Prince Charming v/s Vampires

Prince Charming v/s Vampires

As the princess stands on the tallest tower of the castle, draped in a long silken gown, silently weeping over her sad and lonely life, comes a handsome knight with the shinning armor, riding effortlessly on a white horse , to take her far away from the world.


Every girl grows up watching all the prince – princess movies and weaving those beautiful dreams for some brave and insanely smart prince coming to her rescue from all the routine miseries of life. An ideal man is one who can take care of her, can transport her into the world of dreams and fantasies where she can dance her feet off the palatial floor, and love her man with all her heart.


However, ask a girl today and she will ask for a vampire and not a prince. Now, Prince charming has turned into a so-not-interesting and unrealistic ideal. With Twilight and Vampire Diaries on the go, Edward, Stephen and Damon have replaced the boring prince not-so-charming and have become an every girl’s dreams.


The idea of a vampire is not new at all, remember Dracula! Many of you might have seen vampires in old animated cartoons, as ones who turn into bats, sleep in creepy coffins and have pointed, sharp incisors. However the vampires of today, say the twilight vampires as I call them, is totally a contrast to predominant notion. They are more sophisticated, realistic and very believable.
No matter how brave a girl shows herself to be, deep down her heart she craves to be loved and taken care of. A prince charming only comes to rescue when things go wrong while the vampire stays forever. Vampires have special powers, in fact since they don’t exist alone, you get a protection of a family full of vampires who love and adore you. They don’t sleep at night, so you can sleep peacefully with them guarding you right by your side. And since they can easily sense your father coming, can easily vanish within seconds. You don’t need a vehicle to ride; you can climb phenomenal heights without taking even a single stride, in the arms of your strong man, chanting some lyrical song up on some tree.


But this all is secondary, the primary thing is that he loves you with all his heart and soul (if he really has one). He has been alone for years and found the girl of his dreams after an eternity, and guess what who the girl is -You. Your fresh blood will make him feel thirsty but look at his love coupled with  enormous self control, he has on himself, that will never let him hurt you.


All these things give vampires a definite edge over the prince charming. So we can say that this decade is for the vampires, lets see if the prince charming is ever able to take his position back. I really doubt that.

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  • Fiz_876

    I just love Edward cullen im crazy for him.He’s so much dashing and looking soo good in every part of twilight. Together Edward n Bella looks awesome.I Like them as a couple :)