Israel, India and the Persian Puzzle

Israel, India and the Persian Puzzle

This is perhaps what the expression ‘setting the cat among the pigeons’ means.  Just when Israel was putting up that little show,  going around the world crying about the way Iran was targeting its peaceful diplomats around the world, the Ayatollahs come up with their own little performance taking everyone’s breath away.


Not that Ahmadinejad didn’t warn us.  As always, everyone was sufficiently intimated of the glad tidings on the nuclear front were on their way.  Yet it was a master stroke. Give the Iranians their due.  If the Israelis are known for their cunning and craft of obfuscation and manipulation, it’s not easy beating the Persians at mind games either.  After all, they invented the game of chess.


Defying years of Western sanctions and the endless talk of war by Israel, the Iranians seem to have gotten another decisive step closer to their goal.And they have all the players and pawns where they want them to be. And for all their bluff and bluster, Israel and its guardian angels can’t do much about it.


As a former Indian envoy to Iran put it, this is like the classic Persian puzzle.  Iran takes one step forward and waits and watches for the reaction of adversaries before taking the next cautious step. Call it the Persian incrementalism or whatever but it seems to have worked so far.


The calibrated ‘diplomatic incidents’ in New Delhi, Georgia and Bangkok were of course a stroke of brilliance.  They were apparently meant to hit two birds with one stone:  First, pin the blame on Iran, as Netanyahu did within minutes of the Delhi blast calling Tehran ‘the biggest exporter of international terror,’ and create a credible pretext to hit the Islamic republic.


Second, derail the growing Iran-India relationship.The Israelis and Americans haven’t been too pleased with India’s refusal to stop buying the Iranian oil after recent sanctions.  By the way India isn’t the only one to do so.China, Japan and South Korea too have refused to toe the Western line.


But Israel has been there and done it all so many times before that these shenanigans do not fool the world anymore.  These attacks purportedly targeting Israeli diplomats are rather too convenient and perfect to be genuine.  Notwithstanding Ahmadinejad’s punch-drunk love of Israel andpreoccupation with its past and future, the Iranians are not stupid.


At a time when they are isolated internationally and the West is looking for an excuse to punish it, why would they stick out their neck and resort to something as suicidal as this? As Dr Trita Parsi, the Iran hand at Johns Hopkins University and author of Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Iran, Israel and the United States agues, why would they do something so foolish as this and that too in New Delhi? It’s an insult to the Iranians’ intelligence.


India is, after China, Iran’s biggest trading partner and importer of Iranian oil.  Besides, the two have shared a quiet partnership since Russians left Afghanistan.  It has even survived the Indian vote against Iran in the IAEA.  Incidentally, Thailand is another major trading partner of the Islamic republic.  So why would the Iranians choose the distant tourist paradise to settle scores with the Israelis, hurting their own interests?


Secondly, in both India and Thailand, it’s the Israelis who have been quick to declare that the sticky bombs used in Delhi, Bangkok and Tbilisi are similar to the ones used in killing four Iranian nuclear scientists over the past two years.  Be that as it may, how does that link them to Tehran? Indeed, having repeatedly used the device to deadly effect against the Iranians, why couldn’t the Israelis have used it again in Indian, Georgian and Thai capitals?


The detention of an Iranian, who blew up his legs while handling the explosives, proves nothing.  It’s hardly a secret the Israelis and Americans have been using the Mujahideen-e-Khalq terrorists against Iran.


The Israeli embassy on Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi exists in the sniffing distance of the Prime Minister’s residence. It’s a high security zone with theelite ‘Z’ security force monitoring every inch of the area every minute.  So how come that red bike got so close to the embassy car and got away after sticking that bomb? No wonder Israeli watchers suspect all this is part of a campaign to corner Iran and fortify the case for the war that the world has been waiting with bated breath for some time.


I hate a triumphal I-told-you-so but this is what many of us have feared and warned about all along.  That Israel and its enablers in the US establishment are hell-bent on sparking another Western war to destroy another oil-rich Muslim country.  This is what happened in the case of Iraq.  Remember the comical claims linking Iraq to 9/11 and Niger uranium, not to mention Tony Blair’s 45-minute strike talk?


