The Woman In Black – Thrilling All The Way

The Woman In Black – Thrilling All The Way

First of all, it is NOT a Harry Potter movie! What if it has two actors from the Harry Potter franchise playing lead roles, what if Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t look the desired age required for his character, what if the movie is guaranteed to send shrills to the bravest of cine-goers, The Woman In Black is not the next Harry Potter flick.



In his first movie post-Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe decides to go the horror way, and The Woman in Black is his way of saying hello to the new world. Don’t get me wrong, but unlike the Horror films that leave bad taste in your mouth, this one doesn’t and that’s exactly what makes it different and refreshing.



The story centers around Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) a widowed lawyer who goes out of town to settle the estate of a recently deceased recluse far from home. He travels by train, leaves his young son to his nanny and makes friends en route. Sane enough? The thrills and chills begin when he learns that his arrival has woken up the evil spirit that takes its revenge against the town’s young children. As expected, Kipps is held responsible for the deaths of the children but not before he comes close to solving the mystery of the dead spirit. He, along with his friend Sam (Ciarán Hinds), try to make things better by putting the Woman in Black to rest and succeed but not before getting nearly killed, drowning in quicksand, being threatened by the villagers and sleeping in an attic where three girls spent their final moments!



The Woman in Black is a good horror film that sends chills down your spine. Directed by James Watkins, it keeps you engrossed every step of the way, shocking you with scenes that you least expect like the extravagant movement of rocking chair, the scary dolls and dead spirits who appear in the least expected of places.



One fails to understand why Daniel Radcliffe was cast in the film though. It would have been better had another actor being hired in his place, because he looked Harry Potter in every frame, and the audience expected him to wear his glasses and do the wizardry to put the spirits to rest. May be it was to attract his huge fan-following but sorry to say, he doesn’t look like a man who has lost his wife and is survived by a kid, rather he would have reveled in the role of the kid!



On the whole, it is a good movie that will keep you entertained and your blood pressure moving. It may be based on Susan Hill’s novel with the same name, but it has a better end that I am certain will not make you regret watching the movie on big screen. Unlike the horror flicks of today, the end of The Woman In Black presents the audience with all the evidence, so that they could piece it together at their leisure.

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.