Ali Zafar for Us!

Ali Zafar for Us!

And the Stardust award for “Superstar of Tomorrow” goes to……………. ALI ZAFAR! Yes ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls and
peeps, our Channo boy has made us proud across the border!


It was not very long back when this handsome stud was adored by millions of girls in Pakistan because of his oh-so-attractive looks.
Who could have even imagined at that time that the guy spotting a grey t-shirt and a red cap in Abrar-ul-Haq’s Preeto, would one day become the heartthrob of billions of girls across the GLOBE! The Lahore-born singer is now an international figure. He has earned himself the repute that one must have in order to be recognized.


Be it music or drama or film, this guy knows what he has to do and how he has to do it. He is not carried away by fame or money or anything else for that matter. From his debut album ‘Huqa Paani’ to his latest movie ‘London, Paris, New York’, Ali Zafar has climbed way up the ladder & it doesn’t seem like he is ever going to look back.

For him, sky is certainly not the limit. One thing that I, being a Pakistani, take immense pride in is that he has not sidelined his
values & has not let down his country at any occasion. Unlike so many other Pakistanis who forget the value of the ethics and customs that their country has given them, Ali upholds all his morals even in an alien land. For instance, he refused to kiss his female lead in the
movie ‘London, Paris, New York’ because he had the values of his home country in mind & he did not want to disappoint his fans.


Ali Zafar seems to be playing his cards right. So here is to the man who has not changed even a bit despite crossing the border & climbing up the ladder of success, “WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!” You might be the Luv Agnihotri of many Indian girls but you’ll always be the Channo boy of the many divas on this side of the border. Keep making us proud, Ali!

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  • Danish Mughal

    Nice Article. Ali Zafar’s tweet brought me here :)

  • Pinks

    Ali,congratulation & i like u very much… plz tell me what i do?

  • Pinks

    Ali, congratulation. & i like u very much.

  • Daftinds

    i like u and falling love u

  • Daftnda

    what u do