As the West turns up the heat on Iran by way of economic sanctions, trade blockade, and crippling of its banks, coupled with the rising chatter of coming war, the region has been on the razor’s edge for months now.  All that is needed is a tiny spark to blow it all up.  A minor skirmish here, a misunderstanding there or a perfect false flag in distant lands could prove excuse enough for a full blown conflagration with catastrophic consequences.


That moment seems to have arrived with the explosions in India, Georgia and Thailand.  Israel is desperately looking for a pretext–or a provocation–to punish Iran.  With the arrival of US poll season and Europe being preoccupied with its economic mess, perhaps there cannot be a better time to do so. But it’s easier said than done. Israel cannot do so on its own without the US help. If it was doable, Israel would have done it by now.  Iran is not Iraq.


Unlike Iraq’s Osirak plant which Israel bombed in 1981, Iranian nuclear installations are heavily fortified, many of them underground and spread all across the country, not to mention the forbidding distance. Besides, an Israeli strike might put back the nuclear clock but wouldn’t stop it, especially now when Tehran appears to be a screw-turn away from going full nuclear if it wants.  Iran’s leaders of course insist it is for ‘peaceful’ purposes and that they aren’t interested in the ‘satanic arms.’


Even though a demonstration of the capacity doesn’t mean willingness, would you be terribly surprised if Tehran indeed goes for the nukes? GivenIsrael’s terrorizing of the region over the past six decades and West’s hegemonic wars, it’s actually tempting and makes sense to go for the comforting reassurance that a couple of nukes seem to inspire.

More to the point, what right does Israel–and other world powers–have to lord over their nuclear arsenal while the rest of the world has to submit itself to the IAEA scrutiny? If the international community is indeed serious about a nuke-free world, it has to first address this NPT duplicity. Nuclear weapons are a clear and present danger to the Middle East and the world, no matter who owns them.

Aijaz Zaka Syed

A Dubai-based writer & op-ed contribtuor for The News. He can be reached at [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Only a Pakistani would call an act of terrorism “brilliant”!

    Maybe when your wife or mother Aijaz Zaka Syed gets blown up in a car bombing will you consider it “brilliant” and all the other plodding rubbish you’ve written.

    • Kst

      I think SEAL was more brilliant operation than this… when it caught pak army sleeping and carrying the operation right behind cantonment, watched live in uSA by OBAMA and team…

  • Harjinder

    So you are saying that it is Israel that did it itself, just to find a reason to attack Iran !! right ? Why do you think Israel need this excuse ? The current President of Iran, who by any yardstick is a hawk and a hero of many like you across the globe, has claimed more than once that he would wipe Israel off the world map. Isn’t this an enough reason for Israel to make premptive strikes ? Why would it attack its own staff? Than you go on to say that the Iranian bomber who was caught means nothing…. Why are you so sure that Iran didn’t do it ?

    Than you go on to say..”Even though a demonstration of the capacity doesn’t mean willingness, would you be terribly surprised if Tehran indeed goes for the nukes? GivenIsrael’s terrorizing of the region over the past six decades and West’s hegemonic wars, it’s actually tempting and makes sense to go for the comforting reassurance that a couple of nukes seem to inspire”. Because you know Iran is indeed going for Nucear Weapons..It is 100%.. that is where the probelm lies. Come out of NPT and do it. India and Pakistan both did it.

    So what you think in your wisdom, when Iran drops a nuclear weapon on Israel via missile or air dropped from a jet, will happen to Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt or Syria ?? Also, how you think Saudi Arabia is going to like the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons ? Many people grossly underestimate the military power of US and Israel. Don’t compare US’s fate in Iraq or Afganistan or Vietnam with what it would do in Iran. It would never try to occupy Iran, but, US missiles and stealth planes will flatten Iran completely with in couple of minutes. If you think, it will only put back the nuclear clock, think of Libya. The devastation will be earth shaking. So nuclear weapons are by no means a panacea for Iran.

