How to Stop Feeling Self Conscious

How to Stop Feeling Self Conscious

Do you feel self conscious? Is it the way you look or the way you think you look? Who judges you and why do you care about their opinions?



Identify what you’re terribly conscious about. A certain aspect of your appearance? The spot on your eye? Your accent? A certain disability? Your intellectual faculties? Make a list of these things and next to each item, write something you can do to improve it.



Figure out who you’re trying to please and why. What kind of expectations are making you self conscious? Is everyone around you picture perfect, or are you comparing yourself to airbrushed models in magazines? Have you convinced yourself that no one else has spots, or flaws, or fallouts?



Stop for a second and turn that self-criticism outwards. No one is perfect, and you’ve never noticed their little quirks earlier, so why would they pay so much attention to yours? Just feel like there’s no need to worry and always picture yourself like you know you look and feel good in front of others, but don’t think about it too much because it will already reflect.



Redirect your attention elsewhere. When you start to feel self conscious, locate a target – it doesn’t matter what it is, it may be the bug crawling across the floor – and concentrate on it. What color is it? How many legs? Anything that turns the attention away from yourself will do the trick.



Make fun of yourself. Yep, that’s right–not in a self-depreciating way, but in a humble and witty one to acknowledge that you’re not perfect and you don’t care about it as well. After you drop a jar of peanut butter in front of someone you fancy and watch in horror as it shatters into pieces and splatters peanut butter chunks on the floor, burst out laughing at your inherent clumsiness, cracking a joke that you should be required to wear double-sided tape on your hands–and then apologize and help clean it up!



Build your self confidence. Make an effort to gain a deeper understanding of your self-worth. Replace your worries about what other people think about you with a preoccupation over your own goals, achievements, and progress.



Work on changing the inner you. You have to realize that you are part of the whole, just like everyone else. This is a fact of life and nobody can take it away from you. It is your birthright. Understand that no one is better or more important than you.



Just let it be. Don’t care about it too much, if you feel self-conscious. It will be OK.



See the pattern of thoughts which come in to your mind while you are sitting idle or working. If these thoughts are about what others are thinking about you,then beware. Don’t allow the mind to harp on these thoughts. Same thoughts repeated create a channel, and then you are forced to go through that channel when the opportunity arises.



If you are becoming self-conscious while speaking to people, then immediately listen to what the other person is talking about. Focus on the words, and that will do the trick. Listening is a great ability and one can overcome being self-conscious by being a good listener during conversations.



The feeling of “I am” is always constant. If you try to remember your childhood, and try to think about your “I”, the “I” was always the same irrespective of age or situations. The “I” does not depend on anything. It doesn’t grow big or small, only apparently we feel that it changes or that it depends on anything. So understand deeply that your existence does not depend on anything or anybody. Such thinking itself is a big boost to self-confidence.





  • Don’t worry about what people think- they’re not as interested in you as much as you’d think. They are probably worrying about themselves more!
  • Take a deep breath Break that focus you’re locked into where all you can imagine is yourself.
  • Change your self talk from negative to positive. Say “I am a very confident person”. Repeat this as often as you can, any time of the day. Find other affirmations that will help boost the way you feel about yourself.
  • Look in the mirror each day and say “I love you” out loud to yourself.
  • Don’t think someone is better than you. You have so much to contribute, and whether you do or not marks what kind of a person you are.
  • Being fake is ugly. Just don’t be it.
  • When someone criticizes you, take it and don’t be mean in response. That’s what they want.
  • Remember, “Always be the first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else,” Judy Garland.






  • Sometimes people may try to bully you if they sense you are vulnerable - they are bullies – walk away, and never waste time trying to impress them.
  • Have faith in your own abilities, and when you meet someone, ask a bunch of questions about them.
  • Don’t always be on the defensive end. Be willing to admit when you have done something wrong because it really isn’t the end of the world. Everyone makes mistakes. Go ahead and apologize. Then MOVE ON. Stop looking for the approval of others. Its a trap and a snare.

Laeeq Peeran

A business consultant, market Analyst, an eccentric weirdo photographer & a sketcher.

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