Was Musharraf Better than This Democracy?

Was Musharraf Better than This Democracy?

Over the last few years, one question which has taken its rounds among the people of Pakistan has been – was the former General Musharraf better than this democracy? It’s a tough question to answer seeing the mess we are currently in but I have always leaned towards a – no. My view on this aspect has been challenged by many and many, many hours have been spent debating it. There is a school of thought which believes that the Musharraf era was better than the current one. No doubt it was in certain aspects. It was far better in all the short term things but there is a very strong argument that the long term affects of his policies have been drastic for the country.




Musharraf’s over throw of Nawaz was dubious. Anybody who is remotely associated with the litigation system of the country – particularly criminal trials – will know what power the various organs of the State can assert on the litigation process. The trial could not be a fair trial keeping in view the powers involved in it. An unfair trail was bad enough but then the subsequent pardon to an alleged “criminal” took the cake.  If Nawaz was actually a “criminal” then allowing him to go into exile rather than receive the same punishment as a common Pakistani – also did not impress me about Musharraf. The type of access allowed to the US post 2001 into Pakistan tantamount to trading Pakistan’s sovereignty. Akbar Bugti being killed in the manner in which he was, was also arguably a murder. Then he over throws the top judge of the country in a move which showed that perhaps Musharraf had gone on a power trip – the often in our history seen trait of our leaders. As far as I am concerned, the straw that broke the camel’s back came when Musharraf agreed to the draconian NRO. Musharraf felt that a law which would pardon a powerful few while the common man would have to face the atrocities of the criminal system of this country was a fair and just law. In other words, to retain his power, Musharraf was not much concerned for the majority of the people of Pakistan.




I must acknowledge that during the Musharraf era, the economic conditions of that time appeared better – there were more jobs for the urban youth and business was better. I still meet many apolitical bankers and executives who are all praise for the Musharraf era. But then look how he wiped out all credit one can give him on that account – he imposed the present government on us! A government that went on such loot and plunder of the country that any good derived during the Musharraf regime quickly vanished. I must also acknowledge that as a person I quite liked Musharraf. I still do. He is a pretty OK guy I think. A “cool dude” as my daughter would say.




People will remember the often repeated sentence of Musharraf’s during his power days – “main aik commando hoon; main darta warta nahee hoon”. I used to admire him for that tremendously. However, it is true that good things don’t last long. With the passage of time and then seeing Musharraf flee the country when things became hard – I realized that it is easy to make claims such as “main aik commando hoon; main darta warta nahee hoon” when one is the Chief of Army or the Chief Executive or the President. I think that there is no harm in staying in a foreign country if one feels that that is safer for a person but should one really expect it of a person who reminded us many times of his bravery?




My disillusionment with Musharraf grew when I read the newspaper today. On the assumption that the story is correct, it is said that one of Musharraf’s close confidante Raza Bokhari a US-Pakistani businessman, sought from the Americans the trouble free return for Musharraf by ensuring that he is neither arrested in Pakistan nor is barred from traveling inside or outside the country. Musharraf ostensibly also asked the Americans for a pro-Musharraf statement as soon as he arrives in Pakistan. Musharraf also asked Washington to ensure that within a few days of his arrival, US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter should meet Musharraf. How sad is this. Truly disappointed with Musharraf am I.


Instead of opposing Pakistan’s political and economic exploitation by imperialist powers and standing by the side of the peoples and nations struggling for their freedom and independence from foreign domination – Musharraf is fast proving that he is ready to become a US and Israeli man in Pakistan if the price is right. So much for claims of democracy and so much for “sub say pehlay Pakistan”. Musharraf should join Imran Khan – let the façade finish on both ends once and for all.

Omar Sial

A litigator in the High Courts of Pakistan.He is an up and coming politician and a contributing writer to the Global Hauser Program of the NYU Law School.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent piece! Very well-written!

  • Rehan Javed

    Omar, I am not sure how much truth there is in him asking for favors from Americans. If you know well, Americans and He don’t get along. He didn’t Honor lot of there requests in favor of Pakistan.And he is always been blamed for playing double game. I don’t think he would ask nor they will allow.

    Rational bravery is what we require. Quiet frankly, if he comes now he will just end up being a scapegoat.

  • Shahid Kureshi

    It takes a lot to be fair and impartial. This blogger has not been both. The write up can be shot point by point but at this time it would suffice to comment on the heading only. What is the connection between the APML slogan coined by Musharraf and his delay in coming back to Pakistan? Yes, a biased mind can make hundred and one illogical comments and connections. Spreading of Fitna and Fatoor are despicable even by religious standards.

  • Ali Alamzeb

    Hey, that’s a good article and hats off to you for seeing through this man. In a nutshell, Musharraf’s regime was good for the short term but a disaster for the long haul. Musharraf was always doing the US’ bidding and now he has just played the ‘Israeli Card’ in the hope of bagging a few very influential and powerful friends. Mark my words, the consequences for Pakistan will be distastrous if Musharraf re-enters the corridors of power – even the establishment has distanced themselves from him.

  • Kk

    “On the assumption that the story is correct”, that is a big assumption your making my friend. I read those stuff too but how much I believe them, thats something totally different. I do not favor Musharraf but I aint against the fellow or his govt as well. You said it right by pointing out some of the highlights of his time being pardoning sharif brothers, pro US acts & more jobs for the youth.

    But comparing him to the current govt is definitely a big no. Let this govt step down once and trust me your gonna have 10 times more to right on them and I dont mean the positives.

  • Jawed Hashmi

    Very well written article!

  • Ashfaq1

    for middle class and lower middle class (90% of Pakistan) Musharraf era was better and for feudal lords, ministers and for their relatives (10%) this so called democracy is best.

  • Shiraztime


  • http://www.facebook.com/abdulrafeh Abdul Rafeh Iqbal

    how can we even compare these two “regimes” when one was handing it over to the other!!!
    it a logical fallacy to even compare…
    but then for the heck of it, you did…

    I don’t know about any country in the world which wasn’t performing well apart from Zimbabwe during 2000-2007. and one cannot attribute this progress to Musharraf, but rather the “BUBBLE!!!”

    Please people, let’s learn more from the world than just sitting down and reading local news

    • http://twitter.com/Safdar312 Gaz

      Total rubbish, why dont you compare how pakistan was doing before 1999 Coup Pakistan was on the brink of default. But you Pakistani will never learn you love one party or the other and will love that party no matter how much it screws your.


    On the subject whether Mush was good than the present blood suckers, A story was told to us when I was a child which gives exact difference between the two periods. A professional kafan chor towards his last days of life advises his son ( who was also a kafan chor) to do good things after his death so that people remember him in a good way. The son promised to do the needful. Now the son after removing the kafan from the dead, started fixing a wooden stick at the back of the the dead body. When people saw this, they were terrified and abruptly started his father saying that the old man was not all that crucial. The son then said ” Dad, you see people are praising you now” This is exactly the comparison of the two period is.

  • http://twitter.com/sag_boy Sagada Boy

    He s the man ,Pakistan need him ,Why cant Imran and Mushraf works together

  • Chandio

    100% no doubt

  • Abu Bakar

    People like Ansar Abbasi and Jang Group with myopic approach may read these comments from different people.

    Jang Group is the biggest contributor to the miseries of the people of Pakistan.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why people demand democracy for Pakistan while the fact is the crux of this society is ignorant and illiterate. No matter how democracy is good for the rest of world but for Pakistani society it is not workable rather an evil. If we study the characteristics of a leader and the voters in Pakistan we will quickly know that it gonna work. I think this country must be led by chosen intelligentia for a period till this whole society is reformed. Musharraf is not a perfect man but better than many others.

  • Mrh20001

    musharraf was better for us then these rulers they think themseve the royal family members of mughal empire anywas mushi time was 1000 times better for common public but at that time these rulers were not able to loot so they were crying for chair to looot us so now they are in power becuase of our stupid illiterate people



    • Amalik_1999

      Dear Younis, you really Believe that?? It was selection, humm you are so certain than whats the proof you have or are you also toeing the line of these yellow journalist, and you do have the proof for the “selection not the election” then you must have been a part of this!!

  • syed

    Such a baseless comparison with no facts and figures. Your “democracy” is doing the same “in long term” what Musharraf did. If a country is not strong economically you can’t do anything. I will suggest you to read international analysis of economy, and international relations of Musharraf time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/M-Ali-Jamshaid/1062687576 M Ali Jamshaid

    Mushraf was best than this crupt ppp govt…!!

  • khan

    I don’t care how much corrupt the current government is, at least chosen by the people. I agree with sana, the democracy is too young in Pakistan and whenever it starts to grow ( like a baby trying to take its first steps) than the Military dictator cuts its feet). I personally hate PPP and zardari but let them continue and they will perish themselves. As far Musharaf is concerned i think he need to be hanged under article 6.

  • Asghar S

    in Musharaf Era at least we could wear respectable cloths but this so called Democracy has pushed us back into stone ages forcing us to take refuge in caves and wear leafs instead. we need Musharraf or Imran or both.. down with this democracy..

  • Sarfraz

    yes, he was much more batter than these corrupt people.
    He is 100 times better,
    in simple words he was belong to our Army, and Pakistan Army is one of the best.

  • Mona Iqbal

    No, no, and no! Look at the deals he made with the US without taking the people of Pakistan into confidence. It is our land not a general’s personal property! Don’t we have the right to know what is going on in our country? And look at the mess his policies have created in our Northern areas and in Balochistan. We can cope with the economic problems, but how can we reverse extremist and separatist trends? Musharraf was a megalomaniac and we are better off without people who think they are the rescuers of Pakistan!

  • Sherkhan37

    Musharraf was much better than the current setup!

  • Saleem chachar

    Pervez Musharraf was much more better
    Pervez Musharraf is the Great Leader

  • Saleem chachar

    Pervez Musharraf was much more better

    Pervez Musharraf is The Great Leader

  • CoOl DuDe

    Musharraf was great, is great n will be. But after all this happening today in our country people supports PPP, HUH when these moron people will use their head?

  • Ishrat Salim

    SAM /Sana…u r so right…..

  • Syed Nasir Iqbal from Karachi

    Yes for sure he and his government is better than our present and past governments (nawaz govt) and his dictatorship is also better than present and past democracy. Common men in his was in very good condition and everyone knows this fact..

  • Mian rehan ali

    No & Never.
    can you accept an illegal child.
    No & Never
    same as Forces has no right to govern the country.
    Worst democracy for better than excellent military rule.

    The problems created by mashraf is enormous and pakistan is suffering and will suffer a long from evils created by mashraf & establishment regime.

  • Umar

    100 trillion times YES!!!!!

  • Heart_4honey

    Mushraf is the right man … He is the man of Principles, honest, decent and a good leader.. during his tenure he contributed a lot for the betterment of the country…. President Zardari is a corrupt man and sucking the poor people like parasite…. MAY ALLAH bless Pakistan and give us fair n honest leaders like Musharaf and Imran Khan..AMEEn

  • Mohammad Amin Zafar

    This one is for the doom-sayers of the ‘Musharraf Era’
    ** ************ ********* ********* *********

    Basic comparison of 1999 and 2007

    Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 75 billion
    Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion

    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion
    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion

    GDP per Capita in 1999: $ 2,000
    GDP per Capita in 2007: $ 3,004

    Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion
    Pak revenue collection 2007: Rs. 708 billion

    Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 700 million
    Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 17 billion

    Pak Exports in 1999: $ 7.5 billion
    Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion

    Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion
    Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion

    KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points
    KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 70 billion at 14,000 points

    Foreign Direct Investment in 1999: $ 1 billion
    Foreign Direct Investment in 2007: $ 8 billion

    Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP
    Debt servicing 2007: 26% of GDP

    Poverty level in 1999: 34%
    Poverty level in 2007: 24%

    Literacy rate in 1999: 45%
    Literacy rate in 2007: 53%

    Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion
    Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billion

    Under Musharraf’s vision

    ** 9 world class Engineering universities being developed and 18 Public universities already developed.
    ** Public sector institutions have increased from 110,267 (in 1999) to become
    ** Private sector institutions have increased from 36,096 (in 1999) to become 81,103 (in 2006).
    ** PAK is 3rd best in world Banking profitability.
    ** PAK IT industry now values around $2 billion, including $1 billion exports and employs around 90,000 professionals.
    ** CNG sector has attracted over $70 billion investment in last 5 years; and created 45,000 jobs.
    ** Telecom sector attracted around $10 billion in investment and created above 1.3 million jobs.
    ** Industrial Parks are being setup throughout the country for the first time! M3 estate, Sunder industrial estate, Chakri, etc.
    ** Major Mega projects like the Saindak, Rekodiq, Marble production, Coal production and Mining & Quarrying are being pursued.
    ** In 2006, GDP growth is 6%. Earlier in 1999 was 3.5%.
    ** Foreign Reserves from $1 bn to $17 bn.
    ** KHI stock market: from 700 points to 13,000 points.
    ** Literacy rate improved by 11%.
    ** Poverty decreased by 10%.
    ** He made 4 dams: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram Tangi dams.
    ** 6 Motorways completed or under construction: M1, M3, M8, M9, M10, M11.
    ** Six major highways under construction.
    ** GWADAR advance mega Sea port developed under his vision!
    ** Historic 100% increase in Tax collection of $11 billion.
    ** Large scale manufacturing is 30 year high, and Construction activity is 17 year high.
    ** Newly found World class copper- gold deposits in Chagai will fetch $600 million per year.
    ** A new Oil refinery with UAE will fetch $5 billion & will process 300,000 oil barrels a day.
    ** Industrial sector registered 26% growth.
    ** PAK in 1999 was a $75 billion economy; and now 2006 it’s $160 billion economy!
    ** PAK economy is now the 3rd fastest growing economy after China & India .

