Find a Job Through Networking

Find a Job Through Networking

In professional networking as most of us know, first impressions count the most. Make sure your attire, attitude and overall appearance are at the best before you introduce yourself to someone professionally even when you are not exactly looking for a job. Whatever the situation may be, networking is really helpful especially in the job prospects. Here are a few basic networking etiquettes that can prove to be of great help.


Introduction: At a social networking event, it’s important to observe keenly how people have grouped together. ‘Join people who are by themselves, or a group of two or three whose positions provide you with a physical “opening” to jump into the conversation’, says Ivan Misner, founder of California-based business networking organization BNI.


Carol Goman, a nonverbal communication expert and author of The Silent Language of Leaders, believes in introduction stating one’s , maintaining an eye contact with the other person while shaking hands. Practice it with a friend to make sure the hand shake is neither bone crushing nor weak (this one turn off people). Also, if introducing yourself online, remember to follow in-person social etiquette rules. If someone refers you to the person, for example, put the mutual contact’s name in the subject line of the E–mail so there’s an immediate level of recognition. “Email is a cold medium,” she says. “If you can warm it up with something personal, do so.”


Healthy Conversation: The key to healthy conversation is active listening and wise participation. ‘Just like in the dating world, you should spend more time listening to and understanding the person in front of you than talking about yourself,’ says Mark Jeffries, a business communications consultant and author of ‘What’s Up with Your Handshake?’ And once you know what works with this person, then your introduction should follow and it’s only after this you can tell your own stories in a way that best fit their specific needs.


During Refreshment: Even though free food is what we all look forward to, it’s very much a no-no to fill up your plate with all the variety available in the hall and gorge on it while you go around talking to random people. Plate your food sensibly and eat with proper manners without dropping and dripping it wherever you go. Avoid Onions; garlic and cream before meeting new people if you don’t want to be remembered for your bad breath.


How To Ask For a Help in Job-Search Work on your relationship with the person before you ask them for a help in your career.” Don’t ask strangers for a job,” says Glickman. “You can’t ask someone to do a favor for you who you don’t have a relationship with. It’s unprofessional, tacky and ineffective.” Make sure that when you offer your business card, you ask for the other person’s courteously and specifically. This makes them feel they are not being used as a ladder to find one a job, but the relationship is of mutual benefit.


Follow these rules and see the magic they do in your job search!

Faiza Hai

An MBA student and freelance writer

  • kst

    I agree with the writer here that NETWORKING is the best medium to socialize and it always pays. But it is also important to be aware of the risks associated with the networking effects. One need to be selective during maintaining the relations, Networking relations are investment for happiness and betterment of our own life and sometimes people end up wasting too much money / time and efforts to make their networking channel. But this does not undermine the tremendous benefits one may get from networking, which are very much required at Senior positions of the career.

  • habib

    Networking is really very important for a new career yet those who live in 70% population i.e in the villages are really very ignorant in this regard. They should be informed about networking.

  • Ikram Abbasi

    This is a good educating blog, If the techniques described in it are practiced, the impact would be fruitful.