IPL 2012 – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!

IPL 2012 – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!

The mother of all cricket leagues in the world – Indian Premier League – is back and this time it promises to keep you entertained for nearly 2 months. Pakistan’s premier sports channel Geo Super will be bringing you all the action of the event, up till the final on May 27th.



On the whole, 9 teams are participating in the event and will play 16 matches, with the total number of matches being 76. For a change, teams have transferred players during the off season with most of the big players either switching teams of missing out. The winning captain of the first edition of IPL – Shane Warne of Rajasthan Royals – will miss this edition because of his retirement from the game. Same is the case with Andrew Symonds whereas Yuvraj Singh will not feature in the event as he is recovering from cancer. Also joining the injury list are India’s Ishant Sharma, South Africa’s Graeme Smith and Australia’s James Hopes.



While there were no Pakistanis in IPL since the second edition, former all-rounder Azhar Mahmood gets to play in the fifth edition due to his British nationality. He will be seen in action for King’s XI Punjab and might be eager to show his skills just the way he did in the Bangladesh Premier League. On the other hand, Wasim Akram, the legendary Pakistani fast bowler could be seen in the dug out of Kolkata Knight Riders as he is their bowling coach.



Where there is IPL, there is Bollywood celebrities. In the opening ceremony of the event, Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Prabhudeva as well as Pop artist Katy Perry performed to enthrall the audience. The closing ceremony in late May will also match the opening ceremony, but during that, viewers all over the world will be glued to the matches on the field, watching their favourite cricketers in action, against the best in the world.

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

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  • Taj Ahmad

    IPL-2012 is not complete without Pakistani players, Shahid Afridi,
    Abdul Razzak, Imran Nazir, Omar Gul, Saeed Ajmal and many more
    can make IPL more interested for entire South Asian.
    Again IPL must include all Pakistani super star as I stated above.
    India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are best Asian Cricket

  • M.Saeed

    I fail to find any entertainment in obscenely rich amount of money showered on these dimwitted and spoiled opportunists.
    Secondly, no amount of foreign influx would ever equal the magic of Indo-Pak players playing in any combination on the sub-continental soil.

  • MUN

    its sad to see that Pakistani ‘free’ media cannot come out of ‘D’ Indian influence, no matter how derogatory their act might be to the Pakistanis around the world. it pains an average Pakistani to see that our Pakistani players who r the world’s top performers in the t20 format are completely shunned and snubbed aside by the same league that our media that claims to be voicing the mind of an average Pakistanis, keeps on unduly giving the IPL so much attention in their hourly headlines and sports segment. one can only jump to the conclusion that perhaps media isn’t exactly our savior as it makes itself out to be, especially during moments when we require someone to defend us internationally. absolutely disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sk, India

      I can understand the frustration of MUN. All I can say is have some patience and the best Pakistani players will be playing next year. If you are still angry just close your eyes for a moment and think the Mumbai November terrorist incident in reverse and think if you would want to help India in any way by sending your money through their players. I have along with the whole stadium cheered for Pakistani players when they played in the inaugural IPL. It is just that some things need more time. Your cricket team has shown exemplary behaviour in the recent times and I am sure this will help in reintegration and then we must hope some other terror incident does not happen. Actually feel sorry for people like Umar Gul who are denied what is their due for no fault of theirs. Patience is the key. Oh and Rameez Raja is on the commentary team and both Aleem Dar and Asad Rauf will be here too. SK, India

  • Rohitks_125

    Too much cricket, boring now!!!

  • aku

    I don’t care about IPL. Without Pakistani players I have no interest. I hoped that politics would have been kept out of cricket, unfortunately not.

  • Adnankhan

    Pakistani players should be picked .. sports and politics to stay away from each other … too bad all the owners of IPL Franchises and Fixer Modi

  • Pakistan

    IPL scuks!!And if IPL is the mother of all cricket leagues then PPL (pakistan premier league) will be the FATHER of all cricket leagues…! InshaAllah

    • Mandy

      Teams for PPL

      1) Lashkar e toyaba lions
      2) Al queda xi
      3) Osama Abottabad Elevan
      4) Taliban Mullah omar
      5) Jamat ut dawa kings
      6) Human bombers Xi

      Playing conditions T20 Gun and terrorist tournament.

