What are Imran’s Chances?

What are Imran’s Chances?

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’  (quote by Nelson Mandela)

Be contemptuous, apathetic or zealous about Imran Khan– chances are, you have been impressed by his recent presence on the Pakistani political scene.


What’s going on?


Something is definitely stirring.


Khan has always possessed the savoir-faire to use the media effectively, but since his rally in Lahore, he has inundated the media. Not wanting to be a political romantic fool I took a step back to assess my emotive state to understand whether there were real grounds for my jubilant reaction.


PTI’s untested leader


Khan has not been tested as a leader of Pakistan – precisely because he hasn’t had the opportunity yet.


But if Imran Khan is untested, does logic dictate that we continue to work with those who have been tested (repeatedly) and failed (by miles)? Pakistan as a nation has been flung back and forth akin to a ball in a dodge ball game between two elitist factions – with the Army in the middle seizing the ball ever so often to exhibit its supremacy.  The citizens in the bleachers have passively watched on without cheering.

A government’s legitimacy is rooted in its ability to deliver goods and services to the people it represents. On this front, the usual players have failed to deliver every time.


Without being in power, Khan has already delivered an impressive array of welfare services to the common man and been essentially ‘tested’.


The entire nation witnessed Khan’s efforts to realise the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. Let us recall the enormity of the task that Pakistanis accomplished as a team under the leadership of Khan as a philanthropist.


Khan had a grand vision. He mobilised Pakistanis to complete an ambitious project demonstrating exemplary leadership and determination. The Namal  Education Foundation is another example. These accomplishments alone place him ahead of politicians who have delivered zilch evidence of their willingness or capability to serve a nation. We can hardly expect them to lead Pakistan out of its most challenging time in history.


Imran Khan– everything but a politician


Pakistan has no dearth of politicians. The need of this distressed hour is not another politician, but a leader who is cognizant of the most pressing issues today.


Pakistan is desperate, even for a miniscule crack, in the window of opportunity to commence the process of change. The resilience and tenacity, which Khan possesses, is a prerequisite to swim against the intimidating tide of the Pakistani status quo. Imran Khan can lead that transformation, even if it’s sluggish and imperfect.


PTI has no coherent policies and is a one man show


Imran Khan is undoubtedly the face of PTI – just as he was the face of the Shaukat Khanum project or our cricket team in its glory days. We are familiar with the faces of the existing political parties – but that is hardly attributable to their commendable ideas or capability. It is merely a result of their use of dynasty-based political control and a cunning ability to return to frontline politics through manipulation of the feudal system.


While championing anti-corruption, Khan has scoped out salient issues, which plague the country.


He understands the urgency to alleviate the grievances of the alienated people of Baluchistan through local economic development.


He recognises how US drone strikes are causing deep grievances amongst the armed people of the tribal regions which can increase recruitment of locals into terrorist organisations.


He recognises the need to strike a balance of power through deeper ties with neighbours rather than relying on a sole alliance across the globe.  A closer relationship with China will boost investment and allow us to adopt best practises to alleviate poverty and corruption.


His anti-corruption campaign prioritises the need to build a tax system, which will collect tax from more than the meagre 2% of Pakistanis who currently pay taxes.


Give us the specifics


Khan’s weakness, however, lies in his lack of articulation on the specifics of how to achieve these outcomes.


For example, Khan needs to a realist and recognise that Pakistan must develop a practicable relationship with the hegemon of the world. Pakistan’s problem of delinquent militants is real. There is merit in his stance to cease-fire as there is likely to be some preferred option for all parties, which is favourable over conflict. This can only be identified through political bargaining.


The question, which remains unanswered, is how will Pakistan align its interests with those of the other parties. Khan has often been heard about his plans to bring peace to the country ‘within 90 days’. How exactly will this be achieved lacks clarity.


So what are his chances?


Can the masses Khan galvanized in Lahore actually translate into votes in the next elections?


A poll conducted by the U.S.-based Pew Research Center in June found Khan to be the most popular political figure in the country. China recently invited Khan to discuss investment and trade opportunities. The military is thought to have backed Khan to be the next president of Pakistan.


According to ILO, 18 to 30 year olds make up 25% of the population, which is promising considering Khan’s appeal with the youth of Pakistan.


At the very least, Imran Khan deserves full acknowledgment for being relentless and for stirring a nation full of passive spectators.


His followers are cautiously optimistic.


Amira Jadoon

A Political Science PhD student at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy,New York

  • Moazzamq

    Good Article! No wonder he is the face of PTI but he looks like a bit carried away hiring the Vote Bank Politicians to raise his chances of winning… He got to be very careful to know what are his POLICY OWNER TEAMS’ Limits to cater these tested politicians… Especially Shah Mehmood Qureshi come to PTI for being in the Govt once again…

    The reason they give they want to go with the CHANGE would have been truly appreciated before the Lahore Jalsa but all these politicians are hungry for IQTIDAAR which is the reason they are drooling to get an entry in PTI…

    On the other hand young people would have a very little chance to show their skills. It will be a tug of war between Juniors and Seniors


    How many bye-elections he has fought so far and won — the gold standard of a successful politician?

  • Murtala Muhammad

    I like the way you put things here. It’s all quite true and points are very valid. Specially nowdays when we see the trio (zardari, nawaz and army) at each others throat. it shows that old system and political way of thinking does need change. A change which Imran Khan offers.

  • Basit Hussain

    I am sure that PML-N has made some recent investments in media and that’s why Geo is increasingly criticizing Imran Khan

  • Awais Ch.

