borders.
But, even with that thinking, I’ve always felt a weight on my shoulders. There’s a constant want, a desire to do more for Pakistan. There’s an invisible allegiance, a powerful connection that keeps reeling me back to Pakistan. Perhaps, it stems from wanting to somehow assist those who have been forcefully pushed into the shadows – to show those millions of Pakistanis that they can be so much more. To somehow inject that adrenalin, that feeling of power that the true destiny of a nation is carved out by its people – that we can be great, that we can be grand, that instead of quoting examples of the world, one day the world will quote examples of us.
So how do I think we can get there? By the use of our votes – an incredible instrument, if used correctly, can mould the future for a progressive Pakistan. Pakistan’s destiny now rests with 80,000,000 individuals, individuals who need to realize that their vote is what can make or break Pakistan. And to remind them of this, Pakistan Votes was initiated, build up from nothing inside a garage.


What’s Pakistan Votes? Pakistan Votes is an apolitical campaign asking Pakistanis to either vote or to void their votes in order to minimize rigging; to select candidates intelligently and to convince credible Pakistanis to contest in the upcoming elections. The campaign itself is a set of public service messages released through YouTube and broadcasted through Facebook. Will the campaign manage to reach 1% of the voter population? It’s possible. If everyone helps in spreading the message, it can reach millions of voters. The question is, will others help in spreading awareness? And when the time comes, will Pakistan Vote?
YouTube Channel/Facebook/Twitter: Pakistan Votes

Madiha Latif

An aerospace engineer and entrepreneur on paper, a nobody-fakeer-director off paper.

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    Miss Madiha Latif,are you living in the world of romanticism?Is your I.Q. level really so low that you have no competence in making a realistic analysis of the multidimentional problems,the Pakistani masses are facing during these difficult times? Seemingly,you are feigning ignorance about their wretchedness,and deliberately playing a cruel joke on them with your quotidian hackneyed catch-words,as “vote”, “minimize rigging”,”elections” and ” select candidates intelligently “,etc.Your advice to the people that they should utilize the medium of ” Facebook ” to disseminate knowledge about the selection of ” intelligent ” candidates in the forth-coming election and the importance of vote,etc., provoked my sardonic grin.Wonderful!Miss Latif, I take off my hat to you for gifting Pakistani masses with the nostrum of ” Facebook ” medium for all their eco-political ills.Miss Latif, calling a spade a spade, I read your twaddle with ambivalent feelings of indignation at and sympathy with you.I have sympathy for you because you have no ability to plumb the depth of the chasm of problems from which the Pakistani masses are struggling to come out.I am indignant at you because you have tried to divert Pakistani People’s attention from their real problems i.e., the eco-political ones.The solution of Pakistani people’s problems lies not in casting “vote” or selecting the ” intelligent candidates ” in the forthcoming elections but in the total revolution,encompassing the economic,the political,the social and the religious institutions.This revolution can be kicked up only through people’s uprising against the present exploitatory socio-economic structure and its institutions.

  • Rimibra

    Layaary! Raqs-e_Iblees performed by Iblees and his companions.

  • Anonymous

    I’d hate to disagree but until the prolitariat end their romance with the feudals, don’t see any social upheavel in the near future. Take PPP for example – from ZAB onwards, feudals have hoodwinked the prolitariat into being sedate with a few drips….

    Maslow more than Hegel or Marx – considering absolute idealism – a utopia- ignores that humans are just jumped-up animals in the end. The Soviet experiment has perhaps put the spanner in the works – neo feudalism….

    • Farooq M.Hashmi

      Mr.Qalim,the act of bringing Maslowian theory of human psychology into the current debate is an abortive attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole,I daresay.Any endeavor to find traits of affinity between Maslowian theory of human psychology and that of the ‘dialectical materialism’ in nothing more than searching for the points of similarity between a can of soda and Jean Paul Sarte’s theory Existentialism.Whereas psychology covers merely the mind and the behavior of human-beings,the theory of ‘dialectical materialism’ encompasses the study of the overall social development of man,right from the embryonic stage of human history i.e. the period when the Akkadian and the Sumerian civilizations had a sway.History is the most accurate of all the social sciences,and it bushwhacks its own way, independent of man’s help.If man tries to deceive history,he in fact,deceives himself.Moreover,if any one tries to poke a spoke in the wheel of history,it bowls him over with its full force in the pattern identical to that of Don Quixote’s getting overthrown by the vanes of a windmill.The social relations created by the prevailing economic conditions in a given society,heats up the societal boiler to the point that it bursts with a big bang in the form of a total revolution.It is not the socio-economic conditions of a period that give birth to the relative phase of history.Contrarily,it is the relative phase of history that determines the time appropriate for the inception of a revolution,and it conducts that process in the light of the prevailing socio-economic conditions and the social relations.Should the proletariat fail to follow in the footsteps of history,the latter will drag it ruthlessly along its rugged thorny path.


    So Rimibra in your view what is happening in Layari is the doing of the Ibleesi Jamaat?


    I can see why Hashmi gets upset — at the naivete — some of the elitist bloggers from rich families exhibit on the pages of this blog.

    Before Electing “intelligent people” through face book you have to define “intelligence” — and give at least a Bachelor degree in English and monied access to computer to every “intelligent” voter to pick intelligent people to govern them — especially in 30% literate plus very impoverished country — the question is from “where” — from the Academia, from the Army, from the lawyer groups, from the judiciary, from the streets or — from the political parties — which is NORM in every democratic country — howsoever corrupt they may be a democratic country needs Political parties — even a dictatorship require at least one political party.

    Without them you are like Somalia a non-functioning country.

    A political party may be evil but it is a necessary evil — like crapping — you cannot live without it.

    Voting Pakistan does not live in the gated community — overwhelming majority lives in rural areas — then come the urban spread — any political party that wants to operate at the national level not wallow in the regional or local domain — needs to have its roots in urban areas as well as in rural areas — without a rural vote bank no political party can ever dream of a majority.

    Even in the United States that invented Face Book elections are not fought by picking intelligent people from Twitter and Face Book. No wonder such child like notions on this blog are very irritating to some very thoughtful people.

  • Saminalatif

    Easier said than done.How naive the people around the world are I believe the fact of life is to learn & to appriciate talent & art of these youngsters who are trying to take this difficult task to show the Black & ugly faces of our political figures who are in all the political parties that enough is enough This nation is. No more Blind.All those who are trying to impress with their fluent English plz don’t , if u have any guts move your asses back to this country & do your part of contribution rather than criticizing.Grow up & act act like one.Have a big heart to appriciate others.

  • Dssdk

    All you are doing is boast about yourself. You are nothing but a typical Pakistani show-off.

  • Anonymous

    Hashmi Sb

    Are you suggesting that the mere “mind and behaviour of human beings” is NOT a major major influence on ” overall social development of man” ?! Perhaps we have a new paradigm here!

    Apart alway humbled by your superior knowledge of history, the english language nd philosophy….hopefully, the masses close to your heart are able to follow and comprehend your arguments one day.

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    Mr.Qalim,I am afraid I have a different opinion.In normal circumstances, even hunger fails to hamper the true appraisal of a simple recipe.An awfully hungry person will flinch from eating a rice-pudding if it contains the odorous repugnant ingredient of asafetida.