Finally- Memo is a Reality

Finally- Memo is a Reality

After many knee-jerk denials and calling memo an improbable occurrence and  ‘pack of lies’, today, Supreme court confirmed the ‘existence’ of memogate and that the issue urgently needs to be probed. From being a mere scandal, Memo has assumed substance, something that needs investigation, being of cardinal importance to the country’s sovereignty.


With all the due respects to SC’s decision and accepting memogate as a matter of enduring national concern, one still questions the hyped ad nauseum that surrounds it. The essence of memogate case is a clandestine conspiracy to snub the military leadership that was allegedly playing an active role to overthrow the democratic governance in Pakistan. In this cerebral story, none of the lead characters  represents any government or military position .  Peeved at charge, Husaain haqqani who had to resign from the ministry owing to multiple diplomatic reasons , also attempted to sue the Newsline magazine for their ‘reckless’ allegation against him, for knowing the Abottabad raid weeks in advance. The ‘scandal’ has undoubtedly changed the dynamics of the Pakistani political scene by  bringing out the gov-military rivalry to the forefront.


With all that the memo scandal has ensued, there’s still a fraternity of people that believes it to be a mere diversion from country’s real and cardinal issues. Some of which may be certain ineffieiencies on the part of army especially in the OBL case, the rampant poverty and corruption that has consumed not only people but many state-run institution and more. Similarly, it also sometime appears to be a fodder given to people and the media to be engrossed in  so each one enjoys the show that always has some gun-smoke revelation to make each time the fever goes even a bit down.


Where as, it’s important to catch the culprit behind memo case, what should not miss attention is there may perhaps be someone who, all this time wanted to bring this to the limelight to only meet certain political ends. It should also not escape the sight that many such letters would have been written in the past by many leaderships to seek foreign help, but how many of them have been highlighted this way? It really seems amusing how the pilot episode of this soap unwrapped as Mansoor Ijaz, the key agent of communication between the ‘two’ parties himself revealed of the secret communication in an article!


Whatever the reality to this scandal shrouded in layers and layers of secrecy might be, one thing can be claimed for a fact, that it has been a nice distraction and a great thriller for the media as well as for the people of Pakistan, who need more of such, to forget their existential issues for a while.

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • R.M.Kureshi

    Finally Memo is a reality, declared by SC, but why Babar Awan & Asma Jehangir are not being charged in ” contempt of Court ” ?
    If these two persons will not be charged, then this tradition will start just like corruption rapidly increasing in our society. Supreme Court must think over it.

    • Jaggu

      i feel that asma jehangir is jealous of the popularity and trust enjoyed by chief justice and the supreme court.

  • Hammad Siddiqui

    Over 80% Pakistanis do not understand this issue. From 1st January 2012, we will be struggling more for survival because we will be hit by massive increase in gas trait

  • Anonymous

    Memo is a reality and prima facie a plot against our national security. Inquiry must be held to identify the culprits. Government’s resistance to holding of inquiry points towards their possible involvement in the plot. People like Asma and Fake degree holder Babar Awan are in the habit of commiting serious contempt of court. In order to make them respect the courts, such criminals must be punished.

  • Anonymous

    Along with the energy sector shortage, messed up transportation system, economic austerity for the ordinary, yes memo is finally a reality in legal terms…not that the realsation of other realities has helped much.

    Other realities coming to light that the president and his envoy to DC suffer health issues…and if tha was not enough the envoy to the court of st. James is also not a well man – bless his heart, but certainly up with the technology to offer video conferences. Pakistan sure does have some sick people in crucial places.

    That champion of human rights willing to forego the public’s right to onow about what their leaders, military or political, get upto in deals -written or not – which effect their lives either in economic terms of high energy prices or life terms of drone attacks or export to foreign parts as assumed terrorists or bomb attacks in civilian places by dodgy groups in the name of god…..perhaps Ms. jahangir does not want to know but many do under article 19 of the consitution…..if anything, instead of bullying the court because judges were unanimous in their decision, she should be trying get thos khakis in the SC to reveal more of their dodgy deals in the past instead of trying to help conceal the current civvy ones….a golden opportunity to highlight hypocricy if the SC did not play ball on that issue…


    You wrote a great blog Ms Madiha Ishtiaque very cogent asking exactly the pertinent questions right on the target.