    Prime Minister of Pakistan….. Imran Khan Imran Khan :)

  • Urmaxy

    When there is a will there is way. I believe IK does have the ability and will to change to corrupt system of this wonderful and resource-riched country. He is playing aggressive and safe at the same time and this is the best strategy. I love Imran Khan and I hope he becomes the next prime minister of Pakistan. He is the best we have right now and we should not hesitate to give him a chance. I will die the day 23 year old Crown Prince will become King of Pakistan.

  • Omair_za

    just a note. of all the parties PTI has the most specific plan. but why is it even needed right now? i guess the time for that is three months before the elections. i find no reason why he should. and do the ones governing have any plans? please tell me when it was issued and released? they came on the slogan of democracy, not plans.

  • A Tareen

    Excellent piece.. very balanced analysis of Imran Khan’s prospects!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eengr06 Irfan Ullah

    Imran Khan: Pakistan’s next leader?
    For years his political ambitions have been overshadowed by his cricket career. Now, his popularity as a politician has suddenly increased massively and his message to get rid of corruption and to cut military links with the US is resonating with Pakistanis. Could Imran Khan become the next prime minister or even president of Pakistan? And how would he end corruption and violence in his country?
    Corruption is destroying the country. For the first time people feel, that their survival is at stake. People feel that the country is a failed state. If we don’t do something, the future of our children is bleak.
    The quote by some unknown depict well the present situation confronting PTI and its Chairman. “Life is like a party. You invite a lot of people; some go, some join you, some laugh with you, some didn’t come. But in the end, after the fun, there would be a few who would clean up the mess with you. And most of the time, those were the uninvited or tested ones.” Soon the candidates will be in place and people would have an opportunity to choose and vote.

  • Zaheer Ahmed

    Imran Khan has the best chances in the present Political Scenario.His perservarance,sicerety,determination and hard work is finally paying off.The nation has a lot of hopes from his single minded devotion to his objective of abringing a change and desire to improve the destiny of this country.he is getting to be vey lot of support and everybody wants to join his party.However he has to be very cautious in slection of his final team which can bring the coutry out of this total mess and near collapse.

  • Rush_gush

    another faggot with his biggotary. with or without him. this country is going down and its unstoppable!!

    • Cevresu

      Country is not going down, country is there, nation is going down, people are going down.. it is time to stop blaming a God gifted country and take the blame as a nation.

  • Bppv89

    Imran Khan will be our next president InshaAllah

    • Imran

      inshaallaha Allah imran khan will be our next president……..we all fed up
      from others……….

  • noman

    PTI will clean sweep all other parties in next elections, InshAllah

  • Abdullahadcb

    Imran deserves to be the next PM of Pak. we all pray for him.


    I fully agree with the writer ,he must define some basic issues and give a solution ,like feudal system how he is going to tackle or sardaree biradree systems the engines of corruption , saying is easy doing is a great challenge ,in the way he is accepting feudals in his party or being planted in his party I dont see any radical change it may not turn into simple political kushtee.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beygi Tahir Beyg

    but amira his contributions can’t b doubted i think sooo…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Balzing.Fire Mohsin Khan

    WE are with u Imran Khan. PTI is gonna sweap Insha Allah!

  • Pakistani

    Imran Khan looks good and nice person. Mistakes and err are with human but lets see what he acts after selection. I fully support him and I hope he will win inshaAllah. I want to see him PM, May Allah save our Pakistan from crual rulers.

  • Mukhlisrahi

    I think at last the result of Imran Khan will be not different as it had been with Quaid-e-Azam because of khuta sikka in his pocket.

  • Izzy

    Imran Khan has what is required to make our country a great country. We are praying for his long life. May Allah (SWT) keep him under His Very Special Protection. (Ameen Suum Ameen)

  • Farid Yousuf

    how Imran SOnami change Pakistan just by words ????????
    No Policies its just another man who takens us to fools paradise

  • Bababozo

    Pml N has ruled Punjab for more them 25 yrs and no change in Punjab and every one knows about PPP government and specially about Mr PM I think most crupt and the lier person of this earth. We have only one person left and I am confident that he will make a real Pakistan and he is Imran Khan.

    Baba Bozo

  • Ali

    With Javed Hashmi joining PTI i think we can put to rest that IK is reaching such heights due to military establishment, you do not get more anti-establishment than Javed Hashmi. Tsunami is a coming beware the corrupt politicians. People go around these days touting the fact that some not too clean a people have joined PTI, my question to those people is, maybe a few not too clean a people have joined PTI but that is still better than parties who have nothing but corrupt people in them. It all depends on the leader IK as a cricketer stopped and stamped out corruption in our cricket team although he had people in the team who later were found out for fixing matches. If the leader is strong he will root out corruption from within his party ranks, change the mindsets of these people and enforce a corruption free environment. A gaya Khan cha Khan. It is time for a change and the winds have started to blow beware all those who try to stand in the way.

  • ساقی

    everyone including mr khan is well aware of the issues which has become a metastasizing carcinoma itself.can mr khan carry out a laborious job of surgical removal of parts with shots of intense chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy?i really doubt,especially when herds of the same old oft tried faces are pushing their baggage on his wagon.But let’s give him a chance,who knows he may deliver what he says,though the chances are very much diminished.Revolutions come with public stance changes not with change of faces & we very well know that despite yearning for a change our public is in no mood to get up for a revolution.i’ll say good luck captain,though

  • Anonymous

    All for PTI and PTI for all.

  • Ch Mohammad Sohail

    Imran Khan is the rising sun on the political earth of Pakistan and InshAllah one day he will lead the country. Like he leads the National Team and he will achieve the goal in politician like he achieve the other goals in his life. We all pray for him.

