Tips for Balochistan Experts

Tips for Balochistan Experts

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, try writing on Balochistan. Your problem will be solved. So what if Balochistan’s problems remain unresolved even after the publication of your masterpiece! You need not worry about your lack of understanding of the subject, because using your mightier-than-the-sword pen on Balochistan is an accomplishment in its own right.


Start your article with the universally accepted fact that Balochistan is the largest but most impoverished province in Pakistan. That is a pretty awesome opening line, but if you’re a scrupulous writer — as such creatures are especially vulnerable to writer’s block — and want to sound different from other Balochistan experts, you should seek the help of Google or MS Word for synonyms. Replace the word ‘largest’ with ‘biggest’ and ‘impoverished’ with ‘poor’ or ‘under-developed’.


After passing this first milestone, you need to decide where your sympathies lie: with the Baloch cause or the military. Like all Balochistan experts, you would of course opt for a neutral line. That is the most professional choice, because a good writer should never take sides, especially in matters where no personal or emotional stakes are involved.


Having decided on your line, think of some strong adjectives to describe the miserable conditions the Baloch people must be living in. If you have no idea at all of their resentments, use your imagination; write anything terrible and, rest assured, it will eventually emerge that what you wrote was the truth. For instance, mention they don’t have colleges, hospitals, gas, electricity, toilets, or whatever comes to your mind instantly.


Don’t forget to mention the missing persons’ issue. I know ‘missing persons’ is a vague and tricky term, but a little Googling will help you discover that they are a bunch of ‘persons’ who are missing from their homes and their families posit they have been picked up by the agencies. All writers are curious creatures and you and I are no exceptions, but don’t let your curiosity waste your precious time; after all, you have to file your column before the deadline. Therefore, you should resist the temptation to find out which agencies are being blamed. Also, if Google recommends Mohammed Hanif’s recent article on missing persons, skip it because your writer’s block will return if you ignore my warning and read it anyway. One last word of caution on the missing persons’ issue: don’t trust the numbers given by Baloch nationalists, who maintain that such persons are in the thousands — an absurdly exaggerated figure. To be on the safe side, write ‘some’ people are missing and admonish the government to ensure their early recovery.


Also, don’t shy away from relating how past governments have discriminated against the people of Balochistan. If you are a retired military man, reproach Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for the 1973 operation in Balochistan. If you are a Musharraf-hater, accuse him of murdering Nawab Akbar Bugti.


Having said that, and don’t forget that only courageous writers of your kind can say such things, you should now balance your write-up. That’s the easiest part. Tell your readers that the Baloch sardars are equally responsible for the backwardness of the Baloch people and that they are against development to prolong their hold on the bird-brained tribesmen. They are such a vicious lot that you can easily blame them for any sin under the sun. You just need to trust your instincts. If you haven’t ever seen a Baloch sardar, think of the most sinister Chaudhry in Punjab or a blood-thirsty wadera in Sindh. If you haven’t had the misfortune to see either, recall the sadistic actions of the villain of a Zia-era PTV drama serial.


However, no newspaper or magazine on the earth will have enough space to accommodate your piece if you list all the crimes of the sardars. Therefore, for space constraints, you should resist the temptation to write more on this subject. Instead, save some of your revelations for your next column as writer’s block is a recurring disease.

Sajid Hussain

The writer is an Assistant Editor at The News, Karachi. He also writes on politics and literature for the publication.

  • bilal

    i wish you mentioned not all Baloch brothers are anti Pakistan

  • bilal

    “Tell your readers that the Baloch sardars are equally responsible for the backwardness of the Baloch people and that they are against development to prolong their hold on the bird-brained tribesmen. They are such a vicious lot that you can easily blame them for any sin under the sun. You just need to trust your instincts. If you haven’t ever seen a Baloch sardar, think of the most sinister Chaudhry in Punjab or a blood-thirsty wadera in Sindh. If you haven’t had the misfortune to see either, recall the sadistic actions of the villain of a Zia-era PTV drama serial.”

  • Ahmed Saeed

    I had the opportunity for serving in Balochistan for quite sometime. In fact, there is no problem in Balochistan when it comes to distribution of resources or other assets. The actual problem of the province are the Sardars, who want complete hegemony and are averse to law. They have their own territories and want their domination at all costs. For example if one has a chance to visit areas along Putt Feeder Canal, one could find wast lands having owners no one else but all the Baloch Sardars. There is simply no concept of life for common people. They are termed as the subjects of sardar and are treated like animals. There is yet another problem, Balochistan has 52% Pakhtuns but it is the province of Balochs who are just 37%. Isn’t it a dichotomy.

