Stop Violence Against Women!

Stop Violence Against Women!

What might seems to be a clichéd issue ranted over by a group of head cocking women labeled feminists, happens to be a hugely chronicled, less deliberated and widely witnessed tale of cruelty against the ‘weaker gender’. It’s been quite a while since this issue has been brought to focus yet every measure to protect women from this vicious circle of violence has been vetoed by the proponents of male dominance.

As a man is given a naturally superior position to women, the effective tool in exercising this superiority lies in snubbing and stifling a woman’s being and trampling her very existence. While there are many who perceive this to be acts of physical violence only, it is a complete package with both physical and mental torment. What comes under its ambit ranges from forced prostitution to bashing the women, sexual abuse (rape and also marital rape), unnecessarily limiting her freedom and also includes threatening and intimidating her at work place and at educational institutes. And these are only broad categories, there’s a list of acts that falls under violence against women committed by even the so-called liberals and modernists as well as uneducated, rural men. Realistically speaking, we all women have undergone and are still undergoing one or the other forms of violence as a staple feed around the clock without even realizing our own sufferings.

Quoting Ansar Barney’s trust statistics, as many as 70 percent Pakistani women experience domestic violence, and where some cases are reported and registered, others are nipped in bud accepting it a routine part of male dominance. Another feature of Pakistani society is the high dowry-death rate where a woman is tortured and driven to suicide by continuous psycological assaults and pressure for more dowry. Sometimes, a women is even burnt on fire for not meeting the dowry-expectations of the in-laws. This is termed as ‘bride burning’. This is more prevalent in rural areas, however, such cases have been reported in the cities and urban centers as well.


One aspect worth noting is a woman’s sexuality is husbanded by her family, primarily the fathers, brothers and even sons. Any threat to this is dealt with all the strictness and severity. There are tribes in Pakistan who temper with their girls’ genitals to prevent pre marital sex and ensure their virginity at the time of marriage. In our society women are considered mere objects to satisfy and boost male ego. It seems as if men inflate their self respect and sense of superiority by degrading, belittling and committing violence against women. Any resistance from women folks is considered to be their arrogance and even categorized as a sign of bad character and ill breeding. Women are brainwashed into believing that men have all the rights to govern, rule and even hurt them psychologically and physically. And where the idea of men being protective and gentle for their women still attracts fancy, this notion is always understood otherwise.

How a change can be brought about is still oblivious, yet a step towards resolving it begins with acknowledging the existence of the issue. It is even more sad, that leave men who are the victimizer here, even the victim never realizes that any wrong is being done to her. Our women keep on putting up with every injustice and savageness thinking its but their fate as women to go through it.

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • Taj Ahmad

    Violence against women is a international issues, from East to West
    and from North to South violence against women happening all over
    the world, what people mostly men don’t understand that if these
    women were not created by God, We ‘men’ not be here in this world.
    Our women could be our mother, sister, wife, aunt, sister-n-law etc.
    All men, please respect our women and give them their rights to live.

  • Shamsa

    The dominance of macho culture is not just limited to women, also includes children, who needs to get themselves protected from manipulation and dominance of some one more intelltually powerful.

    Here in Karachi, we see similar situation where the Church of Scientology is infulencing the life of Youth, specially young girls in the name of SELF IMPROVEMENT and EMPOWERMENT.

    The Church of Scientology is in Karachi for last 25 and disguised itself as institute of mind science and working under the name of Dianetics Center for Personal Excellence,

    Infact its actual name is Karachi Mission, Church of Scientology, which can also be verified from the Church of Scientology official website

    Every Sunday they give advertisement in classified section of JANG newspaper and manipulate the readers by using phrases like ” getting ahead in INFORMATION AGE” getting confidence by using TECHNOLOGY and implying that they have CURE FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS OF MIDDLE CLASS YOUTH.

    Church of Scientology and its affiliate: Dianetics Center has no legal status in Pakistan, its illegal. However, Karachi being a mafia city: where every illegal organisation can setup its activity and get innocent, depressed, poor used for their own agenda, the young generation of Karachi, requires guidance and HELP.

    Please ask the Mental Health Professionals to issue notice, warnings or guidelines to seek assistance from the Registered Mental Health Practitioners. They may open free camp with the sponsorship of pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals to save your youth.

    These youth from middle class families.sprecially young girls, are brain washed and planted ideas of hatred towards Universities, legal system, media and above all Mental Health professionals like Psychologist and Psychiatrist.

    In short they gradually get incarcerated from the society and let believed in the CULTs teaching of:

    Re-incarnation (promising abdunance of happiness in next life)

    Global conspiracy against them by News Media and Mental Health Professionals

    Blasphemy of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (may peace be upon him) -GEO has a special report on it Google: Geo Dost Scientology.

    This so called “religious group” manages the world’s largest Private Secret Service, sounds unbelievable, but true? It is known as Office of Special Affairs- OSA. Source Wikipedia:

    The Church of Scientology is pushing their agenda of conversion of innocent Youth into Scientology CULT in absence of opposition from any Registered Mental Health Professionals; Religious Scholars and Social Workers.

    May be you may not see the relevency of what I want to say with the blog due to a MISSING LINK.
    The “senior staff members” of the Church in mid 40′s and late 60′s married to female staff members half of their age.So what are the circumstances let these girls to go to that extent ? Now if you read my comments again you will get the answer.

    For details about their activities in Karachi, please Google: Scientology Karachi


  • Hammad Aslam

    Paki’s suck :p

  • Noor

    What if I say ‘Stop emotional violence against men’.

    Yes a majority of women do it to decent men.