    Forget about India, South Korea, Japan or China whose side they take, think about Saudi Arabia and its allies in muslim world whose side they will take. The best defence for all muslim countries is to forge a unity amongst themselves, which is not happening and and use the oil revenue to develop its human resources. You have the capital. But Muslim world is badly divided and the oil revenue is being used to teach, preach and reinforce a distorted image of Islam.

    Iranian leadership is treading a wrong and very dangerous path.

    • Kst

      i agree wid U..

  • M.Saeed

    “Why would they do something so foolish as this and that too in New Delhi?”.
    “Why would the Iranians choose the distant tourist paradise (Thailand) to settle scores with the Israelis, hurting their own interests?
    Answer is simple. It is a well known trick of Israel, long forgotten. Just recall the attack on USS Liberty by Israeli air force and navy and blaming Egypt, before Sinai war. The attack was immediately accepted as an error of judgement on which Israel submitted thorough apology to the US, along with huge compensations for the dead and damages. But, the hidden purpose had been served and benefits reaped.

    There is also a much talked about “conspiracy” of Israel actually bombing WTC-9/11, using anti-hijack gear capable of taking over controls of a passenger aircraft after de-capacitating people in the cockpit. It would be remembered that, over 5,000 air-crafts had already been installed with those devices before 9/11 and Israel had developed, supplied and installed those devices.


    “These attacks purportedly targeting Israeli diplomats are rather too convenient and perfect to be genuine. ”

    The Pakistani serpentine conspiracy theorist mind always goes for the bizarre — Israelis are bombing their own diplomats to malign Iran — instead of Iranians showing their reach telling the Israelis that it is a game that they can play as well.

    • Ghinva Raza

      dear nasah!! the game if iranis would want to play y will they use such a clumsy person out there n blow up his own legs!! go watch cartoons! as suggested by Mab1984!

  • Dr Qureshi

    The world is fast becoming treacherous and devious.Therefore no one can be certain as to who is doing what and why.. In the past it was the Communists at the receiving end so we in the rest of the world were oblivious of what was going on. However the targets have moved closer to home and suddenly we hear a lot more about the terror attacks. Before we discourage or encourage the conspiracy theories we must all not just read accounts of conflicts but also read between lines. I am not promoting but “The Ghost Wars by Steve Coll” gives you an eye opening account of the USSR/US confrontation in Afghanistan. No super power is an angel regardless of how sophisiticated and cultured their appearance. US and USSR have done ghastly things to each other during the cold war years and a lot of these criminal activities have been inflicted in the battle fields of foreign lands.. ie Vietnam and Afghanistan. Now the ball game has changed. The world affairs are becoming murkier and murkier.. Islamic world is falling like Dominoes.. WHO IS THE BENEFICIARY OF THIS CHAOS and WAR?? Is it Israel, India, Saudi Royal Family…or the US or the Terrorists?? Whether we like it or not we the ordinary common human beings are being the pawns in this conflict between all these factions. Why can Israel and India have the latest in the Nuclear Arsenal and why the rest of this region be deprived of developing nuclear technology even for producing electricity!! Where is the justice??

    • Dr. Qazi

      Dear Dr Qureshi,

      You asked “Why can Israel and India have the latest in the Nuclear Arsenal and why the rest of this region be deprived of developing nuclear technology even for producing electricity!!”

      In our neighborhood there are three countries who have been allowed to have nuclear “arsenal”. China, India, and our beloved country Pakistan.

      China is the biggest buyer of nuclear energy plants from the West. India is just given hope for some plants but nothing has been operational so far.

      The reason China is given the nuclear energy plants is that Chinese are rolling in cash and $$$ and the West wants to earn back some of the $$.

      Same thing with India. It too is rolling in cash so the West wants to get some of this cash back.

      Pakistan thanks to the street protests, and ethnic violence, is crippled economically. We don’t have money to pay and thus ask for nuclear plants free or on long term loans.

      We can’t pay for gas and oil for our thermal plants and as a result they are being shut down. How are we going to pay billions of dollars to buy nuclear plants?