    Education under Musharraf Era

    In 1999-2000 there were 31 Public Universities. Now 2005-2006 there are 49 Public Universities. Under Musharraf 20 NEW UNIVERSITIES SET UP!

    ** Air University (established 2002)

    ** Institute of Space technology, ISB (established 2002)

    ** Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University , Quetta (established 2004)

    ** University of Science & Technology, Bannu (established 2005)

    ** University of Hazara (founded 2002)

    ** Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002)

    ** Karakurum International university, Gilgit (established 2002)

    ** University of Gujrat (established 2004)

    ** Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (established 2002)

    ** Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (established 2001)

    ** National Law University , ISB (2007)

    ** Media University , ISB (2007) etc.

    ** University of Education , Lahore (2002)

    ** Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005)

    ** Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc.

    Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i.e. 67 percent) in the Public sector and 81,103 (i.e. 100 percent) in the private sector, reports the National Education Census (NEC-2005). The census — jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) — reveals that the number of private-sector institutions has increased from 36,096 in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i.e. by 100 per cent.

    Total 99,319 Educational Institutions (Public & Private) have increased in Musharraf Era!

    • Salman Sheeedi

      EXcellent comparison. While we should not support another Military takeover,w e should support any Miliatry mjan who wants to play on fair ground of politics and democracy. That is the only way to compete with corrupt politicians and save the country.. Imran Khan is not the solution. he is part of the problem of arrogant, undiscipline and dicttaorial mentality in pakistan. Musharraf was half dictator and did very good for the country. If he is a true commando, he should come to the country and and struggle through genuine legal ways instead of depending Pasha & Co or coward generals or any foreign power. Sial shopuld eb ashamed to call him Israeli agent. Relations with Isreal are vital for Pakistan. pakistan ahs lost over 300 bilion dollar of its economy for not having realtions with Israel while 13 Arab countries including PLO have recognised it… Arabs ahev used Pakistan for their political aism and thsi should stop because APakistan is commiting suicide for supporting someone who does not even care or give any respect to pakistan. For how long we would continue living in dreams and avoid reality..

    • Mus

      Can we add what is now?….

    • wake up!

      Sorry for such late comment but ” better late then never ” and actualy i read it just now for the first time so i would just add up one thing being a big supporter of Musharaf for some time……. we should give credit to Dr Atta ur Rehman too………. that was remarkable and selfless devotion of his which totaly changed the education system of Pakistan.

      About Musharaf just one thing, hats off to you for all the achievements Mr Zafar mentioned………………………………..

      But the biggest gift you gave to the nation was NRO and Mr Zardari and Pakistani awam rather history will never forgive you and will never forget this Devil’s triangle
      because they helped eachother at some point…………….

      and their slogen is and always will be

      “Sab se pehaly apni JAN phir shayad Pakistan”


      Let us all call for a change and we should not be looking forward to any leader not even Imran khan or anyone for that matter…….. if we can not try to change things for ourselves ….. No one will………………..


  • http://www.facebook.com/arshamsray Shams Aci

    Notwithstanding, despite the present Government a failure yet its a civil government of the people, for the people and by the people unlike any military government.

    Whereas. in case the present democratic Government seems and looks sick one or a failure yet it must be taken as far better than any military run government, hence its not wise to replace this one by any military ruler. Rather, the best alternative can be another civil Government to run the country in a real democratic process.

  • http://twitter.com/Safdar312 Gaz

    The root of all problems is corruption and poverty, under Musharraf both of these were heading down and these are well known facts documented in international institutions. Mush put all top well educated specialist Technocrats in all the positions including Shaukat Aziz who won numerous awards for his running of the Pakistani Economy. These were awards by internationally recognised organisations like The Economist, FT and Business Weekly. He is now sitting on the board of two FTSE 100 companies in London, a respected business man who is in demand by the business world, he did not need Pakistan, Pakistan needed him.

    If you look at the Figures investment and confidence in the Economy increased, poverty was reduced (World Bank Report reported this and has gone up since he left), corruption was reduced and the FOREX reserveres increased to over 16 billion from a low of 1.5 billion under Shariff.

    The above are all well known facts but the simple problem is the majority of the Pakistani population dont have the education to look into these kind of things, and dont realise that these are the figures that matter when you look at a 20 year plan for the Country not just today and tomarrow. On the subject of Israel I have no love for Israel but why does Pakistan have to shoot itself in the foot by having a more harsh position than most Arab nations. The Arab Nations dont support Pakistan over India so at the very least Pakistan should have the same approach as other Arab nations.

  • Ali

    yes he was much more better than this government. because there was no unemployment in his presidency and every young blood was getting jobs every where without corruption on lower level. but now a days you cannot get a job if you have no reference’s or do not have money to get a government job. And this is 100 % truth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arshamsray Shams Aci

    At times a dictator ruler if has been found in the past having deep love for the people and humanity possessing well enough balanced personality, can become a better and popular head of the state if in case the self-claiming democratic one is proved as half headed imbalanced personality doing too much of harm to the nation/country.

    Yet a dictatorship minded fellow should be avoided to have elected as the head of the state even if he or she is a civil personality.

  • MUhammad Noman

    If we have a bird eye view on 1990-1999′s and then the Musharraf’s regime, I am sure one can easily note that Musharraf created jobs when people had money in their pockets to purchase but now they have been deprived.
    we can see his Mega and other projects and good policies like,

    Mungla Dam raising, Gawadar port, kachi canal, Meerani Dam, All Motorways Except Lahore to Islamabad, Lahore ring road Started in Musharraf period, Liari express way in Karachi, Coastal Highway, revolutionary steps in education and research field, Boom in IT and telecom sector,Technical colleges and institutions ,Nazim system,Women epowerment in National and local Assemblies,Liberty of Media, Pakistan railways was profitable, Motorcycles and cars were cheep,Dollar was at 60, Industry was grooming, advertisement sector was heavily earning,responsibilities were made functional in Nuclear field, Our Stock Market set records.Availing Last opportunity in space as indicated by Dr Ata ur Rehman . Our borders were secure than now.Issue of Jammu and Kashmir was at front,Free education Govt Scools etc etc………

    What i did not like is

    Accepting Israel suggestion, NRO, Matter of Chief justice of Pakistan, Issue of Steel Mills. Lal Masjid Issue was 50% each side was responsible and some other….

    Although Musharraf made some mistakes but his services regarding prosperity of
    people of Pakistan were tremendous.

  • abrar

    army leaders are just BA pass, see india there is no marshal law, how musharaf has arround 2 billions Rs in UAE banks.it army how is distroying democracy, who bring NRO ..see zia how created karachi problems, musharaf created FATA problems

    • Hyderhusain

      Do you have a record of it?

    • Anonymous

      Musharraf actually has more than a BA. He’s even done a course at the top college for defense personal in the world, the Royal College for Defense Studies…

  • Ace

    When we rightly state the wrongs of Musharraf, we should look at what he did in a comparative sense. No one is saying everything he did was correct, however what he did (deal on drones) is way better than what these so called democrats did. You can look up the number of hits in his time versus now. I do agree that for the long term it is better not to have any kind of dictatorship. However, till we have education and reform, democracy is just in name and not in practice.

  • Syedfatiq

    No doubt about it.

  • Syedgilani Shah

    Musharraf gov is batter then this gov.

  • Drdeath1987

    statistically he did far better than nay democrasy ever in pakistan..whether u look into education,econmy,transport,national insitutes like PIA,RAILWAY, agriculture ..in short no sane man can discredit him in sense of statistics..

  • Mbhatti

    Nothing is better than Democracy!

    …that said there is nothing wrong with becoming a ‘US and Israeli’ Man…Lets face it we are not, and under current circumstances probably will never be strong enough to challenge US might; Pakistan have always done whatever US wanted,and yet thanks to the constant whining of anti-american conservative elements, never able to get the right price…(look at Turkey, Japan, Israel….none of them really liked US but all US allies and none faced the doom our Mullah’s suggest)….and what is that these “vile” western nations preach…freedom of speech, secularism and religious, equal rights for everyone, free markets and fair democracy. Yes liberalism is bound to diminish the influence of Islam something we Pakistanis cherish yet seldom practice, but it will definitely save the essence of Islam which for past 60 years has been tampered by the religious fanatics of the land of the pure.

  • Tanvirs

    sir are you trying to prove that Hram is better than Halal in some circumstances?
    I know that Haram is more delicious than Halal. Ayub Khan’s glorious years created circumstances for the break up of East Pakistan. If you let the process of democracy take its course people will one day get rid of corrupt and inefficient rulers like Nawaz. Nawaz was created by a dictator like Musharaf (Zia). Pakistan is paying for Zia’s mistakes. If you like dictators glory then you like Euphoria.


      don’t hide the good and bad with halal and haram .have some sense while writing these comments.

      Dont involve deen with politics or if you want to then follow strict sharia laws.

      • Faz

        I don’t understand the Haram Halal piece.. I don;t know what has happened to the Pakistani generations of today that they accept the conditions. All I know is that if I had a bunch of crooks leading the country I would organize strikes and marches until these crooks were thrown into jail..

      • Tanvirs

        dear friend I dont involve religion at least in this comment. When I say haram it means forbiden and halal means which is permitted. Democracy is the prevailing form of government in this world and not dictatorship. I dont talk about sharia, I dont know why you picked this phrase.

  • Faz

    Yes, Mushy made mistakes and in my opinion his biggest unforgivable was to let these clowns who are currently ruining the country, led by a crook who only wants to protect his self interests. It makes me sick every time I see any of these clowns in the media. Pakistan needs a way to get rid of these people.

    He was a dictator, which often does not go down well, but his leadership wasn;t autocratic or cruel as one would associate with the word dictator. Anyone with some intellect will know that he did achieve a lot for Pakistan. He was a leader and I would certainly give credit to Mushy, given the choice of what we have today, where Gilani is proud that he is the longest serving democratically elected PM. If that is his biggest achievement than I think democracy is another word for sham.

  • mus

    Nation of Chor will always have corrupt leaders…..Every aspect of state instution including the Justice and Military is corrupt.

  • Mus

    The writer forgot, Nawaz Sharif also came via military and with their blessing ..

  • Taj Ahmad

    President Musharraf government was lot better than current government
    of President Zardari and in the past Ex.Prime Minister Sharif and
    Benazir Bhutto’s two terms government.
    During President Musharraf’s government from October 1999 till Dec.2008
    Pakistan economy and rupees value was stable against U.S.Dollars,
    jobs market was better and food prices was also under control.
    Pakistan need President Musharraf back in power for next 25 years.

    • Omar Sial

      Thank you for your comment Taj Sahib. Hope all is well with you.

  • Selger

    Million times.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KRBIE76EUBWU74LAFTZYY3ZFXY Truthseeker

    Democray is alway better than a benevolent dictator, maybe all these people who miss the dick can move to Egypt, Saudi or even Syria. Democracies dont have wars

    • Mathew_slater

      Military is only solution for Pakistan

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KRBIE76EUBWU74LAFTZYY3ZFXY Truthseeker

    Musharaff can demand whatever he wants from the US, it is the US which will never grant this jerk anything

  • Mohsin

    for a country like Pakistan, Military is the only solution. History and stats have already shown that.

