Help Secure the Future of Pakistan

Help Secure the Future of Pakistan

Security is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime.



In our country security is a luxury only reserved for some, and it is a blessing if you are a part of the percentage that has it.



The difference between the child of a rich man and that of a poor isn’t the money, it’s the security.



It was when I saw a child about two years old; malnourished, barefoot and under dressed, walking down the street with a bag full of trash, that I remembered the loud spoilt son of my aunt, also two years old who would throw a tantrum until he got what he wanted.



Keeping both in mind I realized how blessed my aunt’s son was. Both the two year olds resided in the same country yet one was forced to work to help feed his family, while the other enjoyed all liberties that the former was deprived of. These liberties included healthcare, shelter and education, which are the basic right of every citizen.



Pakistan is a country where child labor is accepted and often encouraged. Education on the other hand is not for everyone. Literacy rates are low and low income families are having a harder time surviving as people have very few options left. The choice now is between all members of the family working or suicide. It is because of this that we don’t find it odd to see a little child on the street alone.



The day we take these children off the streets and enroll them into schools, we will have less maids washing our clothes and taking care of our babies, less boys cleaning our streets and fixing our car engines, less employees who are ready to work below the minimum wage and as a result less children that we can abuse by subjecting them to child labour.



The reason that these children remain where they are, is because if we do try removing them off the streets we will have to bear the consequences. We will have to support the families who will have fewer members earning for them, treat them as our equals and maybe cut down on our expenditures so we can bear the cost of another.



This is such an unattractive picture for us privileged few that most of us don’t even want to bother to change the harsh realities of our society.



Every day is a struggle for the citizens of our country, and even the rich experience this struggle, because with rising expenditures, latest technologies in the market and cafes unleashing the social animal within us, we just don’t have enough of anything to give away.



The problem is, that we depend on others to make the current situation better, instead of doing something ourselves. We take loans from other countries and wait for more competent leaders to stand up for our rights. But the truth is that Imran Khan won’t bring the change; the change has to come from within us.



While maintaining equilibrium it is possible to help, support and educate those who can’t do so for themselves. It is possible to send them to school, help them develop into responsible and contributing citizen’s and get them off the streets. People like Narayanan Krishnan have been doing it for years. Its time we start too.



It could have been your child selling trash on the streets to sustain your family, but you’re part of the few who have been blessed. Use this power, don’t waste it.

Rabbiya Abdullah

A Textile Design student and Founder of Soch Welfare Organisation

  • Zeeshan Khan

    good work rabbiya..

  • syed hussain


    You have really raised a very vital issue that is being neglected in our society since we got independence. i agree that we don’t want to take these children off from the street because as a consequence we have support their families. our leaders are too busy in plundering the wealth and they meekly pay any attention on such issues. We have to do something ourselves if we feel the pain of their sufferings. I think if every capable rich family takes the responsibility of educating at least one child working in their luxurious home, then we can expect a change in this frustrated class of our society in the coming future.