Salala Attack Was a Result Of American Frustration

Salala Attack Was a Result Of American Frustration

It is increasingly complex and hard for the United States to deal with regional happenings in volatile Pakistan, Afghanistan, & Iran. With hostile Russia and China on the sidelines, this region has become a quagmire for the United States.


Tribal Afghanistan swings in many directions simultaneously, as each ethnic and regional tribe has its own predilections and interests. Kabul is not even a symbolic focal point for the Afghanis. The wonder that Afghanistan is still a country, largely owes to the fact that no neighbor wants to own it. USSR tried but then ignominiously left as it eventually shrank into Russia.


America’s current situation is miserable. While she controls Kabul and the government of Hamid Karzai, she doesn’t know what to do next; with whom to talk and how to tackle the insurgency. Their invisible enemy is everywhere and then nowhere. They cannot carpet bomb the whole of Afghanistan, besides they are also in perpetual recession due to this war. They had a specific target in Iraq, Vietnam and in the Cold War, but in Afghanistan they no longer know what their target is and after OBL, they are at a loss of reasons to continue the war. Recent Kabul bombings have rendered them all the more pitiful. The Afghan war is the longest war for America; longer than the Vietnam war, with no end in sight.


Iranians are ever hostile to the United States and they have proved it by shooting down an American drone without a second thought. They are relentlessly pursuing their nuclear program with full support of India and Russia and have even gone ahead and attacked the British embassy to drive the message home. America seems to be helpless there too and their cousins in London are only just pulling their hairs.


This leaves Pakistan on the plate. In their frustration and anger, they have targeted the Pakistani post, but the stern Pakistani reactions have caught them off the guard. America is now without a supply line as well as the Shamsi airbase. Furthermore they have lost Pakistan on international conferences like the one in Bonn.


They badly need to see a shrink.


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  • Ibrahim

    Very much blunt, yet a compact and coherent view of the US — facing intense multi-dimensional pressure — in the aftermath of the Salala post attack.

  • Inakaporale

    opsi dopsi dodle, they want to eat some nodle!

  • Anonymous

    “They badly need to see a shrink.” When all parties involved think they are the shrinks you know there will not be any agreement – perhaps they all need to be ‘shrink’ wrapped and sent off on the mission to Mars.

  • Umar Hafeez

    May our diplomats realise n act…….good effort Ghazala

  • Abdullah Hussain

    Salala Attack & Malala Attack what a co-incidence