Imran Khan and Z.A Bhutto

Imran Khan and Z.A Bhutto

Is the time near when Imran Khan will us take for a rollercoaster ride just like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto did, forty years back? Presently our nation seems to be quite emotionally charged, which is good, but it’s more important that with the emotions meet maturity and sensibility halfway.

Like ZAB, Khan also promises us overnight socio-economic revolution, justified land distribution, reforms to minimize tax evasions, and an end to corruption, and issues that have been close to his heart for the past 15 years. And, after a 15 years long struggle, he has eventually found a vice chairman for his party: Mr. Shah Mehmod Quareshi, a big name, indeed. Is PTI like many others, also hungry for big names? And if they are, then it’s sad, for all he has are used cartridges.



However, thanks to our naivety, we all are still waiting for the big bang, a ‘tsunami’ of change to be precise, that will ‘change’ our fate overnight.



One reason for this is our century old tried vs. untried hypothesis that seems to be our only benchmark to evaluate politicians.
What better time can there be for our rapacious politicians to feed on the plight of the people, whose desperation for change can be witnessed from their willingness to follow anyone with a banner of change, without caring to ask if the man has any required tools for it.



ZAB like Imran khan was a fairly honest man when he started off with his political career, with not even a single taint of corruption. He represented the youth of the time, he too employed the rhetoric of ‘change’, also had a certain degree of linguistic proficiencies and he, more than any one else was well-acquainted with the art of delivering remarkable speeches.



Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto also weaved for us, an image of a dreamland-Pakistan, through employing some fairly typical phrases that every smart politician who’s desperate to win votes uses. “Roti, Kapra, Makan” was one such famous lines. But when in power, his lust for it became the driving motivation behind a lot of his actions. And the masses who showed such overwhelming support for him in elections were left empty handed.



“We learn from history that we do not learn from history” George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

(Sad but true.)



One of the reasons why The Great Bhutto couldn’t deliver what he promised to, was that he was handicapped by the establishment, bureaucracy, the aristocracy (which he was also a part of) and theocracy, and we all know the terrible end to a sorry tale. Now, what makes Mr. Khan special or different from Bhutto? a hospital that never lowered its rates for dengue tests while all  the other labs in the region did, or the world cup?



Today when establishment and bureaucracy are more vicious than ever, Imran khan like ZAB also claims that they least affect him, what guarantees do we have that this time that this is the truth?



Now we are again ready to venture for another memorable journey with Imran khan, with his slogan of change. Doesn’t it seem more like a “déjà vu”? And doesn’t, in this way, Imran Khan is also tried and tested?

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Syed A Awais

    I thought I was reading a balanced and articulate op-ed but then I stumbled upon “….a hospital that never lowered its rates for dengue tests while all the other labs in the region did…”. I would suggest the writer to investigate a little before making such sweeping statements; SKMT did in fact lower its rates like every other lab “in the region” and in case the writer is unaware, I might just remind her that this is the very same hospital which treats 70% of the cancer patients free of cost.

  • Nicegene

    I dont think that imran khan had decision power like Zulifqar Ali bhutto

  • Rabia Khan

    Imran ur time was for two jalsa only….I was big supporter of Tehrik Insaaf but I hv come to know the reality now,U ,mr Imran hv no respect for humans which we can see in karchi jalsa n lahore jalsa wn coming upstage,,,,evrey one needs to know what lines Haroon rasheed is following…he wants to be 2nd Majeed nizami who promoted nawaz sharif…Alas their game is exposed well before start…….rise up Pakistanis,lets craddle a leadership from within us!!!!

  • Mrtariqkhan

    Another one trying to criticize imran khan it has just become a fashion to do so. Agreed the picture might be painted as too beautiful but you have to agree that Bhutto did lift this nation when it was severely beaten down by the world and like it or not people still vote in his name to this very day.

    I agree Imran Khan will have a tough time cleaning the mess that everyone has created but atleast we should be thankful that there is one clean man trying to get to the top to change the system as they say. He might fail – but there is a chance as compared to the politicians who have made zero or pathetic contribution to uplifting our nation and are tried – tested and failed.

    So my conclusion would be help him do this rather than just raise pointless articles which don’t give any solution to the problem. Lady if you can do it better get up and start doing it , don’t sit on your PC and criticize for heaven sakes DO SOMETHING!!! or let Imran khan do Something….

  • Farrukh Arshad

    What a shameful comment the writer has presented “A hospital that never lowered the rates of dengue tests while all others”, though I am sure the author must be well aware about that particular hospital which treats one of the most expensive disease free of cost to needy people which no other hospital does.

  • Malik Waqas Ahmed

    Imran Khan knows every single thing which you are trying to highlight. Imran Khan is different than Bhutto because Imran Khan has the example of Bhutto while Bhutto did not have any such example before him, Imran Khan is not Asghar Khan because Imran Khan knows Asghar Khan had to quit in the end. In short Imran Khan is not like any other politicians people always try to compare him with. Imran Khan is Imran Khan. A very simple thing to understand; if someone knows that this trail leads to that thing as proved in the past and yet he follows that trail it means he has different plans to pass through that trail. If me, you and everyone knows how Bhutto started and how he had to end, Imran Khan also knows.