    So the CJ says the MEMO ‘exists’. Big deal! — every moron knows that the stupid memo written by a stupid meddling foreigner of Pakistani origin ‘exists’ — it should not take the jurisprudence of a Chief Justice of the Supreme court to ‘confirm’ it exists.

    The memo does exists because — the crazy disjointed thing was written by a self-aggrandizing private American citizen who gave it to another American citizen Jim Jones to be finally delivered to yet another American citizen Mike Mullen. Not by any Pakistani governmental or non governmental

    Now why that dimwit general Jim Jones accepted a written trash from another ugly American called Mansoor Ijaz and took all the trouble of carrying it and giving it to a retiring American general Mike Mullen – with the incredible suggestion that tantamounts to arrest the Pakistan army and disband the ISI — thus depriving the two only contractors of Pakistani Patriotism of their prized possession called the Pakistani Sovereignty — is beyond comprehension and common sense.

    Anyway it should be the responsibility of Jim Jones — NOT of Jim Zardari or Jim Gilani.

    Whatever the qualities attributed to the highest judge of the highest court of Pakistan — one marvels at his patients and the priorities — the honorable gentleman has nothing better to do than to sit for hours, days, weeks, months repeatedly fish in troubled muddy waterholes of the Pakistani politics without catching even a minnow.

  • Muhammad

    If your comment is regardiing the issue that military establishment is destabilising the elected government.Please answer me what is the meaning of democrasy?that poor people of pakistan give vote to such illitrate people who instead of giving relief to common people make there whole life hell.I remeber Dr Babar Awan says it is establishmnent making plain to dig nail in caffan of 4th prime minister but babar awan forget what you did with eigteen million people .When you need vote then you need common people and when you need to appiont people in the institution of the country then you see who can give you more money.Democrasy five years doesnot mean that the licence to kill.More importantly neither Asma janghir nor Hamid Mir and so on other people who called themselves mature ,talented and liberal people ,just to advertised themselves to indian media that how much we are liberal to talk about bullshit agianst there army.Sorry to say that if this democrasy,this all occur through parliment and sorry to say is this is librealism,then we dont have the place to live respectively in any part of the world.If today american and there elected government make fool there nations to attack Iraq and afghnaistan.Then we dont need to degrade opur army to such extent that tommoro india will do all this with Pakistan.Please think in broad sence,not to become broadminded and liberal to such extent that indian just praise youfor your liberalism and we are the prey of indian just like iraq and afghanistan,then your such speech and discussion will never give us benefit