      It is all about lack of money and the poor financial situation of Pakistan that stops us from being treated on equal terms with China and India.


      • S Nasrullah

        Dr Qazi: Your half hearted attempt to qualify Dr Qureshi’s correct comments founder for lack of material reasoning. Iran, despite its stringent sanctions imposed on the country, survives and goes about its normal routine. When EU imposed sanctions, Iran unilaterally clamped its own boycott on France and UK. In the initial thrust of Nationalist zest, ZAB had stated that we would eat grass but develop the Nuclear tech to stand on our feet rather than exist on our knees. Thanks God, we are a Nuclear country, an unassailable position, otherwise the very existence of Pakistan would have been jeopardized. India is Secular, economically sound and a stable country and have never countenanced the souring and saddening epochs of regression and self flagellation on account of the adventurism of Military Megalomaniacs. The Nuclear capability imparts invincibility to any country and if the perception of Iranians is stuck on this objective, why should any nation arrogate itself as the Custodian of World Peace to attack and destroy the Nuclear facilities of Iran. These sordid provocations are aimed at justification of preemptive strike on Iran; and can anyone in his right mind ever believe that Iran would ever involve itself into such irreconcilable tomfoolery? In the ongoing Conflict of Civilizations where the battle lines are already drawn, there is an overt and covert campaign to divide and debilitate Muslim States to weaken them and shrivel their defensive capabilities when the crunch comes.

  • Anonymous …

    Another conspiracy theory for local consumption. Absolute crap !!

    • Ghinva Raza

      is itt anonymous!?? u better chop ur tongue! what u call conspriacy theory is sure fatual piece of western dirt!!

  • Karnendra

    Yes it is the world of injustice done by ISI and PAK army by hiding OBL in army cantonment.. yes it is world of in-justice for people of baloochistan and thousands died in india pak and afganistan due to support of terrorism by pak army and its state, hafeez saeed, kasab and dawood are example.. what u sow, u reap.. Its payback time.. i know my comments are not going 2 b published, bt atlest moderator will read it..its ok for me..

    • Hari Singh

      Waah maza aa gya Karnendra bhaee, khoob kahee.

  • Karachishaher

    Indians know exactly who carried out the attacks. If Iranians were smart enough to invent the game of chess, Indians are cunning enough to claim they did

  • Lob2065

    As someone who lives in a Western country I am sure that Israel was definately behind these attacks because this is exactly the sort of stunt that Israel pulls. Obviously people in other countries are politically minded enough to see it was the Israelis as well, but there are usually enough fools who will fall for Israels lies.

  • peace and love

    this i the problem with islamic world. we do stupid things and we refuse to admit them. just like people call 9/11 an american conspiracy. these attacks were definitely carried out by iran

    • True Peace and Love

      I suggest you change your blogging name from “peace and love” to “war and hate”. You are such a moron. You dont have an iota of common sense. Just search “USS Liberty” on wikipedia and you will get the idea behind the New Delhi and Bangkok bombings. But I think you are just another dirty filthy Zionist yourself !

  • Ghinva Raza

    Really unbiased ,to the ponit,n sparking article.nothing much is futher to be clearified.!! with the growing intense level in the middle eastern region as a muslim obviously it is heart renching to see Iran being side cornered so harshly! I have not come accross any Paki Pro-Iran article since years i guess not even neutral writers or bloggers!! instead always Calling Iran Mad ppl!
    Really appreciate your efforts Mr Aijaz!
    Keep up with it!!

  • Ghinva Raza

    Dear Dr.Qazi!
    if u belong to middle class u must know that most of us dont even appreciate Iran’s brat behaviour! most of us r like Stupid Iran!! & OMG m surprised how can u even compare Iran’s views with Saiful Islam gaddafi! if u know the facts Saiful Islam was one of the most wealthiest notorious playboy sort of Prince in the whole world! even if Iran is stubborn n alone in 1000! they donot pay the actual price not u but millions pakistanis have been paying since a decade! have mercy Dr.qazi ! do u even realize wht each family have gone through thnx to our Leadership!!!

