Have we come full circle?(Memo is a Reality!)

Have we come full circle?(Memo is a Reality!)

The rumour is rife in journalistic circles that the ‘spiritual son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’ had left his resignation behind before heading to Dubai, in official words, for having routine medical checkups.

His spokesman, one more of his Babars, made the fog settle on ground with an announcement that worked like a magic spell, at least for news makers like myself. Here it goes: The President (read The Supreme Commander of Armed Forces) would embark on his journey back home on the word of his medical experts.

The memo turned into a mammoth Tsunami for the government on Thursday (Dec 15) which was the deadline set by the Supreme Court to submit replies in the case. This must be a deja vu moment for you just the way it is for me.  Wasn’t it Imran Khan who had promised our nation a Tsunami? Perhaps this is exactly what he had meant when he made that promise, which now seems nothing less than a prophecy.

The deadline – a perfect word in the present context – turned the government’s ugliest nightmare true when the mother and father of all replies made crash landing at the country’s apex court.

Army Chief describes the memo as a reality. DG ISI says he was satisfied with ‘the corroborative material’ produced by the MemoLeak (Mansoor Ijaz).

The Federal government, seeing the oncoming winter Tsunami with toppling force, pleaded before the Supreme Court in its reply to dismiss the petition on grounds that the case in question was not fit for hearing in the light of Article 184 of the Constitution.

DG ISI, who allegedly sought Arab world’s assistance for a coup, should resign, said the desperate ANP leader Bushra Gohar. Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar endorsed the demand.

Ironic as it may seem, the memogate case that took a nasty turn for the existing democracy on Thursday, was filed by our present day pro-democracy leader Nawaz Sharif. Now,  would you call this a Sharif move?

Has Pakistan’s administrative set up come a full circle? Perhaps the only change that we see this time is face!

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Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

  • Kamal Bokhari

    its is a dangerous situation being created by our enemies which has weged establishment and civil government. so probe into the matter, get the decision and arrive at an amicable and logical conclusion. Media need to excercise control. Let’s help Pakistan to progress and prosper. Steer the nation out of fuss and difficult situation. God bless. Pakistan Zinda Bad

    • Aminali5

      We have to remove this crop government then we can say Pakistan zinda baad

  • Anonymous

    Did you mean ‘one more of his Babars’ or barbers?! And what is better – a full circle or a square?! Time fir a face change it may be but also time for a lot of face saving by a lot of institutions….

  • Anil

    Zardari will follow in the footsteps of ZAB… another judicial murder in the offing?

    • Jamal

      Zaradri and ZAB are poles apart. He died for principles. He did not commit the sin he was accused of. Zardari should be punished for his crimes. Should be tried first then punishment determined.


    Kayani says Memo is a reality — what reality? Civilians starting a coup d’etat against Kayani-Pasha’s army?

    • Jamal

      Kayani does not have to say its a reality. Haqqani and James jones themselves said it was a reality. Do you read news? Kayani only mentioned what we all knew from news for so long. Did not Financial times publish the memo?

  • Dr. Tahir Khan Durrani

    The most honorable thing for the people involved in the memogate scandle is to quit. Gen. Kayani is an absolutely honest person and denial of his statement by the present government is another pack of lies, which this so called peoples government has been telling this nation for the last 4 years. Now it seems real that might be Mr. “Z” was also involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Mr. Z had visibly been side lined by Benazir after his futile efforts to gain credibility in politics. His hunger for power and money has no boundaries. He felt threatened after Osama’s death incident and the embarrassing aftermath. He is the orchestrator of this whole memo.