  • S Nasrullah

    You may have summed up the essence of the Memogate implication: ” From being a mere scandal, Memo has assumed substance, something that needs investigation, being of cardinal importance to the country’s sovereignty.” But the assumption that none of the lead characters represent the government, shows flashes of blankness. First, it is Hussain Haqqani who represented Pakistan at US soil. Hussain Haqqani could not have intuitively initiated an action of such seriousness without the approval of the govt of Pakistan. Gen Jones who was supposed to transmit the message to Adm Mullen at the Pentagon was a high strung US Official. The Memogate was intended to bring pressure on Top Military Brass of Pakistan. The Conspiracy failed when someone spilled the beans. Pakistan military leadership approached the govt and in the parleys it was decided to let the SC, already seized with its interest to hear the case, on the application from another political Party, to unravel the mystery. SC, then ordered the concerned parties to submit their depositions.
    Military conspiracy (Rawalpindi Conspiracy) failed and many military personnel involved were summarily dismissed, court martialed and incarcerated. Did anyone find a Blue Print or a Master Plan for its series of actions? None. But intense legal and moral pressure led the conspirators to confession. There is a history of PPP leaders openly flouting the soul and the spirit of Pakistan’s Constitution and its patriotism bragging their evil intentions of entering Pakistan atop Indian tanks. The great ZAB would bargain with destiny to rule West Pakistan even at the cost of Eastern Wing seceding to become Bangladesh. The brilliant BB, is believed to have handed over the classified document pertaining to the list of those Freedom fighters in the Movement of Khalistan to India and who were selectively and savagely eliminated by RAW; and when BB took credit for saving territorial integrity of India, people wondered if she was PM of Pakistan or India.
    Conspiracies are hatched in atmosphere of secrecy and once successful, the lead players gain prominence to take plaudits and praises; and in case the conspiracy fails, the lead players have ready alibis, foolproof escape plans and the many pawns and puppets to sacrifice.
    The SC judgment to the maintainability of Memogate for its ultimate resolution is a test case to see if the SC could purvey justice without fear and favor. Frustrated Asma and Babar may rant or rail, but the intrepid SC moves on.

  • Anonymous

    Obfuscation appears to be the order of the day from all parties but the SC appears to be in line with the law…A warning issued by HH’s lawyer about te implication of judgement. A visit to Hyderabad Conspiracy case and treatment of NAP and the great Khan of his times, by ZAB is forgotten today…but was the court following the law then too under 73 constitution (and the 1st amendment)….

    Today Jalib is deemed to be a PPP poet, esterday te same Jalib was incarcerated under the first PPP government during which many progressive journalist also saw the jail cells….what to mention of that state organisation known as FSF…..

    Whatever the reality of this memo – perhaps its intent is more the internal dynamics of the US establishment (state department versus the pentagon considering MI’s relationship with the Clintons) – one thing is clear that Pakistani politicians are still as narrow visioned and self serving and have not learnt from history about timing, always iming to create single party states, no matter which party.

    Hamid Mir appears on a program and blatantly blurts out that Mnsoor Ijaz is a Qadiani and his wife is an Israeli Jew and that he has written against the ISI in the past and as such prettymuch all three points are sufficient evidence of his treachery and lies. When you have such crude and abhorrent views being propagated by a responsible (allegedly) person….shame is no where….Ms. Jehangir did not exactly come out champion of human rights when it came to Mansoor Ijaz’s personal life or his past.

    Here is a golden opportunity for human right lawyers to turn the judgement as a precedent to launch public interest litigations about the damage caused to national security and fundamental rights by the past actions of the khakis. But because the civvies are not exactly clean courtesy NRO and subsequent deeds, crying foul is the only option it seems instead of bring Hamid Mir to court to ask him which agency was pressurising which senator to join which party…..

    As for the SC, to rebalance the ‘appearance’ (unjustifiable as it is in legal terms) being daubed on them by PPP and AJ, time to fast forward To Asghar Khan petition too….the Khakis should not cause obstruction in this if they have sense and want to wash off some of their past sins…..and the PPP should get a shock too with time to introspect!

  • Javedhussain

    I am rather perplexed why so many Pakistanis fail to see the significance, if it proved to be true, of the memo. No country in the world expect a President of a country to work against its forces, no matter how big the differences exist between different institutions. Well, I can assure you I cannot imagine my Prime Minister working in collusion with foreign governments to undermine its national institutions. Please take a breath and reflect upon the seriousness of the memo and its actors before you simply dismiss this as differences between democracy and military.

    Presence of military in national life is not acceptable, lets take that as given. However, existence of military for Pakistan is essential and without military may be Pakistan by now would have vanished from the map of the world. So do make this institution to account for its activities. But please before you do that reflect upon the corrupt leadership and make them clean their homes first. The so called democratic leaders, I met a few in London over the last 20 years, demonstrate no moral characteristics or national credibility to lead their nation. They either are immersed in alcohol, shopping, their property portfolios or developing strategy for leading their lives in West once they have looted Pakistan. lets talk of democracy with responsibility in sight.