  • Ahm

    Good article , I am not from dera Bugti – but just want to say that all sardars are not bad , as all choudhry’s are not good , I ahve very short story of some poor hindu families,who were living in Dera Bugti ,their children /boys and girls/ visiting school and colleges , and Nawab Bugti facilitate with school bus and other many facilities for children for their education they said that nawab Akbar Bugti or anyone else from his family never said that don’t send your children for education , this is just propaganda against them. these families also told that when dictator Gen. Musharaf came to power , he bombarded their homes nearly 150 houses of Hindu families and also bombed Bugti houses , and these families can not visit their own houses up to now and now they are living somewhere else far from Dera Bugti.

  • Rehan Ansari

    good stuff

  • Fazia M

    Simple solution for mr. assistant editor – pack your bags and go back to balochistan and make a living with the nice sardars. start your own newspaper there rather than being a corporate slave.

    why are you sitting in karachi then – because admit it pakistan is more progressive than regressive balochistan! hypocrite to the core-

  • Syed Aamir Ishaque

    The sufferings of so called Baloch nation as they prefer to be recognised is not because of the Punjabi domination. They suffered only beacause they refuse to enter civilization due to pressure of their Sardars. None of their Sardars has built schools, colleges, hospitals or even clinics for their subjugated tribesmen. They prefer their subjects to practice primitive life-style, follow the verdicts of jirgas of burying women alive, killing/kidnapping/torturing anyone who disagrees (news items in the media about killing of DCO of Gwadar by some savage Bazinjo, torturing of a police official by the son of the head of Government of Balochistan and latest incidence where Shah Zain Bugti showed his colours to all in a a 5 star hotel of Islamabad) while living abroad. What the heck, pick them all and take them to task.The killing of their merceneries is causing outroar. Pick up the right culprits and I am sure they are not more than 3 or 4 dozens to fix up all the trouble in Balochistan. If there is no-one to pay the salaries of private armies the personnel will turn against their past benefactors. Then start building roads/bridges/tunnels to have access to so far hostile territory.

  • Anonymous

    Nice Acticle, Plaase add that the Baluchistan provincial gvernemnts always comprises on their own peoplews. No other than the local did not dear even to register him to contest of an eleciton. As far as the missing persons news papers have a pretty long continued history of news of discovering of personal jails of Baluch Sardars. If any Agencies did this shamful act that can only be executed under the government of Baluchistan. Every body know with fear that the centre of all crimes are Baluch Sardars, Sindhi Wadaras, Khans and jagirdars, all the terrorrist are trained under them, all the cars, vehicles stolen from all parts of the counry are used and sold in their areas. According to the newspaper report cars worth about one billion Rupees per days is stolen from Karachi. These Sardars of Baluchistan, Wadaras of Sindhs, Jagirdars of Punjab, Khans of Khyberpukhtoonkwa are the responsible of all the backwardness of the country specially the Baluchistan and about all the collective crime, terrorism in the country. These are spy of the enamies of Pakistan.

  • Reverse_swing

    I can’t believe how many people commenting here have missed the point of this article. Hello, fellow Pakistanis! Don’t you guys understand sarcasm?

  • Hanifbaloch

    Great Article and this is a fantastic piece which you have show in your article. It was noted that all the collective crime, terrorism in the country are being with support of authorized persons / departments these are spy and agents of the enamies of poor people of countries specially Baloch people

  • Rimibra

    Three rebellion tribal leaders were on the ”off the record” program and were stressing upon independence from Pakistan. They were just interested for their control over Baluchistan but were not ready to talk about the situation of the people of Baluchistan and their poverty, illiteracy, lack of health and solid way of providing necessity of lives to them.

    It seems that it’s war between the elite in power and tribal leaders and the people ? Hell with them.
    The most unfortunate and disgusting situation. We talk a lot about dividing Punjab on ethnic basis but never talk about how to provide basic necessities to people at grass root level.

    Suppose we divide Sindh in two or three provinces for Mahajars, Sindhi’s and Saraikee and Punjab in Saraikastan , Punjab and then Bahawalpur, Baluchistan for Pashtun and Baluch and then separate Qalat, Khyber Pak for Hazaara, Pashtun, North Wazirstan and South Wazirastan and may be some more. Is this division going make the life of the people any better and then who is going to implement these provinces without any trouble ? The most idiotic ”Taqseem”.

    Now lets say we make vioable small administrative units where basic necessities for Islamic welfar department, Education department, Health department, unemployment department, jusiciary , police along wth local development and water and severage system departmen and then an elected representatives very near to the people at grass root level. All the economical resources should be provided to the units without any obstacle and a complete administrative power to consume the resources set by the elected representatives at these unit level acoording to the needs of the people.

    Middle men MPA’s and MNA’s has nothing to do with these developments contrarily they should focus their energy solving constitutional matters at province and national level.

