Go on Team, Take a Bow

Go on Team, Take a Bow

In a nation where the political scene is no less than a dramatic soap opera, we need something that can distract us from it all. We need something that can make our lives a little easier to get through, provide stress relief and even if it is for a brief moment, make nothing else matter. The one thing that can make all our lives troubles take a back seat and give us all something to agree on and share with people we otherwise find unbearable is Pakistan cricket – especially, when the men in green outshine top teams.

Whether it is the young adolescent checking his iphone for score updates, or the busy business professionals anxious to get home and tune into their PVRs, it is virtually impossible to deny the effect this wonderful sport has on our lives.

However, those who remember the 2007 World Cup know that things aren’t always rosy. But, we Pakistani’s have developed a weak memory and have learned to live in the present. Hence, we will take whatever good comes our way and rejoice victories, no matter how small they might be.



As I try to explain the enigma that is the Pakistan cricket team, it is only fair to give it up for our team for a rather decent show against the World Cup finalists, Sri Lanka. There were moments when our team looked very mediocre, and didn’t spare any opportunity to keep us at the edge of our seats. But this time there was something a little different about the team. There seemed to be a change in attitude, an unwavering faith and belief that they will see it through. For this, Misbah needs to be commended for the way he has corralled the team under his sensible and level headed leadership.



What makes everything so special is that our team prevails when the chips are down. We are certainly no strangers to adversity, and it is this adversity that makes us stronger. Off the pitch, the team has seen more than its fair share of lows. From the tragic demise of Bob Woolmer, being led off the field by Inzimam in a suspected ball tampering incident, to a captain refusing to play under a board installed by the political powers of our country – our team has been through it all.   Not to mention the very recent setback regarding the sentencing and suspension of the Pakistani trio, including Mohammad Amir; also known as the face of the future of Pakistan cricket. With a history such as ours, players may certainly liken surviving a day in our cricket realm to a battlefield.

Despite all our troubles, the team has held their own. Any lesser team would have long crumbled and relegated back 5-10 years. So go on team, take a bow. This moment is yours. You have made us proud.

Asim Khan

A chartered accountant by day and a political enthusiast and social reformist by night.

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