    Furthermore, Pakistani media should wake up and examine not only the adverse impact of memo gate upon the survival of Pakistan but also examine the role of some journalists. How such journalist (Hamid Mir comes to mind without much of deliberation) became so rich over so short a time. Lets examine how such liberal journalist balance and bench mark their bank and asset portfolios against journalist from the West who are fairly well paid in dollars and sterling.

    Military presence in public life is not acceptable, however Pakistan has not developed Western type check and balances over national institutions nor has moral, mature leadership who will consider national interest ahead of personal. Until people of Pakistan do not realise that Bhutto/ Zardar, Nawaz or Altaf Hussain are not democratic institutions Pakistan will find it difficult to progress. All these parties ( nor Imran Khan) are democratic. Zardari wants to bring in his children and Nawaz Shareef wants to put his children ahead of national interest.

    How come so called liberal, progressive journalist have not examine, why does Asma J, and Zardar placed so much emphasis on the statement of an American Journal and ridiculed their own journals. Perhaps, mentally, Pakistani nation lives in last century. Like memo gate, reading and listening to some anchors and journalists, one is left asking one self, does Pakistan needs enemy when it has anchors like these?

  • Anonymous

    There is no doubt about memo’s existence. All the relevant parties has accepted it by calling Mr Haqani and producing him before Army Chief and DG ISI to explain his position. Where he failed and accordingly resign was asked as an administrative action. He accepted the issue, resigned and produced himself for further inquiry. Here Govt. wake up and knowing the importance of the memo and its after effects taken separate stance than the Army. There was only one forum from where Govt. could hope for little relief and that was the Parliament. Because most of the members of the Parliament has elected Mr.PM and Mr. President and some are their party subordinates. Furthermore they are part of the parliament. Truly speaking it is against the justice that a part of the body inquire about the other part of the same body. So it is crystal clear that the correct forum to investigate this issue was SC. As regards Mohtrima Asma’s response, she has failed to defend her client’s version. Her client has voluntarily surrendered for a further impartial inquiry. She has argued in the SC that if there is any case against Mr. Haqani then it is of criminal nature. Just imagine that if it has been accepted by the SC and an FIR has been ordered where would her client to be at this time. He must have been in detention and going through the judicial remand. In my opinion SC has provided Mr. Haqani another chance to defend himself before being charged. So Mothrima Asma should think again and say thanks to the SC. Now all depends on the findings of the commission. All the relevent cadres should co-operate with the commission and let the truth be sorted. Only then the nation can escape from any major incident which the people sitting abroad are maintaining in their minds. Mistakes happen and one should learn from his mistakes, this is the lesson of the memo for us.

  • Saleem Akhtar

    Yes, I know memo is reality because our politicians can do any thing for their own interest even they can sell out their mothers, wife and daughter for power and money. Our politicians have no religion, no dignity, no self respect, nor honesty. In front of public, these are fighting each other but inside they are unite. In last 4 year what did not happen in Pakistan but non of them quit from his seat. Actually the people of Pakistan are dead. Only 1% is ruling over 18 Crore and they make all the nation slave. When our nation will awake up, then next memo will not come.

  • Zavi Ali

    Well nice article i must say but more so the proficient language used in it was thoroughly enjoyable. But for me the reality is that maybe there are loads of other issues which need addressing but this is biggest of them all. Even in the hindsight we know that worse deals have happened its absolutely unbearable to to let go of an issue of this magnitude. So this decision of SC is appreciated and lets hope the real issue for once is identified and then dealt with properly.

  • Waqas

    Well, This issue is the part of problem by this ‘selected’ government…

    I hope SC will take its decision soon……

  • M.Saeed

    No doubt it really is a package of most appropriate distraction for the media and people of Pakistan to forget their existential issues for some time. Imagine where is Zulfiqar Mirza, Gas, CNG and electric power load shedding, hyper inflation and Imrani-tsunami etc.?

