The More I Know Humans…the More I Love Dogs.

The More I Know Humans…the More I Love Dogs.

The more I know humans………………The more I love dogs.


Drone attacks, suicide bombings, target killings, corruption, bribery, dishonesty, intolerance, robbery, murders, kidnapping, rape, you name it and we have it.

10 people died in a suicide attack in a mosque on Eid day. Taliban claimed the responsibility of firing at school bus, daughter is being killed by his father for karo kari, 5 years old raped, killed and thrown in a drain. A man killed his mother and brother over property. Robbers killed the only bread earner of a family.


The more I know humans………The more I love dogs.


Are we still humans or not any more? I think we are now even worse than animals. Because over the period of time, we witnessed a shift in animal kingdom, in terms of their relation with other animals. The usual cat and dog chase and the tussle between lion and deer have changed to some extent.

Now we see a cat is feeding a puppy, lion are protecting deer. Animals have now adopted the humane values.


But animals of “human kingdom” are losing their (humane) values with every passing day.




Hence, the more I know humans, the more I love dogs.

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  • jahangir khan

    Humans Cant be compare with animals, especially ‘Ashrafull makhlukath’.you can criticise them only.Actually we are agree that every where in society there is stress,humanitarian violence and corruption, but who to be blame.we all are contributing some share in society but we never blame our self,we always need appreciation to raise the issue but we never come along with solution and normally we need clapping for every thing that might be below then social norms and ethics,many people appreciated.critical analysis is best for every person who live in society,and play a positive role and get involved logically in the trembling issue of human and get the can only liable for their on mistake its not a solution but comparing all human being as single unit is also look like illogical.

  • Anonymous

    Where in Quran is a dog ” najjas unpure”. On the other hand there are dogs guarding in Sura Kahf(18:18).

  • Anonymous

    Actions of an insecure human! A secure one would love both humans and animals for what they are….even if the relation between human and dog is that of master and pet…

  • toirama

    Khalid Zaheer Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of University of Central Punjab, previous Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Ethics at Lahore University says:

    Qur’an doesn’t say it anywhere that man is the noblest of all creatures (ashraful makhluqat). I think the confusion has stemmed from four reasons: i) Man’s arrogance in general and that of Muslims in particular; ii) the understanding of Muslims that since prophet Muhammad, alaihissalaam, was superior to rest of the entire creation and since he was a human, human beings must be the best of all creations; iii) an incorrect understanding of a Qur’anic verse; and iv) an incorrect inference drawn from Qur’anic story of Adam and Iblis.

    The fact of the matter is that Qur’an states positively that man has been made superior to a vast number of creations, which by inference gives an understanding that he is not superior to all.