    • Dr. Qazi

      Dear Ms. Raza,

      Correction! you surely misunderstood the reference to Saiful Islam. I was comparing pro-Qaddafi writers to the author of this blog (and not Iranian leadership with someone else).

      Leaders have to make decisions to remain in power. Iranians are no different that any other leadership. However in this process some countries take a dangerous and confrontational course that brings death and destruction to their people.

      Do you know what is the conversion ratio for Iranian Riyal to a dollar?

      Any idea?

      Remember we cry daily because our rupee has fallen in value 90 to a dollar from 10 to a dollar in 20 years.

      Now think what kind of catastrophe has fallen on Iranians when their Riyal sank to 10,000 (or worse) Riyals to a dollar in as many years. Iran was supposed to be rich due to oil. But look what has happened to the Iranian people.

      Instead of reducing tensions (and improve economy), the Iranian leadership has taken the course of confrontation that is very similar to the ones taken by leaders of North Korea, Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Cuba, etc. etc. And thus they all are treated in a negative way by the powers to be. There is nothing Muslim or unMuslim about it. If someone behaves like mad man, gets treated as such (regardless of their religion, ethnicity etc.). We have an old saying “Darya main rehna or magar mach say bair”.

      This article ignores all that and spins tales of conspiracy theories. The problem with such theories is that no one can prove them hence the term “conspiracy theories”.


  • Ghinva Raza

    Lol JGM! so bang on! no wonder WIKIPEDIA conquers all! wht would be our life without Wiki!

  • Ghinva Raza

    O RAMBO! u r so ignorant!! wht u ppl used to cal conspiracy therories since years have all come true!! Being conquering middle east Oil rich countries,Being eyeing on Only muslim state pakistan’s nuclear installations & mineral resources rich balochistan!! every single statement is haunting n coming true!! starting from Iraq! Afghanistan,Pakistan! n now obviously Iran! Strangling Iran to death u think is a joke stillll!! CM’ONNNN!!! WHO r u trying to please here!! Lousy Brit!!!

    • Rambo

      Even your recently adopted father land hungry China do not support your conspiracy theories like of 9/11, 26/11, OBL etc. He is also suspicious more from you fundamentalist than us. And also we do not require any pretext to teach lesson to anybody. Every spoiled child cries of biased action on being slapped on his wrong doing. No body in the world believes your imaginations accept —— fools. Therefore, set your house in order before it is too late for you —–.

  • Ghinva Raza

    Dear Guest !
    Is choking the last Breath out of Iran’s Economy,Pushing the only Determined nation to the wall!! not wanting them to pursue nuclear Assets for peaceful reasons despite all the western countries hold it! including great India in the neighbour ( n we have seen a practical example OF almighty USA KILLING MILLIONS OF JAPANESE) n killing of specific sharp Iranian scientists is Fabricated Conspiracy Theory!! Gimme a break here!! if u cannot see it,then u r mere retarded i would say!!

  • Shaan

    well said and really an unbiased article.
    what right does Israel–and other world powers–have to lord over their nuclear arsenal while the rest of the world has to submit itself to the IAEA scrutiny?

  • Dr Qureshi

    Dr Qazi I do not think that the only criteria for countries being given Nuclear arsenal is that they can pay for it. There is certainly more to it and being an Islamic state that does not toe the US line may be a factor.
    Besides it is not the street protests that have crippled Pakistan but the widespread corruption and power shortage. It almost looks as if our Government is on the payroll of foreign powers to turn Pakistan into a failed state. This really is the agenda of PPP and so far it has been carried out successfully with help and assistance from the Saudi backed THICK as PLANK PML-N leadership. Some Islamic countries have been invaded and others will be invaded in the near future but some will die a slow death by deprivation and economic ruins. Thanks to the JUDAS’ of Pakistan who are busy stashing their loot in foreign banks… the deprivation leading to economic ruin of the people and some form of violent destabilization is the chosen path for Pakistan. In the this post “Islamophobia phase in this world the only unchallenged great power will be Saudi Royals and there CHAMCHA states… and of course Israel India. China is a reality that no one can challenge.
    Who wants nuclear arsenals when the masses are beginning to feel the pinch of energy shortages. As “MAST” as ever our leadership is drunk with power and probably BHANG that grows so profusely in and around Islamabad… There is absolutely no attention to the ever increasing population and shrinking resources!!

