Gut Reaction The ‘Real’ Picture

Gut Reaction The ‘Real’ Picture

It appears as if every political leader of Pakistan is certain that the Pakistani masses (all 180 million of them) support him/her. Some of them even dare anyone to challenge this certainty, although in not in so many words. It’s as if the number of heads at their rallies revealed the strength behind them – instant referendums several times over. However, if any of them really thinks so (and there are likely to be some), that individual needs to beam back to mother earth.


Despite his recent political rise, even cricket legend Imran Khan cannot claim to have universal support, to say nothing of the rest of the leaders. But people were surprised, and impressed, by the large turnout at the rallies held in Karachi by the JUI and Sunni Tehreek, even if the majority of the bearded participants were from the thousands of seminaries around the country. And to give them credit, their rallies, like Imran Khan’s, were quite organised with their volunteers working alongside the authorities. Controlling such a large number of people is no mean task and had only been achieved in the past by the MQM.


However, managing a rally is one thing, managing a whole country quite another. If a leader comes into power thinking that the party he/she represents has the complete support of everyone in the country, that’s where things go wrong. Such politicians are bound to consider that any and every step they take, regardless of its consequences, is backed by “the people of Pakistan.” The present regime is a fine example of this. Its leaders dismiss the discomfort and frustration of the ordinary people, and disregard demonstrations and street riots in various places in the country as something which is an essential part of Pakistani politics.


That is the basic problem that ails Pakistani politics… Our leaders (self-proclaimed most of the time) don’t see beyond the issues that are important only to them. They are misguided (if any misguiding was needed, that is) by the scores of sycophants surrounding them. This leads them to see, or at least present, themselves as saviours of the nation – a nation which is in a mess not because of their own actions but, as they keep reminding us, the “misdeeds” of the preceding government.


Sometimes it appears they seriously believe that they can do no wrong. How so? Because if what they were doing was wrong, “the people of Pakistan would not support us.” In any case, they do have “the people’s mandate.” Hmm, interesting…does that mean that our leaders don’t see the massive increase in agitation in the country at various levels. Do they seriously believe that a nation being crushed by all kinds of hardships that affects their daily life is anything but happy?


While speeding in luxurious vehicles on roads cleared of the rabble called Pakistanis, how can they see rioters on the streets of the country. Even if they did see them, they would probably mistake them for revellers cheering them on. If such is their attitude, they are endangering their existence in politics more than they realise. It only takes a small incident to direct an angry crowd towards its “leaders,” and then no barricades or security personnel will be enough to protect them.


So it would be wise on their part to get rid of sycophants and find out what the people actually feel about them. And maybe, once faced with reality, they will at least try to improve their image, if not the situation in the country. If they manage to achieve that, maybe then they can claim that the 180 million Pakistanis support them.

Lubna Jerar Naqvi

The writer is a senior journalist and writes regularly on human rights and women issues with special focus on social media. She tweets @raiseqalam


    NOT to be able to shed the irrational fear of bye-elections is in my opinion the greatest hurdle the PTI’s Imran faces to WIN — right now — psychologically and strategically.

    Imran Khan simply lacks the enthusiasm for elections. He is more interested and more skilled in managing a “Jalsa” than an election.

  • Asiframzan

    this article was good.I agree on most of the things u have written about our politics.I want to say that i dont know why people dont see and think why Imran khan is in politics??If he wants to make money he can make a lot of money from Cricket and writting books which will be enough for him plus he was married to one of the richest woman of UK if he is just greedy y he didnt continue his relationship if u think about these issues u will find out that since he has come into politics he just has got one Goal and that is he wants to change the system and for this he has sacrificed his own marriage and his own kids which is not easy for anyother person….Second thing is that what choice have we got if we see there is no other party or person who has any credibility,Asif Zardari,nawaz sharif,Maulana Fazal ur Rehman,Asfand yaar wali,Altaf hussain etc they all are part of Government and have been in Power what have they done ????nothing much except abusing the power and making drama that we love the people and country….

    • Abid Ali

      Despite of who is better politician who isn’t.. Just want to ask one thing ” Did Imran khan sacrificed his wife and children for Pak ? lol. That was their personal matter/problem. Secondly, is the politics only way to bring change in Pakistan ? There are several other ways to serve nation and bring the change. This is just to meet his own desire to rule the people. He always treats the country and its people as cricket and cricketers.
      I don’t like him when he abuses Nawaz Sharif and shows soft corner for Zardari. He is doing all that because he knows that PMLN is the only party who will give all of them tough time”

      Don’t want to support anyone BUT we can see that Shahbaz Sharif ruled very well in this term and he has given all the efforts to bring change and to stable the province governed by him.

  • Ali Barket

    At least she has guts to write something. Did you do anything other than criticizing her writing… Shut up and do some constructive for your country….

  • Saqib shaikh

    jiay imran khan,jeay pti.