  • Pakistani

    Us say bara Pakistan ka dusman koi nai ho sakta jo P T I ko Vote na day. Vote only for P T I (Imran Khan)

    thanks & regards


  • Sirballand

    imran khan imran khan imran khan

  • Shomyalgul

    Amira is still confused what he want to convey through her article……. if we seen his past… he made a world class cricket team, after that world class cancer hospital in Pakistan which he handed over to masses(management) . And now he is doing the same with PTI …. InshAllah at the end PTI will be the party of common man as unlikely PPPP OR pmlN

    • http://www.facebook.com/eengr06 Irfan Ullah

      Have you read and understood the artile ? I don’t think so…She has appreciated, and analyzed his personality in detail. Please read the artile with translation and then you can comment.
      Irfan Khan from USA

  • Umer

    About Talibans, Imran khan has to clear, that he is with Taliban or Against Talibans. then i will vote to Imran khan

  • Babar

    What is the difference between Mr 10% and Mr Playboy? What kind of message we are sending to the world.

    • sLik

      Mr Plaboy (personal), Mr 10% (not personal). Understand the difference.

    • Aayanjani30

      The message is clear Mr. Babur. Mr.10% looted your country, not you not your entire family is safe including your sisters, mother, wife, daughter and sons are not protected by the evils produced by Mr.10%.
      On the other hand Mr.Play boy, is just given that tittle foe his good looks and popularity among women. He had a clean marriage, where even his X.wife has very high views about him. InshAllah when he comes your family will be protected. All the corrupt bastards will be eliminated, no one will dare look or even have an evil eye on your women. InshAllah Imran Khan with our help will make a new Pakistan. InshAllah

  • Javed

    Imran khan is the only hope for pakistanis . So I will ask the NATION TO GET BEHIND HIM AND REJECT ALL CORRUPT TESTED POLITICIAN. Long live Imran.

  • lightbulb

    Imran Khan will bring the change we need… Imran Khan Zindabad!!!
    25th December-Karachi Jalsa….Here I come!!!!

  • Ali_0497


  • Meno_b

    he cant change things in Pakistan, it all are fake.

  • Toqeer Warraich

    PTI is A name of Vision and Its a Sincere Struggle of Imran Khan.
    He dont need fame he is famous all over the world.
    He dont need money he is a rich man already.
    He can spend a luxurious life any where in this world even
    he choose to give people a standard life.
    He is committed to give us our Life, Respect, Dignity and Peace.
    INSHA ALLAH He will b Succeed in it.
    May ALLAH ALMIGHTY Bless Him and My All Prays with Him.

  • S Nasrullah

    First Shah Mahmood Qureshi from PPP and now Javed Hashmi from PML(N) have joined forces with Imran Khan’s PTI and the swelling popularity would definitely launch him to his desired goal to lead the destination of the Country, ruined by succession of inept and corrupt Politicians and Megalomaniac military. The buoyant force of Pakistani youth joining the ranks in battalions augurs well. The youth of Pakistan is educated, enthusiastic and energetic and would surely turn around the stunted economic growth, the pervasive lawlessness and the perverse policies of the imbecile and the impotent PPP govt.
    The proof of the pudding, as is commonly acknowledged, is in the eating. We have tried and tested PPP and PML(N) in turns and they failed us. Let us try PTI and Imran. In any case successive election processes would purify our perceptions and would sharpen our sights to elect the deserving.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eengr06 Irfan Ullah

    Have you read and understood the artile ? I don’t think so…She has appreciated, and analyzed his personality in detail. Please read the artile with translation and then you can comment.

  • Mohammadazam11

    Always been a diehard N Supporter, i plan to give khan a try a question you folks might agree i want to ask Imran, its great u are bringing onboard tested politicians but what happens when after u r elected and formed govt would u agree to do favors to your ministers as they are so used to getting yhem in their previous parties would u expect defections if u tried to use iron fist control over them u must prepare the masses as well as your party no nepotism only nation building also bring Russia n China both into foreign policy oust US based policy

  • Asrar Hassan

    But if Imran Khan is untested, does logic dictate that we continue to work with those who have been tested (repeatedly) and failed (by miles)?

    Mr.Khan remains untested because he failed to develop PTI and its his own fault. Today when he talks about ‘change’, he has developed a team which consists of total garbage, old and ‘tested’ people. We don’t want old garbage wrapped in a fancy cover. This is undoubtedly and logically not ‘change’.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nazir-K-Ali/100000107251982 Nazir K Ali

      Tell me if where its wrong. Imran did not build his party with corrupt fogies; come one come all, but kept his party under wraps from unneccessary criticism. He is admitting people with a clean slate in financial dealings and there is a bit of compromise here and there but overall he is determined to go ahead with his program.
      Give him a chance and frankly it is believed by me that change will be noticeable gradually and it wont be a ‘quick fix’ campaign. Salams to you my friend

  • Shaikhsadia

    imran khan will make the pakistan n bring merit in pakistan thanks long live imran khan national hero of pakistan..

  • Mallickalam


  • M. Hanif & Friends (Lahore)

    He is the Man, try to accept him! i know its we have got really harsh experiences, now even someone dont want imran khan still he needs to vote for PTI, Because the only Party that can bring Change… So you like Imran or not just go and vote for PTI!!!

    He is really Going to Change things Because “His name is Khan, and is not a Terrorist” ;-) ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tayyab-Banga/100003181804915 Tayyab Banga

    PTI Zinda Abad

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nazir-K-Ali/100000107251982 Nazir K Ali

    “A good heart and a good mind, makes a formidable combination,” (Nelson Mandela).