  • Yasir hussain

    musharraf was much better then this democracy.what we ve achieved from this govt? the law and order situation is worse then earlier.the economical crisis are on the top. our gain in the form of democracy is 0.

  • Javed malik

    Mush, the chicken hearted, coward commando and his coteries are responsible for all the troubles of safety, insecurity, terrorism, bad economical conditions, bad governace, we are facing now. They should be tried to explain for violating constitution and be punished by the SC to stop repetitions of this act by the ambitious generals for ever.

  • Asghar

    Musharraf was the worst thing ever happened to this country. It is he who gave this sham democracy to this country, this sin is unpardonable.

  • Qureshi

    Democracy,kingdom,aristocaracy,beurocaracy are the just different kind of system which reflect humain mental approach to deal with group of people and that are the different phases of evolution process of human being to make the ideal environment.It is also a fact that human being state of mind is not static and every moment life he think forward and always set the new parameter for ideal system.the words do not effect on human thinking, but thinking form a word to communicate the quick reference of thinking. evolution process has their own dynamics and need catalyst for speeding the process. its true things has to be evolve question is how much it time take. we need a catalyst for speedy process and application of force with wisdom may give us strong kick to take off.
    history verified that which ever rule of system was, the ruler who gather thinker,philosopher,literate and good character coutier around them, they are remember with respected and good name.
    for GOD sake stop useless discussion on word and think how we get ride from stupids. we need idiot

  • Asghar

    Musharraf was the worst thing ever happened to Pakistan, It is he who gave a sham democracy to this country and that is the biggest sin of this scoundrel

  • Mukhlis Rahi

    Of course Musharraf has the guts to run Pakistan. As he is sincere with Pakistan as compare to other political leaders who only know how to loot Pakistan.

  • Vikyzain

    musharraf was better, is better and vill remain better for pakistan than this democracy or any other govermnt in pakistan..he killed the terrorrists of lal masjid it was a good deciesion for us cuz they all are terrorrists inside the mosque he killed the most dangerous terrorrist akbar bughti who used to apart balochistan 4rom pakistan he wanna divide pakistan into two states..so our great leader musharraf let him go to the hell…ve proud on MUSHARRAF…<3 U

  • Yousafwso

    PAKISTAN is safe still only due to kindness of ALLAH & PAK ARMY. If PAK ARMY will not care my sweetest soil of my holy PAKISTAN than we all know what can be the results BUT our leaders are also grate except some thieves. Always remember The five fingers are not equal, We love with all after all they are MADE IN PAKISTAN.
    There will be a day when Allah will change their hart + Mind and they will prove that they are TRUE PAKISTANIS
    Musharraf was Musharraf …………. A bravest soldier of PAKISTAN who have ability to take right action at the right time.

    Allah Bless my Pakistan

  • OMAR


  • Farooq_0321

    Its not about dictatorship or democracy, its about sovereignty of the country, Unfortunately both have failed to deliver. Only revolution can change the course of our country and history. That will come shortly by the grace of Almighty.

  • Sohraab

    Musharraf is by far a better choice compared to the current, so called, “democratic” leaders. He is a politician now and should get a fair chance to participate in the political activities.

  • Huma

    was lesser evil than Zardari/Gilani ‘s evil

  • Moiz

    y are we expecting too much from this nation ?? we now that most of Pakistan needs to educated . first give them education then they will vote for democracy . public only want susti roti ,clothes and home to live .

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KBGO2QQS62KOCNPZ3RJGT6ONY4 Jan

    In Pakistan the Demeans are the Mullahs Only. They are the Threat to Pakistan. Once Pakistan Eliminates these Stupid Mullahs then Pakistan will have stability and growth.

  • fact finder

    no doubt, President musharaf was the best ever politician, economic reformer and stand too cheat americans in a witty manner. He was best option then twice toppled nawaz and benazir corrupt incorporation goverments. By the way who has made this fail system to which we call democacary. its yet another “shosha” of west, where scores needs to be well educated or reasonably educated so that the system may excel, but in counties like us, ungotha chap, badmash looking politicians hover and sabotage the system in the name of democracy.
    A country with islam as religion, india as culture, west as policy maker and new youuth liking junkyard attire of cheap streets of america (a full plate of omlete with mix of everything) what is the system that needs to be successful.
    fear that time guys when you would say that zardari was good, then what devil rule at that time could be prevailing.
    Musharf was the best and this fact will keep on teasing those who are responsible for his dismisal ( devlish media, corrupt judiciary and eve50 year old full of agency hub lal masjid) shame on al and face the fact of 2012 pakistan and ask your own guilt that wasnt musharaf better

  • Asif Azam

    Of-course yes Musharraf Government was better than any previous government

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001762115424 Muhammad Asif Azam Apml

    Of course yes Musharraf government was better than any previous government

  • Javed

    surely his period was thousand time better than the current govt who is a digrace to democracy.

  • Farhann79

    Salam to all,

    HE was 1000 times better than current leaders!!! as we was able to comment rather than “No comments”!:D I hope he will get another chance. Inshallah.

  • Usman Virk.

    Yes, Musharaf’s Era and Policies are far better than current situation of the country. Secondly, if he is seeking his safety assurance from big players of world politics than i think, he is doing the right thing. Nawaz and Benazir done the same and even Benazir totally agreed to the demand of HOT PURSUIT of American forces in Pakistan’s territory ( Which is totally violation of our sovereignty ) in return to her safety. Now this is a type of American Agent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malik-Azim-Pakistan/100002224410352 Malik Azim Pakistan

    Musharaf is the best. can’t wait till he becomes the leader again.

  • Grmitha

    The Democracy is complimented with at least 75% Literacy…Country where the the literacy rate is far below the required standard should have the democracy as preached by Musharraf. The Politicians are a curse to this nation…They are liars who say in the National Assembly that their motorcade consists of 4cars out of which one car is driven by them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bhaty Hanif Bhaty

    He was much much better then the present or the type of democracy we are experiencing. TODAY ITS NOT DEMOCRACY BUT DEMOCRAZY

  • Hawama Sattar

    1000 times better than current dacoit

  • Mezaberahmat

    No, obviously not.He was only and only dictator.He threw the country in such deep crises that we need many many years to be out of it.I Also dn’t consider present government good. But i can’t appreciate the dictator ship of more worth than democracy. I dn’t understand why our nation don’t get lesson from our shame full past.Musharraf was nothing but a coward who put the country on ruining edge…

    • Zubair Ahmed

      a person like you is showing you are among of them (Democratic Looters.)
      a big black spot on our nation…………………………………………………..

  • Pakistani

    Cant understand why people call this democracy……Under protection of NRO (given by the Gr8 Musharraf) you cant call them democrats

  • Ms

    Musharraf’s Government was million times better than this Government. All previous Army Governments were better than this Government. People need low price groceries etc. There are lot of resources in our country, if we utilize them then our country will go up but no one is sincere in this Government to do something for the nation and the country. Our politicians and bureaucrats are corrupt. Musharraf should come immediately and take over the Government.
    May Allah save our country/nation from the corrupt politicians.

    Pakistan’s Lover

  • Memuna arif

    No doubt his govt. was far more better than the present one BUT he did long-lasting harms to Pakistan than the short-terms benefits…He raised Pakistan to a certain level but on the fake basis…due to which Pakistan is falling back to where it was at the time when he came…wesey bhi Pakistan din ba din tabahi hi ki taraf to ja rha hai..phir hairat kya?

  • Malik Waqas Ahmed

    I disagree with the title of this blog. Actually THIS ERA IS WORST THAN MUSHARAF’s.

  • Anonymous

    Someone here provided an alternative comparison between an ugly jack fruit (musharaff) and juiceless oranges (this government) picked by people.

    Well these oranges were not picked by people but also fell on people like the jack fruit, both processes of falling on people aided by other countries. At best these juiceless oranges are just a good source of smelly manure (necessary) for democracy not actual democracy….

  • Rizvi

    The only thing Musharraf did wrong that he did’t hang this PEOPLE WHO ARE RUNNING THE GOVT.

  • Galib1980

    I am very much surprised that why our people say democracy is better than dictatorship. Although since the birth of Pakistan no one is sincere with Pakistan except Ali Jinnah & Liaquat Ali Khan but we need peace, harmony, wealth in therm of basic need for living.
    Musharaf was one the of the best among the all the previous leader but not as per Pakistan people wishes he did made some very crucial mistake which we were not expect from this type of man but he did due to his companion like choudry bro. I hope if no one new coming than Musharaf would we the best.

  • Aamir

    A dictatorship cannot be better than democracy. Unfortunately, real democracy takes a long time to cleanse itself of traitors like Zardari and other dark horses that we have seen in the past and some new ones who are aspiring to deceive Pakistanis in the name of democracy. But looking at history of other nations around the world tells up that there is light at the end of the tunnel but for that we have to let these corrupt so called democratic forces finish their full terms. It may take upto 3 or 4 full terms cycle to see the improvements but it would be worth it, Inshallah.

    Dictatorships only delays this process and past experience has suggested that it has in fact damaged the country and produced traitors like Zardari, etc.

    I joined PTI in 2007 but do not agree with Imran coming into power with the help of army like all other corrupt leaders have in the past.


  • Zubair Ahmed

    Yes, It’s absolutely right Musharraf is much much better than this democracy, this democracy taking revenge from people of Pakistan.

  • Tariq

    I would disagree with the title. Musharraf vs Democracy should called as Musharraf vs Zardari. Since nothing in basic policy and way of governance change. Both are faces of same coin. Zardari Started where Musharraf has left. Since Musharraf was a Army Chief, he has own way messing this country and Zadari don’t have that liberty, he uses his political maneuvers. Only people of this country who are being at the receiving end.

    As for your disappointment with Musharraf, only sympathy can be right word for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/salmanghanchi Salman Ghanchi

    Millions times better than this Daaakooooooooooooooo chor geovernment

  • http://www.facebook.com/salmanghanchi Salman Ghanchi

    100000000000000000000 times better than this democracy

  • SyedAdnanZafar


  • Dr Aziz

    The way General Musharraf took over the Government was wrong to begin with. Almost all political parties of Pakistan lack the administrative skills. The ministers often manage a department which they know nothing about. A minister must have the relevant qualification to head a particular dept.

  • sajid

    “he imposed the present government on us!”
    classic pakistani trait of shifting blame. we elected this goverment in the fairest elections in our history. He showed us what could have been we chose what is. .
    yes blame him for things he did wrong but dont blame him for our choices and the things that those he hated did wrong.

  • Hussain

    Without any shadow of doubt Musharraf era was far better than the current one in all the terms , being a Pakistani British living in london i must insist were much proud to disclose our orignal national identity during the period he served the country and earned respect for pakistan but unfortunately that is not the case now for more than 1.2 million pakistani living in UK .

  • Zeeshan_khan02

    law or ordinance is made to protect the citizens and their rights. if any thing starts to harm them, we should try to find something better than that. Democracy is a kind of thing that continuously gives harm to pakistan as well as its citizens. Also we have experienced the last Marshal Law of General Pervez Musharraf which is quit different and healthy Marshal Law as compared to General Ayub and General Zia. Our industries grew in Musharraf era. On the other hand, if we see the previous democracies, we would found criminal activities only. I think a man with principles is the basic need of our country either he is a civilian or a militant.

  • Saints

    Yes musharraf was good only if he not done the NRO deal.
    He actually bring these @55h0le5 on us.. First hang these politicians then Musharraf too with them..

    All are same just see what is good for them nothing for normal people.

  • Anisawan

    In my opinion Military Dictators are much better than Democratic Dictators. review ur history

  • Farooq

    Yes Much Better… that days there Technical people were shoft than avaiable jobs. dollar sustained on 60-61… no loadshedding… no gas shedding,,, no shotage of food etc


    As a matter of fact this is not “Democracy” which exists in Pakistan today,out of 180 Million people only 70 Million were registered Voters in 2008 and out of those 7 Million about 45% were later found to be bogus votes.This means that those sitting in the Government today are just corrupt Politicians. If todays Government rather Parliament is measured with Musharraf’s days then certainly those were better for Pakistan in every sense.


    I respect Mr. Musharraf with my whole heart and shed some tears the day he left since then I am praying for him the Dignity and Respect he has restored for the pakistanis in Pakistan and Abroad! One of the BEST man among these idots who cant even SPEAK properly!