  • Canonkissx78

    what a rubbish piece! a waste of time!

    • NOT_blind

      We are a nation who do not like to hear alternate ideas. which screws us. 10/10 for the article

  • Anonymous

    “…luxurious vehicles on the roads cleared of the rabble called Pakistanis”. Rabble or rubble but a lot of it.

    Accusations are now more abundant than flies about who is behind whom. Should it matter whether ISI, CIA, RAW or Mossad is behind x, y or z as long as they bring hope to that Pakistani rabble (in this world with actions too).

    Perhaps more time is spent glorifying the life in heaven instead of improving the life on earth…perhaps one reason some morons are content to blow themselves up and take many innocent bystanders along with them to that promised land earlier than te bystanders wished.

  • Ikhoon786

    Appeal to all pakistanis:
    We have been talking a lot about our leadership, I think let us stop this useless talk, as some of our leaders are playing remote control knobs. Some are acting like fake wrestlers. It is like bull fight in europe. It is not reality.
    It is the responsibility of each and every pakistani to consider pakistan like our own house.Love your country and share your devoted efforts with each other. No tidal wave can hurt us.We have been advancing towards world highway and it is the transit time. So definitely, we are facing uneven shocks.However victory is country’s goal.
    After all there is some cause that the entire planet is talking about Pakistan. We will rise up like Japan, German or united states.
    We are wonderful people and we will never fall down.

  • Umer Dar

    Thank you I dont have to write anything more because You’ve already made it easy for me by writing what I was thinking of writing. I completely agree with you.

  • Ameer

    You, my dear author, are what is commonly known as a pedant.

    Useless article.

  • Aamer Irshad

    Imran not win his own seat, On Election Result he say’s “Dandli ho gi ha hamrey sath”

  • Murtaza Zoaib

    First of all, remember one thing, if leadership is corrupt then it’s a disaster for country or party, but if leadership is true and right then whatever people come under them or in party it doesn’t affect much! And forget all why I vote for Nawaz Sharif, or MQM or PPP or ANP? Wouldn’t we have given them so many chances before? What they have given us when they were ruling? Why I don’t want for Imran Khan and give him a ONE CHANCE? I am sure he won’t hurt Pakistan as much as these so-called parties have done!

  • Shahidhusseinqaboolpuria

    Molana Fazal Ur Reham had thousands of people largely from Madrasas so did Sunni Tehrik. In Punjab large number of participents in Nawaz Sharif’s gatherings are those Govt. employees forcfully brought in at the behast of Punjab Govt. Only Imran Khan has the backing and support of people of Pakistan, who volunterily move to him and rightly think he’s the one who will take out of mess. Our next Prime Minister will be Imran Khan is what bothers to status quo forces.


  • Suhail Ahmad

    I am a Sunni Muslim, but I don’t know why should I be giving vote to either JUI or the ST to run my country. I would like to vote for PTI because I believe its their leadership who can and will get us our self-esteem back and put us on the path of becoming a progressive welfare state. How can bearded, turbanned ancient looking folks of JUI, ST, JI and their likes, who happen to be my co-religionists, will get us there, beats me.

  • S Nasrullah

    The hands that rock the cradle, rules the world. If any single personality has that magic powers to mend and marshal the traits of her siblings, on a larger canvas, true Statesmen and Philosophers can also fire the spirits of their people to achieve what looked impossible at the first glance. It is personalities and not principles that move the Age. It takes a Khalid Bin Walid to signify triumph in every military campaign he undertook against heavy odds. It takes Tariq Bin Ziyad to burn the boats to make an unerring statement to his troops that he meant business and his resolve to attain victory at all cost. People with inspired and lofty perceptions and indefatigable stamina to accomplish what they stand for, invariably succeed.

    Pakistan barely scratched forward towards the Finals in the World Cup of 1992 and it took a man of great determination and magnificent leadership quality to clinch the World Cup Title. The man who wished to honor his mother and open a Charity Hospital for the Cancer Patients, succeeded with his unrelenting desire to accomplish what he dreamed about. Imran is now credited with a charisma to do things he has plans to do. Let us try him and strengthen his hands. Let him and his team be elected to form a Government on their own without having to seek Alliance with other parties with divergent or opposing views.

    If Imran Khan is attracting huge masses in his Rallies, it sure is an indication of things to come. It augurs well. The youth in particular are being galvanized. The youth of Pakistan are its National wealth, the Future Leaders of Pakistan and those are the people who would lead Pakistan into its place of Glory and Grandeur.

  • NOT_blind

    he has not done anything yet but high claims, defaming the one’s who are working, yet supporting those who are looting the country (PPP and MQM). He cannot stick to his one stance and very craftily jumps onto another.

    Pakistan will never die InshaAllah…. But if Imran Dies you can choose to die too.. Pakistan is not because of IK, IK is because of PAkistan
    Naqi you make a perfect example of a blind Follower of PTI