Our Love for Veena!

Our Love for Veena!

She is in the news again and this time with a bigger bang due to her alleged photo shoot for FHM India’s December cover. Though she is denying it and has every right to do so, considering anything and everything is possible in this tech-savvy world .However, the editor of the magazine is making relentless assertions that this photo shoot is real and has been done willingly by Veena Malik in real and not by morphing. The controversy is gaining firm grounds and Veena Malik has decided to take the magazine to court and has filed a lawsuit against FHM India for damages worth Rs100 million. She claims that the men’s magazine had morphed her clothes-on images into nudes for its December 2011 issue. Let’s wait and see which way the winds go and who is proved guilty and innocent.


However, there are certain things that bothered me, more importantly the hype given to the issue by people and media. The supposed act may be condemnable and can certainly not be appreciated but we should wait for the things to settle down first and before declaring a final judgment. As a nation, we have an issue from last 64 years that we are exceptionally good at concocting our own version of stories and passing judgments without even listening to the concerned person and without waiting for the things to unfold.





Just to increase the ratings almost all TV channels aired this story as breaking news. What is the breaking in this? Do they mind ‘breaking’ it to the people when hundreds of girls daily are raped in their very own homeland? Just because that won’t increase their viewership and ratings the way posing for an Indian Magazine by an actor would, nobody would even care to highlight it. Will someone mind telling me why sexual abuse, lack of educational facilities, killing in the name of honor, religion and culture isn’t treated as ‘breaking news’? Do we only have enough spare time to deal with Veena Malik’s issue? Aren’t there hundreds and thousand of more important issues which they need to be addressed and brought to focus than this useless piece of scrap.

Our country is embroiled in serious economic and political crises but media is busy inquiring the truth about the photo shoot. They are airing the news of Veena’s nude photos published by a magazine.


Now let’s talk about You and I. We are so good calling Veena Malik with all the bad names we can think of without even taking a peek inside our own selves. Every day millions of us watch pornographic content on internet and on TV and without considering anything even close to being wrong, but as Veena Malik allegedly exposes herself, we begin wailing in the name of morality and religion.


Sheer hypocrisy! Anyways, let’s wait for the wrap up episode, meanwhile let’s sniff some more popcorns and gaze at Veena’s ‘photo’ a few more times with jaws dropped and eyes popped out!

Asad Ur Rehman

Not a Veena Malik's die-hard fan

  • Dr. Ihsan Butt

    I think we should stop paying any attention to Veena and her idiotic activities.
    We have enough on our plate to worry for at the moment.
    I cant understand why Media is paying so much attention to a woam who has no national and personal morals. I dont know where are the all famous Fatwas why somebody has not issued a Fatwa as yet.

    What a stupid stupid fame hungry cat

    • Azwarikram

      Butt Saab wake up when your courts and leaders both Spiritual and Political are quiet on the shamefull acts on woman in Pakistan, what do you expect from us lot. We are the most Hypocrit nation on earth,we can’t sleep without watching Indian TV or Movies,and then say India is Bad. People like you are looking for Fatwa’s which anyone can buy from these so called Mullahs for money bottle or a woman.
      Yes call Veena Bad or whatever but then look at all the other Rubbish that we continue to make in Pakistan itself that we just wipe under the rug each day. Let us mend our ways and make Jihad on self which is how we will make Pakistan a better place again or else we will continue down the road and Maps of People who sit live or have some connections out of Pakistan.

      • krishna kumar tiwari

        Yours is a very positive and pragmatic approach .need of hour for Pakistan.Hats off to you.

  • Yasir

    The point that has raised here is quite right. Apart from whatever done by Veena, we do not even think that what we are doing on internet and TV channels. I just request the government to ban all these websites on internet and TV channels which are producing these abuse materials. I also request all TV channels to stop telecasting Indian programmes on there channels.

