Vowing to Destroy America

Vowing to Destroy America

Recently the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf women’s wing lodged a protest in front of Karachi Press Club against NATO attacks on Pakistani troops. According to a press release published on the PTI website, the protest was attended by “more than two hundred party workers”. The press release further claimed that PTI protesters were carrying Pakistan’s national and PTI flags while chanting “Go America Go” and “Go NATO Go” slogans.

Personally I believe it’s a good omen that all parties were on the same page when it came to lodging remonstrations against NATO’s unwarranted attacks on Pakistani soil.

Earlier, MQM decided to express solidarity against attacks by advising citizens to put up the national flag in their houses, buildings, and other public places in order to express complete solidarity for the sake of national security and honor. Likewise the Jamat e Islami, Sunni Tehreek, Pakistan Muslim N, Q and APML held separate demonstrations in different cities.

Since Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is one of the emerging parties in the field of politics, I decided to browse the PTI website to check demonstration highlights to comprehend their exact stance on the war against terrorism, America and the recent NATO attacks at the Mohmand Agency (Salala Check post).

Much to my surprise the party’s take in the official press release seemed to be contradictory to the exercise done in the name of protests against NATO airstrikes on Pakistani soil. A couple of clearly visible slogans on the placards and banners were against the American nation and Pakistan People’s Party – one of the awkward slogan read:



Kal Roos Bikhartay Dekha tha, Ab Amreeka Tot’ta dekhengay
Hum Barqe Jihad Kay Sholon say, Amreeka Jalta dekhen gey



The above take by the PTI workers cannot be the party’s official stance since Kaptaan has always denied being Anti-American on the media and has recently also met with the US Ambassador. This particular catchphrase as well as the rhetorical criticism of the government – especially during the time when the nation is united against the NATO strike – brings PTI in the right wingers camp, who instead of advocating a dignified working relationship with the US are often seen urging to destroy the super power by mere anthems.

A few people waving the Pakistani flag vowing to destroy America in no way depicts the progressive manifesto of a political party. The PTI leadership needs to come up with a clear stance on foreign policy, especially when it comes to the future of their relationship with America.
Contradictions in the actual PTI protest and its official press release published on the party website is very much linked with the hesitant Imran Khan who recently in an interview conveniently ignored the question whether he’s Taliban Khan, Inqilab Khan, slave of the US, Europe or a party of the Jewish lobby.

The interview might have taken in the lighter vein but it’s high time that Imran Khan at least educates those 50 odd people who gathered to show solidarity with the Pakistani forces in Karachi and ended up on “Go Amreeka Go” slogans.

Tanzeel Ahmad

A Karachi based Marketing Professional who blogs at www.tanzeel.wordpress.com

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  • Waris Masih

    I think we should try to unite ourselves better than destroying others. No country can harm a nation which is one in most of the fronts.

  • Jameel Niazi

    We hate America. Nato supplies should remain stop in Pakistan. Imran Khan if comes to power will make America understand that this is not Pakistan’s war.

    • Rajchouhan

      Please take out this cruel nonsense word HATE from your dictionary. Hating any one does not serve any purpose instead creates more complications and problems. Do not hate anyone, try to make others to love you all problems would be sorted out.

  • Zahid Butt

    Interesting write up, Tehreek-e-insaafs confusion is visible although Imran Khan is coming with the support of establishment and america


    “chay piddi aur chay piddi kay sohrbay” — quit destroying your own self before dreaming of destroying other countries.