    Imran Khan led his team to victory in the world cup. One can trace his history as a captain as being filled with perseverance and persistence. He has the international and national exposure combined with members who have a clean reputation, give him a break. Let him breathe fresh air into our stagnant atmosphere. Salams to Pakistan

  • Sohailsahibzada

    Imran Khan is a nice person who means well,he is dynamic and energetic and probably has all the ability to lead. However if you give a grnad prix winner a bicycle and ask him to win a race there will be problems.
    As usual his band wagon is joined by opportunists and the corrupt flatterers and one has to wait and see how many of the will be given prominance and seats in the assembly.
    To me this may there is a possibility that he may end up as ‘Obama’ for Pakistan!
    While i wish him well and as an optimist i hope that he succeeds in steering the nation in these difficult times.I have this feeling that unless the ‘people change’ nothing will change.
    Years ago I read a book of Harold Robins ‘The Adventurers’, seeing the past of Pakistan it does not have a different than the theme of that novel.
    As Churchills said in his famous qoute”The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
    I hope Imran who is an optimist by nature finds this opportunity in the difficult circumstances that we find ourselves in.

  • rehan ali

    We should struggle against establishment AND forces. To run the country is the job of Politician and to defend country is the job of forces. PTI is new horse of forces and establishment to control country. Previous horse is Q league.

  • Shano

    i think 60 percent

  • nasir

    we as a whole nation are corrupt to some extent but when we are led by a good leader we behave like a civilized nation when we are on the motor way we are good as soon as we leave motor way we are same again so this prove that we need a leader like Imran regardless of the fact who is joining him, exactly like when he was playing cricket not a single player dare to involve in match fixing or any wrong doing, so trust him the difference between him and other leaders is the leadership

  • Anonymous

    Well I think the emergence of PTI will replace Imran Khan with PML Q, the beneficiary will be PPP, he lacks true vision, he is the Life president of PTI he is accepting Lotas from other political parties, grass root workers are unhappy which will result in his down fall.

    He failed to make any dents in MQM Karachi and finally accepting them, the same party he wanted UK to extradite his leader, shame on Imran.

  • Ahmed

    You never know what establishment will do…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6WJS36EGBR2MFYU6XNYY3MDLBU Abdul Rehman

    75% chances of imran khan for sure inshalla he will come up with 75%

  • Khurram

    Beware of establishment game in the name of change, Might be its like Obama change, Qureshi, lugharies, tareens, ch’s, qasoori will bring change. I dont think so. Establishment secure their own horses first and now they will promote them eventually and finally they will high jack the PTI. in the last Imran Khan will be alone. same like establishment did with Mian Azhar.

  • Amjad khan

    The dirty mind set of PPP and PML-N is opposing the presence of Imran Khan in this country and they get scared with the popularity of PTI in the local politics, as third option to the nation. They simply cannot digest the huge presence of people in PTI gatherings, so they started a monoply of establishment behind PTI movement. Insha Allah PTI will prove in the next election that the real people power has taken over and these corrupts, money makers and frauds will run away again from this country. Zardari will be sitting in Dubai, Nawaz in London/Saudi Arabia and others will go to their second nationality places. No one can stop this tsunami and ordinary people of this nation has made up their minds to go for IMRAN KHAN.

    • Falak Sher

      Would any body like to comment on the following points: -
      a. IK did not pay income tax for a long period almost 22 year, before entering into politics.
      b. Got a plot from Punjab Govt stating (swearing) on Govt Papers that he has no plot in Punjab.
      c. He said to Indian press to put Kashmir issue in cold house for ten years.
      d. He has been fighting against Altaf Hussain for a long time and now whats his position/stance about MQM, or is he going to promote “Bori Bund Lash and Bhatta” in Punjab on the same line…?

  • Amira

    Hi Shahzad
    Thanks for your comments. If you are wondering about the name of the author of this blog, it is inlcluded on top of this webpage. Appreciate your comments.

  • http://js.com/ Ilyas Ahmed

    Drone strikes are key that triggers suicide attacks. Both serve US interests. US justs wants to blame us for its predicted failure in Afghanistan. It needs a strong economy to support this war and has evict given its financial position.

    We don’t need politicians that fulfills literal meaning of politices (Poli “multiple” tica “faces”) Most if not all of politicians have multiple faces. We need statesmen who practice what they preach. Imran is no ideal but is heads and shoulders above the rest.

    We are not one of those poor African countries that need food aid. We are vibrant a economy. we just need honest and imgainative team to lead us out of this chaos. We can manage on our own and thrive and prosper without foreign aid. Our parallel economy is a gold mine. Our resources whether Thar coal, Rekodic gold and copper, shale and tight gas reserves, etc. are more than enough to drive us among top 15 economies of the world in under 20 years. Let the right leadership command the driving seat and see miracle.


    Dear Arif, just to add one more thing, Imran once became captain always wanted to play as captain. On number of occasions, Javed Miandad had to leave captaincy for him just because he would not play otherwise……….so can he really fore go the party leadership.
    You are also right about him being thrown out of party after elections, PML-Q is one example, HOW MANY OF US REMEMBER THAT IT WAS MIAN AZHER WHO FIRST LEAD PML-Q BUT WHERE DID HE GO AFTER 2002 ELECTIONS????