  • Muhammad

    Marayam Khan i will suggest that nor we can compare imran to bhutto as both have very different opinions.Bhutto was landlord politician and his thinking about government was very different and imran khan is a middle class famous personality whose decesion how to govern country is in very opposite direction then Bhutto.Bhutto live with the ideology near to socialism while imran is more and more likely be idealistic for capitalism.he is only calling for change of good governence.While bhutto came into power with a different ideology.I even disagree today PPP people who says we are fighting for our ideology.They dont know even what was the ideology of Bhutto.So good governenece is never be a ideology .It is only system correction or good governence.That is why i think Imran khan only says for change of government system and good gevernence.There is no doubt Bhutto was a great leader but he is no more.Those who says we run on philosphy of Bhutto ,just ask them simple qusetion what was bhutto philosphy.They qill give you the most stupid answer about bhutto good governnece.That was never ideology of Bhutto.Bhutto never favour capitalism.It was Benazir who totally changed the ideology of Bhutto.Rotti ,Kubra aur makaan is not only slogan but it is ideology and sorry to say even our so big writers and jounalists confused this ideology with govening system.Please forget sake dont compare the water and fire as it looks like more stupid.hope you will understand what i means.I am trying to contest election under the banour of PTI from Mansehra but i dont know i will be awarded the ticket or not.But is still consider Bhutto is graeter leader then Imran Khan as he a different ideology while imran is only stuggle for the improvement in the government system
    Liverpoolschool of Tropical Medicine uk

  • Charham007

    facts are not presented accurately in this article. ironically I got my dengue test from shaukat khanam lab in sargodha in just 80 rupees while punjab govt was asking for 90 rupees. every action has two aspects, positive and negative. If people elect a very honest clean person in their contituency but his leader is corrupt than a person who has been part of contoversy but his leader is honest then I think in parliment, exective what matters finally is the decision and guideline of leadership. what aitzaz ahsan can do if his leader zardari is corrupt? but things will be far more better if khursheed qasoori is elected with leader imran khan.

  • Omair

    No IK is not tried and tested and no SKM hospital never refused to lower their rates for dengue. Please have your facts straight!

  • Norezabdullah

    i wish after putting in so much of though in such articles why dont they come up with alternatives.. PPP? PML(N)? Coalition or martial law?

  • Abdullah Drs

    Wasted my 10 minutes,,,Judge IK by comparing him to the alternatives we have rather trying to find perfection.Also your point about SKMT can tell us about the hate you have for this man who has done so much for this country already..

  • Khan

    Can you please list the personage option we Pakistani have against Imran Khan? Please do consider the past before putting the names forward. I think it is time to think out of the box and bubble of Family Politics (Nawaz and Bhutto AKA Zardari rule).
    By far Imran is the only and best option we are left with!

  • Winsome1

    Good Article ,so you made your point ,we should not vote for Imran khan and his change.We should vote for zardari or Nawaz .excellent!

    You should be given a pultzer prize for making such a historic point clear.

  • Shahidhusseinqaboolpuria

    Imran will turn the tables over cruel status quo forces in the upcoming elections. He’s next Prime Minister of Pakistan. After Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto he’s the one who has won the support from all across the board. People in Pakistan, now, trust him more than any other so called leader. Nawaz Sharif is the one most threatened at present. Knowing well that Imran has deprived him of long cherished lime light, he’s become frustrated. Panicked with ever surging public support for Imran Khan , Nawaz Sharif & Co. are desperately trying what is possible for them to somehow keep their ever sinking political Titanic from sinking down. But nothing seems to have worked so far. Nor its likely that something will work for them in near future. The change in Pakistan is now writing on the wall. Its only matter of days when it takes places.


  • Nab

    So your basis for dismissing him is that he s “sort of tried and tested” just because you are having a sense of deja vu? Or you could draw a few similarities with the last man who raised the slogan of change and he actually failed? And your solution is to rather go for the “definitely tried, tested and failed” lot? Or is there another quick-fix that you are proposing? If there is, I couldn’t find it in here. I am sorry but I couldn’t agree with your cynicism. For me and millions other, he represents hope and hope is all we have got right now!

  • Imran

    I don’t understand that how a long articles are being written on Imran Khan Change, and giving exaples of old days, but the writeres are seldom have comparison analysis ability to do. Today, we are living in Computer age and it is very Big Change itself, if IK will use modern technology then bureaucracy will work accordingly. NADRA example is in front of you.

  • Aamir

    Imran khan is honest and rather more uncompromising than those before ! Since the era of bhutto was better than those afterwards, its not a bad idea to revisit the deja’vu :)

  • guest1234

    History does not repeat itself exactly. It is very hard to predict how IK is going to be. He has some other things on his side, a better aware public, media, indep judiciary, a strong China, etc. Being cynical and negative just for the sake of being negative is not always the right thing to do, if a miserable nation needs to survive. Do they have another option??? Nawaz Shareeff?? PMLQ??? Altaf hussein? IK is the best bet for Pakistan right now. Public, media, judiciary, and army trusts and respects him. He is the only one who is capable of brokering peace b/w balochis and the rest of Pak (if they will ever be at peace).

  • Arif

    what is wrong with u. A few months back, media was saying about Zulfiqar Mriza that he is the new Bhutto, then it is was Quraishi and now Imran. We keep changing our Bhutto. Bhutto was no doubt a great leader but what did he do for the poor people of Pakistan. Why can’t we look further than Bhutto. By the way, Imran is working on the same line as traditional politicians of Pak. I have no hopes from him. Imran’s personal life is in a big mess exactly like current situation of Pak due to his wrong decision and unwise choices. A good leader is recognised from his personal life that did the choices and decisions made for himself were fruitful or not. In Imran’s case, I don’t see that and now his Selection and acceptance of new politicians in PTI reflects his bad judgements of politicians.

  • Arif

    what is wrong with us. A few months back, media was saying about Zulfiqar Mriza that he is the new Bhutto, then it is was Quraishi and now Imran. We keep changing our Bhutto. Bhutto was no doubt a great leader but what did he do for the poor people of Pakistan. Why can’t we look further than Bhutto. By the way, Imran is working on the same line as traditional politicians of Pak. I have no hopes from him. Imran’s personal life is in a big mess exactly like current situation of Pak due to his wrong decision and unwise choices. A good leader is recognised from his personal life that did the choices and decisions made for himself were fruitful or not. In Imran’s case, I don’t see that and now his Selection and acceptance of new politicians in PTI reflects his bad judgements of politicians.

