Bill for Protection of Women’s Rights

Bill for Protection of Women’s Rights

The lives of millions of women in Pakistan are circumscribed by traditions, which enforce extreme seclusion and submission to men, many of whom impose their control over women with violence.



For the most part, women bear with stoicism, traditional male control over every aspect of their bodies, speech and behaviour. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, it is estimated that a woman is raped every two hours, a gang rape occurs every eight hours, and about 1,000 women die annually as a result of honor killings.
The Senate, this week, passed two private member bills, The Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill 2010 and The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices (Criminal Law Amendment) Bill 2008, which prohibits forced marriage, gives women the right to get their share in inheritance and gives severe punishment to criminals physically harming women with corrosive substances.
The Acid Control and Acid Crime Bill makes acid throwers causing disfigurement, liable to 14 years imprisonment with a minimum fine of Rs 1 million. As per Section 498A inserted into the Code, whoever by deceitful or illegal means deprives any woman inheriting any movable or immovable property at the time of opening of succession shall be punished for a term which may extend to 10 years, but not less than five years or with a fine of Rs 1 million or both. The new law would also prohibit forced marriage, punishment being imprisonment of seven years but not less than three years and fine of Rs 0.5 million.
Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Act 2011 remained stuck for three years, first in various National Assembly committees and then the house itself so the fact that it has finally been passed is definitely a milestone. But the question is will these bills really be implemented practically? In a society where feudal lords, influential ministers & senators advocate killings, where tradition is not allowed to be questioned, will women in Pakistan have access to a fair judiciary, which will ensure their protection and rights to live as an individual?
Violence against women, particularly in the domestic sphere, goes unreported. Approximately 70 per cent to 90 per cent of Pakistani women in rural areas are subjected to domestic violence. Typical violent acts include, murder in the name of ‘ honour’, rape, spousal abuse (including marital rape), acid attacks, and being burned by family members (often labelled an accident by family members).
The tragedy of Pakistan is that it is the influentially empowered people & policy makers that blatantly commit breach, therefore most people are scared to testify or report such cases. The passage of this bill is a mere paper document unless an appropriate plan is devised to implement the same. The rural population needs to be empowered & educated of their rights. No clear strategy for implementing these laws has been provided. These reforms will be of little practical benefit until federal and provincial authorities create mechanisms for compensating and rehabilitating victims of gender-based violence. Authorities must establish immediate benchmarks for assessing the implementation of these new laws.

Nojeba Haider

A corporate banker & freelance writer who is passionate about music, as she believes music and writing sets the mind and soul free.

  • Naila Ali

    It’s good to learn that specific laws concerning the women are going to get promulgated and awareness shall be created.

    We do have organisation in Pakistan, imported from West promoting the equality and respect of women. One such organisation, working illegally in Pakistan is the Church of Scientology.

    World re-known media like, CNN, BBC, ABC, TIMES, NEWYORK TIMES, HINDUSTAN TIMES and GEO posted some horrifying facts about the CULT on web:
    Forced abortion of pregnant female staff members- a New York Times cover story.

    Three ex staff members of the Church told about the forced abortion as they were unable to buy birth control pills from their income of $50 per week. Yes, it’s USA and not Bangladesh. The story does not end here, it reveal about the harsh living conditions, and life without proper food and basic amenities of life.

    A female client (member) of the Church found naked strolling on streets of Florida was bought into the Church head quarter and held captive for 13 days, without access to any medical facility, despite her repeated request. She died on 13th day after losing more than 100 pounds.

    Australian women, chef of the Head of the Church, when decided to leave the CULT, were sent to Scientology Cruise ship, where she was kept for 12 years, against her will.

    A 13 year old girl was raped by her Scientologist step father, the Church affiliated organisation CCHR (Citizen Commission of Human Rights) asked the girl to forget it and threaten her of consequences if she approached to Police about the crime.

    A 16 old girl was repeatedly raped by her senior for one year. Despite her complaint, the Church management denied (in writing) to take any action against the culprit for religious reason. According to Scientology religious text, a person with stellar performance (known as Power Condition) is absolved from any disciplinary and ethical obligations.

    Please do not fall into the trap of these Western (imported) organisations, to come and advise us on how to respect our women.

    CULT of Scientology is in Pakistan for more than 25 years, working without approval of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Health. For details:
    They are fervently supporting the idea of Equality and justice for women and children – publicly, but, what about their own organisation.

    Google: Scientology Karachi OR Dianetics Karachi

  • Mian Farrukh Nazeer

    This is great. Perhaps, this is the only useful law our parliment has approved. Hats off to those who launched this and finally got it approved. But now next step should be Education for Women. Women can get benefit only if they are aware of their rights.