  • S Nasrullah

    There is a genuine concern shown by some quarters, supporting Imran Khan, questioning his sagacity to welcome party discards of other entities. There is a well known saying:’ If you can’t beat them, join them’. Imran has realized that any political party must have wide spectrum of heavy weights to instill confidence in the electorate the ability to form an effective govt, once elected. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Makhdoom Javed Hashmi and others make a strong contention for a viable govt with an array of seasoned and experienced politicians. PTI must be seen as a National Party ready to embrace all schools of thought and represent all provinces and all interests. As H. Longfellow emphatically stated ‘an Institution is the lengthened shadow of one man’. Pakistan has always been leader deficient after Quaid-e-Azam and Quaid-e-Millat, and the youth of Pakistan have pinned their hopes on Imran’s bandwagon that he would deliver what the people of Pakistan have been aspiring for ages.

    It is a fresh breeze in the otherwise suffocating political climate to see PTI is focused on Issues and Agenda, rather than the character assassination and the blame game with attendant negativity. PTI has a perfect profile. Let’s hope, they come up to the expectations of the nation

    • Falak Sher

      Should we put Pakistan again in the hands of inexperienced leaders/Persons..?

      Gen Musharif was not corrupt, an experienced four star general but with greedy and corrupt team in spite of having a long tenure of 9 years could not deliver. He has nothing at his credit except bloodshed in Pakistan.
      Shaukat Aziz for 3 years, Yousaf Raza Gillani 3 year nothing at his credit which is for the pakistan… except mega corruption scandal of Railway, PIA, Steel Mil, NICL, NLC, Hajj Scandal….due to non-experience
      Benazir (ruled for 4 years) having some allegations of corruption did better as compared to the present PPP Govt. Gave the gift of Missile Technology.
      Nawaz Sharif (ruled for 5 years) has done better as compared to other Govts. He has many things at his credit like Motorway, Atomic Bomb, JS 17 thunder, Gawadar Port, privatization etc…..
      Present Punjab Govt is doing better as compared to other provincial Govt. Has many credible achievements comparatively…like Aashiana housing, Danish Schools, Yellow Taxi, Work in Education Sector, encouragement of Talent/position holder students, work during dengue virus, following the merit in appointments, no corruption scandal. Comparatively doing better because of his experience and dedications

      Should we put Pakistan again in the hands of inexperienced leader/persons.?
      Would any body like to comment on the following points: -
      a. IK did not pay income tax for a long period almost 22 year, before entering into politics.
      b. Got a plot from Punjab Govt stating (swearing) on Govt Papers that he has no plot in Punjab.
      c. He said to Indian press to put Kashmir issue in cold house for ten years.
      d. He has been fighting against Altaf Hussain for a long time and now whats his position/stance about MQM, or is he going to promote “Bori Bund Lash and Bhatta” in Punjab on the same line…?

  • umer

    i lived in Pak for 22 years and never paid tax on roti or salan…..neither i heard there is any tax on that….Even in canada there is no tax on bread or milk or essential items….u better get your info right first…
    Secondly tmhare paas Aladin ka charagh ha kia???kahan se paise laoo ge tum roti ghilane k??sab duniya tax le k gharibun ka bala krti ha??tum alien ho kia??
    Dude tax net has ratios…..very high for rich and very very less for poor …u only have hatred for IK and you have never heard him….tax chori hota ha Pakistan me coz of corruption and kis aur political party ne kaha they will end corruption in 90 days…
    U vote for Imran first and then speak bad about him…..U didnot vote him then howcome you can criticize him….

  • Umer Dar

    I am a big fan of Imran Khan, at one stage I was convinced that he is the only man who can bring Pakistan out of current crisis and decided to support him in elections by polling my vote for him and convincing others to do the same. But recently I have changed my opinion about Imran Khan and his party, not because of Khan’s personality but because of some other issues related to him and his party. I still believe that Imran Khan is an honest, intelligent and trustworthy person (we all make mistakes in our life, so as Khan did), but honesty is not the only qualification required for a great leader to bring change. A team of honest, trustworthy, intelligent, qualified, experienced, honest and sincere politicians is also required to bring change (which I must say Imran failed to bring forward) I have recently met a few friends and people I knew who have changed their opinion about Imran Khan’s Party for the same reasons as me.
    I would like to share my concerns about Khan and his party with you and will be very happy if someone can convince me and people like me with logical and reasonable argument.

    1- Imran Khan in his book (recently published) mentioned that he helped his brother in law (in UK) in gambling and asked him to give a percentage of the winning amount to IK so he can get rid of his party’s(PTI) debts. My question is if a person cannot pay off his party’s debts (which were 10 thousand times less than the country’s debts) without gambling, how will he pay off the country’s debts? Is gambling allowed in Islam?

    2- IK cam to UK last year, he also came in the town where I live and in his speech he said that MQM is a terrorist organisation and Altaf Hussain had killed 238 innocent people. He assured the audience that He has filed a case against Altaf Hussain and MQM in Scotland Yard with all documentary evidences, requesting them to cancel Altaf Hussain’s British nationality and declare them terrorist. But this case was never filed and he lied to the people. Imran Khan repeatedly expressed his views on the national media about MQM and Altaf Hussain, saying that they are terrorists and killers, black mailers, corrupt, terrorist. But recently he has changed his point of view and has started saying that they are revolutionary and progressive party (Because Establishment told him to say this, as both are supported by Establishment). My question here is was Imran Khan wrong at that time when he called them terrorist or he is wrong now when he is saying that they are revolutionary and progressive party? He should actually apologise to MQM what he has been saying about them before.

    3- In his speech at Karachi IK said that he will make Pakistan a real Progressive Islamic social state. My question here is what Khan’s point of view about Islamic state is? When a dance party was going on the stage during all his speech, before and after. Songs were played throughout the proceedings of Jalsa. He was confused about the dress code of a Muslim woman. He is accepting all corrupt, dishonest and opportunist, how will they support Khan in making Pakistan a real progressive Islamic state.