  • Moazzamq

    For sure the Icon of Change “Imran Khan” needs continuous assessment of the situation as no doubt he has hired in all he could in his PTI circle without getting enough time. We didnt see in the past 2 months especially after Lahore Jalsa that Mr Khan has declined to anyone entering his party.

    At first it was looking good but then when you keep hearing that he is continuously allowing everyone to enter PTI unconditionally thinking all these USED LOTAAS will come out clean eventually is a big joke…

    No one still knows Imran Khan’s BASE TEAM as we dont see them as strong or even close to Imran Khan… With people such as these how can he imagine these 15 year old politicians can handle the big shots like Shah Mehmood and former PML N no.2 Javed Hashmi. Policies can control them but on top of that only IMRAN KHAN has the capability to overpower them. His base team doesnt have the capability to stress on following the rules.

  • F Khan

    to compare ZAB and IK is like comparing….aab kiya boolon.

  • Khan Ebrahim

    I agree with you being politically literate.

    But democracy is for masses where 3 mentally imbalanced voters will outweigh 2 Ph.D., persons. So, its all about counting who cares to dive deep and analyze the real situation and what’s going on.

    I really laugh at my friends when they say IK is man of his words but they forget that his promise was to bring youth and new faces in politics/power.

    I think IK has decided to take his turn at any cost (including ideological loss).

    Moreover PTI is still one man show which is IK so let see what TMK (Tees Mar Khan) is going to do because he is already on board with Army and America.

  • Togentleman

    Big name like Qureshi cannot and are not vehicle of Change. How can people inheriting assets tainted with the blood of our ancestors be loyal to poor people and bring meaningful change for them. Imran is either in an illusion or then deceiving people just to reach the apex office

  • Anwar192

    One way or the other we might will still crying after the elections any way.Might as well bring some one who has not tried yet.He might deliver.If not we been crying for long long time now.We will cry another five years.Because as nation we are used to it now.God bless Pakistan.

    • Syed Fahad Yunas

      Well said and nice article by Maryam Khan

    • Danysh

      I like Imran. I like whom so ever is will to keep Pakistan first. but, jalsa’s, elections and governance are all very different animals to over come.

    • Shoaib Khan

      why so much expectation from that man who is in the hand of establishment. Nawaz sharif realize the dirty politics of 10 years in the hand of establishment.Now we are again want to go 20 year back with imran khan.

  • Malik Qadri

    ZAB was crap and so is Immo. ZAB was squarely responsible for the fall of East Pakistan and the humiliating surrender of Pakistan Army. No wonder he was hanged mercilessly. The other two Indira Gandhi and Mujeeb also murdered horribly. That is the revenge of Allah.

    Immo (Imran ) has formed a party by collecting few lotas from each party but majority are the ass lickers of Mushaarraf the Bastard and a mother Fucker

  • Irfan Brohi

    Please don’t compare Bhutto with Imran. I can write a book on their differences. The most glaring difference is their age. Bhutto was hanged at the age of 51 after crossing so many milestones, whereas Imran at 60 is still struggling to get few seats in parliment in the next general election.

  • Jahankhan007

    whats the other good option in current scenario? Bhutto has total different past while imran khan has total different past..Imran has big record for successes and no one doubt can on his sincerity with pakistan. I think its not logical to compare bhutto and imran khan… History also tell us that only one man changes the destinies of Nations. Only viewers perspective is important for history. If humans didn’t learned from history, then surely we would have entered 21st century in different way… So one should be logical before concluding anything, and my suggestion is try to be optimistic. Its good for health and for pakistan.

  • M. Saeed

    Those who failed to deliver on promises are just fakes. Quaid-e-Azam is the only person who delivered. Then we had Ch.Muhammad Ali who gave us the first original Constitution. ZAB’s 1973 Constitution was just an adaptation carried out in just 120 days. We have to be realistic. With 1973 Version defaced to ambiguity by a cyclone of amendments, is left a hotch-potch good only for hoodwinking. It can never deliver anything to masses and freeway to the apex judiciary handicapped by the loss of Constitutional protection it needs. A parliament of fake degrees and credentials can never be honest and honourable in its performance.

    Unless we have the right ingredients and appropriate procedure in place, there cannot be any right results as we expect.

  • Raja Islam

    Comparing Imran Khan to ZAB is not fair. There is no comparison; ZAB stood had and shoulders above Imran. The commonality here is the vested interests that will not allow anyone with good intentions to succeed. In the case of Imran it is worse as in case Imran comes into power it will be through the support of the establishment, unlike the case who ZAB who came into power through popular support.

  • Anonymous

    Your post reminds me of the Book “This time its different”.

    Its not that ZAB couldnt deliver what he promised because of the establishment, but because he over-promised. Its beyond a Centralized system’s capability to provide “roti kapra makaan” to the millions masses. It simply cant!

    Key is the expansion of the concept of private property and State’s responsibility to protect its citizens and the agreements b/w them.