  • Shahid Pervaiz

    This man called ‘Zardari’, I will never call him president as he never deserved to be the president in the first instant! Is he worth fighting for, the answer is no with capital ‘N’. Why are we so interested about his health? He is a type of man who is fully aware who killed his wife, Baynazeer, but never brought forward those killers as it could have been jeopardise his chances to be the president of Pakistan. I do not want to waste my breath talking about him but there are more important things in hand, called memogate consipiracy. I have my fears, that Americans are playing double game through ‘Mansoor’ as if tomorrow the things never turned the way they were expected, ‘Mansoor’ can walk away without any harm done to him by saying that it was a pre-planned scandal knowing the fact that he is not Pakistani Citizen, hence he cannot be arrested or prosecuted, then who will be turned out to be ‘Hero’ off course ‘Zardari. Forget about ‘Mansoor’, in view of current circumstances, why can’nt Supreme Court summon both ‘Zardari, & ‘Haqqani’ and ask them to swear under oath that they have no what so ever link with this memogate scandal, but in case it turns to be true, they have no legs to stand, and they will be no more heros but zeros, and they will lose all their credibility for ever, and if they both true Pakistani, they will do accordingly, otherwise they very much know the consequences …….

  • Arshadzero

    why the hell are people calling this memo as memogate? why you always have to follow america…(even in naming the scandal). Ghulam hamesha ghulam hi rahain ge… naam bhi apne Aqa ke hi rakhte hain. how pathatic.

  • Inaam

    military trying to keep its power base nothing else – back off generals

  • Sajid ali

    this is just a militry conspirasy to over through civilian government. Gen pasha and Kiyani is acknowledging that memo is reality article 6 is applicable.where was army and supreme court when Gen Musharaf handed over whole the country to USA only on just a phone call at that time article 6 was not applicable.


    Whatever Zardari is and I am no admirer of him — he IS THE ELECTED head of Pakistan> No coup d’etat.

    • Anonymous

      Difficult choice for you I guess – having to choose between who to believe – Jim Jone, Manoor Ijaz or Hussain Haqqani. Personally, MI will win hands down in terms of relative credibility even if he is the bankng type….

  • Jayseport

    what a bunch of FOOLS ,running the country

  • Muzaffar Hassan

    This so called Memo Gate is self created story in which unfortunately media, Nawaz sharif and army looks to be involved with the support from supreem court. If it happened so it will be another black spot on our history and then no one will own it after 10 year. Learn from history otherwise your history will be in text

    • Anonymous

      Boots are desperate to move into the palace. It is just impossible to tame a lion who has tasted human blood.

  • younos

    If the memo is a reality, then its author should have taken a stand and thus shown leadership qualities which are invisible and that means our country is not ruled by leaders but by opportunists AND on the other side since it speaks of fears of army leadership, that reflects lack of trust, this perhaps is reasonable reason to submit resignations to their supreme commander.

  • Anonymous

    Curious that Jim Jones, who wanted Mansoor Ijaz to provide all in writing to be certain of high Pakistani authority, then forwards the written note to Mike Mullen – and now casts doubts on Mansoor Ijaz’s credendials. If that was the case, why did JJ forward The note to MM in the first place?

    Mansoor Ijaz is suddenly looking a lot more credible compared with all the Pakistani and US government officials….

  • Anonymous

    This is just a conspiracy to over trow the civilian elected government. This is misfortune of Pakistan. Democracy has never been allowed to strengthen on one pretext or another. Hope every thing will be settled down there on positive side.

    • Anonymous

      Raj ji, no conspiracy – just power politics. Not too bad for democracy when two generals end up submitting replies in the SC – just depends how the judges now handle the generals….if anything new precedents may be set for accountability of all – including generals.