    • Dr. Qazi

      Dear Dr. Qureshi,

      I am not sure about your field of specialization. Please do a bit of search and you will find a lot more info on Chinese buying 1000 MW nuclear plants for $3 billion or less from the USA. So far the deal is in place for 3-5 such plants thus giving US companies a net income around $10-15 billion.

      Coming back to your assertion. Islam or any religion has nothing do with nuclear plants. Pakistan was given civilian nuclear tech many decades ago.

      If a country is not a threat to Western interests, and willing to play ball with them, they will given the plants if a country can afford it.

      Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    The truth hurts but less than being attacked by terrorists.

  • MunnaBhai00

    so according to you internet is not reliable, is it?? Then how come you sit here and read newspaper if you don’t believe in things on internet then how come you have it?? And the other thing about Amir Khusro, why you are so sure that his mother can’t be Hindu?? After all God created semen and ovary, and it don’t differentiate between Hindu and Muslim.Chess was invented in India bro…so stop whinging. Gud Luck..

  • MunnaBhai00

    ‘History is in the eye of the beholder’… i mean really?? ru serious?? Well i can understand ur love for persians.As someone whose national anthem is written in persian language by a persian, ur affection for everything persian is natural.But let me tell you there lives another world beyond that heart shape rosy persian glasses.

    • Karachishaher

      History is very much in the eye of the beholder, do you think people in China believe Gandhi was a great man? Do you think we believe that India was ever a great society? or there ever was a grand language produced by this society? I am sure you do. I am surprised that in the days of the internet you are not aware that history comes in different versions.

      It is you who is locked between Himalaya’s and the Ocean, Pakistan is very open to Persia, Central Asia, The Arab world and China. The glasses here are not rose coloured but Safron coloured.

      • MunnaBhai00

        oh yes u guys are very open to persia,central asia and etc etc.But never forget to beg for aid from USA.And i have no complaints with your version of history either..World knows who Gandhi was.I live in Australia and here every school has at least one picture of Gandhi on its wall.And the language…well mate, we had enough of our own languages to put the whole world to shame…moreover your national language is Indian too(don’t know about your version this time coz you believes ‘history is in the eye of the beholder’)Now please take a chill pill….wait for next consignment of USAID and read Zaid Hamid’s consipiracy theories( the guy said Ajmal Kasab is Indian and his real name is Amar Singh…LMAFAO)..Gud Luck.

  • P-n-eswaran

    ” If the Israelis are known for their cunning and craft of obfuscation and manipulation, it’s not easy beating the Persians at mind games either”

    By your own admission that the Israelis are cunning and crafty and that India and Thailand are major trading partners of Iran. Expecting these countries to stop trading with Iran because of a bomb attack on a third country diplomat does not credit much to the common sense of Israelis let alone their cunning. Israelis must indeed be stupid to believe India to adversely react to Iran on account of this bomb attack on Israeli diplomat, when The perpetrator of Mumbai terror attack is leading his full life span in the Indian prison even after being served death sentence!

    Why can’t this be the handiwork of Pakistan since they have specialized in international terrorism which is the only prosperous industry of Pakistan?

  • Gan

    If all non-muslims are kaffirs as you say, all muslims are terrorist minded. They are definitely intolerant people.

  • Gan

    Unlike Iraq’s Osirak plant which Israel bombed in 1981, Iranian nuclear installations are heavily fortified, many of them underground and spread all across the country, not to mention the forbidding distance……

    The author did not read how Israelis bombed the syrian plants.

  • Anwar

    Like Anwar Sadat sold out to the Americans (reintroduced Yankees in the mid-east) and in the process nearly devastated the Republic of Syria for Israel. Something major is going to happen in India/Pakistan/Afghanistan area with secondaries in Iran and syria.. Just hope your Kayani is not Sadat

  • Shan-e-Haider Syed

    Really they are too intelligent!!!