  • Umar

    If the point of all this debate is that one should not argue about testing Imran because he has not been tested and that he is talking impractical things then I would only take it as the height of political naivety. We argue about the continuation of democratic process, which I personally believe that in the long run can bring solution to our problems. Yes he talks about unrealistic goals, so what…..if he accomplishes only one major thing in five years he promises, it would be an achievement compared to what we have seen in last four years. Yes, he is coming up with old big names….so what……none of them is coming after winning the election under the banner of one party and then joining the other to quench their thrust of power, in fact some of them have resigned from their NA seats. it is the part of democratic process that if one sees that their party is not democratic, the decisions in the party are dictated by one person or one family then morally one should kick the party instead party kicks them out for teaching them democracy. Why it is immoral if some one join PTI and perfectly alright if they join PMLN or PPP ? Why it is unfaithfulness if some one leaves PPP not showing regard to Bhuttos and Zardaris but perfectly fine if they have to bypass all the promises with their voter in the supreme interest of party and their loyalty to specific family or person ruling over the partys black and white for ever ? OK! do not trust Imran for showing mobs the fantasy world like Bhutto…..then would our highly expert, not naive, political analysts (I call them pseudo intellectuals) like to advice our highly innocent and politically immature urban public in particular that to whom we should try now ? Give PPP an other chance ? Make Altaf Hussain our PM while sitting in London for last two decades ? Award Nwaz again for being a faithful PPP worker in the first three years of our highly efficient second to none coalition Govt ? Bring Jamat e Islami in power to see Pakistan practically becoming Taliban’s Afghanistan or start shouting the slogans for Kayani…Any suggestion ??? The probability that Imran would deliver for his promises is 50%, he would be successful or he would be a failure. The probability of any of the above mentioned will deliver is a big fat zero. so following the spirit of democracy, I would recon that we must give all the old parties with the chance to rest and reflect back their mistakes and give some one like Imran a chance and although he is coming with old faces, most of them might be big egos but not big name in corruption, many of them delivered on their posts while being with other parties and it should not be a big deal if PTI fails, be realistic, then we deserve it because as a nation we are what we are. Pakistan would carry on going like this and we would regret at least after experiencing with some one new instead of regretting wit out experiencing some one new.

  • Samdecent

    When bhutto got tried and tested we lost east pakistan,When IK got tested we got world cup,cancer hospital,college and if he becomes PM ,we will see his test but untill then,just hope and pray that we wont get old tested politicians and their kids back in power,so we can actually test IK.

  • Hassan Attique

    @maryam Khan who ever you are i doubt about your intellectual thinking and the facts finding ability first you need to learn that you have to give some solid proofs before writing anything. You are also the one who tried to BASH Imran Khan. The only fact you raise in your post about the hospital who didn’t lower the dengue test fees. Kindly first get your FACTS corrected and see the conditions in which he is running that massive hospital. How many times he asked independent people to check the financial record of the hospital. People like you just want to criticize every good work done in this country. Just shame on You. What you have done for this country name it other then writing this useless criticized column. Now the second question you raised about Shah Mehmood Queshi yes i agree he is a big name and i think your mind got a habit of forgetting things he stand in the case of Pakistan pride and resign on that occasion. Javed Hashmi why he believed in imran khan because he knows what ever he is doing is for Pakistan. You can raise finger on Shah Mehmood Queshi but not on the Loyalty of Javed Hashmi loyalty to his country and he is not stupid to follow blindly and sacrifice so many of his old friends just for Pakistan

  • Saeedr50

    You can not in any way compare ZAB with Imran Khan. Let’s wait n see where this Sonami without water takes us.

  • Arab_amyn

    The question is not whether Imran will deliver or not. Its about giving the power to the nation to kick people who dont deliver that is zardari and Nawaz. If imran wont deliver, he will face the same fate. we need to break the cycle of monarchy hidden behind democracy.

  • Ahad

    imran never let us down so this time again he will give us a proud.

  • Taj Ahmad

    If Z.A.Bhutto was still alive today, he supported Imran Khan to lead the
    country or join PPP Central Command.

  • Nawazkhalid

    Well infact Imran Khan has completely different personality then MR ZAB ( Bhutto). Although Imran declare ZAM as his favourite one but Imran Khan has a different ideology. He has a vision and want make the whole nation together in one body. Imran wants to walk with Europe and USA like friends but not slaves. Simply Imran wants his nation prosperous and successfull. However ZAB was like ( Nepolion, Hitler etc).
    Please don’t compare them together , as they are 2 different personalities.



  • Izhar Minhas

    Imran khan is name of the game now. Foreget about PPP & PML-N. They are history and a nighmare.

  • Convict01

    No one can bring a change until u dun want a change…as a nation we have to change ourselves otherwise these politicians will keep using us for their own interests like they are using now.Because your vote is so damn precious please people this time when you gonna vote someone for GOD sake think twice.Otherwise we would be crying for the next five years again.>>GOD BLESS PAKISTAN>>LONG LIVE PAKISTAN<<

  • Moiz Ali

    Hope is all we are left with… we do not want to enter the politics and then we keep pulling the legs of people who did.. we come up with the darker sides of their lives and highlight them to distract others knowing that their brighter side can easily account for their credibility and position within the current leaders!! lets just keep our fingers crossed for the change that Imran may bring to the nation!! hope is all we have got….

  • Karimfarman

    It looks like the author is bit afaraid of Imran Khan or his affliations are with some other party. Any how, it,s democracy. The reality is reverse and one can,t compare ZAB with Imran Khan based on their polarized backgaround, level of honesty, the level of fame enjoyed and practical values. Based on not lowering the rates in Imran Khan;s hospital you can,t take it as negative point, as if you are a sensible person you should know that SKMH is a trust hospital runs under an umbrella of a autonomous body and charity, what you expect from such establishment? ZAB was simply a total political profile only for salogans and speeches without honesty and practicality, whereas Imran Khan is practical, honest, already enjoyed fame/popularity, simple, modest, visionary and sincere. The difference speaks.

  • Abdullahazim5

    Zab did’nt delivered anything before he was elected as prime minister of Pakistan. he did not made any hospitals or won trophies for Pakistan. He grew into the arms of Ayub Khan and later discarded his mentor for his own benefits. the achievements and promises if Imran Khan are before us and no man can claim that Imran khan have did any financial fraud with him.