  • Ashleycaldeira

    Why is it, that everytime Our Country goes into poltical democracy problem it is the Military handling the situation for a very long period of time ? And all the politcians are camping in dubai, UK or USA till some mistakes are made ?

    No Corrupt Politicians should be given any exemption… Where is the transparency method promised to the people of Pakistan for the election ?

  • Omar

    Forget the Past, Bare the Present & Decide for future.. Let’s together make it a better PAkistan. Vote for a change, Vote forImran Khan.


    Against all ods: Yes He Was and He Is He will be, The Man Who Would be a President again God Willing This what PAKISTAN needs!

  • Yes, Musharraf era was better than the current one.

  • Atique

    Ofcourse it was much better than under this incompetent government but Musharraf must take the blame that his mistakes enabled Zardari to takeover by default. I suggest Musharraf should NOT re-enter politics. New generation of politicians should now be given chance i.e. Imran Khan.

  • Tauheed

    Only a fool would think that a one-man rule is better than the rule of law. But then, if Pakistanis were not so easily fooled by military generals overthrowing civilian governments, Pakistan would not be the basket case of the world that it has become today. And Pakistanis would not be running to UK and other countries for a better life – except, being stupid they would be incapable of understanding that it is the rule of law that has evolved over the centuries in the US and UK that have made these the choice destinations for Pakistani refugees.

  • Javaid

    Ofcourse it was much much much better than under this incompetent government, at that time there was no corruption, every poor was please…. Actually Milatary rule is the rule of Poor and democratic rule…. Ab Jagirdaron o waderon ki hakumat hy….. Hm ne CJ ko bhal kia? ham gharib awam ko saza k tour par 2 waqat ki roti miasar nahi…. tmam fasadat ka jarr ye barre log hain jo kursi k lear gharib awam ke sath kia kuch nahi kr rahe hain…..

  • nasir syed muhammad

    much much better than this demcoracy , and at that contry grown up and 50 years back ?

  • Z19ff

    No doubt democracy is much better BUT with leaders having vision for future. unfortunately we donnot have leaders who can lead the nation. Musharaf was a leader with vision and can take the nation to peak. With all the respect to politiacians the make a false claims while participating in discussions and addressing the public gathering but they have done nothing for awam. I wish Musharaf best of luck and pray for safe return to pak and lead the nation.

  • Alam_uk

    To answer this, you have to compare industries like
    1 Railway
    2 Wapda
    3 OGDC
    4 PIA
    5 PSM
    All these industries have shown a loss, leave alone a Growth. Stop the pays of those responsible for this downfall whether it is a civil servant or politician.
    Sometimes, I suspect that these people are deliberately trying to destrop the
    infrastructure of Pakistan by accepting bribes from countries like Israel, India and Wild Wild West..Ofcourse the aim is to bring pakistan on its knees like a
    beggar..What more can i say?

  • Afzaal Chaudhary

    In Musharaf era economy of Pakistan was stable, there was no sever energy crises like now a days. thats why Musharaf era was better. Pakistan economy fell down in every tenure of PPP we dont know why?

  • fraz ahmad

    yes, Musharraf was better then this type of democracy (pakistani democracy) atleast we are spending millions of rupees on this democracy but getting nothing. All ministers are corrupted and getting government thing with both hand (dono hathon say lut rahay hain) including prime minister and president. Allah in ko tabah kary. na bijli hay, na Gas hay pher bhee government apni kamyabian ginvati rehti hay.

  • Omar Sial

    Thank you for your comment Khaliq.

  • Omar Sial

    Assalam Alaikum Qalim Sahib. Many thanks for your comment. I hope all is well at your end.

  • Omar Sial

    Hello Nasah. I hope your health is keeping well. Many thanks for your comment.

  • Rais Khan

    Can’t anybody simply gauge this guy with the basic parameter of money value. When he left the power $ was around 60 and now is around 90 in other words value of money is almost half what it used to be.
    That only one aspect of his government. He appointed knowledgeable P.M. and others, not looters.
    Musharraf was better. Yet with the coalition with Imran Khan he may be the best for the country.

  • Lalarukh

    Democracy by feudals – a huge joke. This is NOT democracy!

  • Zafar Bokhari

    Pak democracy is bringing same few incompetent families in power. Real democracy is powerful Mayor at Tehsil level. 1070 assembly members with significant majority uneducated or fake degree holders, is not democracy for 180 million people. We need 35+ provinces, no provincial governments, commissioner replaced by Governor and police powers to village mayor. Britain has adopted American county system and China/Iran has gone for strong mayors. Turkey has 86 provinces with 76 million population. We need to get rid of this fraud democracy and follow Chinese model adopted in 1984 on American values. America has only three levels mayor, Governor, and President. Counties are tax collecting and educationa management bodies. All security issues are local while CIA & FBI support local police in case of high crime. Rest is all local. Shahbaz Sharif can not solve 90 million people problems. Change the system to Presidential system. When we use American text books in Medicine, economics, business and sciences, then why not “Political Economy”??????? THINK Pakistan. get rid of few families for 180 million.

  • MK

    What I see is that Pakistan military which should be called (Napak Military) loves to spread lies and negative propaganda against civilian leadership so these assholes can again over throw and get the opportunity to rob and rape Pakistan.

  • jay

    Well, duh that’s a NO BRAINER……………nothing against Musharraf but even a crazy chimp can do a better job than these idiots.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair there was fudging of accounts then too….the reserves were being highlighted more but government debts were given lower profile….the net position was not as good as the perception portrayed but granted things are even worse now and that net position is more in the red because abominable governance.

  • Anonymous

    He put these clowns in power with the NRO to retain his power ….. Equally guilty as these guys!

  • Chansarhayat

    If we decide based upon the evidence and on ground, efficiency and delivery of the government, then I would say Musharraff period was better than this so called democracy.

  • Amin Kalimuddin

    Yes, he was million times better. He was agreat hope for me after Ayub Khan. I left Pakistan once Ayub Khan was gone. All these so called Democratic governments are run by loosers. Once Pakistani’s realize the fact the country will progress.

  • abu mansoor

    No not at all, we never think and learn from the history that all problems we are facing till today because of this type of approach to wards dectators.These dictators what so ever their names from Iskandar mirza to musharaf ruined our rights, mental levels and behaviours as nation even as a humanbeing with their own philosophies to continue their dictatorships as long as they could.
    From conspiracy to jinnah slow death in ziyarat to topile nawaz sharif.Just think honestly that 62 years back what was facilities in ziyarat to send father of nation for his health recovery if any one want to know please visit now ziyarat and you will get answer.
    from iskandar mirza (origional persion national, his off springs now setteled in Tahran) he destroyed our polatical leaders inbignning when our society was in phase to start poletical approaches as newly born baby.
    Yehya ruined out every thing,Ayoub bring heatered in our nation, Zai ruined our youth, destroyed society andpolitical values, become sucessful saler of Kalashankow and herion, sabotage every institution, bring coruption with entirely new covers, used emotionally Islam with its black side versions.
    Musharaf the master mind to sell out all Pakistan and Pakistanies in all means with technocrate ,master of figure gambler shaoqat aziz.The corruption at its peak, in a way that if any one pay 100 rupee for any official work now 5 times more to pay with excuse that its very difficult to do because of army and NAB but nothing stopped it was running like river.
    Is there any one who can dare to ask that who was sold KESC ? what was its assets and in what price it was auctioned? who sold PTCL ? in what price and what was its revenue collections at that time? who was master mind in exchange draged trillions of rupees in one weak? who sold jecobabad port and shamsi airport ? who strenthen talbans and weaken our security.
    So Through this blog request to every one who love and care about Pakistan should know the actual cause that why still today we are facing these problems and what is the reason that we still not self suficient to creat a model atmosphere for our youth and natrural resources which we have?
    We should beware off all conspiricies through modren technologies and new drama in shape of Inqlab “SONAMY” who are behind and sporters.
    Who are playing role in the name of justice the then PCO.
    Who were they authenticate them to rule and amend constitution as they liked.
    and who are today with them.
    who is the only person who pushed whole country in scandle? what was his role in his articles (honestly i am surprised that a single foriegn citizen can hang our all institutions without any cridibility).
    Let system carry on and experience the flaws.
    Nations built through their experiences. Good one or bad one.
    These experiences give strenth to decide and differenciate b/w bad guys and good guys.
    If all flowers starts to release sweet and smoothy figrances than how one can judge the best and bitter.

  • Taj Ahmad

    To saved Pakistan from 100% bankruptcy and default,
    Pervaiz Musharraf is the best choice for Pakistan right now.
    All Pakistanis must be ready to welcome back Ex.President
    and General…Honorable Pervaiz Musharraf, when he arrived
    in Pakistan anytime soon.

  • Naveed Ahmed

    Pervez Musharraf is better then any other party or politician ….
    He’s did best for his country …

  • fawad

    yes musharaf was 10 time better then this goverment.

  • Zahdin

    Hell NO! no way, A dictator like MUSHARAF is no way something Pakistan needed or needs!

  • Farrukh

    It really proved that you are supporter or being benefited of Loot present Govt is know for not in our country but in entire world. Mr. 10 PERCENT is Mr. 100 PERCENT now !!!!!!

  • Farrukh

    BULL SHIT If some one supports these Politicians and compare Mr Musharraf’s Govt. It seems like living in Hell after not taking care of Musharraf’s Govt which seems like it was a gift from God and we are being punished for not taking care and been thankful for it.

  • prosper

    Yes, you compare anything

    GAS, Electricity, petrol, dollar is not only much expensive but also unavailable. I question whether musharraf switched a button off when he left and all these things start to have problems.

    Talk about common man, who get effected by the food items.
    Take anything
    Wheat, Rice, Lentils, Meat….all more than doubled in price.

    He created Higher Education Commission, send loads of student to get higher education from abroad fully funded by Pakistan government, and on their return a guarantied job. Many People abroad were thinking of going back to get jobs because banks and other multinational companies were willing to pay good money to foreign graduates.

    Musharraf gave you Gwadar and many other good road projects. He also introduced/implemented loads of project in Baluchistan for its betterment.

    PIA, Railway, Steel mill and many other institutions are in loss…

    Why it all turned into loss suddenly (i tell you its all corruption). I happened to meet Pak Steel mill CEO in London investment conference (very in-competent, rude person with fake degrees and get job with loads of political connection hence they have to help politicians to loot the institutions).

    Very unfortunate. Talk about Pakistan betterment, we need to understand what is good and what is bad and bring merit up.

    Many people throw rubbish outside their doors and complain their area is not clean. People need to also change themselves and not choose corrupt leaders time and time again…

    Musharraf has done some very good things for this country… He fought two wars for us and then he brought loads of prosperity and proud to the people of Pakistan.
    In our country it is norm that “Lets loot as much as possible before army comes back in”.

    I hope something good happen to Pakistan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AC4U6W2YSYQSOTLLP7EERA3GEQ progressali

    Musharaff`s performance was quiet good until he dismissed the CJ after this action of his he made blunders after blunders to keep himself in power.As such he should not come back into power.The present government is not performing from day one.They do not even know their responsibilities and why they were elected for. The solution to the present crisis is to hold new elections and hopefully Pakistanis will elect more responsible people who can deliver so that democracy can continue,

  • gust

    It is clear That, Pakistani GOVT is only working For US intrusts. and cruption is their motto. PPL are idle in these circumstances, have no way out to overcome problems (gas, electricity and cruption ) So I can say Miltary GOVT always best for Pakistan. May GOD Give Miltary soon.

  • Asif

    This article is very biased against Musharraf. Obviously the writer is a supporter of Nawaz Sharif. LOL. Any sensible person can compare the two periods and will always agree that Musharraf era was by far much better especially the economic conditions.

  • Rizwanpro

    Yeah I agree with Asif comments, besides this is totally not true where the writer of this article made Musharraf responsible for the current govt. Musharraf never wanted to impose such type of govt to rule Pakistan. It was our politicians (Including Nawaz Sharif- the forefront) who left no choice and keep singing Democracy Democracy…. Thats why Musharraf Resigns…

  • Ahsan Khan

    It surprises me how easily you mentioned and forgot about good economic conditions and jobs for youth. This shows the political motivation behind your article and explains why it is anti-Musharraf. To a common man, for whom you tried to show sympathy, it does not matter who the CJ is, which restaurant the business community dines in every Saturday night or who sits on the most lucrative political seat. To a common man, all that matters is the bread and butter so it IS the most important issue. The common man was not very happy in Musharraf’s era but at least he had food, electricity and shelter. This government has taken away everything.