  • S Nasrullah

    Is this a Pakistani Forum? Or is it the exuberant extension of “Aman Ki Asha” where Indian bloggers are pampered and extra plaudits accorded for all the venom they spew against Pakistan and Islam. Eg: “If all non-muslims are kaffirs as you say, all muslims are terrorist minded. They are definitely intolerant people. Gan, the Author. The blog attracted 3 likes. Again P-n-eswaran writes “Why can’t this be the handiwork of Pakistan since they have specialized in international terrorism which is the only prosperous industry of Pakistan?” and he gets 8 Likes.

    On the other hand, on many occasions, I wrote emphatic blogs defending Pakistan in Indian Blogs and either it was watered down or overlooked. Mr Saeed, another prolific writer had also complained about Indian journalistic partisan policies they meticulously observe.

    Along with Freedom of expression we have the balancing factor of National dignity, respect, security and responsibility. It is not a question of tit for tat. The monitoring authority must oversee the language and the substance of the blogger that should not exacerbate the national pride or cast aspersions on the religious sentiments. But then when nations perish they become insensitive to their rights, respect and rituals. ” Verily, when a nation becomes incorrigible, we substitute it with another and they are NOT like their predecessors”. Al-Quran

    • A K RANA

      Is your country has not specialized in international terrorism? Heads of majority of deadly terrorists organisation are having safe havens in Pakistan. From OBL, Mullah Omar, Haqquani group to Hafiz Saeed are/were your VIPs. You treat terrorists as your strategic assets. Do not you ? This is the bitter truth which irritates you nothing else.

      A.K.RANA (New York)

      • M.Saeed

        What is terror? Is it not a mere feeling? Is love not a feeling as well?
        Can you kill a feeling with force? Can you love a person under threat? Can you hate a person with love?

        ObL was a “celebrated” agent like Sarabjit Singh or Ajmal Kasab and no Government ever reveals the identity of its covert agents.

        You cannot name a person bad-dog and kill.
        Law has its own due process and must be honoured.
        A successful criminal is the one, who protects himself from legal entanglements by knowing the law of land where he operates and meticulously guarding himself from it.

        • A K RANA

          When a bad dog is protected , hidden and avoids Law is searched and killed. If OBL was innocent why he did not surrender himself before any law agency of any country? Ultimately he was searched and killed. But where,on which land, after how many years and under whose protection? You can not make fool of other’s. You have been paying the price and would continue to pay unless you take some sensible actions. Rest ………..

          Abdul Kareem Rana

  • Azwer Ali

    Parveen, It is not Mr Nasa but NASAH and a MILSUM migrant from NATSIKAP!

    Now, read the words in Capitals from right to left and know his truth.

    • munnabhai00

      oh is it that shamefull for Pakistanis to reveal their true identity that they writing their country’s name backwards??? shame shame!!!!

  • Haijaz_pk

    Brillient Aijaz, you have put your feet on dog’s tail…look at Indians how they are burning…they forgot Kashmeer occupied by them in-spite of UN Resolutions,… shame on them…marg ber India

    • Parveen Choudhary

      Just go and read UN resolution 48 on J&K first and especially first basic para of it. It is available in Urdu too. Whose country and its people are burning is not a hidden truth.

  • Haijaz_pk

    Thanks dear Saeed, response from P.Chodhary is not un- expected as its hard to face truth…get out of Kashmeer, stop state violence. India is playing a terrorist role in Kashmeer, fear that day when Talibaan will divert to you, inshaAllah one day you will face consequences of your illegal, cruel occupation of innocent Kashmeeri muslims

    • Parveen Choudhary

      To understand what Mr.Saeed has written and basic clauses of UN resolution are you will have to start your studies again from class one but not this time in any Madrassa. Ranting of inshaAllah is not going to fetch you any thing. Take a slipping pill and go to sleep before ……

  • SKChadha

    Saeed Bhai: As far as Kashmir is concerned please understand that this Jugular Vein (as referred by Hon’ble Jinnah) is cut forever. Even the buried skeletons of dead bodies fomenting terror in this heaven on earth have stopped giving foul smell. A lot of ‘Water’ has flown over it through IWT and washed away whatever was left. Better all should stick to the topic of the blog.