  • Sk

    Your comparison is ridiculous to say the least . khan is not a feudal landlord, not a career politician like ZAB who was already a tipsy foreign minister before he lead the country. You have conveniently forgotten how IK refused to join with Musharraf when power was ready to be taken. I was skeptical about Imran khans credentials at one point and I agree idolizing him is not the right way to go but I am appalled at the irresponsible and childish commentary you and other so called journalists in the english media in pakistan pursue.

  • Flashedcoder

    i think there is a saying if you cannot say good about a person dont even say bad. This blog section of i see has most of the blogs about IK they are totally negative. I think by saying negative you can earn more money than saying anything positive. so what i think is those people who are saying bad stuff about IK please vote for zardari or Nawaz and rewind the clock again.

  • Liaqat Masih

    change???? History teaches us that there can be no positive change to be brought by upper class which Imran, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Javed Hashmi etc represent. Do u think Qureshi will distribute his land among his own mazareys (tenants) or same will be done by Javed Hashmi?? or Imran will dare to change his palaces in free public schools??

    All this drama is being played to be in power and grab whtever can be. the youth supported Imran earlier will be repenting and will curse their decision once the tickets r distributed near election.

  • Khattakabrar

    I don’t know why are people so pessimistic and why have they started criticizing Imran Khan before time??…Please wait,let him come to power and let him fail, and then instinctively, we all shall criticize him to the best of our abilities…like we have been doing in the past….but just wait..I know we are all frustrated but let not our frustration cause us more suffering.

  • Baloch

    Well said Maryam !! but you completely forgot “ WHAT OPTION DO WE HAVE “.

    The present government PPP is not just corrupt but destroying the country in economically, socially & Internationally. On the other hand PML-N is also part of the same game.
    We cannot expect some better policy’s from them either

    Instead of crying another five years , I believe its time to change and we should all support Imran Khan and if he fails then we are left at Allah Mercy.

  • faizan

    There is no point in comparing Imran with Bhutto. Both are completely different personalities of a completely different era, with entirely different circumstances. Bhutto’s objective was to create a political party in an era where military was ruling from the front. Whereas Imran’s objective is to revive the image of political parties and to overcome the challenges of corruption, poverty and integrity of state. Imran’s PTI is a force against corrupt politicians and civil dictators, disguised as democrats, whereas Bhutto’s PPP was formed to create a civil/political force that can shift power in the hands of democratic parties from establishment.

  • Arif

    what is wrong with us. A few months back, media was saying about Zulfiqar Mriza that he is the new Bhutto, then it is was Quraishi and now Imran. We keep changing our Bhutto. Bhutto was no doubt a great leader but what did he do for the poor people of Pakistan. Why can’t we look further than Bhutto. By the way, Imran is working on the same line as traditional politicians of Pak. I have no hopes from him. Imran’s personal life is in a big mess exactly like current situation of Pak due to his wrong decision and unwise choices. A good leader is recognised from his personal life that his choices and decisions made for himself were fruitful or not. In Imran’s case, I don’t see that and now his Selection and acceptance of new politicians in PTI reflects his bad judgements of politicians.

  • Ali

    rather commenting about dengue test in SKMT you should be aware enough. a good vocabulary does not guarantee you to be good blogger. anyways just to tell you its cancer specialist center not dengue & all the expenses are accordingly. you cant compare the Operatoin expense of a street labortory with SKMH. research yourself than gettingmaterial from other website…

  • fawwad

    Shaukat khanum is cancer hospital not general hospital, donations are its life line not allocations from annual budget of punjab. Please try to be realistic. If you are bored of this country then you can leave it. We are here and we will die here, we will try that democracy will continue and its continuance will refine politicians. In current situation Imran Khan is the best option so whats the harm in it, i wonder why ppl are against him specially so called journalists. If you think you ppl are so pure and have pain for ppl then come out of your holes and present yourself for election. You ppl wont come because you are coward and selfish.

  • asad khan

    Well if not Imran khan, then get ready for nawaz or zardari again or hot favourite marshal law.

  • Adnan Manzoor

    I think comparing both will be an injustice to ZAB. ZAB gave his party manifesto in early years of his politics and Mr Khan after 15 years does not seem to know what his party going to deliver except promising to end corruption. What most analysts missing here is that when ZAB rose to power, people who started to associate themselves with ZAB were all new and honest individuals. People like Dr. Mubasahr, Mairaj Khalid etc were all middle class student political leaders. People who are part of PTI are all elite and those who have participated in the looting of this nation. I was amazed to see Mr. Qasoori in his party because he was FM at the time when basis of secret dealings between US and Pak were laid in war on terror. Mr. Khan, during entire time has spoken against war on terror and Pakistan’s role in it and now he has welcomed the man who was one of few who set up the whole stage for Pakistan to suffer in war on terror.

  • Hussainpcc

    Maryam i would request you not to compare khan with ZAB shb. Its because there is no comparison of ZAB shb as its accepted by Khan itself in one of its interviews.

  • Anonymous

    After ZAB the nation has already suffered a lot. The nation has already gone through the two political parties Governments i.e PPP and PML(N). Both claims a lot but truly speaking cannot deliver for the lower class. Many people like me are of the views that the era of dictators was better than the democrat. They have only worked to save their personal interests and shifted their business to foreign countries. Purchased properties to save the future of their forth coming generations.Mr. ZAB delivered, so he is still in the hearts of the nation. The only one mistake of ZAB was to accept that yes there was some unfairness in the elections and he agreed to compromise. I hope that if Mr. Imran Khan trusted by the nation , he will not only has to deliver from top to lower level but he has to prove and show that he is not corrupt and will not accept corruption at all levels. He and his leaders like Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Javed Hashmi etc has the skill to meet the challenges. At the end one must pray to Almighty Allah that he may give the strength to Imran Khan to shoulder the responsibilities he is looking for. Ameen.