    4- In a recent TV programme Imran khan refused to disclose the names of the sponsors for his party’s programmes. He said that someone gave 2.5 million rupees for Lahore but I can’t disclose his name. Sources said that 5.3 million rupees were spent only for telephonic and SMS campaign about Karachi gathering. My question here is if the money is not coming from Establishment or corrupt people/black money why can’t he disclose the names of the people who are sponsoring the party? What are their interests in the party or Imran Khan, Why are they spending so much money on the political campaign? I can understand people donating money for hospital or charitable work but for political campaign?

    5- He has been criticising the politicians changing parties in the past, Politicians in other parties who supported Gen. Musharaf (Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Awais Laghari, Jamal Laghari,) and traditional politicians. How come they have become so pious, honest, noble, respectable, trustworthy, intelligent and capable of running the country just by coming in Khan’s party?

    6- Where are all those new faces gone, Imran told us thousand times in last few years he will bring new faces? I would love to poll my vote to a well educated, intelligent, honest progressive young man, even though he is not famous or popular than polling my vote to a traditional politician, who has changed his party 5 times in last 15 years, Supported martial law and people like Musharaf, filthy rich and corrupt.

    7- Imran khan recently said that all those who are joining his party will follow his party’s manifesto and He will lead the revolution not them. My question here is that what will happen when these corrupt, traditional politicians will become majority in the party. Either there will be Imran’s dictatorship in the party or these corrupt politicians will run the party according to their wishes? If you look at IK’s parties big names they all are traditional politicians and symbol of status co.

    8- In his speech at Karachi he said that when he will come in power there will be one educational system in the country and that will be supportive of poor people and his all policies will be for poor people and middle class. My question here is how Khan will be able to do that? when Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri in his party who is running the Country’s most expensive chain of schools (Beacon House). Where 6 years old child’s parent pay Rs. 8000/- per month as tuition fee which is more than a poor man’s whole months wages? You have Laghari’s in your party who are perfect example of Feudalism and represent the elite class of the country. You have Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Hoti and swati in your party; we all know that all these people are real opportunist.

    9- I know Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Altaf and most of the other politicians are all corrupt and dangerous for the country but the question here is why is IK only accusing Nawaz Sharif everywhere (Because currently he is anti Establishment). I believe that Zardari and Altaf are 100 times more dangerous for the safety, security, stability, peace and development of Pakistan but why he is only cursing Nawaz Sharif everywhere
    A person who is an established killer (altaf) is a progressive revolutionary leader in Imran Khan’s view, can anybody justify this?
    A person who is an established most corrupt man of the country (Zardari) Khan never talks about him, He never talks about the corruption of Gillani and his family, He never talks about Rehman Malik (We all know him very well), He never talks about fake degree holder Babar Awan. Can you justify this?

    10- In last 15 years Imran has talked about bringing change in the country a lot. But according to my best of knowledge he has never presented any model of change he want to bring in the country, how will he bring the change, what that change will be? Khan has always pointed towards the problem (which we all do) but he has never came out with solutions. I have some videos of Khan where he was asked for solutions and he was clueless what to say. What kind of economic reforms his party will bring, what kind of tax reforms they will bring in, what kind of changes in the social system we will see, what is their vision about the country in 2020, Do they have any solid plan of doing this or they will work on it when they will come in power. As he talks about justice a lot, what kind of changes they will bring in the legal system to provide easy and cheap justice to every one? He was asked few times this question in last couple of years but he was unable to give a logical and solid answer.
    Why Khan and his party did not came out with a solid plan and solutions (if they had one) of the today’s problems and helped the government or people to get rid of these problems. Will they only disclose the plan and solutions when they will come in power?
    I have heard a number of analysts saying that they are not aware of Imran’s stance about some of country’s most important issue?

    • Umer


      You really rocked and pointed out the real gem of the questions which were emerged in the mind after IK has extended his party with the traditional LOTA party who are just willing to be given another chance for the sake of their own Interests, but not of the common man.

      So, Yes, Agree with your point of view. And lastly, IK has really lost his previously-confirmed votes.

    • Falak Sher

      I agree with your thoughts. i can just quote a quotation for IK who is raising Slogan against corruption “A man is known by the company he keeps”.

      a few more points to be considered.

      a. IK did not pay income tax for a long period almost 22 year, before entering into politics.
      b. Got a plot from Punjab Govt stating (swearing) on Govt Papers that he has no plot in Punjab.
      c. He has been MNA during 2002-2007 and also member of Public Accounts Committee what he has contributed against corruption..?
      d. He said to Indian press to put Kashmir issue in cold house for ten years.

    • Tariqm Chaudhry

      Please wait, Inshallah he will bring.

    • Hassan Attique

      I Have just few words for you that can ans all your points. You you know Quaid E Azam. Do You know the ppl involved in muslim League of that tym. If no go back and read the history. At that tym also many bad ppl were in muslim league but Pakistan was made at tht tym. Its not about people or right or wrong its about the leader how strong he can be.

    • Atique

      Be strong in your faith,do not doubt your conviction,keep supporting Imran and one day you will be glad that you stood firm.

  • Naeem

    Imran Khan cannot win with clean sweep. The next assembly will be blend consisting of mqm, pti, ji, anp, ppl, mln, pp provided free and fair election under zardari as a president.