  • Shamsa

    I look it from the prespective of weak and strong gender status quo establised since eons.

    The dominence of macho culture is not just limited to women, also includes children, who needs to get themselves protected from manipulation and dominance of some one more intelltually powerful.

    Here in Karachi, we see similar situation where the Church of Scientology is influencing the life of Youth, specially young girls in the name of SELF IMPROVEMENT and EMPOWERMENT.

    The Church of Scientology is in Karachi for last 25 and disguised itself as institute of mind science and working under the name of Dianetics Center for Personal Excellence,

    Infact its actual name is Karachi Mission, Church of Scientology, which can also be verified from the Church of Scientology official website

    Every Sunday they give advertisement in classified section of JANG newspaper and manipulate the readers by using phrases like ” getting ahead in INFORMATION AGE” getting confidence by using TECHNOLOGY and implying that they have CURE FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS OF MIDDLE CLASS YOUTH.

    Church of Scientology and its affiliate: Dianetics Center has no legal status in Pakistan, its illegal. However, Karachi being a mafia city: where every illegal organisation can setup its activity and get innocent, depressed, poor used for their own agenda, the young generation of Karachi, requires guidance and HELP.

    Please ask the Mental Health Professionals to issue notice, warnings or guidelines to seek assistance from the Registered Mental Health Practitioners. They may open free camp with the sponsorship of pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals to save your youth.

    These youth from middle class families.sprecially young girls, are brain washed and planted ideas of hatred towards Universities, legal system, media and above all Mental Health professionals like Psychologist and Psychiatrist.

    In short they gradually get incarcerated from the society and let believed in the CULTs teaching of:

    Re-incarnation (promising abdunance of happiness in next life)

    Global conspiracy against them by News Media and Mental Health Professionals

    Blasphemy of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (may peace be upon him) -GEO has a special report on it Google: Geo Dost Scientology.

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    The Church of Scientology is pushing their agenda of conversion of innocent Youth into Scientology CULT in absence of opposition from any Registered Mental Health Professionals; Religious Scholars and Social Workers.

    May be you may not see the relevency of what I want to say with the blog due to a MISSING LINK.
    The “senior staff members” of the Church in mid 40′s and late 60′s married to female staff members half of their age.So what are the circumstances let these girls to go to that extent ? Now if you read my comments again you will get the answer.

    For details about their activities in Karachi, please Google: Scientology Karachi


  • Anonymous

    “Rape”, perhaps immediately clicks and creates an image in our minds about a women being held locked by few men with loud evil laughter, attempting to ruin the respect and honor of a women be held, thus striving hard to escape but in vain. Well I only saw this in movies, unfortunately as my mental approach grew mature, I came to know that those scenes were actually the display of real life crimes, but for those evils there was always a hero to save and protect that girl from cruel intentions of those beasts. Believe me, I always appointed my self as a hero who would chop the heads off, hang or even bury them alive to prevent any son of a man in future dare to even think of doing this act. Then I was shocked to read about a brave man at the of seventeen, deploying his efforts and force to protect a women after traveling hundred of miles. Was that women so special, I think the answer lies in the hearts of brave men who sacrifice their life just to protect their respect whether that respect is in form of his mother land or the children of mothers. I do feel guilty, my self for not taking any practical action to protect the women from these beasts, but I also feel that my opinion and thinking is worth less until and unless every single men initiates to stop this violence against women, starting from his own self one should stand still with his head up against any force violating the rules of religion and culture and promoting the destruction of our moral values. This is not the responsibility of any institution or department, but of every Muslim human being to grab and break the hands of culprits.

  • Owais

    As far as gender based inequatiy and mistreatment is concerned its not a problem just in Pakistan but in other countries aswell. For instance in france yearly 70,000 cases of sexual abuse against women are “rerported” God knows how many go unreported. This problem can not be solved only through implementation of harsh rules and regulations, but rater by education. Why so many crimes go unreported is because of the simple fact that women are no willing to disown their families (however badly they treat them) and go take refuge in Daar-ul-Amaan type institutions where a lack of funding, training and compassion for social outcast women means more and more mistreatments. Men should be educated in the truest values of Islamic religiion and should feel threatened by the Penalties that will be waged against them once they are judged. A society falling far from its religion (Standards of morals) fails to function one day or another.

  • Convict01

    for such few cases u can not blame all male Muslims Nasah.anyway just answer to this simple question what would u say about the movies????that mostly filmed in USA and UK…is there no cruelty and insult in those movies?? they use their women like anything.We as a Muslims are far better than those nations at least in this matter.