  • Adeel

    If we see closely we will surely have to accept that surprisingly or rather unfortunately dictatorships have delivered more than democracies in our country. But that is again the tragedy that dictatorships have always lead to destruction and deterioration of democracies in Pakistan. Ayub’s and Yahya (I won’t mind calling him Ahmed Shah Rangela) devastated the federating units and our brother left us. We faced two lost wars of 1965 (failed Operation Gibraltar) and 1971 (biggest surrender of Muslim army in known Islamic History). Thanks to Zia for giving us Kalashnikov culture, drug culture, ethnic violence, regionalism, MQM, sectarianism and last but not least the seeds of terrorism which are now a full grown up tree. Then came the most stupid of All Musharraf the great. He was thinking all the world is in his hands. He played with the fire but made the whole nation burn and then the coward escaped. For sure these dictators have enchased to the maximum what I will describe has global scenarios (USA-USSR raw in 60s, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and 9/11). And we were thinking it is development. Whatever we are seeing now in form of democracy (messed up Zardari and partners) is what dictatorships have lead up to.

  • Mkhan

    Although article is against Musharaf but his era was way better than last five democracy. Despite he had made blender mistakes because of his so called comapnion or democratic corrupt people. they changed their version after fall of Mush. Govt. before they were taking benefits.

  • Waqasazeem

    yes,he was much much mucchhh better than this govt

  • Kausarjvd1974

    yes musharaf is much better this democracy………………

  • Anonymous

    Although article is against Musharaf but his era was way better than last five democracy. Despite he had made blender mistakes because of his so called comapnion or democratic corrupt people. they changed their version after fall of Mush. Govt. before they were taking benefits.

  • Awahab201013

    Yes Musharaf was better atleast than Zardari and Nawaz Sharif

  • Muhammad Rasheed

    Musharraf is Big Ferhon of his period. Insha’ Allah, he would be accompanied with the follower of Ferhon on the day of judgement.

  • Tariq

    As far as i know, the best economic Era in Pakistan history was Gen. Ayub, where both industrial and agricultural prospers. Musharraf Economic claims were air bubbles. Only cosmetic changes were done, and policy of trickle down effect were perused. What we are facing today, was the brain child of Musharraf complemented by Zadari regime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Yaseen-Hamed/814320883 Yaseen Hamed

    Omar Sail, who wrote this article seems like wants him to be convinced that Musharraf’s era was BAD, despite the fact everyone else he met recently phrases Musharraf’s terms.
    Also the Short terms benefits he mentioned in this article, he should be knowing that Musharraf ruled almost 10 years. so how short these benefits actually were?
    cant agree about imposing this govt… it came via election, via system which we (so called politicians, nationalist wanted).

    The way I look at it. NO one wants to admit what a deep Sh#t now in current “democratic” govt as compare to the military rule!. Its like ULTIMATE sin in Pakistan to just even admire the efforts of military rule for their efforts. After all THEY are also Pakistanis! where in today’s era we count military as outcasted corrupt entity, stole million in musharraf’s era… if that is the case then how about current administration?

    we had 13 years of on/off democracy govt. in Pakistan after Zia ul Haq. what actually happened during those days? who freed the media, press, telecommunications, baking system? The fact that today when ever Pakistani acting as judge and jury due to the media freedom, its ACTUALLY came during Musharraf’s era only! (GEO its self too )

    I believe Musharraf’s era was THE BEST and reshaped Pakistan for 21 century!

  • luminouspirit

    okay i agree with the writer completely
    things were at there best in the regime of Musharraf BUT
    what happened after that??
    Musharraf used all the resources at there max.
    and after that every thing the MBA, Telecom, Cellular, WAPDA and other organizations saturated.
    IF he was so powerful can’t he build kalabagh?
    why did he gave our Land to US?
    What about Dr Affia?

  • luminouspirit

    okay i agree with the writer completely
    things were at there best in the regime of Musharraf BUT
    what happened after that??
    Musharraf used all the resources at there max.
    and after that every thing the MBA, Telecom, Cellular, WAPDA and other organizations saturated.
    IF he was so powerful can’t he build kalabagh?
    why did he gave our Land to US?
    What about Dr Affia?

  • Aziz

    Why stop at Musharraf? Why not compare the situation with the British Raj. Things were even better. I am sure many in positions of power then and subsequently their progeny would love to have the Raj back. Better still, have Raj Mark II (the Americans) come. Then we do not have to queue for their visa.

  • Rai

    The performance of both the Govt. clearly proves that Mr. Mussharraf was better than this Idiots, they don’t know how to run a country but I must say that they are mastered in corruption. I think this type of democracy will not take Pakistan anywhere we should try to find better democrats than these and give chance to Mr. Imran Khan and see what he could do……

  • Akhtarzaidi

    yes Musharraf is far better then this sort of democracy..as this is not democracy it is one man show the film from amrica…

  • Anonymous

    Pervez Musharraf regime was thousands time better than the present one.At that there was no load sheading ,gas crisis ,lesser unemployment,all necessary items are available in cheap rate.,the nos of droan attack was very low

  • Haide rali

    yes musharraf was 200% better than this si called democracy

  • Aj

    Omar Sial Sb, I believe Musharraf’s time was one of the best periods of Pakistan’s history with the other belonging to Ayub Khan. I was at the cusp of transition between university and career during his time and I vouch that Pakistan was a much better country under him. I dont agree that he thrust this government on us. Its the people of Pakistan who chose PPP and our corrupt parliament that chose the king of coruption Mr. Zardari. I truely believe that NRO is one of the biggest favor he has done to the people of Pakistan. It must have made our people realize the power of their vote. Akbar Bugti was not murdered. It not like he was killed on the Supreme Court stairs crying for justice. He was killed fighting the state of Pakistan. All these opportunist politicians who lament his death, deep down inside, are happy that he is gone. I wish Musharraf and Imran can play Degaulle and Pompidou for Pakistan.

    • Omar Sial

      Thank you for your comments Aj sahib.

  • Anonymous

    GFC (Generals Fan Club) seems to be in action to prove they are more popular than KFC….short term memory and little analysis that Musharaff’s economic bubble (no less bouyed by land price rises) too would have burst with the western economic turmoil – the incumbant government has aided the bubble burst with plenty of corrupted pricks! Fault still lies with politicos as they are accountable and provide such opportunities for generals to exploit in the first place…..

  • S Nasrullah

    Two negatives do not make a positive. Who entered the pact to welcome Benazir Bhutto, and prompted the coward commando to hold elections and ensure that PPP wins and that BB would be made the PM and that BB was given certain tasks, among which was de-scaling the Nuclear Program, push or prod Dr Qadeer to stand the International scrutiny for his possible role in the Proliferation conspiracy; and in lieu of it all, the Guarantors vouchsafed smooth sailing for a Govt of PPP with BB as PM and Mad Mush as the President.

    Do we have such a short memory to forget that it was Mad Mush who caved in to the pressure of a phony threat: ” We will make you Tora Bora” if you do not fall in line. Pakistan is a Nuclear State that commands respect. Compare the text and tenor of world approbation for North Korea and Iran. N. Korea is pleaded to be reasonable and sign the NPT Pact and hold their horses there; while Iran is downright insulted and debased. Pakistan having the Nuclear assets do not mean that it would take on anyone recklessly, but that the possession of this invincible Nuclear assets give Pakistan an edge of respect and honor. The coward Commando sold the Nation’s sovereignty and self respect for financial favors, which the termite of the PPP ate up with relish – lock stock and barrel.

    A remote controlled PM, imported from the Super Power did invest in Projects that were essential for cosmetic efforts at raising better standard of living. But as soon as the curtain dropped on Mush and Shaukat Aziz, the Audits and the gnawing deficits drove home the fact that those policies were framed for the prominence of the benefactors. The reckless Mush as COAS ventured the Kargil episode that brought the two nuclear States to maddening frenzy of tension and turbulence. As COAS he was aware of the special status of FATA and the tribes that dwelt in the porous belt between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Those tribesmen have guarded the borders as the first line of defense. Earlier , Pakistan military attempts to subdue them failed miserably and the insurgency took the course of disenchantment with the Federation of Pakistan. Our Armed Forces are designed to protect the borders of the State to fight wars preserving its Integrity and not for fighting internal dissensions and erode its goodwill by fighting its own people. The exposure of the Military to Civilian Aid gave them the ambition to rule and to reign.

    PPP take credit for ousting Mad Mush without ever realizing that they gave him the honorable send off with a Guard of Honor arranged and executed. It was Mad Mush who tried to berate Dr Qadeer, insulted and incarcerated him. If he had powers he would have handed over Dr Qadeer to the International Tribunal, but for the vigilant and the grateful Nation who stood like a rock to save him. Can anyone in his right mind ever credit the Mad Mush with vision of economic prosperity and foolproof security of the nation?

  • Shams

    Allah osko wasil jahannam kare o humare mulk aor musalman ka dushman ta Allah kare k oska anjam hum apne aanko se deke take humare dil tande hojaye

  • Abidnle

    Yes Musharraf Better For this is so called Goverment

  • Pakistani

    No. Musharraf regime is the cause of the current problems. I am not just calling a spade a spade but also want to prove my point of view with certain arguments.

    i) Drone attacks started in the era of Musharraf, without any written approval. Rights of people of KP were immensly abused due to drones attacks. Result is increase of violence in the country.

    ii) Lal Masjid issue: There is a difference of standoff of Musharraf & Ch. Shujat. Ch. Shujat tried to resolve the issue politically and Musharraf did it the army way. Had this issue solved politically the results were better.

    iii) Akbar Bugti sb: Sir Akbar Bugti was among those five Baloch leaders who wanted Balochistan to be part of Pakistan at the time of Independence. He was son of soil and the matter was not politically solved and now the results could be seen.

    iv) NRO: When Musharraf came in power he has given his 7 points agenda, 7th point is read as “Ensure swift and across the board accountability”. The nation voted for his 7 points. However, when he issued NRO he took U turn. The current democracy is the result of NRO. The first Chairman of NAB is on record (in one TV program) to say that Musharraf wanted to use NAB cases to use politicans for his personal agendas.

    v) War on terror: He betrayed this own core commanders by promising them that war on terror will not affect Pakistan and will remain out of Pakistan boarders.

    vi) DR Abdul Qadeers issue: The issue was very badly handled by Pakistan.

    vii) Chief Justice of Pakistan: The issue of chief justice of Pakistan is also an example of his bad democracy.

    viii) Permitting foreign forces inside pakistan is also a weakness of his government democracy.

    ix) Dr. Tariq Hassan (ex-chairman SECP) who wanted to explore the scam of SECP also happened in his era. Dr. Tariq Hassan took firm stand to protect the interest of small shareholders who lost millions due to planned institutional acts. Individual shareholders lost millions of rupees due to artifically infliated prices.

    These are the decision where Mr. Musharraf is directly involved and he has enforced his orders. He has absolute command in army and as president of Pakistan.

    There are just few good aspects. The first one being that he established HEC and appointed Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman as its chairman.

    • PakistanZindabad

      Just to your first question: Does any of your politician take stand against US? Why Dracolla politicians cant stop drones, why cant they ask air force to shoot down any drone entering into Pakistani Space?
      I dont believe any one of us can even think about the real situation Musharraf or any other involved Pakistani was going through at that time.
      if he does not allow then you would see america attach on Pakistan from Afghan side and India Attack from Punjab side.

      In ten years of Musharraf era people can hardly find less than ten mistakes he have done. After all he was not a dirty politicians who suck blood out of people and yet show them that they are messiah for them.

      Think about a common man. How he was feeding his family during Musharraf time and how is he doing now.

      In my opinion, there is no comparison between Musharraf and Democracy…this democracy is dracolomocracy.

      Last thing.. This was politicians who brought/miss used military/intelligence to control opposition parties in first place.

    • Haruno 2003

      mr akbar bugti was known as a terror in whole Baluchistan ……..he has his personal prison , where he kept innocent people’s…….. the provincial government of Baluchistan of that time has asked army for assistance as he was against development there……….. by his dead only then development like gawadar port was able to come true……….
      he was also involve in taking bribes from foreign intelligence agencies that’s why he’s dead was necessary…..but this was just a start of getting rid of county from hurdles like him , who only promote extremism


    on the ecnomic point of view musharaf was better

  • Altamush

    he was dictator and we r suffering all this bcoz of musharaf he has done nothing in 10 years thats why we r going through the economic and energy crisisc who stopped him from producing electricity and a worst democracy is better than dictatorship

    • Paklover

      then enjoy worst democracy for rest of your life.

