Dial 15 – Lyari is Burning!

Dial 15 – Lyari is Burning!

There seems to be no relief for the Lyariites, as the oldest area of the metropolis Karachi throbs, oozing blood. The population of Lyari is engaged in a mental, emotional and physical conflict, but there seems to be no end to their misery. They remain on the periphery of daily politics in Pakistan. The administration is ‘taking care’ of the situation with constant cross firing and use of other weapons, allegedly from both sides.


Infuriated at being constantly being labeled as gangsters and criminals, the people of Lyari keep verbally lash out to anyone who will listen to them. But their angry protests of being treated like criminals fall on deaf ears from Karachi to the capital. No help seems to come their way, only APCs and security personnel. These angry people deserve to be heard so that the gap of communication between them and the administration is plugged and efforts made to bring peace for the large number of people who are victims of the whole situation.


Lyari famous for giving the city and country a variety of sportsmen/women – boxers, footballers and athletes and sporting a football stadium and arena where these sportsmen/women could have been trained to represent their country at any international event, is dying a slow and painful death, but no one seems concerned enough to make an effort to put a balm on their wounds.


Instead the ‘miscreants’ and security forces are locked in a constant battle, with grenades being lobed from one side and volley after volley of bullets streaming blindly into the general populace. There is no doubt that it is difficult for the administration to sift the criminals from the general populace; but the number of innocent people caught in this blood battle is larger and they are getting angrier by the day. Their lives are at a standstill, everything is at a dead-end. Trade and education is badly affected. Mere lip service is enough. These people demand action.


The stark absence of anyone making an effort to put thing in order is affecting the people but the children more who are not only missing school, they are missing out on a secure carefree childhood which the right of every child. These children are being scarred for life and will probably grow up angry with hatred for all brimming from their souls. They will remember how frustrated their childhood had been when they sat scared by the scary voices of zooming bullets and blasts. They will remember that no one came to their aid. No one came to give them food, when they were hungry and they felt angry when their helpless parents couldn’t even go out to get milk for their youngest sibling. They will remember how they aging and ill grandparents suffered because no one dared venture out to get their medicines. Who will they support? The PPP, MQM, the PMLs, PTI, JUI or ANP? They will support no one. They will remember that the leaders and the rest of the city didn’t once stop the cycle of their routine lives to intervene and try stop the waging battle in Lyari.


Things are extremely bad in Lyari, the people of the city should pressurize the administration and politicians at every level to wake up and shoulder their responsibilities. Using arms will not solve anything, it never has. There is dire need for talks for peace that should be initiated. This is a good time, the people of Lyari maybe angry but they are still open for discussion. If this time is allowed to lapse it could be too late, and the situation may be impossible to salvage.



The situation in Lyari needs to be resuscitated, and now.

Lubna Jerar Naqvi

The writer is a senior journalist and writes regularly on human rights and women issues with special focus on social media. She tweets @raiseqalam

  • Taj Ahmad

    I urges, all citizen of Lyari, please stop fighting and killing each others,
    We are all Muslim and Pakistanis, we should not fight with each others
    at all. If we have any differences, we can resolve all issues on table
    without any fight. All peaceful citizen of Lyari, please come out and
    hand shake with each others, smile when you see one another, please
    stop fighting now and laid down all your weapons or dump it in the ocean.
    Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nazir-K-Ali/100000107251982 Nazir K Ali

    Lyari is the favorite haunt of all illiterate persons in power, directly or indirectly. Why? Money makes the man start ticking. Who cares for order and organization, system and rules. We have money and that is it. We are in power and money can buy the law. That is how it has been going on for years without end.
    Drug money being the ‘means to an end,’ who would like to give it up? Endless lip service is what we get.
    Let us see what the future holds for us unless we can determine an end to the ‘means.’ Salams to Pakistan

  • Khalid Pathan

    It is not the people of Lyari who need to enter into a dialogue with members of political parties and the city administration for peace in their area. Lyari’s poor resident have nothing to do with crimes, It is rather the criminals who have made inroads in this area under political patronage. PPP, in order to get a foot hold in Karachi’s used the criminals in disguise as Peoples Amman Committee. Once the criminals get patronage by any group or party the matter goes out of control, this is precisely what is happening in Karachi. It is only the God Fathers of political parties to agree on stopping this blood shed, not the poor helpless people.

  • Malikbank

    what a lousy political party we have MQM..mean MARAY QAUM MARAY…these guys while in power have killed more people than three wars put together. shame on this party and I am so thankful to God that they are not national party otherwise whole country would be having same kind of killings and deaths on daily basis. Throw these guys out of power karachi walo…otherwise you will loose your sons and daughters sooner than later

  • M.Saeed

    Karachi is the Quaid’s city that was also laid by him as the solid foundation stone of building a viable Pakistan based upon his well defined motto of “UNITY, FAITH and DISCIPLINE”.

    Ever since we rubbished and blasted the Quaid’s foundation, the nation is drifting and fast disintegrating. The panacea of of all of our ills lies in reverting back to our our national motto that we still carry in our official emblem.

  • Asim Iqbal

    Whole Pakistan is burning and every one is just enjoying the show.

    • Naheed Nabi

      We all know but question is what to do and how to do? Give suggestion to whole Pakistan naheed

  • Bakhtiar Agha

    Ms Naqvi is very anxious about karachi killings. she better knows that this the war of capturing the sources of Karachi by the parties i,e PPP, MQM and ANP all these parties are in the treausery benches. But she and other writers didn;t paid due attention to the killings at Quetta and Gilgit……. can she reply