The Clash with the Couples

The Clash with the Couples

The careers of both Maya and Nadia Khan have been similar in many aspects. Both started their careers very young on national television as hosts, both acted in TV plays when they reached adolescence and both became successful morning show hosts as they grew old. Sadly, they both got carried away with the huge fan-following they garnered and forgot the meaning of morning show in their race towards better ratings!



Nadia Khan tried to do Jerry Springer in Dubai where she went out of the way (with a camera, of course!) to defend her friend (and now a successful morning show host) and actress Noor who wanted to leave her husband because he was a non-Muslim. Noor shouldn’t have gotten married to the guy in the first place, but since she realized her mistake after nearly an year, she had the right to demand a divorce. But Nadia Khan had no right to shoot the public spat between the couple and make it very public. According to sources, the popular Nadia Khan Show was disbanded soon and the ‘clash with the couples’ played an integral part in the fall of Nadia Khan.



Maya Khan, who took over as a morning show host as one of the many Nadia Khan replacements on a private TV channel, met a fate similar to her counterpart. She started inviting divorced women on her show along with their lawyers as well as her ‘in-house experts’ (of what????) where they would call the ex husband and taunt him into revealing the private details of their now public divorce. She went crazy when one of the husbands told her flatly that sharif log TV par nahi aatay, which was partly correct.



She then went a step ahead and burst into a beauty parlour to investigate whether the parlour was being used for illicit activities or not. She then started a Bach Kay Rehnasegment where helpless mothers/wives asked Maya Khan and her team to find out where their daughter/husbands go after college/work. As we all know, her Sherlock-Holmes-behaviour only shamed her because all those who saw those programs hated it. But did that stop Ms Khan from touching rock-bottom? No it didn’t as she went overboard and burst into a park where we all know what happened. She clashed with couples, demanding theirnikaah-namas and then termed the majority of public as shameless entities.



The ‘clash with the couples’ woke up the sleeping public who posted Maya Khan’s shameless pictures on Facebook and showed their displeasure by making her ‘Public Enemy #1′, a title Veena Malik held before her. Now she is the most hated of people in the media industry and everyone – from her ex employers (who terminated her contract as well as her team’s for not apologizing properly) to her ardent viewers - want to distance themselves from Maya Khan, also knows as Pyar Ki Dushman in social circles!


Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

  • Asghar Ali

    Maya was doing a fine job by unearthing the wrong doings of the society. Perhaps she tried to unearth a scandal of some vedera family of Sindh and has been punished by the vedera dominated Sindh govt

    • Raka

      u r totally wrong, she was just expeled because of public humaliation what she have done. and she derserve for it.

      • Muz

        Of course Pakistan is one such country where those who commit ‘public humiliation’ are expelled

    • Gul

      very true! some people like that way their sisters and wives to be, just cheat parents and husbands and have fun with any one in pubic park! the topic was very nice but at the end mishandled since 95% of society is corrupt and want ….everything beyond or within! shameful people!


    Maya Khan should have known that the TV world is not real – it’s all Maya.

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    What service is the surfeit of TV morning shows rendering to the nation of Pakistan? If momentarily,it is admitted that the morning shows are providing a useful service to the nation,does it mean that the advancement of the hosts and their show-biz-related guests,is equal to the service to the nation of Pakistan? Answer is no,it does not.Turn on any Pakistani TV channel in the mornings and on most of the occasions,you will see either some show-biz coquettes blowing their own trumpet or some cherry-picked film-stars and TV artistes indulging in boisterous gossips.The so-called morning show hosts pander their exhibitionist guests to the shows for the pecuniary benefit of both themselves and the guests.The hosts and the show-biz stars do their business on the principle of ‘you scratch my back,and I’ll scratch yours’.Through the futile purposeless morning shows,the sponsors are flim-flaming the poverty-stricken Pakistanis of their precious time which they could utilize in a positive manner.The reality is that if the private lives of the show-biz queans (not ‘queens’) are dug deep,a strong current of filth will be found running underneath.Those hussies appear on the morning shows only to promote their seedy business.Veena Malik and Noor are only the tip of the iceberg.As result of a considerable resentment by the Pakistani public,waywardness in the morning shows had been reined months ago.But hardly,had a few months gone by when the morning shows fell back into their previous course of revelries.The Pakistani people must wake up and goad the show-hosts into casting their shows into the molds of public interest,as catering to airing crash courses on home improvements.If viewers especially,the ladies are taught the skills of minor repairs in the field of masonary,carpentry, painting,plumbing,electricity,an average family units in Pakistan can save a lot of money.Besides,lectures on self-grooming as hair-cutting and make-up can be of an immense use.While discussing the reforms in the TV morning shows,the importance of the growing of vegetables and poultry-farming at domestic level cannot be ignored.Arrangements for airing the crash courses of public utility in the morning shows can go a long way toward decreasing pressure on the budget of every Pakistani home.However,the suggestion of reforms in the morning shows should not be construed as taking out the healthy entertainment from them because that act will make the shows unsavory,much to the jubilation of Mullahs.The nitty-gritty is that the TV morning shows in no way, be allowed to tilt to futility and wild festivity.