  • Cevresu

    One important difference is between the fathers of two dear writer, ZAB was son of Sir! Shah Nawaz Bhutto with even his grandfather as a politician and landlord while IK’s father was a modest Civil Engineer. I have firm trust in him that he won’t betray the masses..

  • Muhib Minhas

    So what conclusion should we drive from this article? We should or shouldn’t expect good from IK? If yes, then should we vote for tried and failed parties?

    I think there is a major difference between Bhutto’s Jialas and IK’s Jialas i.e. Bhutto primarily enjoyed support of an illiterate youth; however IK on other hand is primarily banking on educated youth (My point is supported with an example that still in rural areas most of the illiterate youth believe that he is agent of Jew lobby, he is most corrupt person on the earth as he misappropriated funds in SKCH, he supported a dictator, he is a pawn of establishment etc. I can say this because I myself talked to many people in rural areas and heard the same arguments from then which are being propagated on TV by PMLN & other parties)
    Now this vote by educated youth and families is mostly conditional to better governance. You can take my word that he doesn’t deliver, he will not get any support or vote in next election (I am not an analyst but this is what I will do if he doesn’t deliver).

    If my opinion above is true then it will be a fair assumption that democracy in its real spirit has started emerging in Pakistan, and where ever there is real democracy (not the pseudo one that we experienced in Pakistan where votes were casted on signal of feudal or elders of village or town) there is prosperity.

  • Adeelahmed

    Is there any alternate. Atleast not better than Imran

  • Amanzeb Khan

    Well, there is only one way to find out and no other choice.

  • Shahzaibsheikh

    All the other labs does not give you cancer treatment free of cost thats the difference to be able to run the hospital you make some financial plans and have to stick to them ok? what about billions of rupees of our CM Punjab he has in business why didnt he spent all of them on these dengue test and treament dont be over crictical of imran khan

  • ash

    bhutto was founder of bangladesh, wondering what Imran will achieve…

  • Rehan

    Partially agree with your Post, but your line “doesn’t, in this way, Imran Khan is also tried and tested?” I said NO. Because if i accept your statement, then in this whole world we cannot find a single person who is never tested or tried. Every person has a vision, and when we try to map its vision on Past history, we can definitely find hundreds of people with same ambitions. So its not correct analysis of Present and Past

  • Faisalsharif73

    we have got three options in front of us 1 zardari’s ppp 2 nawaz’s pmln 3 imran’s tehrik. option 1 and 2, been tried for more than three times, every time they have misgoverned, they were never able to reign in any establishment. suppose imran misgoverns and unable to reign in erstablishment, but still he is not financially corrupt. And we are 200% sure, that the first two options are very very corrupt. Therefore if we vote for option 1, a bad option. vote for option 2, a bad option. vote for option 3, sain option


    As a cricketer, would you play a guy who has been sitting in dressing room but never really experience how it feels in the pitch or you would send in Shahid Afridi even though you know he can very well give a nice and easy catch on first ball he faces.

    I am a voter of PML-N and I know they are far from being angels, but only reason I would vote for them is that they are the only govt of post Gen Zia Marshal Law that made big projects, Motor way, Gawadar port, Atomic explosions, India adopting our economic policies of their Govt…..above all they have a think tank who is busy making a menfesto headed by very seasoned Sartaj Aziz against a person who is when asked how will you bring about the change, so far only say ” Aap dekhain gay kaisay change aai ga”

    So my vote is for Afridi not for someone guy sitting in the dressing room and has not even played club cricket (represented a city district govt).

  • QJ

    Change can’t be brought without bloody revolution!

  • QJ

    CHANGE can’t brought without bloody revolution by crushing curruption from roots!!

  • WHA

    Lets try Imran Khan, but my bigger concern is baluchistan as this might be make & break for this province. This decade especially !!!
    As with ZAB we lost one part of the country, I dont know who was the culpurat but rigidness regarding policies always bring such changes. Imran Khan should not be regid about US/Army/ISI in the initial phase of his gov if he is elected.
    For me he is a bit immature, but again what we got of mature…….

    When will I feel proud of my fellow Pakistanis???? lets see whom they choose this time………….

  • Anonymous

    Well he has still long way to go and no doubt establishment and bureaucracy are more vicious than ever but somewhere down the line I feel and (i believe) lots of other people might also feel that via Imran Khan, Allah is (InshAllah) going to help this nation. Majority of this nation is tired of traditional corrupt politicians.

  • Arshad

    We should be realistic and do individual effort for change, actually we ourselves don’t want to put into new challenges that’s why everyone can use us for their set targets. So come out and do individual efforts for change that is very near to us.

  • Kaish

    what change Imran is talking about after taking all those ruling elite into his party, dont u think All PTI leaders have been the part of the previous govts. even Imran has been supporting Musharaf.

    Well i must say every sensible should swim against the tide coz we can see the ‘change’ well clear now.

  • Shakeel ur Rehman

    The Mr.Z.A Bhutto was a leader and now he is thought, which always twingling in the mind of peoples, what so ever who belongs form any political party.

    Who is Imran Khan, A leader of Gen Musharraf party who put our beloved country at dark age. a garbage party leader.
    Shocking. and very sorry if you compare the Imran to Mr. Bhutto.

  • Salimullah

    This would be exceedingly unfair to compare Z.A.B with the likes of Imran Khan. Z.A.B, a genius in every field of human activity, was one in a million and without any doubts one of the best politicians of the world (till today). Apart from being a brilliant statesman, he also excelled in the affairs of foreign policy. It is true, he had some weaknesses, which is a human factor but if we take into consideration his overall performances, he is to be considered an accomplished leader.

