Dr. Mirza – A Double Edged Sword for PPP

Dr. Mirza – A Double Edged Sword for PPP

The political analysts and people keeping a keen eye on the rapidly changing political scenario of the country must have been fascinated to observe how PPP has been making the best use of the moves of the fire spitting former home minister, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza.


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), that has lately been labeling Zulfiqar Mirza as ‘a nobody’, appeared decidedly perturbed by the protocol accorded to the confidence-filled doctor at Karachi airport, leaving for London to make more headlines.


MQM’s shock went through the rooftop when images of all smiling Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon (whose future as minister now hangs in balance) captured along with Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza at London’s Heathrow airport hit the Pakistani TV screens as breaking news. The first question that filled every mind having a slightest common sense was: Is Dr. Mirza being backed by the government or to be more precise by President Asif Zardari?


What followed was anyone’s guess. MQM’s top leadership became active to seek answers to all the questions playing havoc with their minds from PPP’s senior most leadership in both capitals, one of Sindh and the other of Pakistan.
President Asif Ali Zardari, who is the master player of ‘the game of reconciliation’, did not disappoint the nation yet again as he did what he does best when MQM leaders Dr. Farooq Sattar and Babar Ghauri among others turned to him for redressal of their grievances. Though not necessarily satisfied with the President’s assurances, MQM being stuck between devil and deep blue sea, is now trying its best to appear content after making their protest lodged with the ultimate authority.


On the other hand, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was shown on TV on the floor of the National Assembly still calling Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza one of the members of PPP family. This is our PM Gilani, so would it surprise you if you were to know that his words might have come out this way as he stood facing the well fixated gaze of Speaker National Assembly, who we all know is the spouse of who.
Aren’t you still all praise for the party and its leadership that has been successfully ruling this country for the past three-four years? Okay, you will in a bit. Here comes the second edge of the sword in play. Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza addressing a press conference in London gave, in an unwavering tone of voice, full credit of the present regime’s being in power till today to none other than Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. How about a standing ovation for PPP?


Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

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    Noora Kushti!

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    Agreed. The people of Pakistan are not fool. They know very thing

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    all politition are stupid

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    dr zulifqar mirza zindabad

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    Zulfikar Mirza is working on the instructions of Asif Ali Zardari

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    ZM a double edged DOG for PPP heheheh:P

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    A stage managed drama produced by the leaders of PPP, likely to backfire on them.

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    by the way where is he now adays? havn’t seen him on TV for a while now