  • Muhammad_daud77

    He is the worst person i have ever known. NRO and current govt is his gift for the nation.

  • Omar Sial

    Very true Kashif. Thanks for the comment.

  • Omar Sial

    Thank you for your observations Khanjee.

  • Omar Sial

    To tell you the truth Mohsin I have always had the price of basic necessities in mind rather than a Camry. I guess, we all have our own sets of benchmarks. Many thanks for your comment.

  • Omar Sial

    To tell you the truth Saeed sahib, I too am surprised to see the volume of views on it.

  • Abid

    I have a lot of respect for those, who are against Musharaf and who believe that he imposed this government on us. However, dear brothers; don’t forget the last sentence of his last speech when he decided to quit “Pakistan zindabad aur Pakistan ki awam ka Allah hi Hafiz”.

    There were so many jobs available for urban youth and I who had been working for a Multinational company have seen coming a lot of investment in the country at that time. In my company’s EMEA region (which is Europe Middle East & Africa region) it was a common saying that there are two types of countries “P” and “NP” i.e. Pakistan and Non-Pakistan. Majority of EMEA region’s investment was directed towards Pakistan.

    On the other hand, the companies are now pulling out their investment. No new jobs for youth and even those who are on the job, are getting laid off…. decide what is better….

  • M H R

    I agree with most of what is written except the following.
    Musharaf didnot impose the present government on us the sympathy for Benazir did at the ballet box.
    Imran Khan will not accept Musharraf in his party and he should not. What voters bank does Musharraf brings to the table? In fact he will drive away voter bank for change away from PTI.

    M H R

  • Anopa_mackenzie

    Yes Mush was better than the current set up without a doubt. Simply refer to the main 10 or so macro-economic indicators of the country from 1999 – present for proof. Just to clarify a few popular myths:(1)It was the demand of the people of Pakistan to have BB back in the country to ‘save democracy’ and it was the demand of BB herself for the govt of Pakistan to provide a legal guarantee that corruption cases against her would be dropped (hence the NRO)(2) It was people of Pakistan that voted PPP (indirectly for the NRO) into power(3) Bugti was waging war on the state of Pakistan (cannot think of any country in the world that will tolerate any challenge to its writ) yet people blame Mush just to knock his tenure in power though they are adversly impacting the interests of Pakistan state(4) Ditto 3rd comment earlier plus would query why there were hundreds of people armed to their eyeballs in a masjid taking on the state – is that itself legal?

  • Azhardamino

    love u mushraf…we wanna see u back in pak ..this time imran khan will take intiative of making better pak and next will be your turn …get ready for that

  • Anonymous

    Musharraf was a good man. He tried to do good for Pakistan, I think. But that does not give him a free ride. He should be tried and punished for some of acts of treason such as allowing the US free access to Pakistani airspace. However there is no doubt he was much better than the current government. In long term it would have been no good though. A leader has to have the confidence and the unity of the people behind him, only then will the country start making progress. Musharraff lost that and should have resigned as any honorable leader would have done. Similarly, Mr. Zardari or Gilani should listen to the sentiments on the street if they have a hint of partriotism in their hearts, which is highly doubtful. They should put personal and party agendas aside and do what is best for the country which is to resign and face the current charges in the court of law. In the long term it will benefit their party and the country.
    In Pakistan what these political leaders and military leaders are groomed from mainly elite families who regard themselves as above law. So when they come into power they start making decisions based on their wants and needs while taking no heed to what is best for the country. A strong, independent, and courageous judiciary and media is needed to hold these politicians and generals accountable to their actions.

  • Razaq43

    Musharaf Govt was 100 time better then these Democratic Decoits, they have not only looted the wealth of the country but they destroyed it.

    • Frxcomp

      The single attractive cash generating wealth of the nation is existence of terrorism – there’d be no war against terrorism if there was no terrorism!
      When did this government rob us of terrorism?

  • Anonymous

    Easy for you to say. Your’s is the mindset that brings in idiots playing musical chairs looting the country and running it into ground all the while sucking the blood of the country and depositing it in foreign banks and properties.


    Dear Syed

    You just made my day! “May God Bless You” Reading such a truth give us HOPE that there are some people who rise above the status quo!


  • Xsoofy

    he gave us the nro not because he wanted to but because the politicions and the people compelled him too. .
    the proof is that those that took advantage of the nro could have been rejected by the electrate
    so the question is
    1 could we have rejected the nro beneficiaries
    2 did we reject the nro beneficiaries
    3 if elections had een held without the sharifs and bhuttos would we have accepted the result. . .
    the answer in each case is no
    so why are we blaming him for something we had the opportunity of rejecting

  • Anonymous

    Omar, the only reason why you are in quandary is perhaps because you are focusing on the wrong question. Perhaps question is not whether Musharraf was better than “this democracy” like everyone is used to viewing. Why not simply list the accomplishments of both then see where one ends up? Musharraf took over a stagnant country, clearly rudderless. He said he would act to change its governance to enable it a sustaining democratic process vastly expanding the influence of the entrenched parties to a much wider segment of the population. Towards that he accomplished 1) Expanded the media (BEDROCK OF DEMOCRACY) from a single Tv station to hundreds. 2) He made changes to election process and candidate qualification to allow introduction of new faces more capable of governance and positive participation such as requirement of a university education. Dropped voter participation to age 18 for new blood and new ideas. 3) He brought in experts in their fields to make real progress in governance bucking established old boy network of incompetent buffoons motivated solely by their greed to plunder. 4) He brought in internationally recognized financial expert among others as prime minister to fix the economy that met major milestones. 5) The stock market responded by achieving stratospheric heights from under 1000 at takeover to 10,000 plus.
    I have not seen anything from “this democracy” other than exploiter Ghadari taking the presidency, blaming Musharraf for the murder of Baynazar when in fact he and he alone benefited from her death. The charge is ludicrous to a ten year old.
    No question Musharraf made mistakes he has acknowledged those. But his accomplishments stand unmatched in history. If the welfare of Pakistan is prime, then you must not apply the standard (that leader be faultless, and perfect) you yourself do not adhere to.

  • Alam_uk

    Someone typed: A bad democracy is better than a good dictatorship. Pal, we never had any democracy in Pakistan. Where votes are sold on a plate of Biryani. Where 70% of population who vote are illeterate and votes are literally got out of em by might. First you have to educate your people through media that their vote is not just a piece of paper but a huge responsibility and if they select an an evil, they will be a part of it and have to pay back on judgement day before Allah and his people going hungry in beds everyday..

  • Zahir

    It is a stupid question, comparing any democracy with any martial law. I hope this is not part of the decades old larger game plan of disinformation about democracy in Pakistan to pave the way for martial laws? Have you not had enough? Next time please think before you ask!!!!

  • Noor Ahmed Khan

    good comments by friends. the democracy is better than a good marshal – law. but which type of democracy. there are many types of democracies like America’s democracy, Russian democracy or british democracy etc. the democarcy means the will be people, which people like litrate or illitrate, honest or corrupt. here the main problem with democracy in pakistan, is as mentioned above. if you means aothorities, may set a criteria that only the litrate can pole his / her vote, then you will see soon a good results of democracy other wise all pakistani will face same corruption prolem as now. regards.

  • Rashid Goraya

    Mushreff GOVt is 100 time better than this democracy. What kind of democracy we’ve ? Is this democracy that Sharif Family is in Govt of punjab from last 25 years (1986). what they did for the punjab. Y only shahbaz is eligibl for chief minister ? y not other member of N league is eligilbe for this post ? what is this democracy, Mushreff GOVt is 100 time better than this kind of democracy.

  • Mirzaali1022

    the greatest leader after Quid E Azam, who gave so much to the country! we must need to realize and welcome him in the country and support him as well as Imran khan so they can bring the glory back!

  • Anonymous

    The person responsible for the imposition of ‘Alpha Crooks’ on the nation (pretty much unchallanged becuase ge was a dictator) is forgiven this mega-error and all wrath is directed at the crooks not the dictatorwho put them there. Having great difficulty in comprehending the inconsistency and short-sightedness! Help……

  • Jan_next

    Musharaf is the better than this democracy.. KJ

  • Afsar Kn

    He was 500% better than this democratic govt….

  • Loopysakle

    i feel bad when i found Mr Musharaf’s some unacceptable policies. But i feel horrible when i see ZARDARI as President of Pakistan that when will our next generation will read the history of Pakistan then will find ZARDARI as Pakistan’s President. OH MY GOD… i can’t say anything. Instead of it Mr Musharaf i love you dear.. i promise you if IMRAN KHAN will dissapoint us, i will vote for you. GOD BLESS YOU and Mr. Khan. Both of you are GOD gifted my dears.

  • Khan_friendship

    Yes, he was far better than this corrupt and demoralized govt. And it is shameful to say it a democratic govt.

  • Afnan Ahmed

    For giving us the NRO, which paved way for leaders like Zardari to become President, is reason enough for me to disapprove Musharraf altogether!

  • Patriot

    Yes, beyond doubt Musharaf was better than the current lot, but lets be clear on one thing ‘Democracy died’ the day Fatima Jinnah lost elections and election rigging became a norm, there has never been any democracy in Pakistan, friends, and there cannot be any democracy in a nation where 50-60% of our country men are SLAVES UNDER THE FEUDAL LORDS. With a literacy rate of less than 10 % and declining ( those with a matric degree) you cannot not expect this illiterate mob of a nation to choose a leader who will guide them to enlightenment, they will choose the biggest thug from amongst them. How many in our country understand the terms GDP, GNP, Tax to GDP ratio etc. I bet not even five percent, so lets make this nation educated first and then think about giving them the responsibility to choose a leader.

  • Raazdil

    with due respect to all views ,This is a very reasonable question , however dicator ship is no comparison to Democracy , but here the question would be , whether the Musharaf government was better then Asif Ali Zardari Government??
    before Musharaf took over , we had only PTV , restricted to Government News only , in Benazir , era you wont fine Nawaz , face in media and vice versa , he gave liberty to all , the whole media structure was changed , he made certain mistakes , but things were not worse as today .. the bad thing was, that he was a dictator by accident … however , he gathered a good team , who did well

  • Mujeeb

    wht kind of democracy?democracy of inflation, democracy of corruption, demoracy of distruction of all important organization, its democracy by name, its democracy of benefits to politicians, unless untill ordinary ppl dont benefit as well as corrup politicians go on trial, there is no use of democracy, Mussharf regime was far far better than this, he made mistakes, but overall our economy was improving, dollar was in stable condition as was rupee, investment oppertunity was there. i think superme court is still handicappd, it cant do nthing against govrmnt

  • Baloch

    Even democracy and Mushraf are both danger for the Pakistan. Mushraf killed innocent Baloch and even this democratic government is a carbon copy of Mushraf’s government.

  • Abc123

    what difference does it make people need roti, kapra and makan along with secutrity. is it available

  • AHmed

    Musharaf is a disgrace to mankind, all what ppl face now is coz of musharaf, it’s an old tactic to get someone worse then u so then ppl will remember and miss u again , but too bad, it’s game over for musharaff.
    Not only did he kill many tax paying pakistanis , he only served western interests.
    Ppl who r slavish likes musharaff was he hard stupid talks where he says he lies and he’s proud of it. The problem is that man ppl just love to be slaves either to musharaff or the birtishers, after all not all ppl cleaning their boots were sorted out after independence, and musharaff is a product of that.
    Things cannot be looked into in isolation, both government r the worse, but the man game setter was no doubt musharaff, if he’s such a man y is he in gora laps now.
    I still cannot comprehend, when I remember him addressing pak ppl in English, what is he, imagine a birtish president or pm addressing in Urdu next day he will be thrown out, most of our ppl donno English, musharraff was in no touch with our ppl, how stupid is this, y talk in English on local tv, what an insult to our nation.
    Anyhow I m just writing to help u ppl keep ur vision straight, I don’t wanna waste more time on such a disgrace, and btw pak Eco and gov was much stronger pre musharaff era, although I don’t support nawaz, y don’t u shed some light on that

  • Saint

    Musaharf is no doubt are far better than the current Ruling elite in Pakistan.
    The rulers having no leadership qualities like Vision, Courage,determination and they are only worrying as to how to get ill gotten money.

    Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are the leaders of tehsil level they should context election in a capacity of nazims not PM or president bcoz they r not clean and visionary

    Although Musharaf made only few mistakes in his 8 yrs while this govt has so far being made thousands of mistakes in their 4 yrs of govt.

    There is no match of Musharaf with the current leaders.

    • Omar Sial

      Is it OK for a nazim to be corrupt Saint? Many thanks for your comment.

  • Dar

    The worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship.

    • Sarah Lovell

      People like you is the reason I left Pakistan.

  • Eastrenfr

    i disagree with this y u compare democracy & musharaf he is dictator / he is responsible all of our current problems we hate this type of leadership .one thing is that our country is not property of these type bloody leaders hows takeover governments & divide the people on ethnic group & create NRO

  • Haijaz_pk

    Please stop it, don’t you know who is main culprit in bringing Pakistan in such a worst situation. Musharaf’s so called vision did not give a single mega project to Pakistan. He is such a coward General who bent him on a single call from white house, resultant Pakistan is suffering the consequences of bowing to Bush instead of Allah Almighty….he should be punished for his deeds as can be seen that Economic situation was cosmetic not concrete during his regime.

  • Aliumar786786

    It is the history of Pakistan that in the era of Army pakistan make progress. People still remember Ayub khan and Now remembering Musharaf, What this democracy is doing? Every Pakistan know, Now it is upto the the people of Pakistan that to whom they select in next elections. Before Gillani was saying that we cannot do anything in the presence of Musharaf but after his resigning what he or his government did?

  • Aliumar786786

    if he missed then you given the chance to current government, i hope this democracy did not miss?

  • http://www.facebook.com/asifm86 ‘Asif Malik’

    Yes much better

  • Cpbventure

    yes… Musharraf was far better then this corrupt government..no mafia.

  • Nauman

    Jiye Mushraf ,
    Aese jhamoriat ko chatte ??? jis me pani nahi bijli nahi ata nahi , rozgar nahi busnises nahi , pakistan toot raha hai
    bus zinda hai to jhamoriat
    lanat hu aese jhamoriat per ( yahan per sub parties jhamori hai ???? )

    jin ke pait bahre hute hai un ko ye baten ache lagte hai , pocho un se jo ek waqt ka khana nahi kha pa rahe hai itne mehngai hu gaye hai

  • Omer

    Saw this BLog got interested in it and kept on reading all the comments. my analysis majority of the people interested in well being of Pakistan only have given positive comments about musharraf. most of the negative comments drawn were from people either having some halucination that Pakistan is the Thekedar of afghanistan and muslims all over the world or it is right for criminals to take refuge in Pakistan as long as they are muslims and pass the buck of their own follies of first getting rid of him and voted the others in power. The third commentators were those who seek residence to all old faces and want to make other leaders be part of the pakistani equation in short want change they were positive to democracy but not the current setup.

    So in short support for musharraf is there and far flung from the palins of punjab to the shores of sindh and balochistan to the heights of gilgit baltistan, kashmir and chitral. No wonder he wants to come back and form a base of support.
    I wish all the political stakeholders best of luck.
    Lastly Omar Sial touched a topic and it generated an overwhelming response mostly in favour of musharraf so have my fingers crossed on this it will allow him to analyse our youth more.
    Best wishes
    Omer :)

    • Anonymous

      Ha Ha ha…How many of hi supporters actually attended his Karachi Jalsa. Just proves how popular he actually is in Pakistan

  • Nauman

    much much better

  • Desert_always_needs_sawan

    Every Military Government came in Pakistan was 10000000000 times better than pig shit Civil Government……………..

  • Mansoor Ahmad

    Musharaf was not better but than this democracy

  • Arozal1

    he lie, afraid. and shame for nation.

  • Ehtsham 12

    yes he was better than current democracy…mushraf’s policies were benificial for pakistan.

  • Mkhan

    How manny bullets Omar Sail ever recieved or how many time people tried to assasinate him. All this happen to Musharraf and then some. After knowing how dangerous for him to come back to Pakistan he is prepare to come back, that proves his bravery. NRO was supposed to bring back Political normalcy and to bring big party leaders back in Pakistan to start a better political system. Musharraf’s intentions were good but again our very ignorant pakistani’s voted looters in power. The only mistake he made during his tenure was the restriction on Media and tossle with Judiciary. And the man do admit his mistakes. I hope he gets a second chance because I believe that he is only man right now on the political stage who has the ability to actually do something positive for the country and that stage include Imran Khan. Talk is cheap Imran. How many bills Imran Khan introduce when he was in parliment. Critisizing others are easy but working with others are hard. Thats all I see when I hear Imran is criticisizm and no solutions.

  • Laiba Hassan

    Pakistan was doing very well during Musharraf’s tenure — stock market around 16,000; dollar steady at Rs.60; foreign investment at a all time high; BIG NO electricity/gas LOAD SHEDDING;
    security situation OK.
    What has changed in last 4 years? NO COMMENTS NEEDED — everybody knows!
    Pak Army had to be sent in Swat a couple of years back to kick out the anti state elements.
    I guess the same thing happened in Lal Mashid, we lost an officer with several jawans not by toy guns. I have high regards for Nawab Bughti but guess he was with wrong crowd at the wrong time.
    Lets start hanging politicians, bureaucrats or who so ever involved in mega scams!
    Our priority should be on solving public problems.

  • Ehtisham Tehami

    too much better than this democracy.

  • Amalik_1999

    ‘Yes of-course’ his era was better, in any respect to the current scenario, if one can think above the pathetic Pakistani CONSTITUTION level put together by the retards for the politicians we have and have had in our country. Does anyone really think that these so called politicians have the capabilities of to be good managers, by the qualification and back ground they have??

    We the “Pakistanis” are The most disgusting nation on the face of the earth . If this is an opinion pol, than Musharraf wins all hands down.

    These yellow journalism which prevails in our country most definitely puts piece of paper (THE CONSTITUTION), which is btw no better then the bathroom tissue for me since it doesn’t do any good for me it only protects the corrupt politicians and the power full wealthy people of this country. And these so called JOURNALISTS are the root cause of most of our current problems, they put these feudal mindset politicians and the “”constitution”" made by these retards, above the country, county’s interest and its people.

  • Amalik_1999

    ‘Yes of-course’ his era was better, in any respect to the current scenario, if one can think above the pathetic Pakistani CONSTITUTION level put together by the retards for the politicians we have and have had in our country. Does anyone really think that these so called politicians have the capabilities of to be good managers, by the qualification and back ground they have??

    We the “Pakistanis” are The most disgusting nation on the face of the earth . If this is an opinion pol, than Musharraf wins all hands down.

    These yellow journalism which prevails in our country most definitely puts piece of paper (THE CONSTITUTION), which is btw no better then the bathroom tissue for me since it doesn’t do any good for me it only protects the corrupt politicians and the power full wealthy people of this country. And these so called JOURNALISTS are the root cause of most of our current problems, they put these feudal mindset politicians and the “”constitution”" made by these retards, above the country, county’s interest and its people.

  • Amalik_1999

    He has Lyari Expressway in his list, you may have to know how to see and read my friend. He only spelled it differently “Liari” unlock the doors in-front of your mind dear.

  • Omar Sial

    Thank you for your very kind words CISCO.

  • nauman

    Whatever you sow , so shall you reap and we are reaping what Musharf sow!!!

  • Haijaz_pk


  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    Notwithstanding the fact that in the present civilized world of twenty-first century,the form of government that represents people’s aspirations is only an unadulterated democracy,some half-baked “political thinkers”eulogize military dictatorship of Ayyub,Zia and Musharraf,to the utter umbrage of the people with political insight.In terms of Political Science,a government consists of three organs i.e.(1) Executive (2)Legislature and (3) Judiciary.The primary function of the legislature is to enact laws in the light whereof the executive administers the daily affairs of the government and takes stock of the defense situation of the country,and the judiciary settles the civil and the criminal disputes.Unlike the three organs of government,defense department is an agency which falls in the domain of the executive organ of the government.The primary duty of the defense department is to defend the territorial,the maritime and the aerial boundaries of the state.All the functionaries in the hierarchical ladder of the defense forces are the employees of the executive organ of the government and work under the subordination to the ministry of defense as long as it reposes its confidence in them.As it has been an ill-luck of Pakistan,it’s history has been checkered with crises,and the top-most personnel of the military echelon,viz., Ayyub,Zia and Musharraff have been utilizing those crises for their personal advantage and aggrandizement to optimum.The job of the Army Chief of the Staff is analogous with that of a security guard.The security guard has to ensure the security of the life and the property of its employer.If he takes his employer hostage and hijacks the latter’s property at gun-point,he is simply a criminal,not a hero.The military dictators have incriminated themselves not only by hijacking the country,but also by assassinating the popular leaders of the people of Pakistan.By ousting the elected governments of Pakistan,the military dictators have been committing high treason against the constitution,hence criminals. Musharraf is accused of high treason and is fit to be brought to the Supreme Court for trial.On the other hand,Zia had his place in the nadir of morality.His bones deserve to be exhumed and hanged as a token of punishment for his coup d’etat and assassination of ZAB.Undoubtedly,the people who love freedom and democracy will sound the death-knell of the fallacious political perception of those who shower their praises on the military dictators in stead of castigating them.Adversaries of democracy and upholders of dictatorship have no value of freedom and are slaves by nature as classified by Plato in his magnum opus,the ‘Republic’.

    • Omar Sial

      Very well said Hashmi sahib. Thank you for your view. I hope all is well with you.

    • Eye opener

      what has given us this so called democracy. we can never have it in the presence of this big clan of looters who want to come in power just to squeeze the blood of this poor nation.

      Just compare your disposable income and see how much you used to save in Musharaf time and how much now which is just 3/4 years time. I am sure you will feel the true difference and might decide to change your views

    • Eyeopener

      what has given us this so called democracy. we can never have it in the presence of this big clan of looters who want to come in power just to squeeze the blood of this poor nation.

      Just compare your disposable income and see how much you used to save in Musharaf time and how much now which is just 3/4 years time. I am sure you will feel the true difference and might decide to change your views

    • Eyeopener

      what has given us this so called democracy. we can never have it in the presence of this big clan of looters who want to come in power just to squeeze the blood of this poor nation.

      Just compare your disposable income and see how much you used to save in Musharaf time and how much now which is just 3/4 years time. I am sure you will feel the true difference and might decide to change your views

  • Sajjadnaqvi20

    Writing in front of mirror not allow!

  • Journalist Hasnain


    • Anonymous

      Come back to Pakistan then and stop ranting like your idiot , retard General.

      We the People of Pakistan , Who ACTUALLY live in Pakistan Don’t want him back


      A Pakistani Consultant Doctor

  • Wellwisher

    Let’s not live in fools paradise and have an un-biased look at the following facts

    Musharaf Time: Dollar constant at Rs 60 Now: 90++++ (jamhooriat zindabad)

    Musharaf Time: For companies, it was difficult to retain staff in the company because people were having more than one job offer Now: It is difficult to retain because cost of production is has drastically gone up (see the impact of dollar price) – Thanks to democracy….

    Musharaf time: electricity bill during peak summers with 1 A/c was Rs. 2,500-4,500 Now: With No electricity for many days … and the bill is 10,000+ (jamhuriat baqi rahni chaheyayyy)

    Musharaf time: majority people did not have to think about roti Now: everyone has to find where is atta? (jamhuriat zindabad)

    Musharaf Time: huge scholarships program for higher education Now: Higher education commission is out of business and teh staff is out of jobs (jamhoriat ka pahiya chalta rehna chahiyay)

  • Eyeopener

    what has given us this so called democracy. we can never have it in the presence of this big clan of looters who want to come in power just to squeeze the blood of this poor nation.

    Just compare your disposable income and see how much you used to save in Musharaf time and how much now which is just 3/4 years time. I am sure you will feel the true difference and might decide to change your views

  • Osama bin naseer

    wow mr omar!!! v v good blog n article…..hopin’ 2 see many more in da years to come. yes nauman i agree…u do reap wat u sow. !! :)

  • Anonymous

    Omar Sb

    A well framed question – opion pollster’s delight. You have set yourself a high Goal now – to pose another question to target 1000 responses about, say for example, was Musharaff responsible for the NRO and was it good or not? Anything the brings out the natural sense of people for justice and fairplay rather than a kneejerk response based on transient/illusion of an economic properity for a handful of years. Goodluck….

