The Real Satisfaction..

The Real Satisfaction..

Often, my friends and I get engaged in a debate about the prevalent general unhappiness in Pakistan. Everyone around us is usually found complaining about one thing or the other; the latest being CNG price hike.



Anyways, one day on my way to gym, this led to a debate about redefining who in fact is a happy person? Who is satisfied with their current situation? and is there a way we can find out the key to satisfaction? The answer to this has to be a billion dollar one.



Satisfaction may mean one thing to a person and entirely different to another. Some crave for money, others are popularity. And there are those who pine for their beloveds, others need a child to fill their world with satisfaction … n so on n so forth! Some of us have bizarre desires but nonetheless, they are desires! Also for some, perversion yields gratification… like the paedophilics and necrophiles. Hence, attaining satisfaction does not always connote a positive thing.



Wile lecturing my ideals regarding satisfaction, I noticed a car stood stranded at the road side with a middle aged woman standing under a dimly lit street light and a young boy trying to push-start her car . Seeing the ‘gravity’ of the situation, we rushed to help them and it took us only a little while when we fixed the coughing car.  No monetary reward, just in a feeble voice, the women said, ‘thank you’ ‘Allah khush rakhay beta’



A couple of minutes tops, we all spoke out together. The only real satisfaction is in giving only!



The pleasure that you derive knowing you are the reason for someone’s comfort is the only true satisfaction that we crave for and that is attainable.  The rest is only a mirage one is running after, a never ending vicious circle of desires that deserves only one label – greed.



However, giving is one sure thing through which we gain immediate as well as lasting contentment. Think of that smile set on your parents’ faces after you do something for them, and  the happiness that flushes on your team member’s face when you appreciate them for their good work. What about the pleasure you derive when you help people in need with your hard-earned money. It is only then when one understands the actual essence of the word satisfaction, and not the dictionary meaning.



May God bless us all and grant us real satisfaction!!


A Senior Network Engineer in telecommunication company


    In Pakistan the judicial satisfaction comes when you begin to love your tormentors that humiliated you by being party to your house arrest.

    “However, giving (in) is one sure thing through which we gain immediate as well as lasting contentment.”

    “May God bless us all and grant us real satisfaction!!”

  • M.Saeed

    Charles Schulz believes, “Happiness is a warm puppy, while John Lennon had a view: “Happiness is a warm gun.” It depends upon your own perception of a state of happiness.

    According to Legatum Prosperity Index-2011, only two non-African countries are there in the bottom 10 in the list of 110 countries. They are Pakistan (No. 107) and Yemen (No. 106). Considering that the data for 2011 was gathered before Yemen’s revolution and Pakistan’s worsening violence, they are expected to fall even below Ethiopia (No. 108), next year.

    Now let us see another slight variation in analysis. According to the World Values Surveys” of the University of Michigan, following are the five top countries based upon their people’s satisfaction on happiness:
    1-Nigeria, 2-Mexico, 3-Venezuela, 4-El Salvador, 5-Puerto Rico. Pakistan is at 68th place out of 79 and India is at 65th.

    It is interesting to note that, Nigeria, the country of satisfied happiest people of world in a list of 79 countries, is only 104th in the list of 110 happiest countries of the “Legatum Prosperity Index-2011”, (Pakistan is at 107th place with Sudan and Yemen at 105 and 106, respectively).

    There definitely is a vast difference between happiness and contentment.

  • nnasir

    True :)

  • Rimibra

    Happiness! It all depends upon your perceptions and cultural inheritance and environments and values of the society.

    A concrete example that the civil society helped the judiciary just because it believed that a free and fare judiciary is must for every one. A crime has committed by some one among the helping civil society. Judiciary decides against the Peron/persons and gives the judgement against the culprits. Now this person/person starts crying that we supported them and now them deciding against us. Since the original motivations were wrong so happiness has gone.

    When millions are suffering because of hunger, lack of healthcare, education, employment, gas, electricity and name it but your elite in power is sleeping on the bed of roses. Your elected president says that every thing is gold in his eyes but all these problems are in your point of views i.e. There is a complete disassociation between the people and elite in power then how can this bring happiness to people on the streets. Had this elite in power taken part in the miseries of the people then even with this much poverty and uncertainty would have give happiness to the people. One can understand why the people of Pakistan have lowest level of happiness graph.

  • PJM

    That really is the Real satisfaction, agreed!


    Perhaps the Judicial happiness is when a judge of the Supreme Court himself commits a contemptible act unbecoming of a judge VIOLATING judicial etiquette when he calls the Prime minister of the country “dishonest” and then charges the PM — not himself — with the ‘contempt of the court’ and drags him in the dock — for NOT committing Hara Kiri in front of the Swiss court – as ordered by the Supreme Court.

    Only in the Lilliputian land of Kafkaesque Pakistan such sick happinesses abound among the dwarfs.

  • M.Saeed

    Let us confine ourselves to our own mockery of a government.
    Having an enormous army of Ministers, active and retired officers mostly of the armed forces holding all important and sensitive civilian, administrative, financial and law enforcement positions, along with un-accountable Accountability Bureau, dreaded and infamous Intelligence outfits, public cannibalizing bureaucracy, and on top of all, self serving, self perpetuating, dictating feudal-king “Zombie Politicians”, who come with a solemn pledge of doing nothing for public welfare and earn their heaviest in the world perks and privileges, by remaining away from the Houses of Assemblies, make a complete mockery of any democracy, is practically much worse than any Military rule. It really is a Sham Democracy of the highest order, which can only propel the return of “Bogeymen in Uniform”.

  • Madihashams

    cudn’t agree much…:)

  • Anonymous

    When the chief executive changes his statements more often then underpants, even written assurance is of little value. Constitution it self is not better than a toilet paper with the khakis using it as such and now the politicos doing the same.

    Under the circumstances, why blame the CJ for seeking another piece of written paper – atleast there is more toilet paper unlike thos unwritten agreements between Mush and Bush!