  • Haijaz_pk

    O’ Muslims! what has happened to us, is this what Allah has asked us to do? do we deserve paradise which Allah has promised for pious people, wield women, eye bowed men.
    O’ women! why are you doing this…do you know due to your these bad deeds its predicted by Prophet Muhammed PBUH that mostly women will be thrown to Hell Fire, reason is that due to your women’s ” be hayaee” men are attracted and adulatory is spread, men do corruption/involve in bribery/theft/decoity to fulfill unlimited wishes (farmaishain) of women so main cause becomes of bad things all over the world unfortunately is a bad woman. Please be like Hazrat Fatima or Hazrat Ayesha, avoid contacting naa mehrams, stay at safe homes as for as possible to make this world paradise as well as present yourself as a strong deserving person for Allah’s Paradise.
    O’ men! fear from Allah for your women & children, pay their rights, protect them, feed them, educate them…..for Jannatul Firdous

    • msg

      @ pay their rights, protect them, feed them, educate them…..for Jannatul Firdous

      For the sake of Allah(swt) not for Jannatul Firdous, Jazak Allah.
      STOP IT For The sake of Allah(swt)

    • msg

      @ O’ men! fear from Allah

      This is the best of deeds ..**FEAR of Allah ** . Well, many of us remain ignorant about this, but it is purpose of our Existence in this world- **FEAR of Allah **

  • Anonymous

    Khans once dominated the internatinal squash arena – now Khans appear to dominate the morning shows on Pakistani channels….emulating Springer style reality TV and trying to be self rightous conservatives – two mutually exclusive elements.

    I’m told during General Zia’s Hadood Ordinance time, police often used to stop motorbike couples to demand marriage certificates. Perhaps Maya Khan was nostalgic….one may even had the whole Maya dirty laundry on air too, had she carried on!

  • Tariq

    People who posted on the web the pictures of MK was equally deplorable.

    All the mornings shows are waste of time, ignorant and helpless.

    Anchors in Private media should be given some lessons specially like the way Khush Bhakat Shujat, Anwar Maqsood, Moin Akhtar etc. used to do the stage shows.

    My personal opinion, MK episode was blown out of proportion and media houses must learn from it.

  • Shahid

    Maya did wrong by entering into the private life of people. Though SHE proved that all persons were PAID artiste BUT my question is “Why She Made This Fake
    Without Writing “Re-enactment”….This is a million dollar question??? She didn’t
    appologized for fake production and now another channel hired HER and telecasting a “Morning Show”……that’s really STRANGE….Can somebody from that Public Relation department of that Channel come forward with a courage to do the appologize……………?????????

  • Naheed_talib

    both of compairs are not good doing their work they should stop the work if they have respect

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    Plague on the “capabilities”! Man,praise the Lord who blessed you with the opportunity of seeing the exquisite “beauties” in the morning TV shows every day. In ‘Endymion’ Keats says,”A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” Again, in ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn”,he says,”Beauty is truth,truth beauty”,_that is all ye know on earth,and all ye need to know.”

    • Jawaad Khan

      Don’t mind it brother !!!….. smartness is usually not attributed to this very category.

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    In Pakistan,the morning TV shows are not only namby-pamby,but also teem with the slip-slop events and farcical humor,and no question about.While the morning show hosts are ostentatious,vain are the most of the celebrities and guests who are repeatedly cherry-picked for the shows.Simply,the guests have unwarranted pretensions about themselves.The other day,a newly-wed couple was aired on one of the morning shows.While the bride was giggling,the bridegroom was giving himself airs as if he had conquered the fort of Chittaur as Ala-ud-din Khilji had done centuries ago.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    I think both Nadia Khan and Maya Khan try to be over smart.They both are not balanced personalities.Being a balanced host is really an art difficult to master….