Youth Assembly- a worthwhile Platform?

Youth Assembly- a worthwhile Platform?

Isn’t this simply amazing that in a population of around 19 million people, one cannot find a single platform to voice out one’s opinions or register complaints and grievances? And where it may sound hilarious, it is but a fact that no you can’t really find any.


Although there is no denying that a few, random and snobbish platforms did emerge with no clear agendas, they couldn’t prove themselves of any value since they didn’t take the various stratum of society within their operative folds. However, Youth Assembly can truly be hailed as a social platform that bridges communication barriers. It is a place where anyone, no matter what background they belong to can become a member, and learn the true functioning of an Assembly. Similar to a real assembly, there’s a CM, an Opposition Leader, Speaker of the House, etc, and for every session a set of bills and resolutions are presented that are discussed and debated over and if a mutual consensus is attained, is finally accepted or rejected. The sort of intellectual stimulus it injects the youth with, is exceptional and so there’s a lot of hope that it can truly help in reconditioning the society in general.


Years of absence of such platforms have earned us a society, whose members have completely lost the patience to hear each other’s vantage points. Every single time a voice thats contrasts with our opinion raises, we see a wave of hatred and badmouthing against it. Our current deteriorating socio-political situation is a clear indicator of this all pervasive violence that manifests itself on the streets. Even after the increase in the violence quotient, there was never a single platform that was ever used to nicely resolve the confrontation or even as much as give an ear to an opinion.


For years the youth of the city has suffered a lot, thanks to the deliberate void created, that raised the intolerance of the people to an extent where people begin seething in rage and eventually come after each others’ lives. In the Youth Parliament, from the implications of creating separate Mohajir province to the Thar Coal Project, everything’s openly discussed keeping in consideration the norms of civility and in an environment conducive to the expression of opinion.


But can Youth Assembly truly serve as an arena to counter today’s rampant violence? The answer to that sadly remains No! Though, it’s only now we have evolved with the inception of this platform, and we are finally learning to work together and reaching unanimous decisions with peace, it would still take decades before the existence of this platform can contribute to anything substantial in the society.

Varda Nisar

A member of the Youth Parliament

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  • Sam_165


  • Moiz

    its very sad that our govt is not serious in solving real life problems of ordinary citizen ?? do we really want something very outstanding of this govt??? i think we are not correct to say that. i hope that army is standing for the nation and its problems with the govt?? hope so

  • M.Saeed

    Today we have Facebook-twitter assembly norms.

  • Voiceofnation

    just a little correction…. its 190 million and not 19 million virtual approximate of population…..

  • Ovais abowath

    what a joke of a platform ..