    Mr. khan is a mediocre in every field of human activity. His political discourse is limited to a cricket ball and a bat. By now, he should have learned that he is no more a teenager with a ball or a bat in his hands and the people he is talking to, are not the spectators or his after match, interviewers. Perhaps it is all he knows and can talks about.

    Characteristics of Imran khan, reflect from his facial expressions. His tone and body language contradict everything he says, he stands for. Opportunism, springing from his egotistic urges, not of the noblest kind, perhaps is the real cause of his political struggle.

    He is preaching what he never practiced. How a hospital which has its every inch
    built with the money received from charity could become the source of income of Mr. khan and his family. There are many educated, qualified but unemployed people who could have earned their living from the administrative positions occupied by Mr. Khan and his family.

    Mr. Khan has been extremely vocal about the declaration of assets by other politicians.He presented himself and took the initiatives by declaring his so called assets. He was very generous to mention that he had earned Rs. twenty millions from the world cup.

    We have the right to ask him that after wining the world cup final why he didn’t contribute his world cup prize money to the hospital fund instead of kept it with himself. We remember, he had heated arguments over the prize money with his team mates who were not ready to hand him over their prize money for the noble cause he had explained to them.

    Z.A.B was capable of wining his seat from 10-20 constituencies in Pakistan but leaving aside wining, i wonder if Imran Khan can claim a constituency. People who have joined his party know well his vulnerability and that is why they are there. These people have been in the kind of parties wherein they had no say. Being under the control of a strong leadership, they couldn’t act on their own or exercise some kind of authority. Though with the kind of candidates who have left other parties and joined Imran Khan, P.T.I will be in a position to bag 15-20 N.A seats but this will not be enough to put the party in the driver’s seat. Even if P.T.I emerges as a majority seats wining party, Imran Khan will be there as a symbol of P.T.I and the real power will stay with the new comers.

  • faizan

    In addition to my last point. I would also like to highlight that Imran Khan’s 23rd March Jalsa in Quetta can prove to be a pivotal point in bridging gaps with our baloch brothers. If the 23rd March Jalsa succeeds then it will be a great step towards strengthening the integrity of state and gaining confidence of our Baloch brothers. Good Luck to Imran Khan!

  • Hyderhusain

    We have several times tried PPP and PML (N). All of us agree that they are corrupt, incompetent and disloyal to the country. Do we now have many choices ? So, let’s try Imran Khan. Atleast there are no corruption charges against him. Shaukat Khanum Hospital is a proof of his honesty, dedication and sincerity to a cause. We all know that the hospital was built on donations. If he was corrupt, the project could never have materialised. He surely needs our support.


    Zab was a multifaceted restless hyperactivist that’s why he met a fiery end — IK is more a tandem talkist and profuse promisist than a resurgent resultist — if I may be excused for introducing some verbose vocabulary.

    Country will be safe from revolution under IK.

  • Hamid Siddiqui

    With respect to Maryam Khan, as I can understand whats your concern, its the same as mine “PAKISTAN”.Let me declare before I start on the ZAB vs KHAN, that I am pro Pakistan, and if I decide to favor some leader, that will be only because I am hopeful that he may deliver what we need at this chaotic periodic.
    There is no doubt that ZAB was a highly literate and polished politician, he was at the same time wellwisher of Pakistan and a great planner. But all these traits turned abortive when he was put in test of Pakistan vs his personal wealth/relations.It was his reign when Pakistan started losing in industries and industrialists, in the same reign we lost our respect in the middle east, when he started protecter services to adjust some of his dear ones, it was him who brought in MUMTAZ BHUTTO out of merit, and accepted in a public speech that he is bringing him because Mumtaz is his Cousin, and we all know that Mumtaz Bhutto’s every endeavor was to please his dear ones, regardless of their educations and capabilities, ZAB was executed by General Zia, it was very sad to see a talent going waste, but to be honest it was not very sad as that talent was not good for Pakistan any more, it was destructive, it was not at all democratic it was total dectorial mafia. It was due to ZAB that we lost East Pakistan.
    Yes there is no comparison between Imran Khan and ZAB, as Imran Khan is not put on any test yet, we can hope that he will do the most what he has said and accordingly as he promised.As for his Hospital and his appointment is conerned, definately he and his family have to earn as well, and if they are giving total time to that Hospital, they have every right to get paid from that Hospital.
    Once again I am a nationalist, a Pro Pakistani , and I will appeal every one not to let those ZARDARIS , NAWAZ SHAREEFS and other tested but failed chamchas to get back and rule you.
    I haven’t used the word BHUTTOS because they are all finished sadly, but there is one Bhutto, whom if any one has heard she sound very patriotic Pakistani, she sound very educated, and is a good writer and speaker, and I wish Imran can call her to join him in the government and appoint her as a foreign minister, I feel she cares for Paksitan and Pakistani’s

  • KH

    If somebody is not preview to the history in it’s entirty then heor she has no clue. Go back in sixties and seventies and evaluate ZAB & IK. Come down on the ground and only then you would learn and understand the realities… Don’t just try IK merely on the basis of ‘change’ or ‘on a no choice’ scenario but please follow everything what he has done since his teenage to the present, his tranformation, his perseverence, his focus and above all the ‘Will’ to close what he embarks upon.

    There could be long arguments on this but we are not here to just argue for the sake of arguments… it’s relatively easy to criticise but it’s real difficult to see the bright side. One must have strong faith and trust in what one believes and then nothing can stop success ‘Godwillingly’.

