Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Pakistan

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Pakistan

Ever wondered why Pakistan is so marred by an International and National credibility predicament? Well hypocrisy, they say, is the mother of all credibility issues. When we go down in history, this is exactly how we shall be remembered; a hypocrite ensemble. So much, that on a scale of 1 to 100, we are pretty capable of scoring a 101; an additional mark for pulling off a ‘face-palm’ right after we get to know and just before we wink at our toes. No list can ever be exhaustive if an explanation by example is drawn, but the following can give a fairly good idea as to our hypocritical blemishes;



1. Anything that even remotely resembles criticism of a man-made edict is tantamount to blasphemy but taking jabs at another faith or lashing out litter jokes at anyone else’s deity is quite acceptable.



2. Rituals of own, no matter how irrational, are highly revered, while, castigating perceived absurdity emanating from a ritual outside your realm of belief is admirable.



3. It is alright to slander corrupt politicians while discreetly evading taxes.



4. Veena Malik baring it all is ‘baighairti’ while Mukhtaran Mai’s gang rape is pretty much just that; “lack of evidence”.



5. Aafia’s detention is shameful while Aasia’s death row is… well, just law.



6. A civilian Memo is treachery while underhand military deals are downright pragmatic.



7. American support of Israelis is duplicity of character while Pakistani support of Taliban is “strategic foresight”.



8. Drone attacks are condemnable while schools churning out religious fanatics are nothing short of “charity organizations”.



9. Transvestites are a symbol of utmost disgust, but cross dressing from ‘Khaki’ to ‘Sherwani’ is well-tolerated.



10. Our constant state of war; Us against the United States against religious militants against us against India/Israel/Zionists/Free Masons/Communists/Kuffar/Veena Malik/Mukhtaran Mai against absolute reason; but in the end, dollars are usually the decisive factor (if not Fauji cornflakes).

Adeel Shirazi

An Executive Internal Auditor and freelancer for "US" magazine

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  • Anonymous

    Not hypocrits – just poor liars!

  • Azwarikram

    The 72 bitter vemon spitting sects of Islam that consider each other as absolute Kaffir, trying to spread Islam to other’s.

  • Mirzaheer

    read about islam and then comment,its not the faith its us.people like sherazi seems not so impressed with the true religion.

  • Rashid

    i like adels some views , specially ( A civilan Memo is treachery while underhand military deals are downright pragmatic) in Geo talk shows just Mr. Hamid Meer tried to debate on Mansoor, s sms about DG ISI visits to Arab countries and get support for his coup, why here our politicans avoid to discuss about the treachery of DG ISI , WHY he is so important than the votes of 160 millions population of pakistan. according to NEWTON’S third law every action has reaction, so may be Memo gate is like that when DG ISI trying to get support from arab countries might be civilan govt wanted, to get support from America, please dont believe on army syndrome ,as a sole protector of pakistan, 50 years army’s stubborn attitude towards democracy, politicans , and PPP going to bring the country on this crumbling stage.

  • Khalid Ahmed

    He is writing like if only we are only hypocrites in the world, and rest of the world isn’t. People who talk about human rights, equality and of women rights, run biggest porn industry, those who talk about peace, sell weapons all over the world, those who talk about democracy invade every country they don’t like, those who attack other country on killing of a few of their citizens don’t care if they have killed millions of other countries. I know you are much under influence of west and their media but don’t be so much ashamed of being Pakistan, we are “badnaam” , but they are real “baad”.

  • Ammar

    love your sense of humour.. BUT sadly, judging by the comments below everyone seems to have gotten defensive.. whereas they should be taking a hard long look in the mirror.. Us Pakistanis need to take a moment and look within ourselves and fix our own house before pointing fingers at others.. I wish people would change their thinking before its too late and we destroy ourselves with our own stupidity

  • Hagoo

    Accepting that one is at fault is the beginning of correction.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skayani59 Shaid Mahmood Dillawar

    You are quite right.

  • Anonymous

    One was very pleased to read this. When I read the title “hypocrisy” I groaned and said, “oh no ! another difficult word whose meaning will be unknown to our people”. Turns out you have contributed greatly to our understanding of the meaning of this negative word.
    It is important to question our own ways so we can improve morally and ethically. All our people should be thanking you and congratulating you on your insight and your gift to us. In the beginning we question then we come up with solutions Give our people love and room to question so we can improve as a society. We need to improve.

  • Bhai_Mian

    Another self loathing looser who is happy to taunt the country he lives in ( And probably plans to run away ASAP)

    Such articles do portray the facts sometimes but fail to make any difference as the aim is only rating, likes and shares

    If you are really concerned about Pakistan then do something practical instead of churning out a self blame article behind the computer screen. Every country in this world has similar problems . Moaning and groaning won’t solve the issues.

    • Rewza

      Bhai Mian aap kahaN thay saal bhar?
      Bari dair karde mehrbaN aatay aatay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/muddassir.abbas Muddassir Abbas


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ashar-Pervez/594016489 Ashar Pervez

    An extremely pathetic article. Most of the “points” made are simply laughable and reflective of the writer’s own messed up mindset.