  • Dr Qureshi

    The question is whether India wants the Gas supplies from Iran or not?? If so than how badly do they want it? Business is business and the reality is that for its own interests India will not give two hoots whether Israel or US approves or not and India would not care what happens to Iran either as it is evident that in spite of Israel’s aggressions India is still very CHUMMY with Israel and also does enormous business with the Arab states too!!! As someone said earlier that it is not a matter of principles but the trade and the needs…The stark reality is that with fast growing populations India and Pakistan are desperate for Oil,Gas and Electricity. It is inhumane of US to impose such embargoes in this region. Why does it think that its people alone have the monopoly on the energy reserves of this world!! What may I ask do they want to do with the poor masses in this subcontinent!!! Perish in poverty and fight each other to death is probably what is on the agenda????

  • Tarun Dandriyal

    chess was invented by an indian sage Shashi in the early christian era when most of India (and pakistan) was ruled by the Gupta empire. So impressed was the provincial satrap that he provided him a land grant, and in keeping with the ascetic ideology and traditions, the sage refused. The game was called chaturanga( in sanskrit, chatur= 4, ranga= flag colors of the regiment). It went from India to Persia and was mispronounced(as it generally happens in cross cultural linguistic exchanges) as chatranj, which then further passed on to europe who called it chess and devoloped it in the modern form.

    Tarun Dandriyal
    Bangalore, INDIA

  • Yabancee

    In my openion, Iranian politicians and establishment failed miserably on diplomatic front. They did nothing yet everybody call them enemy!!! Just because of thier poor diplomacy and “horsemouth” problem. Elders say actions speak loader than words…but in Iranian case its exactly the opposite.

    • M. Saeed


      I differ from your views because,

      Mohammad Khatami, Iran’s former president, who had openly espoused restoration of normal relations with the United States, was one of the first Muslim leaders to condemn the 9/11 attacks and the ideology that inspired them. He said;
      “Terrorism is doomed and the international community should stem it and take effective measures in a bid to eradicate it”.

      Few countries had offered as much support to the US in several months after 9/11 as Iran did, which supported the U.S. and the Northern Alliance’s efforts to overthrow the Taliban. It agreed to rescue and return American pilots downed on Iranian soil. It even allowed American relief food to be unloaded in an Iranian port on the Persian Gulf. And for all this goodwill, Bush’s arrogant reply was:

      “Thank you very much. But, you’re evil.”!!!

      Now what diplomacy???

    • ahmed_lahore

      Iran government is doing well, they think about their country and have excellent policies

  • Abbas Ali786

    Yea That’s true that Iran is the only brave Islamic Country who stand against those shits country like America and others,This is a lesson for all so called Islamic Country like U.A.E SAUDI ARAB.Iran’s great leaders are not doing any miracle they just follow Islamic role regulation so Go ON IRAN!

  • Snas11

    I would say world is divided politically in to two blocks again, but bcz west is dominated on media that’s why they got hold of everything otherwise the opponents are more strong then USA & its allies but time will show who will be the winner – I cant see Israel will stay longer as a country-or nation.

  • truth is bitter

    The author would do well to read the following article, and think what the Israelis can do to further their national interest. They love their country and they would go to any length to neutralise any threat in any part f the world. Make no mistake about that.

  • Rezad

    30Year ago Ayatollah Khomeini said: If any Muslim fold a glass of water. Israel will be destroyed.God bless his soul -Dear Leader

  • Ghalib

    This is a very poorly organised article. It claims that Ayatollahs come up with their own little performance taking everyone’s breath away without elaborating what that performance was. It looks like the editors at Geo did not mind reading the article in detail to address the gaps in the thought processes of this author. A waste of reading time.