Implications of Blue Passports and Black Kalashnikovs

Implications of Blue Passports and Black Kalashnikovs

In his address to the members of the Lahore High Court Bar Association on March 3, our Interior Minister generiously announced issuance of “Blue Passports” (which is gratis i.e. without any fees) to all the Office bearers of the Bar Associations and Bar Councils across the country, along with licence to keep assault weapons of prohibited bores. There appears to be no logic or justification for this announcement except to attempt to win over the lawyer’s community.


In the first place prohibited bore are assault weapon and not weapons of self-defence, hence none of the sections of public including our worthy ministers, members of Parliament, bureaucrats, generals, judges or journalists should be favoured with such lethal weapons, which are capable of being misused and would inevitably add to the rampant violence and killings across the country. The authorities should be conscious of the fact that no matter how many arms you may possess, the person who pulls the gun first, becomes the master of their fate.


Instead of pursing the policy of deweaponizing the society, which was the agenda of Chairperson Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, much to our disappointment the present governments both at Federal and provincial levels are continuing to follow policies of General Pervez Musharraf to weaponize all the rich and influentials by dolling out to them lacs of licences to possess prohibited assault weapons to further assert on the poor, oppressed and unarmed citizens particularly in the rural areas.


Federal and provincial governments are also not mindful of the fact that with the proliferation of the weapons in our society, there is a consistent unchecked rise and rise in militancy and incidents of terrorism. Not only people of Pakistan are already suffering immense sense of insecurity but the terrorism is the biggest enemy and threat to the integrity of our country as well.


As regards, the plea to secure the ruling elite, it may be remembered, that they are already enjoying protection free of charge from the soldiers of Para-military forces, commandoes and police in more than required numbers. On the contrary, what is more important and deserving is the security of the life and properties of ordinary citizens. This is the paramount duty of the State as guaranteed under Article 9 of our Constitution.




The policy of the Government to encourage and promote private security agencies, are capable of assuming the role and shape of private armies and impinge upon the privacy of the citizens as well. It must be noted that the private armies are clearly forbidden under Article 256 of the Constitution. Despite, this clear constitutional prohibition, we witness huge number of licensed and unlicensed private arm groups under one garb or pretext or the other. By promoting these private security agencies, the governments are implying that they have failed to discharge their basic obligation to protect life and property of ordinary citizens.


Another pertinent question arises as to why should lawyers alone be favoured with a blue passport and licences to possess assault weapons. Why not the same privilege is granted to all other professional bodies. After all their contribution in the society is not less than the lawyers. I would advise all professional bodies to hurriedly invite Mr. Rehman Malik, (before he changes his mind) as their chief guest on any pretext, praise him so much that he is swayed to pronounce the same privileges to the members of the respective bodies.


Assuming, if all other professional bodies are treated at par with the lawyers community, which will be in accordance with the Constitution and all of them are granted “Blue Passports”, then an amusing aspect would emerge that colour of most of the Pakistani passports will change from “Green” to “Blue”, which is the colour of the ordinary passports of Indians.

Senator (r) Iqbal Haider

A Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He also served as Former Attorney General & Federal Minister for Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs & Human Rights.

  • concerned citizen

    Simplly hypocritical. Arm the persons who are supposed to protect the citizens of the state with the book of law.

  • Anonymous

    Unaccountable agencies bribing politicians before elections or allegedly democratic governments bribing politicians (seen in Senate or by elections) -is there any difference or just an attempt at moral relativism?

    Are diplomatic passports and prohibited bore weapon licenses amongst the discretionary powers of an interior minister? Will someone raise the issue in Parliament to check abuse of power befre another runs off to the Supreme Court?

  • Truepakistani

    Pakistan must ban all the arms in the country and only police and security forces should be allowed to carry them.politician have to strart first to give all the arms back.There should be legislation that anybody caught with weapon will be given 16 years prison.all the issued licence should be cancelled regardless who got it.

  • golden eyes

    salaam, every body, a little bit misunderstanding about Taliban, they are those people who has nothing left except war and wapen, government is not giving any thing to them no university for more then 10 million population of fata, no school for study, no hospital for health, no road, no factory. no government job, not allowed in air force, double tax and 40 FCR, which is called black Regim, punishment without cour & no appeal in court, whole fata are idps and no allounce for them, what they do, during checking the pak army says americans are coming and we need u for them to fight with them to save u r country, this is only my country not the punjabi, sindi, they are only earning and we will fight for them, and at last they will say they are terrerst and we cant stop the drone attack which was flew from pak land. no one know what is happening with us they are killing us and saying that u r terrerst, killing us only for dollers. and selling our peacefull land.

  • Asif Abbasi

    What do you expect from the Current PPP ? They have been outstandingly rubbish, and that is a massive understatement itself!

  • Dr Qureshi

    What can you say… other than OMG… Rehman Malik must be MAD….

  • M.Saeed

    Loaded gun in hand pulls the Adrenalin trigger when inaction. Results are often devastating without reasons.

    Recently, a US soldier had killed 3 Afghan civilians with his gun outside his Kandahar base just for “fun”, although authorities blamed his mental breakdown being the reason.

    But, the US authorities reaction is also not without their usual copout in such matters when they simply gave following statement:

    “This is a deeply regrettable incident and we extend our thoughts and concerns to the families involved.”

    With horribly lethal ammunition in hand and elation in mind, there is no humanity left in action.

  • Azam Khan

    To keep license Gun is privilege right of all citizens,well done by Interior Minister Mr.REHMAN MALIK.We appreciate it.

  • Omaranis64

    good psychological insight by interior minister, in their current emotional high after various victories, lawyers are more prone to militant tendencies and eventually turn on their own kind(opponents) in the bar thus discrediting their profession and loosing the high ground gained by careful planning by the wise few. several violent incidents with media and public in court premises highlights this.

  • Dr Qureshi

    Is the PPP an arm of the Congress party or the BJP? We have seen and heard very strange things… which border on to treason!!! What an astonishing statement to be making to the defenders of the law!!! Rather than reduce the number of weapons to reduce crime in the country this imbecile is trying to promote violence… What can you say other than pray that we can rid ourselves of the traitor party… or at least the traitors in the party.

  • Anonymous

    YRG’s utterings about court ordershint at what motivated the cartoonish interior minister’s promise- should the need arise, party political lawyers can use the weapons to get a judgement in their favour and then yse the blue passport to move to pastures new.