Making the Right Resolution

Making the Right Resolution

Last month was the time when my social media contacts were going into overdrive as they tweeted and ‘facebooked’ their resolutions for 2012.



Most are already scampering to catch up on health issues before things get out of hand, weight gain being a primary concern. Others are still trying to settle down in life, get married, have babies, own a house – its surprising how everyone belonging to a certain age bracket tends to think of nearly the same kind of things the world over.



As far as my new year resolutions go, I gave up on them many years ago. If I was as steadfast as one needs to be to keep a resolution working, I would have won my Nobel Prize for Literature by now.



But then again, there there really isn’t any harm in starting afresh right when the whole world is ushering in a new year, be it the Islamic, Chinese or the Gregorian new year that just went by. As a timeline, the first day of a new year can be just the right time to lets say, give up smoking or drinking.



So after several years of behaving like Scrooge, and baah-ing anyone who talked about resolving to do this or that, my social media friends inspired me to revive my tradition of making new year resolutions.



I thought about it for all of December, and with the excitement of a child, often sat down with colourful pens at odd hours of the night. Being a writer, I wanted to pen down the most perfect of new year resolutions so I could show off to everyone.



I wrote down several goals that I wanted to achieve in 2012. There was my usual ‘write a book so I can win the nobel prize’, and ‘learn Arabic’. These have been on my list for as long as I can remember.



Then there were some of the most common ones like ‘loose weight’, ‘earn more money’, ‘read more often’, oh, and the ‘fight less often with husband’, which was my prime reason for giving up on resolutions altogether six years ago. Each time I started to argue with him, my husband would read out my resolution for the year that I had tacked on the refrigerator!

But I wanted to write something new, something that would have a novel appeal and maybe hold me down to keep the resolution.



By the last week of 2011, I was in a frenzy. I felt ridiculous about being unable to come up with a single resolution. Eventually, I formulated some materialistic goals to work towards, knowing full well that I would fall short on them very soon.



Then on the first day of this new year, I took my children to the neighborhood park. After playing ball with them for a while, I let them be so they could interact with other children. They didn’t care where I was until there a squabble with the other kids and they began looking for me. I was sitting in a quiet little corner and it took them some time. When they saw me, they ran into my arms, reassured that I had not gone anywhere.



Their happiness brought a smile on my face, and I knew exactly what my resolution was going to be.



God willing, I am always going to be there for my children. I will ensure that they never lose sight of their bearings, and me, of their smiles. I know that sounds all mushy and emotional. But that’s my resolution – now and forever.

A Freelance writer based in Dubai