    • Omar Sial

      Thank you very much Sir. I shall try my best :)

  • Just my 2 cents

    Respectfully speaking! You will never be happy and no one can make you happy and your speech sounds like as if you are an avid fan of negativity. I am not in to politics but i do appreciate if some body does something good irrespective of intentions or motives. He is a human and tell me a name who has tendency to be right every time? or has not made any mistakes? Everything boils down to one thing that not only Army, neither do Zardari alone but we as a nation is power obsessed…every institution when ever gets power to oppress, has done it shamelessly may it be your respected court, politicians, police, army or lawyers. These criminal thugs were not brought by a miracle but voted by us or if not by me and you then lot of people did vote for them and i guess Justice sahab also voted for BiBi :P . We as a nation forget past in 5 days as it is not necessary and now our intellectual reasoning merely is at a level where talk ends with curse or fight (Zillion thanks to GEO talk shows and special hats off to Hamid mir). Musharaf did made blunders…but you, me and everyone has to accept the fact that there is some problem in Pakistan that has to be finished and that is States authority in every corner of the country and end of “Aslaha” culture. I am unable to understand one thing…for our Madam Naseem (I don’t know which TV channel anchor) American drone attacks are against our sovereignty but pathetic Mullahs abducting people, killing them is not a problem of ours oh yes yes this is not our problem and neither is this our WAR. The whole nation is against Maya Khan for her act by writing bold articles but this is the same nation who did’t utter a word from their “Impotent” mouth when our judicial system, our Punjab govt, our federal govt sent Mr. CIA (Apni gali main Kutta bhi shair hota hai). We as Pakistani’s urge Govt to take down drones but unable to understand that as a Nation when we have got disgraced by none other then “us” and could’t give justice not to dead family but his wife who slap on our faces and died saying “I don’t see justice” (So true) how will you defend your self from American retaliation after that? Our education is of sort that we think only racist people are “Goras” but let me tell you another hard hitting fact that atleast they are not racist to their own people. We as a Nation call Pathan brothers as Khocha, Punjabi’s as kammi and bla bla…i have lived and worked abroad and i haven’t found anyone of them Racist but sad part is no Pakistani even came to my apartment in 3 years (Muslim Ummah and brotherhood is text book now) No matter how many times you nod your head to make me wrong it is the truth. I have lived most of my life in NWFP and they have exploited us in the name of God and sold drugs or weapons as if it is Halal. Why Baluchistan cries over rights when they can’t speak against their “Lords”? I belong from such a backward area called Khaplu, which i am 99 % sure that almost 80% of Pakistani masses don’t even know where it is…I have never seen a person in that area crying for independance from Pakistan even if we were not given fair share of anything…and may i remind you that the whole Northern Areas budget before Musharaf era was less than few million rupees…Nations don’t cry but they accept good things and try to overcome what has been left by others. Zillion economist appear on TV and give shitty remarks about budget every year and if one of them is given the responsibility, each one of them is cursed by others and this round robin system is for so many years. PPP financial minister is in PTI now and i don’t know that guy after making such a budget has got his hand on budget making formula and IK with his limitless wisdom as many of you call him “Only hope” couldn’t scan his abilities…many people ask me how is it possible that Northern areas is developed with this budget so a hard hitting fact is AGHA KHAN. This man has done everything, our literacy rate growth is highest in Pakistan and the most happiest place on Earth. In my 27 years on this planet i haven’t heard a single killing in Baltistan. Why is everything wrong going in down states? hatred, mistrust, looting, killing and still Sindhi lord cries before election OH we are not given our share of water that is why our people are like this…Baluchi Khan will curse Pakistan during a feast which can accommodate 10 walimas and don’t get me started on Punjabi “Malik’s”…even though this region get most budget, the rate of looting is proportional. I remember the time Musharaf decided to build Sadpara DAM and no one said NO!!! but for few land sacrifice Kalabagh dam was not allowed by “us”. You will never be happy because you are not willing to accept the problems. I am dying to see whom you vote for and in few years read another post “Cursing” XYZ. Have good day and try to regard good things in life even if it’s done by “Zardari”.

  • Anonymous

    All Military Dictators of the distant and recent past have died like dogs or in far off places.

    This is a historical fact. What makes this retard Musharraf and his Cyberwarriors think other wise. He was and will always be a coward.

  • Anonymous

    Well summarized. Couldn’t agree more

  • Mohammad Amin Zafar

    The People who got protection from NRO…I ask u a Question…Were they all about to get hanged and he protected them Right…If there was no NRO ,Do u think Zardari or B.B Behind the Bars?…Madam Its unfortunate that No one can be Behind the Bars and that how it is…He is not arcitect of Disaster ,He protected the People who are Enemies of Themselves!…Look at National Debt at time he left and Now ???.I really dont understand What Kind of Mind Ppl like u have !…Pakistan deserve Zardari !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TLMAE2L4SFIH76FGJYHDRXIE5Q Journalist


  • Khalidmalik_641

    yes musharraf was 1000 times better than the so-called democracy.

  • Anonymous

    Then go and live in exile as your coward Dictator

  • Anonymous

    I will always support former President Retd. General Musharraf. He together with Imran Khan can steer Pakistan away from despair.

  • Nooruddin

    Under his administration Pakistan needed new dam project, new power and water resources project, new infrastructure and mega project to create new job for the people, and most important Karachi law and order and security problem..But he failed to do so and leave the problem as it is …

  • Sanwal Saraiki

    Mush my foot!!! Coward commando who sold Pakistan. “jaffar az Bangaal, Sadiq az Dakkan, Mush az Pak” they all sold Muslim nation. He should face trial and should be punished on treason charges.

    • Azwar

      WOW, what thought process, i am sure Mr. Sail is unware of all the other leaders before him did to pakistan Except Quaid A Azam. They have been selling Pakistan in 1 way or the other, What Muslim Nation show me 1 Muslim Nation whose Leaders are not sitting on their Chairs wthout the backing of USA.
      Grow up and Smell the roses, come out of the well and see what is going on around us we have to change our leaders from top to bottom have some interest or the other..

  • Justice

    I don’t think it’s better, And Musharraf never knew about good or bad, he was just a american clown who even supported terrorism, his double standard made him a joke seriously.

  • Xoya

    I agree bring Mr .Musharraf back we dont want this Chor wala democracy ,
    we want law & order , we want peace , we want to live with our families in peace , we as Pakistanis want our respect back in the world as we once had before during Mr. Musharraf’s time .
    he was the only one who gave our rupee currency respect , now thanks to Zardari its Toilet paper

  • Sherzamankhan

    Much better than this shame dogmatized democracy. Either the government or public is interested in social welfare and focusing on education. We have heard about the PHDs students are washing dishes who went abroad at the time of Musharaf. Indian think tank called an extra ordinary meeting with their president and prime minister on the fear that if Pakistan continues going on the investment on education what would be the future of their country. This was the plan of higher education at the time of Musharaf. The so called democratic elected choor government is just spending billions on surviving their seats. i have words to this democracy. you will see in future the nation will sell their female cloths just for getting one rooti and next election again these foolish people will vote to Zoordari this is another harsh truth.

  • Tariqnh

    Every Pakistani is indebted to Musharraf for gifting Pakistan This Democracy. Thanks ‘NRO” First.

  • Asghar

    I strongly disagree…. this was the man who had murdered Shaheed Banazir Bhutoo . He had done massacre at Karachi. While taking on enmity, he has closed his eyes, more than 200 innocents’ lives he had puffed-up. Nobody had asked him so far because he has done with the support from establishment just to washed away PPP and Benazir Bhuto. He should be hanged in Pakistan..

  • Asghar

    Mr. Durkhan …Are you in senses, why u hiding the facts? He was murderer and coward man , a disgrace for Pakistan. Due to him we are now without a great leader Shaheed Banazir Bhuto. Pakistan is just a toy now for American and they are making mockery out of us. I believe he will be given example nary punishment by God and rewarded accordingly.

    • Fatiha

      Do you say great? WHo? Benazir? what a joke!

  • Shahzad992000

    We need Peace not Democracy. we need better governace not bitter. This type of democracy is like Might is right Jungle ka kanoon

  • Ameer Tarin

    Plain and simple, Nawaz, Zardari, Chowdhry’s or their concubines will rule Pakistan for a long time. Pakistan is a nation of sedated people who live in dreams and believe in a miracle to happen. There is a huge number of fifth column in Pakistan who are overwhelmed by Ashwari Roy and the Bacchan family and wish Pakistan to merge with India and enjoy living under the shadow of Bajrang Dal.

  • Imran A.

    Hahaha…. I can stop laughing at the believers in democracy. Democracy has no clear agenda except helping rich people to come into power. Why didn’t the prophet (SAW) recommend democracy as the way to rule? Why did he hand pick individuals and gave them authority to rule over the masses? Surely we Muslims are victims of the West in so many ways and yet we never seem to understand. Musharaf tried his best without any support from his hand picked party, no support from the nation, no support from his family. Even though I support him, I think he was not prepared to die for the country, he still wanted to live a good life for himself. Sorry Sir, but it’s time to call it quits. You didn’t trust your lucky stars and wanted to save your life. You could have let the opposition martyr you and you would have been remembered as a hero, but I guess your worldly instincts overcame your commando instinct. Now you have neither.

    • Anonymous

      Where are you going to find someone like the Prophet (SAW) today to handpick individuals to run an honest government (and remember consensus at the time)?! I assume you were not attributing the same upright status to Musharaff – in the absence of what you propose, democracy is the best option as long as it is not of the ‘best revenge’ kind but more about people’s welfare.

  • Hayat khan

    But we don,t know who was great leader and which is was great democracy .
    But we know our future democracy will good and we have only one option who will make exclusive democracy he will be Imran khan PTI. This democracy will better than other democracy .

  • Alina_babar39

    If this is democracy where the primeminster thinks he is above the law , where there is no relief for the poor ,where our elected members think that the people should serve them instead of other way round then God please deliver me from such a democracy

  • Mustafa

    Democracy works when majority of citizen are honest!!!! Known corrupt politicians are elected. Look at current situation, Pakistan is surrounded with trouble, weak border, rising prices, NO electricity and Killing of Innocent People and Biased Judiciary. .. And Politician and supreme Court are fighting for the Chair.

  • wahid

    for our country and the sort of nature we people have. I ‘m of the opinion that military rule is far better than this current democracy.

  • kashif

    YES he was 100% better then this

  • http://www.facebook.com/hisham.idris.503 Hisham Idris

    Having gone through the comments made here I can conclude that people concern is just the money no matter how they get it. People are deeply impressed by the bubble and artificial economy that Pakistan witnessed during the Musharraf’s occupation of Pakistan. People have little regard to what Musharraf did to Pakistan Constitution and Law, its political system, its judiciary, institutions and above all its Army to achieve his political ambitions.

    The people are still paying the price for his sins. The Army still fighting the endless war he started against its own people. He toyed with religion, nearly disintegrated the country and literally made Pakistan and Pakistanis a tradable commodity but only to prolong his occupation of Pakistan.

    But the admirers of the Hypocrite Clown are interested only in money. Compare Musharraf with Zardari and not with Democracy. Let the law take its course. We want justice and nothing more.

  • Messum

    hahahahhaa….Bubble economies do not last for 6 to 7 years…….according to the analysts……..bubble economies are temporary and last for a small time……..and not for 6 to 7 years…….In his era…..pakistan was classified to be among the top 10 largest economies in the world….in PMLNs era….Pakistan was on the 45 th number n in ppp era…..not even in the first 50…..so it proves kay Musharfs era was the best ever……Bubble economy agenda is nothing but absurd………

  • m h kayani

    NO he was just as bad, the best and better were Ayub and Zia.

  • m h kayani

    Musharraf is out dated NOW, he can never come back through any door, he is finished for ever. go on find your self another army general, democracy will not help you.

  • Ali

    i don’t know where is Democracy in Pakistan. We are in a phase of dictatorship rather by militants or by civilians. One dies stick to the Grand golden seat but never let it to other than his own remainders. We have to tie our back for the new policies which gonna break the spinal. Worst era of Pakistan history has to come now in near future where one will buy a single chapati for 1000 PKR. May ALLAH bless us with unity against the political Dracula’s.