Tis The Season To Keep Warm

Tis The Season To Keep Warm

So now that the winters are finally here, we have already taken out our warm apparel, scarves, gloves, boots and are ready to take a dive into the season. Winters coupled with the New Year is an awesome time for a fresh start. Students begin a new term, work picks up pace, there are amazing shopping deals and clearance sales in stores. It is a festive season which can be celebrated for millions of reasons. For some people it may be the best weather but for many, winter can become quite irritating. The constant use of body lotion, moisturizers and creams to rejuvenate the skin seems like a daunting task. As it is, we are occupied with our daily chores, have family to attend to and to top it all off extra care needs to be taken just because of the winters. Living in Pakistan, winters seem to bring good weather but in certain areas where there is snow fall, it gets very cold and movement becomes highly restricted unless you don lots of layers of clothing. The roads need to be cleared and proper resources need to be provided by the city government to facilitate life.


Even then, it has been seen that people are fond of the winters since the ‘garmi’ lasts pretty much all year long. In such a situation winter comes as a blessing. For women getting dressed up for weddings with intense makeup is always better in winters. There is no fear of the makeup being washed off or the foundation wearing off. The exquisiteness and fun of having sheesha and coffee in winters is also greatly exhilarated. Suddenly long drives, hanging out with friends becomes so much more interesting. Bonfires, bbq’s and sleepovers gain more meaning. You seem to enjoy the breeze and sense of comfort from cuddling a loved one. Winters is all about reliving the ideas you just cannot associate with summer.


If we really want to relive winters and enjoy the uniqueness of every season. Some tips to follow would be:


1. Apply body lotion twice a day to reduce itchy and flaky skin.


2. Always carry a lip balm or lip-gloss to prevent chapped lips.


3. Wear warm clothes to prevent catching the flu which could culminate in serious medical problems like pharyngitis and pneumonia. Some people also experience increased allergies in winter.


4. Drink lots of water because it is easy to get dehydrated as the want for water decreases.


5. Shower regularly and use strong body sprays as the smell lasts longer in winters keeping you fresh and reducing body odor.


6. As there is little sun exposure, you could acquire deficiency of Vitamin D which is partly made by the skin.


7. Exercise regularly to maintain heart fitness and body weight as dietary habits change and we tend to prefer oily food and dry fruits which have high caloric value keeping us warm


If we take these measures, there is no reason one cannot find winter pleasurable and exciting. Every season has its own importance – winters too need to be cherished and enjoyed.

Nida Hasan

A second year medical student at Dow Medical College

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  • Asad Bukhari

    Well Written.

  • M. Saeed

    “The exquisiteness and fun of having sheesha and coffee in winters is also greatly exhilarated.”

    Nida, being a medical student you are not expected to write in praise of sheesha. Just google “Shisha Smoking: A Serious Risk to Health” and read an article by Professor Javaid Khan FRCP (Edin), Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan.