Our Dreamer

Our Dreamer

Dreams and visions are an integral part of a person’s life, and these have sometimes helped people to achieve the unachievable.


Great leaders like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar believed in dreams and visions and had experts to interpret them and predict future events.


Even today, especially in our highly superstitious society, people believe in the divinity of dreams and seek expert help to interpret them.


There are instances where people have actually followed the advice given to them according to their dreams and succeeded.


Of course, this is mere coincidence but, hey! if it works for them, why not?


Pakistan, with its innumerable problems, probably needs a dreamer, a visionary who can guide us through this difficult phase (that began sometime after Aug 14, 1947).


We have had all kinds of people claiming they can steer the country clear of the difficulties in its path, and take it towards prosperity, development and stability.


But each time, these people have fallen short of their promises and failed us, dashing hopes of the masses and forcing them back into their customary misery and depression.


We don’t have to look far for a visionary; we probably have one in our midst. He just needs to be patronised, which will be easy since we are a society that leans that way.


This dreamer/visionary is none other than the soft-spoken Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Wasan, who replaced Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, the fiery former home minister, was supposed to put a poultice on the erupting boil called Karachi.


Unfortunately, nothing like that happened. Karachi, that had been bleeding during Mirza’s stint, continued to bleed even after his departure and is still bleeding.


Mr Wasan has unabashedly claimed several times to the media that he has true dreams and visions, and that he can predict the future, or something to that effect.


However, the window of such visions is very limited, since he claims to have these dreams only during the first two weeks of the Islamic month of Shabaan – i.e., from the 1st to the 15th.


Surely if Mr Wasan has visions he shouldn’t be selfish and keep them to himself but share his gift with the country, and especially with his government and which is probably facing the worst time during its tenure.


He should start off by making predictions closer to home and focus on the situation in Karachi. God knows this city needs all the help it can get. Mr Wasan was appointed home minister at a time when Karachi was soaked in blood.


He had done the job and relative calm returned to the city. But that was only temporary. As usual, the calm was followed by another bout of killings followed by a surge in street crimes.


Those who survive these killings get robbed before hundreds of people on the streets or while they are stuck in traffic, by robbers, who know that they will get away without ever being caught.


Mainly because these criminals know that the city lacks any form of proper administration, and that the small security force is completely tied up elsewhere – mainly protecting the high and mighty.


So you can jump in whenever you like with your visions and revelations, Mr Wasan, sir, and save the city from this painful situation.


And once we have proved that you have “powers,” maybe we can take your talent nationwide and try to solve the other problems the country is facing.


And if you have time, please dream up some help for the president and prime minister. God knows they need it.

Lubna Jerar Naqvi

The writer is a senior journalist and writes regularly on human rights and women issues with special focus on social media. She tweets @raiseqalam

  • M.Saeed

    Wasan might be a dreamer of coincidence but not of conscience. But for a true Pakistani, there should be no doubt about our real dreamer. Iqbal was the mystic dreamer and Jinnah was the practical visionary.Together, they created the wonder called Pakistan—the most durable of all nations. Imagine the ship named Pakistan surviving the highest of sea-tides without even a helmsman to steer!
    It is nothing less than a wonder that, despite utmost efforts of all the spoilers working their utmost to bring it down, the nation is still there, ready to take more and more.

    If Mr. Wasan, is really any dreamer, he must dream and chalk-out a road-map to glory, based upon the vision of the Quaid.

  • B i j l i

    Well, the Great Dreamer Mr Manzoor Wassan, I believe in Dream, have you by chance breamt, where is our Great Man, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, indebted to Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan, for his being so kind on him, by virtue of which Dr Mirza could owned, Sugar Mills, costly Cars, Money in Banks, recent visits to London & all of a sudden gone ‘vanished’ from public eyes, where is ? It appears, Zardari has stopped him talking against Altaf Hussain, neither in London nor in Pakistan. But however, where is he? Awam liked his way of talking, with sign of ‘Great Anger’ on face like the “ANGER” Ms Fauzia Wahab shows on her ‘Face’!

  • Anonymous

    As the song goes – Dream catch me when I fall or I won’t come back at all……