  • Sameer Khan

    Yar ye Kuttey ki Nasal hai is k bare me bat karna b bekar hai, ye India ki sec agency k ley kam kar rahi hai, asl me ye aik hindu larki hai, aur is ko aurat kehna be aurat ki tauheen hai. Please stay from her, she is only call girl

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    “…….but as Veena Malik alledgedly exposes herself,we begin wailing in the name of morality and religion.” What a twaddle ! Mr. Asad-ur-Rehman’s article insiniuates that the irreligious and agnostics individuals condone immoral acts,especially those falling under the caption of eroticism.Probably, Mr. Rehman is not aware that though they are atheists,Humanists are the most ardent champions of morality, and they fight tooth and nail against the licentiousness which is the product of the social stagnation created by the values tinkered by the self-appointed custodians of faith.Morality and religion are not the interchangeable terms.An irreligious individual may be the most moral person, and a religious individual may be the most immoral person.Morality is no way,subservient to religion.Morality has nothing to do with religion especially, in context of the circumstances prevailing in Pakistan.The view that those who censure Veena Malik for denuding herself are religious persons,is no more than a conjecture. The bottom-line is that Veena Malik’s act is unequivocally pornographic, and on that account she deserves a good deal of literal ass-thrashing.

  • S Nasrullah

    Mr Farooq Hashmi mostly writes incontrovertible truths, but this time he made an error of judgment when he asserts, ” Morality and religion are not the interchangeable terms.An irreligious individual may be the most moral person, and a religious individual may be the most immoral person.” The concept of morality is nurtured by the norms of religious framework. Whether Christian, Muslim or Jew, they are all governed by their set codes of conduct contained in their Books. Veena Malik, presumably born in a Muslim household, must have had her orientation to distinguish between piety and promiscuity. Her action to disrobe in public – whether compelled, coerced or cajoled – speaks of her independence and free will to do whatever that she did.
    The Global Village cultural parameters tend to entrust women with lot of dash and dare to act or enact and there the moral values are diminished by a freedom to express ones’ desire to dress or undress as a matter of exhibitionism or egotism.

  • Ashar

    So the author decided to condemn 1 act of immorality with another. Though the author failed to distinguish the difference b/w the 2 because if the media plays only selected ‘ugly’ side of our nation it is not commitment of the act itself unlike that of Veena.

    Even countries with legal nude beaches have morality laws such as indecent exposure in public, we are a conservative nation and our citizens should be reprimanded even more severely for immoral activities. However, as the act is committed in another country I do not believe our laws are applicable, here we must choose to ignore and shun the immoral person.

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    “The concept of morality is nurtured by the norms of religious framework.Whether Christian,Muslim or Jew,they are all governed by their set codes of conduct contained in their Books”,says Mr.S.Nasrullah.The more you ponder over Mr.Nasrullah’s statement,the more you are inclined to conclude that he has made that statement in an aimless manner.Nevertheless,if momentarily Mr.Nasrullah’s statement is examined seriously,a logical question will arise.Are all those who do not adhere to religion immoral? If the morality of individuals is tested on the touchstone of religion,hundreds of millions of free-thinking agnostics,atheists and irreligious persons will fail irrespective of their being at the top rung of the morality ladder.The reality is that morality is in no way subservient to religion,and its practice is not a prerogative of the religious people.Gone are the days when people used to venerate the sanctimonious religious people for their feigned morality.The more the immoral acts of the religious people are coming to the limelight,the more the people are getting dispelled of the misplaced reverence for them.Many of the religious people of the current times are terrorists,smugglers black-marketers, hoarders,pedophiles,child-molesters and wife-beaters,etc., etc.Owing to the misanthropic activities of the religious people,the general public has lost faith in them to a tee.Now the things have come to pass that when a person with a beard,a skull-cap or a turban on his head and a shalwar-kameez suit enters a gathering,the attendants look askance at him and watch his movements meticulously in a state of utter mental anguish written on their faces.The sum and substance of the whole issue is that the most-religious person may be the most immoral person.