  • Asad Zareef

    Imran Khan is not a politician which is a notion every Pakistani is aware of but he is a patriotic Pakistani who has served Pakistan more than Zardari and Nawaz Sharif even without coming into power once. I did not see Zardari opening a cancer hospital or a university of international standard or staging a sit in at the most volatile areas of country against drones. What I see Imran khan as a symbol of hope among the feudal’s of Pakistan. As i read in another article someone said ”What we learn from history is that we never learn from history” so i think its time for all of us to learn a little bit and give a chance to Imran Khan as giving ML-N or PPP another chance won’t bring anything other than same futile promises that we have all heard over the last 3 decades from these people. Its time to test a new person even if he fails to deliver we would atleast be moving forward from the same hypocrites that have stopped our nation to prosper at all rather than taking us back in to the past.






    • Falak Sher

      i support ur point of view. a few more points also support ur stance.
      a. IK did not pay income tax for a long period almost 22 year, before entering into politics.
      b. Got a plot from Punjab Govt stating (swearing) on Govt Papers that he has no plot in Punjab.
      c. He has been MNA during 2002-2007 and also member of Public Accounts Committee what he has contributed against corruption..?
      d. He said to Indian press to put Kashmir issue in cold house for ten years.
      d. He has been fighting against Altaf Hussain for a long time and now whats his position/stance about MQM, or is he going to promote “Bori Bund Lash and Bhatta” in Punjab on the same line

    • Hassan Attique

      Ans for u is very simple if he was power hungry then he would have join pervaiz musharaf whn he offered him to become prime minister. HE didnt “WHY?” and this is not speculation it is on record. Can you define gambling kindly open the dictionary and find its real meaning and listen wt he said. Regarding MQM do you want another series of murders of innocent ppl if he speaks openly he was wise enough to not to speak. About Kasori may be you have bad opinion abt him but pesonaly i have seen him in Lahore many times at juma prayers he stand among common PPL so my believe is he may have some respect for his country as well.

      • Junaid

        Musharraf ditched him, thats why he was not there. he was campaiging for musharraf’s refrendum. he has done gambling and he is on record saying it many time so you open the dictionary and kasuri sb is no comments. I belong from kasur NA 140 which is kasuri sb constiuency so dont tell me what he is

  • Tariqm CHAUDHRY


  • Anonymous

    I trust Imran Khan more than any other political leaders in Pakistan given his untainted repute, but to compare his role in leading Pakistan to a cricket win as a credential towards managing Pakistan as a country is a bit kiddish.
    The only thing which worries me is the recent admittance of ‘old hands’ from other parties. How do you get about bringing in a change with characters from the established order ?
    For similar reasons I never trusted Obama day one and his change, but I bet Pakistan is a different story as I believe Imran Khan was’t selected by a committee of faceless people.
    I am now in Pakistan on a holiday and from the chats I occassionally have with the rickshaw drivers, I can guarantee he has won the rickshaw constituency as a starter.
    Mind you, the Yelllow Cab project is a complete waste of public money as there is no yellow cab to be seen anywhere save Lahore airport.
    Let me tackle a few points raised in the article.
    ‘Specifics’ – Imran claims to have a complete and detailed agenda including the first 90 day crash programme, but he hesitates to post it on PTI website for fear of other parties copying it which makes a lot of sence given the ‘copy cat’ me too culture in Pakistan.
    “His chances’ – He claims that women and youth which voted for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is voting for him. The latter’s presence in force in his rallies proves it. But the majority live in the country side which too had voted for ZAB.
    Imran has recently pledged to offer fertilizers and seeds to the farmer for free. But how is he going to do it as the fertilizer plants are in the private sector. The real issue is the price hikes in the cost of fertilizers, etc.. and other hitches in the supply. The cost of freebies must come at the expense of someone else.
    With the rest of the issues, I’d say Imran would need a team of technocrats with proven track record in their respective fields sitting as ministers but then the question arises – how will he accommodate the ‘old hands’ ditching other parties for PTI ? How will he reign in on those elected on PTI ticket to push legislation and administrative reforms which are likely to put them at a disadvantage since politics and business is all mixed up.

  • Abbas

    Imran Khan cannot avoid corruption, he has been a loose character man, sita white? jamima and his sons are jews. he cannot rule a muslim country with connection with his jewish family.

  • mrs abbasi

    we have given pml n and ppp multiple chances, we already know what they do when they get the mendate… this time why not to give imran khan a chance. worst possibility is that he’ll fail, he wont come upto the expectations of pakistani nation. so what? these two repeatedly tested parties are not going to make pakistan a heaven either.besides we are used to of being failed and fooled now…

    even if imran khan fails, dont worry. in ppp, pml n,pml q we have a whole SERIES of leaders coming up…current “leaders”, then their children, then their children and so on…

  • Asghar Khan

    I will say that when IK was the captian of Paki team, even when they won the WC, almost there were 25-30 people who played under IK. Among them some has joined politics also but none of them is supporting him in his regime…why??? When Abrar-ul-haq, tennis players etc are comming to pti why not those people whose captian was IK??? I guess the reason is his one-man-show type of personality…and thats not better then dictatorship…

  • Shahida_qureshi

    Pakistan and indeed any other developing third world country does not need politicians but thinkers and doers with their hearts in the right place. Whether Imran Khan is articulate or not and whether he is a brilliant politician or not does not matter to a country where the infrastructure is collapsing at the speed of light. The Government and politicians are not only grossly incompetent but disloyal and corrupt as well. The present system spells doom for Pakistan.. Zardari and cronies are fast turning this country into a failed state..otherwise why is there so much apathy about finding solutions for the problems. If Pakistan does become a failed state then WHAT??? Like the PIA is Zardari going to buy Pakistan or sell it to the neighbors?? If this has not already been done!!!

  • Asif

    Pakistan is not a game of cricket and ther are no Miandad and Wasim to help him. This is politics. All he will do is win a few seats. In the end it will again be the major parties taking away the bulk of the seats. remember 80% of Pakistan is rural where only the Sardars and Waderas have influences over the people. Lets get back to reality.