  • Tariq Ali Khan

    Zufiqar Ali Bhutto and Imran Khan both are the leaders claimed to bring in change. I wont contest between the two. But I will rather focus on the reality we have. I every one will agree that corruption has polluted every sphere of life. Government, semi government and private/NGO in different shades and forms. In such an enviroment what kind of change we should expect from a good government? I wont be wrong if we keep our expectation realistic, specific and achievable with in specific time frame.
    I would like to appeal all the neutral political writers/media persons/anchors to establish certain level of achievments in current envrionment that a government should achieve in the time frame, we can call it a good government.
    If we think PTI will bring sweeping changes by coming into power, we all are wrong. What should we expect from PTI in First 90 days, after an year and so on.
    It is the responsibility of every intellectual of to participate. The expected out demarkated once will be evaluated tool of the government.

    • Akif Noor

      If imran comes in force, which i really want from the bottom of my heart, as We as a nation are sick and tired of N,Q and PPP. And he stops this chaos i would see that would be a tremendous achievement. We won’t change Pak in 90-days, but will present his policy, which is nevertheless a great thing as compared to past 64-years where we couldn’t have one.

  • S Nasrullah

    At the very outset, the blogger has likened ZAB with IK with the commonality of age, education and devotion. Similarity stops here. Despite belonging to the landed aristocracy, ZAB had had his education abroad, like IK, but on his return, he went about fulfilling his political ambitions, based on his studied knowledge of Political Science and International Law basing his platform on Socialism and Egalitarianism. His eloquence and his command on the English language, soon ingratiated him to the corridors of power and the farsighted Ayub literally hand picked the young and promising Bhutto and took him under his patronage and assigned him the Portfolio of the Ministry of Petroleum. Pretty soon, he was chosen to hold the important office of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. And from then on, there was nothing obstructing his way to moving to the center stage. When he fell apart with Gen Ayub Khan, he was a bitter man and his frustration reinforced the streak of vengeance which stuck to him till the very last. Very adept learner that he was, he picked up the threads of political ascension that took him to the Top. That he was Genius, there are no two opinions. His quick rise on the political firmament of Pakistan made him proud. When Dr Henry Kissinger, the most powerful Secretary of State of USA chided Bhutto and warned him with dire consequences, ZAB’s ADC who later became Directing Staff at the Staff College, told me himself that Bhutto was furious and scolded Kissinger as if he was a mere nobody. I would believe the episode knowing Bhutto’s eccentricities.
    IK may have won the World Cup in Cricket and welded his team to the peak performance that is pre-requisite to clinch the World Cup. Also, it is to his credit to have realized his dream of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and this is by no means a small achievement. Imran is an honest man and speaks straight from the shoulder. He has the ingredients to become a dynamic and vibrant leader. He has impeccable resolve and determination. In short, he has perfect profile. He has transformed himself into a crowd puller with his recent performances and the young crowd joining him by the droves in every part of the country is an excellent omen that he has the strength of numbers to claim a spot for himself and his team on the Horizon of Pakistan politics. People of Pakistan have tried and were bitterly disappointed with the succession of military and civilian rulers who failed to deliver. I have absolutely no qualms about IK winning and succeeding in his resolve to stop the rut Pakistan is presently in, and to guide the destiny of the Nation to progress and prosperity. We have in USA the success story of one CEO (LEE Iococa) who picked up a Car producing giant from the dumps and transformed it into a leading producer of quality cars with meticulous performance records. During my youth, I was impressed by Wilde’s cliche ” It’s personalities and not principles that move the age” and when I did my Professional study in AMA, I had gladly adopted Henry Longfellow’s wise saying: ” An Institution is the lengthened shadow of One Man”. I hope and pray that IK treads the glory he is destined but spare himself the pitfalls that trap the proud and the greedy.

  • Saima Mehmood

    it is said that there is no justification for failure.then, why we, the people of Pakistan are forced to believe a person who give us lolly pops of so called socioeconomic change? why we do not learn lesson from previous experiments. i do not think so we have time and resources for new experiments.

    • Malik Waqas Ahmed

      give the solution then???????? What is your solution, Zardari?..Nawaz????…Army??????

  • Sheena0212

    Pakistani people can no longer afford to live in the dark. Look, listen and feel people. Pakistan is a beautiful country with lots of resources. your leaders have litterally drained your country. you may not realize it but You people getting poorer every aspect of life. you are sourounded by dishonest leaders how could you feel safe in a country with such leadership.your have no choice but to save your country first and the will ultimately lead to saving your self. Anything is better then what you have. Believe in your self. change can only come when you try to change. If you try to live in the same old dark ages then there is definately something worng with you.

  • Jas4best

    If i am not mistake Bhutto hails from one of the most corrupt family of the land, i guess that runs in their blood. With Imran there is no dynasty past or present, at least he is courageous enough to be pro-active than reactive; which so many people, including the current ruling, are. He gets the benefit of the doubt

    • Jamal

      Excuse me. What nonsense. What corruption ZAB, his father or grand father did? Are you mentally stable or simply rude? You have no sense who ZA Bhutto was and what he accomplished. Born yesterday I guess

      • Wahid

        go through the history then I am sure you will rectify your posted comment. ASAP

  • Sarah Uzair

    Its a pity to see the educated class of Pakistan failing to see how an inexperienced political candidate could possibly take over and ‘save the country’. At this stage, any dramatic policies such as the ones Bhutto introduced would have meant more disasters for the country. Imran Khan with his head in the clouds would have led the country to a state inflicted by unimaginable violence.

    PML-N is not perfect but the best bet for now.
    Pakistanis honestly need to get a real break from getting emotionally backmailed by every nancy who speaks up nonsense and learn to rationalise their mindset.

  • Waqar Qureshi

    Just one line for this article:
    I have never read a worse argument and pathetic correlation earlier.
    Tragedy is that even pseudo-intellectual seemed to have fallen for it during elections.