Bitter Truth

Bitter Truth

We have a problem .Yes indeed, we do. And that is to blame others for our failings. Whether it’s routine or professional; social or political, it’s never our fault. We are unable to face the fallacies within us. So when I analyze the current situation, I fail to understand why we hold the West responsible for everything that goes wrong. Technically speaking, we are rivals and if we look back into history we see warfare and bloodshed.


In the 19th century, there was never a peaceful moment between us and the British. While the Indians were growing and learning from the West, we continued on with our insecurities and chose to remain behind. Now we have the guts to say that the west has always been conspiring against us. The truth is we are our own enemies.


Lord Clive brought nearly two hundred and fifty men from his country to triumph over us; threw out Babar, killed Yardrum Amer and Taimur. The truth my dear friends is that we have been destroying our selves; we deserve to be what we are today because we have earned it.  We point fingers at the ‘Goras’ for targeting the unity of the subcontinent yet we forget the times when Mughal Princes were killing their own brothers and sending their uncles & fathers to asylum.  What happened to Mohammad Bin Qasim or Obaidah Bin Jarah? We tell ourselves the conquering stories of our great generals but we never mention what we did to them after that.


Sir Thomas Crow treated Jahangir‘s son, for which Jahangir offered him gold equal to the size of his body. Sir Thomas’s reply to this was: “let us do trade with your country”. The vision they had at that time is something we still don’t possess. What we do is steal money from our own country and then send it to Swiss banks. Some are known as Mr. 10% while others have empires outside of Pakistan.  In order to develop the kind of vision the British had at the time and today the interests of the state and the public need to be the same.


Just think about it. Muslims make up around 1.5 billion of the world population out of which there are roughly  170 million Pakistanis. What contribution has such a large population made to its society? We have failed to provide our people with roti (bread), kapra (clothing) or makan (home) or for that matter, anything that can make a difference to their lives. We have turned into intellectual and financial beggars. We managed to give birth to one genius brain, Dr Abdul Salam but I am ashamed of what we did to him and how we paid him back for his services to our country.  Some say the clash between the east and west is a clash of civilizations. My question is, are we fit enough to be called a civilization? We make fake life saving drugs, sell expired meat and food, and make our children drink contaminated milk. I wouldn’t call it a clash of civilization, instead I would term it a clash of faith .To call ourselves a civilization is abusing the term itself.


If we have been crushed by the West in the past, are slaves to the West in the present, and if we will continue to be ruled by them in the future, we have got to realize that there is something terribly wrong with us. We have to understand that the problem lies within us and it’s not too late to correct it.

Nida Hasan

A second year medical student at Dow Medical College

  • Talha


  • S Nasrullah

    Our faculty to express ourselves on any topic must be tempered by sense of proportions if not patriotism. It is well neigh easy to condemn than correct a fault. We have arrogated upon ourselves the audacity or the authority to make sweeping statements based on untruths or half-truths. Of the 180 million of Pakistanis, there are many who are doing good jobs for themselves and their country and are yet not recognized – they do it for no ulterior motives. During a National crisis or disaster like Quake or Floods, we have innumerable accounts of personal bravery and sacrifice that goes unwept, unsung.
    Pakistanis are basically intelligent people and it is such a shame that they were always abused by the corrupt leaders who bargained their genius for their own personal benefits. Dr Abdul Salam was not the only luminary from Pakistan. We have Dr A.Q. Khan who rendered signal services for Pakistan making it invincible and look what have we done to him. Incarcerated. Stigmatized. Deserted. India, on the other hand, recognized their Nuclear Scientist Abul Kalam and accorded him the highest Office of the Presidency of India.
    The PPP had entered the political arena with a package of assurances to the vested interest, that the Pak Nuclear Program would be open for International Inspections and that Dr Qadeer Khan would be forced to the witness stand to answer the allegations of Nuclear Proliferation. But for the love and the esteem the people of Pakistan have for Dr Qadeer, no politician, however powerful or popular could dare touch him or debase him. The renowned Edhi is empowered financially and with dignity by the people of Pakistan who have judged his selfless services for the cause of humanity.
    Decades ago, Allama Iqbal had said : ” zara num ho to ye mitti buhat zarghaiz hai saqi”. Roughly translated, this soil is highly productive, provided it is properly fertilized and watered. The Pakistani nation has high potentials. They only need proper props, guidance and encouragement. We have one Ms Arifa who won international fame with her brilliant contribution to IT Program, at the age of 9.

    In the Conflict of Civilzation, the author had indicated that the forces of Islam can be defeated by injecting elements of self-denial, self-approbation and implosion to weaken their confidence and their competence. Aren’t we becoming ready instruments to their nefarious schemes?

    • Albert

      You can get better if you make your religious obsession a thing of the past.


    Those pseudo intellectuals who say that this is a clash of Eastern and Western civilizations are crypto racist scoundrels. East needs West to grow up to modernity — West needs East for manufacturing and innovating at cheaper price.

    They are inseparable.

    Pakistan’s place is with the West not China — because China itself is a dependent client state of the West despite its bluster against its so many weaker surrounding neighbors all along its borders.

    China in so many words has told Pakistan to shape up economically and get rid of its terrorists — that it cannot carry a huge dead weight of primitive Pakistani medievalism — when China itself is trying desperately to shake off the Han middle ages from the Chinese psyche — and then to fulfill the needs of a bloated army with nuclear baggage — way beyond Pakistan small size and meager means — with not a drop of oil.

    Pakistan fate is intimately bound with the West not China — proof? Tell me how many Pakistanis live in China compared to UK, USA, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe?

    Pakistan for its future has to make up with the United States. There is no other viable choice.


    Nida bi — there is something very wrong with us when we write — “If we ….are slaves to the West in the present ….”

    We are NOT slaves to the West — we are just a junior partner of the West needing to learn a lot from the West — socially, culturally, educationally, ethically, moeally, politically, technologically, and militarily.

    Our relationship with the West is not that of a Master and a Slave — but a teacher and a pupil.

  • jahangir khan

    The basic ideology need to be reviewed,its more than the fact that,the west are more older than us.the west pass through many phases of ups and down, its mandatory for the evolution process .The country newly born with no constitution and limited resources and hard ship is hardly can survive,but we are the nation have faith and discipline and vision of Iqbal these ideology we guides us for the betterment of Pakistan.people are not to be blame but the strategy can be,because prevention,implementing and planing can lead the nation.The country have to pass through stages of evolution to mature.

  • syed hussain

    well Written, Nida
    Mr Nasah, would you please like to reconsider your statement of partner. are we partner??. I think, partners are treated with respect and dignity. But look at the way, we are treated by the west. Just have a look on the incidents of drone attacks, killing in the street of lahore by an american spy, attack in Abottabad. Everyday they violate our so called sovereignty, but we are unable to do anything but chanting slogans against them. We must accept this bitter truth that we are beggars and beggars are treated in the same way, we are being treated. Beggars can’t ever stand like partners.


    Mr. Hussain – if you ask Pakistanis how they are treated in their adopted Western countries — most of them will say they are treated with “respect and dignity”.

  • Bashir

    We are tied to each other by our obsession with PAK (Palestine, America, Kashmir). If we achieve all three objectives, we will fight each other to death…. Fortunately we will never be able to fulfill our PAK obsession. So we will survive but will be condemned like Sisyphus.

  • Muneeb Danish

    If anyone still needs explanation please listen to HASSAN NISAAR. Well written article.