    Someone rightly advised that, to render a serious problem to trivial insignificance, create a much bigger problem parallel to it. The new bigger problem will overshadow the earlier problem to oblivion!

  • Mhashim Memon

    Finally, again the democracy and independece of Pakistan and people of Pakistan is beaten by as usual some undemocratic forces that always governed on this country with the help of so called Media that is the shelter of our courts due to their tax cases are on stay orders in courts. This is the reality and people of Pakistan are well aware of it.


    I am glad Ms. Asma Jahangir told Haqqani to find another lawyer — getting involved with this three ringed circus with the establishment as the ring master that looks more and more like those good old days of Musharraf minus Musharraf — is beneath her national and international status and dignity.

    Especially to stand before a court of 9 judges where every decision is either All or None — with not a single dissenting judicial voice EVER — like a herd of sheep — for her must surely be both – unproductive and exasperating.

    • Anonymous

      Her original acceptnce of the brief (whol solicited whom is still vague) was because no other lawyer wished to represent HH who indeed has te right to be represented. What happened to those ideals is my query? It would appear tge original acceptance of the brief was politically/publicity motivated and withdrawal too is such….A protagonist – needing attention will bully to get own way but a true humanrights champion would carry on fighting in the courts….where was the champion of law when in the early days of this government a defacto CJ occupied the seat instead of de jure one?! That Musharraf was more acceptable because of his liberal attitude when compared with Zia is another moot point.


    No wonder Musharraf is in such hurry to come back to Pakistan instead of March in January 2012 — for his fishing trip.

  • Usman Hameed

    Dear All, my brother and sisters, I hope we get saved from the present government who is eating us up, I know your comments are valuable and are true but please understand the fact that Pakistan has always been a battle ground for all to play in, and the forces (so called UN-democratic) are the angels who save us all the time……May Allah save our beloved country…Ameen

  • Anonymous

    So the new logic of judging the justice scakes is how many desents in the judgement….perhaps Nasah Sb or Ms. Jehangir will not be content with the judeges calling out darkness as darkness until a few also desent and label darkness as night or that black period without visible light.

    It is more disturbing that a seaoned lawyer has openly come out with double talk that the court orders ill be obeyed but we have no faith in the courts because we already know what the judgements are and that They, the disenting lawyers (divided along political lines more than jurisprudence lines) are the ones in the right and not the legally competant courts as per the constitution….all those money bags in bar elections – time to collect te dividends again….fortunately still have the new breed of lawyers like Farogh Naseem to convey a point in orderly manner without personal emotions or politics…


    Qalim sb — darkness like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or like poetry is at the tip of the poet’s imagination or the keyboard — and for Usman Hameed sb, hope you don’t get saved again as you were ‘saved’ from your OWN East Pakistan – the repeated savings being a sterling quality of your savior armed forces.

    • Anonymous

      ….NASAH Sb then is it o be concluded that majority of the Pakistanis including the honourable judges of the SC are poorly sighted and unimaginative and the few amongst thos beholders include Ms. Jehangir and Peoples Lawyers Forum…what point in carrying on….

      Perhaps Ms Clinton is fighting her own wars domestically with her ‘ISI’ and Mr. ijaz is aiding with Pakistan memo being a red herring…

  • Iskander

    There is a rumour in international diplomatic circles, that this so called memo is a conspiracy hatched by CIA. They are original architects of the Memo along with Ijaz. This is being done to create sufficent chaos in pakistan and polarise public opinion. Every year Billions of memos are written on a daily basis on the internet. For a SC to say that memo exists is a shocker. Which memo are they refering to? no one has seen its contents. DG ISI is no detective..So a mad country goes even more mad. Truly CJ of SCP is a Don Quixote tilting at windmills

  • Imran

    “democratic governance in Pakistan”-

    excuse me — no jokes please!

  • hussnain

    writer is beautiful as well as its skill of coherence too