We criticize….why?

We criticize….why?

Why we always critize? Why we are always ready to pour scorn on others, ridicule or insult others? Because we love it, (simple) otherwise it would be arduous for us to start our day without passing few negative remarks about anything or for that matter about everything. This is how we are, sad but true.


I have observed that it is very difficult for us to say a simple word i.e. “good” for others. We cannot praise or appreciate any good work done by anyone. We as a society consider it our moral duty to criticize.



To me these social media forums are like criticizing tools. Where, one has the freedom to bash anyone even on personal grounds and interestingly without concrete reasons. Moreover, we take pride in saying “I insulted him/her”. Constructive criticism, difference of opinions and valuing the differences provides nourishment to the mind and enhance “thought process”, but unfortunately we critise just for the heck of it. We disagree to show our importance, knowledge, or power. Moreover, try to impose our views on others.



To further, clarify my stance, very recently, the laptop provision initiative taken by CM Punjab was badly misinterpreted i.e. he is doing all this for political mileage. In the age of technology no one can make you fool so be rational about things. People criticize him even for making “Danish School”. Come on give him some break. If you cannot appreciate it, then please do not discourage him as well. Just think for a while who will be benefited from all this? We, our country, our people, who else.



In addition, I am waiting when people will start criticizing CM Punjab for widening the canal road (Lahore). However, everyone can visibly witness the smooth flow of traffic after the reconstruction of the roads. Nevertheless, we dare not to appreciate, because we are not program to appreciate or acknowledge the good efforts.



We are ready to challenge “good intentions” of others. But who are we to question the intentions? Who gave us this right to doubt the intentions? Try to learn “how to appreciate” good. Let the positivity prevail.

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs


    I know it is time to BAN criticism in Pakistan. Let’s bring Musharraf’s Emergency with Musharraf.

  • Anonymous

    We criticise because it provides the helpless with illusion of control and hides the insecurity….. What is your problem with that?!

  • Anwar

    We don’t criticize we ridicule to show we know more

  • Jawaria_saleem2008

    well presented reality.In fact a bitter reality of our behaviors now it should cm to an end .

    • Farooq M.Hashmi

      Are you a ” jawaria “? Really?

  • Nadir-shaikh