  • Shahid Pervaiz

    I can answer this question without a single doubt, and it is Haqqani, why though, quite simple, a man with knowledge behaved like an idiot having links with a bad reputed individual by the name ‘Mansoor’. Haqqani has done more work and service to United States of America than Pakistan and has a cheek to call himself a loyal Pakistan Citizen. Haqqani, who has worked at different times as a journalist, diplomat and political advisor, has lived in the United States since 2002 as a think-tank analyst and head of a foreign policy institute at Boston University. Since the age of 17, he was very much American pro and married with Faranaz Ispahani, daughter of Mirza A H Ispahani, first Pakistani Ambassador to USA. As president of the student union at the University of Karachi in 1979, he enjoyed spending time in the U.S. Consulate’s air-conditioned library reading about foreign relations and the United States. When Islamists and other radical students urged him to lead an attack on the facility, he resisted. He should have known ‘Zardari’ better than anybody, and when ‘Zardari, instructed him to take these memo initiations, he could have refused and resign but as someone said, his motive is ambition than conviction. That history has stirred accusations in some quarters that his motive is ambition rather than conviction. He’s been compared to David Gergen, political advisor to Presidents Reagan and Clinton, and, somewhat less flatteringly, to Dick Morris, the former Clinton political advisor known for tough campaign tactics. I am quoting the last extract from a magazine which justifies my claim:
    When Haqqani assumed his latest post in June, the Bush administration’s long-time ally, Pervez Musharraf, was still in the presidency. The White House viewed Musharraf as their best bet for dealing with the militant threat, but Haqqani argued that the new government would do better.


    Kayani and Pasha are making a mountain out of a mole hill — and that is really disturbing as to why they are doing it. What are their ‘real’ motives? May I ask whom does this silly immature inconsequential Memo threaten? – the army? Or the ISI? Or the country?

    Is Pakistan army under the operational control of Mike Mullen — or the ISI under Gen Patraeus? Or have the Civilians – not the Army – sold the country to America — and Since WHEN the army and the ISI the sole in-charge and arbiter of Pakistani Patriotism — want the sovereignty back — and punish the civilians for selling it?

    Well the truth is — in the Hammam of selling the country for a price — the history may tell you that BOTH the civilians and the army have been equally and willingly naked at one time or anther.

    And by the way what the amnesiac Nawaz Sharif want — go to exile again — this time with Zardari?

  • Anonymous

    Memo and NATO incident has provided the necessary high moral ground to re-evaluate Mush-Bush romance in the light of US withdrawal from Afghanistan…

    • sultan

      they are crooks .

  • Kazim

    Confusion he confusion hai, Solution ka pata nahi

    Solution jo mila to sala question ka ab pata nahi …

    This is how pakistanis are being treated. Keep em busy. There wont be any solution or effect of this memo on anything. Life will go about as usual. Your just distracted from the problems you face in everyday life such as Mobile snatching, CNG loadshedding, KESC issues & PIA problems… Those are the things to be focused on rather than something which will not have any effect since it will not be solved and will be left as a Mystery like so many previous ones …

  • Ibne Adam

    Someone wrote memo to US – it’s a huge, very big problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone visited Middle east to seek their favor to coup in Pak – It’s normal & there is absolutely no Problem at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow – what a great ideology in thinking.

  • Anonymous

    SC in a quandry – military on one side, civilian govt on the other….can’t afford to down either bird – perhaps the SC comes out with petition not being maintainable and absolves itself of having to choose between the two stooges (haqqani has already been scalped anyway)…democratic process continues….puts the Jiyalas maligning SC on the backfoot and govt has to do something about loudmouth liabilities in its ranks and address corruption….wishful thinking but dreams can come true once in a while!

  • Syed Nasrullah

    Muslim history is replete with the devastation brought about by the fifth columnists in them. The traitors like Jaffer and Sadiq are no isolated incidents. The implication of Memogate is inviting foreign country to reign in the ambitious army of its own. It does not tantamount to treason. It is stark TREASON.
    People at the Top avoid incrimination by having their front men carry out their nefarious designs and if ever it boomerangs, the front men are the victims of the consequences. Those who play with fire are often singed – the very least.


    “perhaps the SC comes out with petition not being maintainable ” — that will be wisest course indeed.

  • Khalid

    Every one is “guessing” on President Zardari’s ill health. Some said he has resigned and escaped, some would say he is seriously ill and would not come back. But he has returned. This is PPP’s very old tactics to divert peopl’e attention to non-issues just at the time when general public has some serious problems either of law n orders, gas and electricity load shedding etc.
    We all should praise PPP’s move to divert attention of the people from Memo issue. Is it not so?