    • Omair_hasan

      so what are you suggesting? Continue to not vote or go out and vote for people we know are looters and plunderers of this nation? C’mon get real and do what ‘you’ can. Be a part of the solution and not the problems.

  • Shahida_qureshi

    Imran Khan appears to be the only hope for the ordinary Pakistani. But that is if the present MOB will let go of their evil grip on this country. What is happening in Pakistan is plain EVIL. The amount of crime and corruption partly state sponsored and part politically motivated has destroyed the fabric of this society. In the past it usually took a decade or so for the politicians to mess up but this time the PPP Government started showing signs of poor governance and extreme corruption within months after taking over the country. The country is down on its knees and the conspiracies of PPP to destroy Pakistan are unfolding each day. It appears that PPP has no faith in Pakistan other than to loot its coffers!! We need a Mustafa Kamal Pasha to cleanse this country and set it it on the right path. Imran Khan may not sound like a clever politician and he may not be a good orator but his heart is in the right place and his finger is on the puse of this nation and he is the only person that fits the bill. This nation owes it to its children and future generations to give a serious chance to Imran Khan. HE SPELLS HOPE FOR PAKISTAN.

  • Shahidhusseinqaboolpuria



  • Durdanaabbasi

    when Mr. Khan decided to take part in national politics, people with some sense through at last we would have a non-bigot, forward looking, liberal democrate who knows that theocratic politics must be abondened if Pakistan were to achieve a respectabe position in the league of nations. But, guss what, we have another bigot in the making. The one who cannot face idots like Rushiddi because his religion will be endangered by the presence of a non-beliver in the panel. I have only one advise for Mr. Khan; “grow up” we thought you knew better than that.

  • Sattar-rind

    politics is complex game with equally number of chances of success and failure. we ordinary people only on the present – what is going on .. or what kind of people are in his circle…who are his close advisers… how much he weigh their advises… how he wants change… what he claims…and that is possible?..etc.

    one of his main propagandist is Mr. Haroon Rashid. and he constantly trying to convey the open massage that army and imran khan are the somethings with different names unfortunately. as well as the mullahs. and we have a lot of experience that trika.

    • Rupakkl

      at least Imran is better than the whole lot now ruling. Imran is at least a hope- so why should we compare Imran with hopeless leaders now misruling and misruled this country. Please for God sake do not exploit small things of Imran and disregard major major incompetence of Zardari and Nawaz

  • Waheeduddin Ahmed

    The future of Pakistan lies in resolving the conflict between the young unpolluted minds, untouched by self-interest and corruption (in other words the proletariat) and the feudalists, their goons, their serfs and their hired hands. What is the number game? What is the tenacity and dexterity of each side? Do traits like honesty and sincerity prevail? Not very often, at least not in the Indian subcontinent. If all fails, will there be a Tahreer Squire in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad? Can the soul of Pakistan survive outside the cage of corruption?

    Itne manoos sayyad se ho gae ab rehai milegi to mar jaenge.

    Waheed Ahmed

  • Faadisalam

    From where you think the money will come to do all this we are at the moment surviving on Bheek from the west.
    Unless this nation starts paying taxes and some one honest puts it rightly only than you will see new dams,power plants hospital,educational institutions.

  • Jaihoon

    Khan is being promoted and supported by the security establishment, and his chances to make it are brighter than the rest of political crooks.


    Karachishahar says — “Our hopes for Imran Khan are not based on his cleverness, but rather just the opposite.”

    What is the opposite of ‘cleverness’ – idiocy?

    Sir you want another idiot to be the prime minister of Pakistan?

  • Junaid

    My Friend Imran Khan is Morally corrupt. He accepted himself he love young women and did betting. I have quoted you 2 examples atif. Please verify both

  • Junaid

    I think you are simply stupid and Not Mr. Abbas. Imran khan is a traitor.Mosad and CIA supported man. Wake up and smell coffee.

  • sami khan

    Some say, we can not gamble again on some one new,like khan.I think we have no other choice here; but to gamble cz re-electing the same ones’s; is definitely a suicide by choice.

  • shahzad

    my question would b what are pakistan’s chances if these same corrupt politicians keep on running the country?

  • Amber

    I think that by now the Jalsa culture must be over and change must be brought not through words but through actions before people start taking the jalsa gatherings as fun get togethers!!! As our nation is the most unpredictable in the world!!

    • Haider ALi

      Amber you are right ideally but not practically. Let us take khan as an example. As a leader of the nation we can not judge him on his actions as he has never been in the government. Anyhow his sincerity can be judged with his words, body language, his projects like hospital & university. Today most of the common people have become pro PTI by listening him in jalsa…..

  • MSB

    No one wil be in th eposition to make Govt. after the next election.
    Seats will be divided between three major parties and next coalition govt. will be PPP and Imran Khan.

  • Barry Richard

    We should support and give every type of help to Imran Khan who is the only politician who can be trudted to make Pakistan a true and united Paksitan.All others are just money making machine bent upon looting Pakistan.

  • Umer Farook

    Any person who says that Imran Khan is not worthy is an IDIOT!!! Go wash your face and open your eyes and compare him to all the other prime ministers and zardari. HE IS TRUE AND TRUSTWORTHY OF BECOMING PM. IMRAN KHAN WE ARE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INSHALLAH YOU WILL WIN ELECTIONS 2013!!!!!!! AMEEN.

  • Waqar Khan

    Either you were drunk when writing this, or you just born…

  • Waqar Khan

    America doesn’t decide anything, those days are gone….