Am I Insane?

Am I Insane?

In the last decade, Pakistan’s fashion industry has witnessed a boom, with that summer season also surged in Pakistan. Gone are the
days when the scorching heat indicated the summer arrival, now the designers’ lawn billboards are popping in every corner of the city
and the rush in the clothing shops enforces you to accept that summer has now arrived. The mad rush in clothing shops, morning hosts donning in stunning designers’ lawn prints and extensive media coverage is enough to drive any woman crazy about designers’ lawn. I am also one of  those fashion savvy women who blindly fall for the designers’ exclusive designs and would be ready to pay any price.




When my mother asked me, “How much money do I need for the summer’s shopping?”, I told my mother thatI want to buy a “designers’ name” lawn suit. My innocent mother had no idea about these designers’ lawns and their prices but my sister who was standing right behind me instantly responded, “Are you insane?” First, I gaped at her and said “What?…..What’s the point of insanity in it?”. So here is her lecture, which is undoubtedly very famous these days:

“It is total insanity if you buy a Rs.5000 lawn suit, in that price you could buy any 2 ordinary lawn suits (with high quality). Moreover,
after 3 or 4 washes, the lawn suit will not even be worth wearing. By the way, where are you going to wear that Rs.5000 lawn suit? These
designers are experts in making people fools, their quality is just fine and the designs are not even exclusive blah blah blahhhhhh.”

I was not in the mood of saying anything besides this and I had left nothing to say, so I ended up the conversation with the word
“Whatever”. The next day when I and my best friend were about to go for shopping, I told her, “let’s go to a designers’ name shop
first”. I want to buy a lawn suit. She literally said, “Are you insane?” I was immensely amazed by her answer because I was not expecting these words from my best friend, and that she repeated the exact words of my sister.

My best friend and sister both tried to convince me that people who buy these designers’ lawn suits and designers who are coming up with their lawn, are insane. But my question is “Why on Earth buying designers’ lawn doubt our sanity?”

Rashida Nabi

An MBA graduate and freelance writer, who contributes regularly at a webpage dedicated to fashion and trends..

  • M.Saeed

    But, “a rich man’s joke is always funny”!

  • Maylady99

    a creative person CREATES her own design instead of getting befoolied by
    our very smart ‘designers’ , most of whom must be laughing in private at their victims!