      No tickets . Come to watch at your own life risk.

    • Sunny chauhan

      watching dreams good for health

    • Manoj Verma

      When you are starting your PPL……from where you bring the money to organize event like IPL. not even a single overseas player ready to play in Pakistan at-least for next 5 to 10 years.

      So forget abt things like PPL and play guly cricket with your friends.

      you and your country can not compete with India at any stage.

      With lots of Love
      Manoj Verma

  • Saleem Mirza

    Same conspiracy theories like OBL was not given shelter and protected by pak establishments, 9/11 was conspired by CIA and Maussad, 26/11 was conspired by us, Ajmal Kasab is a Hindu whose name is Amar Singh. These all are stories of your dear Zaid Hamid. Who believes on you? Not even your own Muslin countries who few years back were standing side by side of you brother. If 26/11 was conspired by our agencies then why your Govt have put 7 of the conspirators behind bars? It is on record your Govt has accepted that it was conspired in Pakistan. You can make fool of yourselves not the world. Behave like a civilized nation and then expect respect from others.

    Saleem Mirza (Mumbai)

    • MUN

      ROFL!!!!!!! u see people like u will always stay ignorant, i guess it is the effect of your film industry that keeps u away from reality and it is reflected in your absolute kiddish remarks and to accuse me of backing conspiracy theories is an absolute joke, ur media is full of conspiracy theories every single day minute and second and no wonder u r as whimsical as they are. talking of governments, since u believe soooooooooo much on the word of a government which is ironical coz on one hand u r accusing our government to backing a terror plan in india and then u r believing on their word(talk about logic), there was a certain parliamentarian in ur lok sabha who let the kitten out of the bag by confessing that this was an inside job and was later condemned for speaking out the truth, so this means he was speaking the truth too and in a way ind also accepted that it was responsible for killing its own people. secondly, one wonders that were ur security agencies sleeping when all of this was happening, u claim to be the “rising superpower” and yet u cudnt foil a terror attack so feeble, so again it is ur country’s failure to protect u. lastly grow up, after exposing u soo badly, lemme give u and ur whimsical nation an advise, grow up dont be cry babies, there is no Pakistan behind ur daily problems, U NEED TO ACCEPT THAT MUMBAI ATTACKS WAS UR OWN DOING, THERE ARE 75 DIFFERENT SEPARATIST MOVEMENTS TAKING PLACE RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK IN UR GR8 NATION, AND ALL THE SKIRMISHES OR MAJOR ATTACKS ARE FROM THOSE THAT WHO HAVE SUFFERED BCOZ PEOPLE LIKE UR SELF CLOSED UR EYES AND ALLOWED BLOODSHED OF UR COUNTRYMEN, GO AND FIRST SORT OUT UR PROBLEMS AND THEN U CAN EARN THE RIGHT TO SPEAK AND AS FAR AS OUR RESPECT IS CONCERNED, U SHD BE MORE WORRIED ABOUT URS THAN OURS, COZ WE ALL KNOW BY WHAT NAME UR GUYS ARE KNOWN IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

      • Saleem Mirza (Mumbai)

        ROFL!!!!! There is a difference between a statement given by a politician and by the Govt. First update your GK and understand what a word from any Govt is meant to the world. We have never said 26/11 was conspired by your Govt but it was conspired by your FAUJ you ignorant …….

  • Cricket lover

    Yes you are right before Shahid Afridi is considered his tongue needs a big lock.

  • AA

    It is very hard to understand why Pakistani Public should care about IPL, simply if they have bycott the pakistani players we all should bycott the IPL. Pakistani media should stop covering IPL completely. They (IPL) just hate Pakistani Cricketers.