  • S Nasrullah

    With all due respect to Mr Farooq Hashmi, people jump to summary conclusions unwittingly especially when they seek to enforce their views with logic that smacks of fury and futility. Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary defines the adjective ‘Moral’ as “Of or related to conduct or character from the point of view of right and wrong”. Since the time of Adam and Eve, when Adam was seduced to eat the forbidden fruit, they were oriented with the desires of the flesh. When Able murdered his own brother Cain and did not know what to do with his dead body, did he not learn from a crow how to dispose of a dead by burial? Humanity went through a process of evolution. Human multiplication and its multifarious needs created a situation that required a commonly acceptable perception of right and wrong. The Deity then sent Messengers unto every country and community to establish certain norms to root out the evil of dissent, differences and disputes. From the Commandments of Moses: “Thou shalt Not covet or Envy … Thou shalt not rob or steal …. Thou shalt Not Kill or harm … ” down to the religious Books and Testaments right through to Quran – the Last of the Books of Revelation, every sermon of the Messenger centered on the development and promotion of a society conducive to meaningful and peaceful conduct of individuals to retain an overall tranquility and sobriety. The concept of right and wrong permeated down the historical march of civilization, through the piety and perseverance the people duly following the essence and emancipation of humanity from the clutches of adrenal rushes to unilateral actions of brute force. Those who are Agnostics, Atheists or Irreligious, still live in a community, in a society that has adduced norms of behavior; and irrespective of the fact that they desist from embracing the ideologue of the majority of the people ( this category of disbelieving people is microscopic minority) seemingly enhanced and embellished those traits prone to promote higher ideals of conduct leading to strong character. If, on the contrary, those fundamentalists and fanatics, have come to signify death and destruction as their wont to overpower or overwhelm their enemies, it only strengthens the argument that Morality is pivotal to conduct and character leading to the distinction between the right and the wrong.

  • Farooq M.Hashmi

    Mr.S.Nasrullah’s erudition is laudable.Nevertheless,I am afraid his references to the Holy Qur’aan and the Holy Bible do no vouchsafe answers to my previously-raised questions which pertain to the morality of atheists,agnostics and irreligious people.If the morality of atheists and agnostics,etc.is measured with the yardstick of religion,Nietzsche,Einstein,Kierkegaard,Jean Paul Sartre,Bertrand Russell and innumerable other philosophers,scientists and thinkers,etc.will turn out to be morally rotten as a door-nail.Unquestionably,the upholding of that view will not only be fallacious,but also outrageous to the people of intellect.A mixing up of ‘morality’ and ‘ethics’ is simply an erroneous act.Morality is a natural feature of the reality of human society and heterotelic to it,whereas ethics is a part of philosophy.Morality is the monolithic universal feature of all the human societies,ethics has its roots in the religious philosophy which varies from group to group.In one religious group it is ethical to amputate the hands of a starving bread-stealer while in another it is ethical to acquit him compassionately on the grounds that he had stolen bread to keep his body and soul together.Man not only is altruistic by nature,but also is born with certain moral traits which get their nourishment through the customs and the values of the human society he lives in,irrespective of he is agnostic or adheres to a religion.Members of every healthy human society are woven in a well-knit whole with the thread of mutuality and altruism which fall under the caption of ‘morality’.The nitty gritty of the whole argument is that any attempt to mortise morality to religion will not only prove abortive but also will insinuate that a big irreligious chunk of the world population is inarguably immoral.”After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands.”_____ Nietzsche.

  • Zafar Bokhari

    Veena Malik is shame on Pakistan. Getting nude in front of camera, erotic/exotic dancing and living with Indian guys is not character of a Pakistani bitch in India.

  • ayesha

    she is hearted_girl

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005361600223 Sana Butt
  • miss khan

    haha yeah rite :p ….i dont understand why people like veena malik?such a cow..