Wedding Anniversary or ‘Black Day’ ?

Wedding Anniversary or ‘Black Day’ ?

It was around last week that my wife and I intended to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and also the end of my daughter’s school exams. I had taken a day off from office.

It was a perfect evening and my daughter was euphoric with excitement, as my wife and I sort of got ready to go out for a not-so-elaborate celebration of the above events. The plan, made one week in advance, was to dine out and then fit into a late-night movie show at the only 3-D cinema of the metropolis.

There was a scene of usual hustle and bustle in the area when we parked in front of a restaurant in Gulshan-e-Iqbal at 10 PM. But, just when we walked to the entrance of the restaurant, two three ruffians who seemed to have appeared out of a thin air made their way to the counter and shouted ‘chal band kar’ (shut the restaurant at once). The restaurant crew jumped to action and started wrapping up, refusing to serve us food.

Outside, some of the shop keepers had already pulled the shutters while others could be seen hastily switching out lights, as panicked consumers either tried to grab the things on their purchase list or briskly walked to their parked vehicles or to other destinations at walking distance. Within minutes the Rashid Minhas road started to give a deserted look. The place would have been completely blacked out, had a few street lights were not still on. It seemed as if a siren of war had just been blared.

Fearing for my family’s security, I told them to forget about everything and get back into the car before something untoward unfolds. Shocked, my daughter all in her innocence asked from the backseat ‘Baba what happened, where are we going?’ I turned and caught a gloom filled look in her puzzled eyes, but I stayed quiet since the answer would not only have broken the news but her heart too.

It looked just like an ominous beginning of another wave of bloody violence in the city. So, I pushed the throttle as hard as I safely could to get my family back to the safety of home at the earliest.

Upon returning home, I immediately turned on the TV to get the picture of what had been going on in Karachi streets. I caught a glimpse of a ticker which said it was going to be a ‘Black Day’ in Karachi against extortion on Saturday.

Our plan of a little celebration was shattered to pieces by the so-called Black Day, as I could not buy even a bar of chocolate for my daughter who had been so excited after exams to go out and grab a bite before catching an animated flick with mama and Baba.

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Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

  • Sshazz

    i find it funny that now the media specially anchors along with bloggers every now and then complain about how their personal lives have been disturbed by this govt. giving personal life examples. And i say funny because it was mostly the same anchors bloggers who just 4yrs ago were telling the whole nation how scary life is with a dictator as musharaf and how life would be so great once democracy prevails. Today even rikhas have it written on them WAH REY MUSHARAF TERI YAAD AAI TERAY JAANAY K BAAD, the public over all was so happy in musharaf’s tenure but media created this scary image of him back then just because he had issues with some channels.

    • Jahanzaib

      By the way the same people were in the same power in Musharraf’s regime as well and they vowed to elect him in uniform in the then sindh assembly, Remember ?

  • M.Saeed

    Are we a free nation?
    Have any one of common Pakistani ever had a glimpse of real freedom with honour since the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan?
    Is there any democracy for a shred of it’s real definition ever born in this ungrateful nation?
    Are we any Muslims beyond name?
    Are we any better-off than our forefathers as the British colonial slaves?
    Do we have any dignity to define our nationality?
    Do we know our direction?
    Can we find even a shadow of a saviour who could chalk-out a road map to our ever defied destiny?
    Are we capable of anything good and human???

    • Farooq M.Hashmi

      Mr.M.Saeed, No, we are not a free nation. No,no one of the common Pakistanis ever had a glimpse of real freedom with honour since the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan. No,there has never been a democracy for a shred of its real definition which is born in this ungrateful nation. No,we are not Muslims beyond name. No,we are no way,better off than our forefathers as the British colonial slaves. No,we do not have any dignity to define our nationality. No,we do not know our direction. No, we cannot find even a shadow of a saviour who could chalk out a road-map to our defied destiny. No,we are not capable of anything good and human. Resounding claps for Mr.M.Saeed! Anything else Mr.Saeed?………..

  • Kk

    we never were free and we have becomes more slaves now than before. this time by our own people and our own media. you and I don’t live our life as we want but as the powerful people and powerful media wants.

    it is all a big game. Compare your lives with the lives of your grandparents for instance, you will clearly know who lived a happier, safer and independent life

  • Owais

    just a very simple explanation to whatever is going on in Pakistan. “Haathion ki larai main ghaas ka nuksaan” :D v are ghaas and the politicians are haathis; sufaid haathis to b precise if one would like to muddle the proverbs

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    ” Compare your lives with the lives of your grandparents for instance,you will clearly know who lived a happier,safer and independent life.” The statement lacks in veracity.Every thing is relative to its times.The severity of our grandparents’ hardships in their lives,their insecurity and their dependence,etc.,had been relative to their own times.They had the same rough and tough of life as we do today,but they had been numbed with it by the British colonial rule.It’s true that the prices of the commodities had been low during their times but it is also,equally true that the incomes of the family units had relatively been low.With the advancement of science and technology,the modern amenities are no longer a luxury but are the bare necessities of life in the modern times.We,living in the modern times,have to burn the candle at both ends to win them.Our forefathers had to scramble for the then-basic necessities of life,hence,they had the worries which had been particularly relative to their own times.As,they had been living under the suzerainty of the British colonists,servility had become part of their nature and that servility had correspondingly been beefing up their stoicism and contentment.Worries and concern about social security,etc.,had very much been present during our ancestors’ times but had considerably,been dormant.Since,ours’ is an era of awakening,we cannot lead the lives of slavish passivity and asceticism of our ancestors,hence,we struggle harder for the achievement of the modern basic necessities.Worries,dependence and insecurity,etc.,are essentially,the concomitants of struggle for the achievement of the better standard of living.To lay the blame of the runaway unrest singularly at the shoulders of media is iniquitous if viewed from any angel of the rules of the game.

  • syed hussain

    Peace in Karachi will always remain a dream in the presence of MQM. The terrorist wing of MQM is more active than their political wing, both wings are doing their jobs very well. They deserve an Oscar award for this Drama Bazi.

  • Anonymous

    wish you could also see beyond your family as to what happens when people earning on daily basis lose their only source of income because of such Black or white days


    Mazhar – I am glad you your wife your daughter all reached home safely — but you did not tell us when you turned on the TV how many people reportedly got killed and injured that night. For most bloggers – that was the juicy part that you left out — not your anniversary.