Media- Moral or Immoral

Media- Moral or Immoral

It was just an ordinary day. After the usual drill of office & gym, I reached my abode and went straight into my usual state of being a couch potato. Owing to a very hectic day I was all drained and so decided to do my favorite thing – fiddling with the remote to find a channel with some light entertainment. Since choosing a channel and staying on it for even the next five minutes is a very challenging task these days, I kept switching them each time I blinked.


Meanwhile, my father also arrived and we started our chitchat, paying less attention to the TV and more on the conversation. I almost forgot to swap the channel when a weird scene seized my attention. A tall, sturdy man was standing with a girl in a corridor. The distance between them was negligible. He was holding her neck in his forearms as if to choke her. They were ‘supposedly’ engaged in a fight, and the girl was nearly begging him for the lost attention and love. Who could say this is an Islamic country and ours is a religion that teaches us to respect women.


I turned my head slightly to look at my father and found his eyes fixed at me. I believe we are still left with some values (though fast deteriorating) in today’s society, and such scenes are still embarrassing for us. I immediately resorted to the remedial discussion to overcome the uncomfortable silence between the two of us.


I wonder what is now left for us to watch with our families. Those good, old days when all the family members would sit together to watch a drama are gone for sure. Thanks to the ever-multiplying Tv channels, there’s surely no lack of variety but then, what about values? Where have they vanished? Leave the entertainment channels, we can’t even watch news channels with even our parents. Every sort of news is broadcasted on these channels with all the needed masala to spice up the already oh-so-hot news, without any thought given to the effects it may have on the audience.


It doesn’t end here. During the intervals, the rich horizon of advertisements compensate what the dramas fall short of. With no understanding of the mechanics behind these advertisements, I wonder how, as a society, we have completely erased the boundaries between the appropriate and the inappropriate! Right from our childhood, there were hoards of topics that were entirely a no-no for us. Today the media has blurred these borders. I am all in favor of properly educating children about all they are supposed to know, but there are definitely things that should only be unboxed when adulthood approaches.


Even those ads that target children as their audience are replete with explicit and suggestive terms and images. There is currently an aggressive ad for a silly chewing gum.. yes you read it right..’chewing gum’.. that is so indecent that I couldn’t believe that all that ‘effort’  was to sell a thing as innocent as a chewing gum! The safest Tv option for kids has always been the cartoons. Today, even that’s risky because of the excessive vulgarity quotient in it! Need I remind you of Johny Bravo and the others of this league…


It may sound a cliché but we need to wake up before it is too late. We as viewers should be mindful of what is and what is not acceptable for us & for our families. You and I; we all have to raise our voice against this vulgarity rampant in our society, if any positive change is to be brought about. Media will ‘have to’ provide us clean entertainment if only we put forward this demand.


Khud badlo k Pakistan badle…


A Senior Network Engineer in telecommunication company

  • Junaidirfan

    In name of awareness they are showing everything … Azad Media is Good but only for Political Lawlessness etc matter but showing Dirtiest part of our society with Vulgar I must say Vulgar direction Dialogues ….what would u think a teenager watch KHABRNAK on Geo TV and dont watch SACH BEETIAN type of series on different channel (one sametime and as per my knowledge TRP of both programs are same considering the fact that one program is informative with famous character and other have only “INFORMATIVE”… as i have a family member associated with media marketing ) where every every every 2nd episode revolve around RAPE , ZINA etc etc …… Absar is right what is left for us to watch on TV with family… from Advertisement of Sanitary napkin to Stories of our Drama ..:(

  • Farwa

    The worst thing is that we r getting used to the vulgarity!!

  • M. Saeed

    Using pleasing images to coerce unwilling person to buy advertised items, is a form of exploitation of sensory senses. Using female images with provocative attires and using juicy language in our advertisements, if I am allowed some deviation to rudeness, is a derivative of prostitution, the world’s oldest profession!

  • PJM

    The reason i can never watch tv with my dad.. You never know what you might come across when you switch to the next channel. Remembering the number of the news channel is a life saver!

