The Longest Term

The Longest Term

Our prime minister seems ecstatic that his government has lasted as long as it has. And maybe he has reason to be. He proudly said recently that he was the longest serving prime minister of Pakistan, second only to ZA Bhutto, with 45 months under his belt. No mean feat, I am sure, in a country which is riddled with all kinds of problems.


However, someone should tell the august leader that it is not enough for a government to last long, if it doesn’t have anything to show for that long time of leisure at the expense of taxpayers. This government has been seduced by the glittering perks and privileges that have become a very important part of “governance”. I don’t want to be the party pooper but no government should only be remembered for setting a record of being in power for the longest time, it should be remembered for the most people-centric goals that it achieved while there.



All over the world, governments are judged on the work they achieved during their time in power which provides them a platform from which they can later ask for votes. However, our leaders know that our voters are a gullible, starving, miserable lot that can be programmed during the last few months before elections, fed the necessary propaganda, untruths and false promises, and who like lab rats will cast their votes for whoever the powers that be want them to choose.



It seems our PM has been led astray by his experts and advisers about the economy for him to have stated that the economy is improving. It wouldn’t be wrong if we ask: ‘Sir, of which country?’ Maybe from his vantage point – from where he sees land cruisers, sprawling mansions etc, – he is right, the economy of the country he sees is in fact getting better. From down here in the country called Pakistan, things are not so good.



If he desires to see this country he won’t have to go very far, he can go to Pindi or Lahore, where he’ll see large groups of people scouring the streets looking for unused timber to burn to cook and keep warm. Maybe then will he understand that the country is facing another huge crisis – the gas crisis. – adding to the long list of existing national miseries like poverty, starvation, unemployment, price hikes and, of course, our very old problem the power shortages.



Many of us had great hopes pinned on this government but it failed us as it has been fixated on trying to achieve the record of being the longest serving one, instead of being the one which achieved goals. Constant assurances from the top sound like a lot of noise down here where we Pakistanis live, and I am sorry it isn’t making much of an impression on the majority. The people of Pakistan don’t need hollow promises of change, they need to see change. They need to feel that things are being done for the betterment of the majority, not the select few living in the clouds.



Personally, I am sick of paying the salaries of government servants from top to bottom from my meagre income but getting nothing for my depreciating money’s worth. And I am not alone in feeling this way. You know what will look good in Pakistan’s political history, dear PM? That you were the longest serving premier of Pakistan whose tenure achieved some goals that went some way in mitigating the misery that afflicts the lives of millions in this country.

Lubna Jerar Naqvi

The writer is a senior journalist and writes regularly on human rights and women issues with special focus on social media. She tweets @raiseqalam

  • Zafar Bokhari

    Incompetent, self praising, and intellectually bankrupt PM.

    • Aliisa

      You forgot to mention “dumb”

      • Syed Aaamir Ishaque

        I thank God he is just dumb, not the dumbest like a few who had availed the privilege of being called Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  • Anonymous

    “The Longest Term”….. Seems like a sentence…..but for whom?!

  • Sohraab

    What a joke….I would call it the Longest term to Loot, Plunder & destroy our beloved land. Inshallah these goons will meet their fate soon.

  • Mabob

    Longest for PPP (poverty Promoting Plague) but fruitless for GDP.

  • Zakir Akbar

    It gives me hope that next assembly will complete its term as well. That means 10 years of unimterrupted democracy :-)

  • Kam

    I am sorry but he has every right to be ecstatic … ever since this govt. came in 2008 everyone has been working to remove it. The conspiracies started within the first month itself but they managed to survive. And when we did not let them do anything but try and save their government, how can we question them now on what they have delivered or not? (Not that i agree they have not delivered, there were a lot of positive things done by this government which the media has never bothered talking about, all they have care for is the NRO, nothing else!!!

  • Tariq

    According to Wikileaks, that person Gillani was the most incompetent, manageable and most corrupt. This was his only qualifications, which enable him to become PM. That was the requirement of Zadari as well as outside forces. Now That PM is stuck to the throat of alleged corruptions, and massacre of governance along with his family. So he had no choice but to remain attached with Zardari. Remember, PM call themselves as CROWS.

  • Yawar

    Mr Gillani
    You along with Mr 20 percent have presided over the most corrupt , incompetent and inefficient Govt ever.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, instead of boasting about the tenure of your government .

  • Anonymous

    “The Longest Term” ….that is what the incumbent government wants to impose on Mansoor Ijaz….wonderful manouverings to scare off a witness but at least the pots and kettles both now have the soot all over their faces!

    Mr.HH calls upon the Mrs. for help – what a man. See the tag team of US citizen + Dodgy Pakistani pair versus a peculiar US citizen. Either way US win….

  • Naeem London

    This PM should be told that it is not Quantity that matters but Quality.

  • Rraashid

    The MOST CORRUPT person (after Zardari) on this planet who is our Prime Minister and who claims he is descendant of Rahmatullah Alaih Abdul Qadir Jilani.

  • Wadibombaywala

    so go and tell People of Pakistan to vote a different party
    no body works for nothing including you miss