    • Syed Aamir Ishaque

      You are so right the tribal chief who never allowed basic nessecities to their own subjects have become champions of Baloch rights. They instigate their merceneries to blow piplelines, transmission towers that provide electric/gas supply to their own areas. They sit in in the night-clubs of Europe planning ways to extort more money from the Government of Pakistan to live more lavishly.

  • Engr_malikadnan

    what is this?

    • Nadeem Asghar

      This is ‘Gurrburr Ghootaalah’ of Balochitan which ‘nobody-from-those-who-matter’ is prepared to get to realise or understand, Sir….

      Engr Nadeem Asghar

  • Taj Ahmad

    The main problem there in Balochistan is tribal leaders and their well
    armed army, this is why majority of Baloch who wants to be sincere
    and faithful to Pakistan are now facing death threat by these so
    called tribal leaders and their army.
    I support the presence of Pakistan Army and Rangers to control the
    security of faithful Baloch-Pakistanis.
    Pak-Army should start Swat type army operations and make entire
    Balochistan saved and sound for all faithful Pakistani Baloch.
    Once Gen.Pervaiz Musharraf said that Pakistan have no danger
    from outside of the country but within it’s own border indicating
    Baloch tribal leaders and their army.

    • Syed Aamir Ishaque

      They are only four or five dozens and if the Army is given full liberty they will be killed in their holes like rats as occured to one of their Sardar Akbar Bugti, now declared a hero by Media on the instigation generated by plentiful money spent by Sharifs of Jati Umrah.

  • Anum N

    This rather seems a very good piece of suggestion to the ‘Bhayya Leader’ Altaf Hussain for his usual self-styled, self-pronounced ‘Mr KNOW-ALL’ verbosity.

    • Syed Aamir Ishaque

      I find your comment missing the target by a million light years. Will you please elaborate a little more to enlighten us with your views?

  • Viqar30

    its time for pashtoons to take over baluchistan as their population is much higher and the message from pervez musharraf was very clear and his theory also work if you hit sardar the people of their tribe are not very loyal they dont die for sardar because they are loyal as they dont have choice. and we can see when akbar bukti was killed nothing happened they are still blowing gas pipe line with the support of India they are not engage in full time war as in the northern part of pakistan

  • Bakhtiar Agha

    From the day a resolution in Amercian seneate is placed about Blouchistan,the whole media in pakistan woke up,print and electronic media have the only one topic….the Blouchistan….Blouchies are suffering since the creation of Pakistan. Mr,Rehman Malik sees foriegn hands in Blouchistan up rising….rather in all the misdeeds,let the Bloucies be allowed to live in accordance with their own will,they are the owner of their land,not the men sitting in islamabad….

  • Awaiskiani

    Imagine this piece (Balochistan) of Land in US, EU or any developing economy, what benefits they could take. Just think!
    This is dilema that we are so phatatic to step ahead for the development of this land, dont worry about sardars, all they want is rights, which infact is “To Rule” the Baloch, let them be “Rulers”, but start any step toward the final destination. Learn from history. Red Indians were given authority and rights in US before utilizes the sources. so there is no harm giving authority to Sardars but the most important thing is to establish the mechanism for utilizing the resorces.

  • Anonymous

    blochstan loving part of our country capture by land lords like bughtis muree
    mangels only we need to do to save our heart(blochstan) from these killer of humunity (land lords )is that we have to bring justice to society and plotical awarenes to all .still OUR LOVING blochees are very backward need to educate them to put education emergency in country and if land lords put any hurdels in place then bring these bunch of bad people to justice
    it is right of every person to get educated only by increasing education level and justice we can bring good result in blochistan and be careful dont suport any army action in blochistan it will bring more postive for LAND LORDS and negetive for pakistan only political proses and excess of all plotical parties can bring good result i pray to ALLAH subhanawatalla that our heart will never die AMEEN

  • Syed Aamir Ishaque

    Dear Mr. Sajid Hussain, you tried your best to be funny in the article and I have read the comments made by M. Saeed, Rimibra, Taj Ahmed, Fazia M and Ahmed Saeed as well as of others who also had itchy fingers like me.

    M.Saeed has said it all and others seconded his point. Balochistan by all careful census estimates has a population of 8.35 million comprising 40% Balochs, 40% Pashtuns, 10% settlers and the rest Hazargi, Afghans, Uzbeks, et al. Baloch Sardars have been black-mailing Governments of Pakistan since ages. The extortion money they received from the Government and the Multi-national companies have always been used to keep private armies/merceneries, but never for the welfare of Baloch people. Access to difficult terrain by laying roads, educating Baloch minority by building schools/colleges, providing health facilities by running clinics and hospitals were ever strongly resisted by Baloch Sardars. They lived in Europe, North America or any other place where night-clubs best suited their kinky tastes. I fail to notice any charitable trust or foundation (like we have aplenty in the Punjab and Sindh) that runs hospitals/clinics/schools and carries the names of Bugti, Mengal, Murree, Zehri, Khan, Bazinjo, Brohi or other tribal chiefs.

    Baloch Sardar never tire of getting themselves compared with Bengalese and quite a few politicians having papayas and water-melons above their necks agree with them to make head-lines every other day. I strongly disagree with them because of the following points:-

    1. Bengalese were a single nation having the same language, culture, traditions and heritage. They were not divided into tribes and ruled by chiefs. They loved literature, poetry, music and other forms of arts. Having strong presence of intelligentsia they never destroyed infra-structure of their own land by blowing up pipelines, transmission towers, railway tracks and other amenities that were for the benefit of their own. Their leaders were not enjoying lives in the nightclubs of Europe and North America but fought with Pakistan Army like all other Bengali freedom fighters.

    2. In Balochistan there are many spoken languages and they have a very strong tribal culture. Sardars have always enforced barbaric practices through jirgas on their subjects. Bugtis, Mengals, Murrees, Zehris and other tribes have always been blood-thristy for each other. It is very pertinent to remind that people of certain factions of tribes like Rinds, Leghari, Khaskheli, Chandio, and a lot of others had been forced out of Balochistan because of tribal feuds. That is why there are more Legharis, Rinds, Chandios, Khaskhelis in Sindh and Southern Punjab than in Balochistan. Akbar Bugti proudly became Governor of Balochistan and allowed Army action against Balochis just to exercise his vengeance in the 70’s against all other tribes.

    • Rusznbaloch

      Syed Aamir Ishaque You are the worst kind of ignorant person that one can ever come accross on these comment pages. With your rosy English and Baloch Sardar bashing prose you think you know everything about Balochistan. For your kind information your understanding of Baloch Society and Balochistan in general, my sir, is based on all the misinformation fed by Pakistani agencies and military establishment. Just to give you one example of your ignorance Southern parts of Balochistan including the coastal district of Gwadar do not have any sardars, waderas or chaurdies. Its not a tribal society for the last more that 60 years. Can you please name one educational instituition that your government or its clowns representing Islamabad in Quetta have established there? Even in this day and age a bus journey from Quetta to Turbat takes 2 days on a treacherous shingle road. Now you will argue Balochistan has been goverened by Sardars why did not they build any…well to respond to that you need to be familiar with the state of governance in Balochistan. Nawab Bugti was the first CM in 1988 that initiated the construction of a blacktop road from Quetta to Turbat using discretionary funds available to the provincial assembly. But as always as it had to be cut short because the federal government stopped paying Balochistan’s share from its resources and to this day after Soorab the road is still a miserable shingle path onwards. So sir, your argument about sardars and their so called zulm is a distraction from the major issues of exploitation by Pakistani establishment and occupation by Pakistani military through its ruthless dogs in the form of FC. And people like you who dont know crap about the reality feed nonsense to general opinion by writing stupidly ignorant comments on these forums to malign the struggle of a people for their rightful place in the scheme of things in this God foresaken land of impure. My advice to you: Go get educated about Balochistan or just Shut Up!!!!

      • Syed Aamir Ishaque

        Rule of Sardar is in the veins of Balochistan. I stopped visiting Sonmiani for deep-sea fishing, Hingol for nature watch, Ormara to meet a dear time-old friend and colleague (by the way, also a sardar who enjoys life working for a MNC in Karachi). I visit Lyari town in Karachi and see banners and posters that pay tribute to Sardar Rehman Baloch (more popularly known as Rehman Dakait) and displaying gigantic photos of new cut-throat Sardars who are running gambling/drug dens and are in regular habit of kidnapping, killing and attacking rival groups every other day by grenades and fire-arms. Just have a look at news items of any period of time to get educated and learn more about Baloch society. Sardari sysytem is in the blood of Balochistan as the barbaric practices of burying women alive, killing them for marrying the men of their choice, and confining them behind closed doors are, in the name of Baloch traditions.

        • Totaltasch

          @ Rusznbaloch. If you accuse Aamir of being influenced by what agencies feed us with, then you sound like a person who has been infused with hatred by the baloch rebels. I had the chance to study alongside a Sardar’s son in karachi. His words ‘ we rue the fact that our people are not igven a chance. Instead chinese people are brought in to work.” On the other hand he agreed that they shoot down and kill if any non-baloch enters their area for the above cited reason. Enoush said i guess.

  • Syed Aamir Ishaque

    Some time ago on facebook a gentleman named Naseeri resented my spelling and asked me never to write Balochi but call him Baloch and Marri as Murree.

  • baloch khan

    This is a pure panjabi thinking.the writer is a pakistani and his logic gives sence of diffeat in balochistan.