  • Syed Ali Mehdi Jafri

    Media has the right and ability to denounce anybody and everything. With the absence of any Code of Conduct or legislature governing the media, how can we denounce it?

  • S Nasrullah

    Pakistan is only Islamic Republic – namesake. Pakistan is a Muslim country, but definitely not an Islamic State. The govt is secular and the so-called educated classes are visibly affected by western Propaganda and have revisited their articles of faith. The exposure of Media brandishing stories of morbid religious extremism of certain segment of Pakistani nation has not only strengthened their reservations about a religion, 14 centuries old, and under constant condemnation from the Zionist controlled Media. It is amazing that mosques are more populated in US, UK and Germany, I regularly visit, than in Pakistan. During a recent visit to Malaysia, the Bell captain informed me that like every Deluxe Hotel, the Hotel where I stayed had a mosque in the basement and Friday congregation was led by a certified Imam.
    With so much poison spewed against Islam and its adherents, it is nothing short of miracle that it is growing by leaps and bounds – everywhere in the World. The TV dramas and Films are scripted by the educated classes and NOT Maulvis, and why should it surprise anyone if a male and female are in close embrace or embattled for someone’s level of comfort. The Realist Silver screen or the mini-screen are designed to reflect the type and scope of culture in vogue.

  • A friend

    Absar, you have very decently pointed out a rampant evil …ready to make our society a fond victim of it…needless to say many are raising their voices against this social evil but nobody is actually giving an ear to it. The need of censorship and content regulation is out of sight and we can only wish to see a broadcast worthy to be watched with family. And here i would like to add that even print media is lending its ‘helping hand’ in making it even worse or may be to tap some more sale and cheap publicity (not to forget the tribune) where stories ranging from porn topics to putting up veena’s uncensored pictures have made me think if its right what media is doing in discharging its duties? Infact is it really the journalistic duties or just a status quo for the desperate amateur journalists?

  • Madihashams

    This reminds me of a conversation between me & my aunt about a decade back,when she told me a story from her teens that how a female child was abducted & killed in Karachi & the whole city was in a state of shock & panic,police caught the killer & he was sentenced accordingly,but my aunt’s context was that how the whole city reacted!! had this incident occurred now no1 would have flicked a brow….why?…the answer is that now such incidents r a routine event for us & this exactly was her point that its all about “AADAT” we cant & dont react 2 anything that has become our habit.
    I am the greatest supporter of media’s independence,bt i strongly maintain that if given a privilege one should use it correctly & honestly… seeing such stuff 24/7 on all the available channels we would ultimately be used 2 of it,no1 wud b embarrassed anymore & it would only add 2 our present deteriorating moral & social values…….we need to stop it NOW before it becomes our AADAT!!

  • Madihashams

    This reminds me of a conversation between me & my aunt around a decade back when she told me a story from her teens that how a young girl was abducted & killed in Karachi & the whole city was in a state of shock & panic,people protested with full force,police ultimately caught the killer & he was sentenced accordingly,but my aunt’s context was how the people reacted!! according to her had this incident occurred now no 1 would have flicked a brow…why? the answer is that now such incidents are a routine event for us & this exactly was her point that we cant & don’t react to anything that has become our “AADAT”
    I am one of the biggest supporter of media’s independence,but i strongly believe that if given a privilege one must use it correctly & honestly!!….by seeing such senseless,pointless & vulgar programs 24/7 on all the channels we would ultimately be used 2 it & no1 would b embarrassed anymore which would only add 2 our present deteriorating social & moral values!!…..we need 2 stop it NOW before it becomes our AADAT….

  • Ayesha Mallick

    I fully agree with you, I once heard a scholar say that when we are exposed repeatedly to any form of ‘bay hayai’ its effect on us decreases so what we became embarassed of and took as wrong a few years ago , now we simply switch channels and shrug it off. Regarding cartoons , I dont allow my children to watch them , there is hardly any cartoon without suugestive gestures, fantasy princesss and weird dressings. Even some of supposedly innocent cartoons like ‘Tom and Jerry’ have female characters with huge lashes and exaggerated curves. What do we expect from our kids by showing them these perfectly made male or female characers.